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DROPOUT is an uncensored, ad-free subscription comedy platform from CollegeHumor
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On DROPOUT, stream exclusive shows, watch behind-the-scenes footage, and support a fully independent comedy channel.

-New original series like Dimension 20, Game Changer, Um Actually, Breaking News, What the F 101, Ultramechatron Team Go, Bad Internet, and more.
-Exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else – all uncensored and ad-free – with talent like Brennan Lee Mulligan, Sam Reich, Zac Oyama, Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Lou Wilson, Aabria Iyengar, Erika Ishii, and more.
-Weekly releases of new episodes, including Dimension 20, Adventuring Party, Game Changer, and more.
-The definitive way to browse our extensive library of the CH video content you know and love.
-The knowledge that you are supporting an independent comedy channel for the cost of one sorta okay sandwich per month.

But hey, big blocks of text are pretty boring. Instead, how about just trying DROPOUT for a week totally free? Download the app and sign up for a trial of 3 free-as-heck days to watch everything your eyes can handle. Cancel anytime in the 3 day trial and never be charged!

Don’t like it? I mean, we’re deeply hurt, but we understand. Cancel your membership, throw your phone in a lake, however you cope with disappointment. DO like it? Just kick back and keep watching, and your first month will automatically begin at the end of the free trial. Annual plans are also available at a discount, if you’re a money whiz. So go ahead and give it a try!

This text isn’t gonna get any more interesting. I mean, I think we’ve pretty much covered all the good stuff. Still here? Um, ok. How’s everything? Good? Cool, cool. What are you looking for? The app description is over. For real. We’re not gonna say any more stuff. Check out the free trial. It’s way better than hanging out in the Play Store this long.

Wow, you’re dedicated. Do you just love app descriptions? Weird. OK, we’re gonna go. Bye.

Terms of Service: https://www.dropout.tv/tos
Privacy Policy: https://www.dropout.tv/privacy


* Bug fixes
* Performance improvements


40 comentarios en "DROPOUT by CollegeHumor MODDED 2022"

  1. Content is amazing, but the app leaves a bit to be desired. It struggles to remember where you’ve stopped watching a video and will just start you back at the middle of you exit the app and come back later. Downloaded episodes are also shown out of order which makes it though to know which order to watch things in offline.

  2. Aubrey T dice:

    Great content, app could use some QOL features. Doesnt play well with car bluetooth, and has a hard time casting to TV’s. Also the way seasons of shows (specifically Dimension 20) could be better. Navigation from an episode playing to the show’s episode list could be better if it behaved like Youtube. Seriously love the content though.

  3. Signed up for a free trial cause Dim20 crown of candy 1st ep was dope. Watched another episode on the site and worked great. Tried the mobile app and its a step down due to losing the playback speed and CC editing options. Usually watched at 1.25 with a specific style of subtitles to minimize intrusiveness while still being legible. Also don’t have the ability to pause vid with a Bluetooth headset which is a shame. Otherwise enjoy the content but these few nitpicks keep it at 4/5

  4. Great content, terrible app. If it loses connection for even a moment it will not work. Then when you refresh it’ll either send you back a couple minutes or start all the way over. You should also be able to browse for other shows while watching. Most importantly when it’s playing in the background it needs to have a function where I can pause/play like YouTube and Spotify has.

  5. Great content, although I don’t care for the DnD shows, there is still a lot of other fun shows and people and is regularly updated or adding new shows. The app is also surprisingly very well made, good controls for the video player, easy to navigate, search, and even a download option. It truly is just as good as Netflix but way cheaper.

  6. The review is closer to a 3.5 than a 5. I obviously enjoy the content, and the app works decently well. I wish they had slightly better player controls, since it can be obnoxious to return to the video just to pause it when it’s in windowed mode. Still, that seems like the kind of functionality that might just be added later, so overall a worthwhile app if you like CH content.

  7. Absolutely fantastic. Focusing just on the app itself, it’s very user friendly, easy to understand, and easy to find what your looking for or jump right back in to where you left off. The content itself? Top tier 10/10. I’d have to talk about specific shows and this review would get terribly long if I wrote about the content too much.

  8. The content on this app is wonderful and I love pretty much everything you guys put out.The app itself has some issues that are more minor then major, some QOL stuff would be nice. Such as being able to browse through shows or episodes while watching some content. Another issue I’ve had is opening another app while watching something on dropout which then pause the video (thats whatever, can be worked on eventually). But when I come back it’ll sometimes log me out which is annoying to deal with

  9. Excellent content. I watch Dropout shows more than any other VOD service. The technical issues from my prior review [in the brackets below] have been resolved. [Occasionally when opening the app directly to a video I was already watching the Explore, Search, Library, & Profile buttons persist at the bottom of the video window blocking the closed captions. The popout mini window doesn’t show the full frame.]

  10. I love Collegehumor’s content! Dropout was well worth it. I do wish the screen controls worked like YouTube does (double-tap to skip instead of pressing the button is the biggest one I can think of) and also my phone doesn’t seem to treat it as the same kind of audio content as music or YouTube. Those are just little nitpicks though, overall it’s great! If you’ve been on the fence, you should get it.

  11. I love my drop out subscription! There is so much original stuff to watch, well worth the fee. You can also download episodes to be offline, which is great if you are traveling or commuting without internet. The only thing that I wish was a bit more comprehensive is the My List function, as it is a mixture of shows and episodes if you add them. I wish they were broken out more so it was easier to find things you were watching. Otherwise, love it!

  12. Excellent content and a really well-designed app. My only critique is that in the video player, to go back a few seconds you have to tap a button that’s right next to the button you use to go back to the previous video and it’s really easy to hit that button by mistake. Otherwise this is a great platform and an excellent application! Dropout and its content are supremely underrated!

  13. Love this. I caved and got a subscription when Misfits and Magic came out, and it has been such a great decision. Yes, the Dimension 20 stuff is great to catch up on, but I also am so happy to have full gamechanger episodes. It is so much fun. Sometimes the app gets confused when I’ve left my phone unused for a while and try to resume an ep. It seems to be fixed by going back to the main menu or refreshing the page though. Update Like 4 months later: Still love it! Best show app I have.

  14. In terms of content, you will not regret it. In terms of interface and functionality – the way the series are organized is a bit weird, and it’s hard to tell how to do some basic stuff (add stuff to list, turn on subtitles, view library). However, it works fine, and the app doesn’t crash or have significant performance issues. Nice!

  15. Works perfect, great content, consistent scheduling. After long term use, the only feature I would like to see improved is the video player. It works fine, but has no supports for Bluetooth control so I can’t play/pause with a Samsung S21 using headphones or with my car controls. This feature works with YouTube and Spotify on both devices, but not Dropout.

  16. I enjoy all the content. Actually, the Dimension 20 shows are the best D&D shows out there, IMO. I just wish I could adjust the playback speed and use my wireless headphones to play and pause the content, like when I was listening on Spotify. Hopefully those features are on their way. I would give 5 stars when those changes are made.

  17. Shehab Al dice:

    With the exception of a few “comfort and convenience” features lacking, I’ve definitely enjoyed using this app. Few things I have as feedback: – Episode resuming is a hit or miss, I often find myself scrubbing through to continue where I left off. – It would be really nice for the double tap to function as a quick 5-10s backward/forward instead of full screen. The pinch motion is much more intuitive for the full screen function Pixel 4a, Android 12 if it helps.

  18. Ludlow dice:

    Great content, bought the sub for dimension 20 and I don’tregret that at all. But the app is deeply frustrating. Playback doesn’t interact with controls on my headphones or speaker, even basic play/pause. Will keep playing over other apps, has no way to keep playing with the screen off, frequently forgets where I was on a video when I leave the app. Some basic tweaks and it would be fine but as is I’m very frustrated.

  19. The app is stable, easy to use, and mostly pretty intuitive. Turning off the autoplay features in settings fixed any technical complaints I might have had. The subscription is worth every penny for the D20 content alone. When you add to that Gamechanger (and its spinoffs), Um Actually, and all of the other amazing shows (plus a huge back catalog), I couldn’t be happier with this streaming service.

  20. Ethan dice:

    The point of this review is to say that I would not pay $60 a year just to get the dropout shows. However, if you find a show you like, I absolutely recommend doing the 6 bucks a month and binging it 🙂 5 out of 5 for app performance, as I have had no problems with the app. But, when I have it in the little mini screen mode, my phone wont view that as the app going and my screen will turn off and the app will stop playing. Not sure if its a problem with the app and its a short fix to unpause it.

  21. The crashing issue was fixed so now I can actually watch videos. Great content quite literally all around, however it is a little limited. You also cannot continue a series as you would on some other streaming services. If youd want to continue a series sometime later, youd have to remember the next episode number to watch it. In addition, episode progress is not saved between app and browser, so youd have to remember where you are in the episode as well.

  22. Sea Pea dice:

    Love most of the content but especially dimension 20, game changer and liking dirty laundry so far. For the price it is unbeatable. My only complaint is that sometime my watch history doesn’t show up correctly depending on which device I am using. It seems like it’s not always syncing or something, but not 100% sure why that is and it could be something I am doing. But overall a good app and great content!

  23. Content is 10/10, video player could be better but is manageable. It doesn’t pause if a call comes through and won’t pause from pressing the button on headphones. Also should change the 10 second skip to something that more accurately represents that. I always get anxiety on whether I’m gonna jump it to the next episode or jump 10 seconds.

  24. Have recommended this to real life people, would recommend it again. Content is 10/10, definitely worth the subscription, really like the captioning, awesome job everyone!! App is 8.5/10, works super well and the user interface is very easy to interact with, but I wish I could browse the app while playing a video, and I wish it had a way to change the speed of videos, like desktop. But very solid none the less! If I could give 4.5 stars, i would

  25. Jill S dice:

    There are a lot of streaming services out there, and even more content constantly being uploaded. However I find myself clicking on Dropout more often than any other. The cast and crew puts so much care and joy into all of their work. It’s a good reminder that the best media experiences are built around community. I joined for Dimension 20, but have stuck around for Game Changer and will continue to watch all of the shows over time. Really thankful for audio only downloads too!

  26. Absolutely love my dropout subscription, and all of the shows that are on here. The only real issues I have are simple quality of life things, such as being unable to pause with my headphone pause button, and stuff like that. If you’re considering getting a subscription I couldn’t recommend it enough!

  27. The app works very well, has minimal technical issues, and even allows you to listen to shows even while your phone is locked! The only possible complaint I could think of is the captions are off sometimes, but they have an entire section of the discord dedicated to people helping to fix that, so it’s getting done. I love Game Changer, Um Actually, and especially Dimension 20 and I love this app which functions amazingly and gives me all the shows with all the episodes in one place!

  28. The content is wonderful, but the app? Not so much. I will not be renewing my membership after this month, as the app just doesn’t function smoothly enough for my to pay $6/mo for it. The next episode does not reliably play automatically, and sometimes it’ll either skip ahead or restart a series. You also can’t double-tap to fast-forward or rewind, which is annoying. Also, my Bluetooth headphones can’t be used to pause and play videos. The app is just frustrating and not set up very well.

  29. My favorite app for shows now! Of course the release of new episodes is limited but the cast is lovely and always feels like good fun even in the most competitive games. I love Dimension 20 and Game Changer and have gotten my partner into watching with me. Highly reccomend, way easier to find something fun to watch than most streaming platforms! The only improvements I could see are more animated sections of Dimension 20 would be lovely, I miss the animators

  30. The functionality of the app is only so so when compared to Nebula or YouTube. It’s ‘play when screen locked’ function only works when you screen lock from the app and it lacks play/pause functionality with Bluetooth. That said, the content is hilarious and well worth the subscription. The creators love what they do and it shows. Dimension 20 is extremely high quality TTRPG, on par with Critical Role, just a different vibe. Game Changer is unique and delightful. The backlog is robust.

  31. Works great most of the time. Would prefer the the background player had a pause or something. Also will stop the player if the screen is turned off in Picture-in-picture mode (thought I’ve found ways around that) Otherwise this app, the content, and the people on it are all fantastic.

  32. Team Dropout and college humor is fantastic. I was brought in by Dimension20 and found the rest of their improv and skits hilarious& charming. Bought a year’s subscription and am happy I did. My only beef is with the app. When I first downloaded this app, I could “play & pause” by tapping on my ear bud. But sometime after that this function stopped working. The app also forgets where I’ve paused it and starts the episode over randomly. On 2 hour+episodes, this is really annoying.

  33. I love this streaming platform! Not only is the content amazing, but I like that the app itself is easy to use and let’s me watch videos or even just listen to them like a podcast if I lock my phone. The Dimension 20 shows are my absolute favorite and I love that there is bonus content available and new episodes that I can watch easily on my phone on the go!

  34. I’ve only downloaded the app recently but it seems to be a bit clunky and the video download function is as slow as it could possibly be, which isn’t the coolest especially since I seemingly have to keep the app open while it downloads. Sucks because the DND content is so good! Aaaand this is the only way to watch. After paying money for access to.

  35. I’m only giving this app 1 star, because of the app itself. The content is well worth the $4.99 a month. The problem I have with the app is offline play. I live in a rural area with no cell signal. But even the offline content has to sign in in order to figure out where the last time stamp was. And if there’s no cell signal even though you have downloaded the episode, it will not play. So you have to turn data off and find the timestamp yourself. The Dropout app hates rural users apparently

  36. Z dice:

    great shows. mobile app navigates better than the web version. complaints about the app/service itself: 1) my CC setting is not universal so I have to put subtitles back on every episode, whether I’m on the app or desktop 2) when I turn off cell service and wifi the app crashes so I can’t even get to my downloaded episodes.

  37. First off, the content on dropout is absolutely fantastic. The College Humor cast are very quick-witted and hilarious to watch in any circumstance. Beyond that, the app is very well organized. It’s easy to find what you want, and easy to sign in or out. Picture-in-picture works well with only minor issues.

  38. Plays while screen is off, Thats the only reason I subsceibed to dropout. The only huge feature here is that playback does not autostop when headphones are disconnected, which can be extremely irritating. Also the data usage when only wanting to listen is the same as watching the video and the bamdwidth use is a bit absursdly high. That said, pretty good.

  39. The only issue I have is that I can’t seem to use my headset to pause and play, and the video resets when I try to open my maps app. Other than that it’s brilliant! This is exactly the kind of content I want. DnD campaigns, game shows, and all long form!!

  40. Worth every penny of the monthly subscription fee for the absolutely stellar content. I signed up for Game Changer after seeing the YouTube clips and loving them but stayed for Dimension 20, Um Actually, and everything else! They release new content regularly and have a ton of new shows coming in 2020! The app is aesthetically pleasing and functional. There are a few QoL changes I’d like to see like better playlist management and integration with my earbuds’ play button. App: 4.5, content: 5.5!

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