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Jump into PopJam and find your hangout! Join Groups, share art, and make new friends.

PopJam is all about community. Find your favorite games and be a part of the community. Whether you’re looking to chat about Overlook Bay, Fashion Famous, or just the best Roblox tips – PopJam is full of Groups for you to join. Keep an eye out for exclusive PopJam game giveaways, like pets and more.

Follow streamers on PopJam like Jeffo and MeganPlays for exclusive content and connect with other fans. Share your fan art, take part in polls or just come say hi!

FIND YOUR HANGOUT – Find your tribe and share what you love in PopJam Groups. We’ve got all the best games covered, as well as art, sports, dancing and anime. You can even create your own Groups!

WATCH VIDEOS – Check out gaming clips and more from your favorite streamers like KrystinPlays and iamSanna!

NEVER BE BORED – Love to play? Then don’t miss all of our fun games. Want to know what kind of mermaid you are? Or maybe your name if you were a vampire? Take our quizzes!

GET CREATIVE – Check out our art tips, use our brushes, stickers and GIFs and enter our Daily Challenge. Every day, PopJammers star in our Hall of Fame!

FUN FILTERS – Disguise your face with our funny filters. Want to be a cat or a slime splat? No problem!

Please note: PopJammers cannot share personally identifying information such as email, full name, phone numbers or selfies/photos of friends.

PopJam is certified COPPA-compliant by KidSAFE. This means that our platform has been reviewed to meet the highest standards of digital privacy and safety.


40 comentarios en "PopJam: Games and Friends MOD 2022"

  1. A pretty good app for sharing art but it really needs more art based updates. There have been the same three drawing tools for years but all of a sudden there’s a whole bunch of updates revolving around gaming. I understand that it’s more of an app for younger kids so they wont care that much but there are still some teenagers on here that would like to have more art features.

  2. If you try to upload an image from a different part of gallery on your phone besides recent downloads, it says “want to use your camera, go to settings” and when I click close nothing happens I have to restart the app. There should be an option to turn off that notification, it always pops up and is super annoying, I’m not going to give camera permissions. I don’t even want to use my camera, I just want to upload an image.

  3. This game is really good for artistic people, and people who aren’t. I get really inspired by all of the beautiful art people make! But, if ur going to have a game which u have to draw in, make the experience better for ur players and give them everything they need to make beautiful art, like layers, different brushes, etc. I think drawling on this is really hard, I try my best but it never turns out right because of the little resources to draw with. So that’s why I gave it a 4 out of 5. ✝☪

  4. Really Great app! I love how they sensor ANY bad words. This is super fun and great for kids, tweens, and teens. Many people have asked for this, and I agree. We should have more option with our materials. It is very hard to draw without some materials I use on other apps. You don’t have many options with that. But if you just want to draw something that doesn’t need many materials I recommend this app. If you could, you should add things like: smudge, blender, crayon and even pixels! 4/5 stars

  5. PopJam is a kid-friendly app. It helped me with art, and can be something to do when you are bored. But this game does have some flaws. When you draw, it’s quality is fine. But when you post that art piece, it decreases the quality, and basically turns it into pixels. Also, sometimes it’s “kid-friendly” thing, were it turns bad words into emojis like ⚡🌩, but sometimes these aren’t even bad words. For example, if you misspell something, it turns it into the emojis. Other than that, it’s fine.

  6. Kay Baugh dice:

    I was going to rate it a 5, because of how kid-friendly and cute this app is, and how you can freely post your art. But, one things that annoyed me the most was changing my profile picture and background on the app. Every time I changed it, it wouldn’t save, there isn’t even a “save” button. So that really lowered my expectations. On the other hand, it is a great app, so far. Love it. 🙂

  7. It’s a great app! Little kids can make posts with random stickers, have fun with filters, and young artists can draw! But it’s kinda harder to draw. There isn’t a paint bucket tool so it’s hard to color in. Other things like blending, layers, and being able to make videos would be fun. I’m not expecting this but maybe an animation tool? I wish I could give it 5 stars but it just needs a bit of improvement.

  8. Great game! I love to play it after school! I have always loved doing art, and when my friend told me about it, I was so excited! I do have a problem though… Whenever I want to top friend people, then I’ll click add friends, then click on their username, but it just brings me back to profile without adding them. If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me, otherwise please fix this.

  9. I like this app. I think it’s a lot of fun and good for kids that need or want social media. Totally kid friendly and safe 🙂 But sometimes the app can have a hard time loading things, posting, and changing things on your account. It’s also not an app for you if your looking for something that you can draw on professionaly or if your not just drawing for fun. But if you are, it’s perfect! I love the little things they add to it like, the drawing challenges, the quizzes, and mini games. 😀

  10. It’s a great app. My one complaint is that you can only win the daily challenge if you’ve drawn the picture using PopJam. Well I think that’s unfair because it can be quite difficult to draw on there. It needs a fill option, undo AND redo buttons, more brush sizes,better zoom in options, layer options, symmetry options, and maybe even lasso options. If this is all too hard for you guys then just let us use other apps please! And bring back dms!!!

  11. Opiegal dice:

    The premise of the app is super cute, I love that it’s a safe place for young artists to share their work. However, the app does have flaws. It’s pretty glitchy and at times, an innocent post won’t go up for whatever reason, meanwhile ACTUALLY inappropriate posts have made it through moderation. It’s frustrating to deal with and I wish they’d put more effort into their moderation than into silly updates with layout changes. I just want to post my art without it getting blocked for no reason.

  12. B Visca dice:

    It is a fun and addictive game. It’s is basically perfect for art lovers! Not many ads, safe, and ,any others. But the reason I said basically is because of one thing: the “closing time”. For example, let’s say you stay up late a lot like me, I went to comment on my friends post, and it said: closing time! We are closed for 11:00 to 6:00! It didn’t let you do the main part of the game wich is to create art. I don’t see why there needs to be a closing time for a game so addicting. No hate.

  13. Popjam is a great app! It allows you to be social and show your creative side safely! Except, there are a few problems. It is extremely glitchy, which can be frustrating. It also seems like staff doesn’t care? I’ve reported the problem and all they said to do was uninstall and reinstall the app. Granted, it does work, but it should really be fixed rather than just telling users to uninstall and reinstall the app. Otherwise, this app is super fun and safe!

  14. I love this game so much! It’s so fun and I can never get bored with it. But we can’t save our work! Sometimes we are in the middle of drawing something and have to go. When you come back you have to start all over again. Also, whenever i go on it and click the app it says popjam keeps stopping. Then i have to uninstall it and install it again. It wastes my time and it only happens on popjam! Those 2 the only bad things otherwise I love this game.

  15. This app is great if you want to share art and stuff, but recently the ui stopped working. I can’t make click any of the icons at the bottom of the screen, meaning I can’t veiw my profile or make posts. I tried restarting my phone, deleting and redownloading the app, and making a new account, yet the lower buttens still didn’t work. I hope that you can fix this, or suggest something that I could do to fix it.

  16. It’s a great way to share your art with others, and it’s a very creative and kid friendly community. However, everytime I open it, it usually crashes. It also glitches and doesn’t work sometimes. Also, one time I worked really hard on an art piece, but it wouldn’t post so I had to delete all of my hard work!! Please fix these bugs. Other than that though, it’s great.

  17. This app is great! And it’s very safe for kids, sensors out any bad words or personal info. It’s like Instagram for kids, and creativity is highly encouraged on the app. The only things that I would change are 1:be able to temporarily save a draft of the art you’re working on, not have it deleted if you want to take a break or check your alerts 2:be able to zoom in more when drawing 3:have a fill in button to make drawing easier 4:have unlimited rainbow strokes 5: make it so you can unblock.

  18. Its ok. My only problem was that when I made a background for my profile(took 1 hour and it was around 10 pm when I started) and when I finished, It said i’m posting during closed hours? I went to sleep thinking the drawing would be saved but nope. I woke up to a blank canvas, I don’t recommend this app for more skilled artists (like me,but i’m 10). Overall,its pretty okay.

  19. Nate dice:

    Amazing! Love this app, and is totally kid-friendly. Most people are very nice too! However, there’s one thing that makes it 4 stars. This app if for art, but there’s no fill bucket, layers, different brush types, and a blender. These are basic functions and it’s a shame that PopJam lacks these. Please add these, I’m sure people will appreciate it and the reveiws will go up a ton!

  20. I think its a good concept, but there are many things the developers need to add to this app, like, better drawing equiptment, and add chat to name a few. I liked it a lot at first, but it gets old and boring after a long time of having it, because you learn everything about it. And its so unbelievably hard to win any challenges the app makes. Not to mention its super slow, and the developers ignore the hundreds of suggestions to make the app better. Overall its not very good in my opinion

  21. I think you should add a redo button, a fill tool, a select option, a copy and paste option, a color saver used for other times when you want to use those colors for different art peices and layers, thats what I think this app needs for easier art and a better experience, also, maybe you can make a animation option for a couple of seconds, not 10 miniute animation, maybe 10 seconds is the limit? please try and add those options, thats what I think this app needs

  22. I think this app is pretty okay, I guess, except that after a certain time it restricts you from creating art!!! Seriously! I cannot believe it! And you have to have perfect Grammer or else it edits it out so no one can understand you! Yes, this is ALL true, even the drawing is glitchy, theres some good things about it, there’s some good stickers, and GIFs, and for an social media for tweens, uts really childish.

  23. emma dice:

    Overall, this is an absolutely amazing up. Everyone is so nice. But, there are some things I dont like. Here they are. 1- The drawing feature. As most people say, add layers and a bucket tool. It’ll really help. Drafts would also be cool as well, so you can save you art to work on later. 2- Dcru and dcw. I’ve noticed that mainly the only people who get dcru + dcw are people who do realism. It’s a bit unfair. 3- Art theives. Ok, we all know. Other than that, it’s an amazing app. 🙂

  24. a dice:

    i really like using this! everyone is very friendly, and the daily challenges are easy to win. it’s so fun to wake up to a ton of notifications and see you got runner up and lots of people are congratulating you for your art! there is a lot of room for improvement though– the closing times seem very irrelevant and it would be cool if you could answer a hard maths problem or something to turn off the setting instead of having it applied automatically

  25. It is a good app,to explore creativity and make friends. But my problem is for the Daily challenge you can’t upload images anymore,Some people work really hard on different art apps and try to enter it in hopes of winning and they just can’t.

  26. A very fun app, a friend recommended it to me and no I’m on it daily… ^^’ I post all my art here, I have a few friends, the Daily Challenges are (usually) fun to do, and yeah and I’ve only had one problem, that being, when I’m entering my password, it randomly deletes letters for some reason…other that that awesome app

  27. This app is AMAZING!! The only issue is I have two accounts. Just recently every time I try to switch accounts it says the app isn’t working. So I have to delete PopJam and reinstall it every time. PLEASE FIX THIS!! 💕

  28. I think this is a great app for kids/teens creativity. But I think the staff are bots and that the jam thing is dumb. I really think you should fix all the glitches (if you can) and maybe do something more than just delete an acoont when someone is repoted while the person just creates another and does the same thing! And maybe make it to where you can upload on the Dc. I once made a really good artwork to discover I can’t upload it to the DC! Thanks for maybe listening, popjam.

  29. Lilly M dice:

    Pretty fun and I’ve made a few close online friends on there but there’s a glitch on where if I want to switch accounts I have to delete and reinstall the app, every time. It’s getting annoying. otherwise great!

  30. fire star dice:

    Ehhh well I love this app a lot but when I try to type something long it tags and I said NOTHING BAD! It also doesn’t let me post images even when I cover it up it always glitches! It also doesn’t load my profile picture. This should be fixed. Another thing! I use this app mostly on phone but i use it on chromebook as well on the chromebook i logged in and i wanted to switch into another account but it closed the app! it doesn’t do this for phone.I gave it 3 stars for that.

  31. Its great for socializing! Especaily if your like me and pretty shy… Altho, pj moderating isnt the best, and there is a glitch, when i try to swich accs it just sends me to the home screen, without swiching it, which is annoying, i have to keep uninstalling it to swich, but overall a fun game. :]

  32. 3:AM dice:

    Ok, Popjam won’t let me access my profile page, and it won’t let me post anything. Please Popjam, try to fix this. If this can’t be fixed, I might have to delete Popjam and uninstall this. What’s the point of having popjam if you can post any art? Edit: I Uninstaller it and reinstalled it and it fixed it. But it keeps happening Also, for some reason the gifs dont work for me. I’d press place and they wouldn’t show up

  33. Hey, so I have a PopJam account (XGalactiaEditorX and frieloops) and I love it! But I’m not giving this app 5 stars though because of a) the pixel quality my art has,when in Procreate it is absolutely fine, b) it can be quite buggy. I was trying to get somebody to 2k followers and I had to uninstall and reinstall the app every time I wanted to switch accounts. And c) the people can be toxic haha. That aside, PopJam is an amazing app for growing artists and if you want to make friends!

  34. It is a very fun app (11 year old). I do have a problem to report though. I have two accounts, and when I try to swap back to my main it won’t let me. I was wondering if the creaters might be able to fix that bug. My main is Midnight_StarCatcher.

  35. App was really fun, but it is pretty laggy now. I have 2 accounts, one for art and one for my animals, and I can not switch accounts anymore without the app crashing! Please fix this!

  36. Coming from someone who has been on pj for 4 years, the moderation is terrible. Innocent words and posts get deleted but you can say pretty inapropreate things without them getting filtered. It’s full of adds way more than it used to be, like they really try to push the marketing in your face. The app can be slow and very annoying to use. Every update made adds something useless instead of adding things the community has been asking for for YEARS. None of us care about your gaming updates pj.

  37. Amanda dice:

    When I first started using this app i would have gave it 5 stars but now I only give it 1 because i can’t log into my main account i can only log into my backup account and whenever I try to use the forgot my password it always says that I’m not connected to the internet and everytime I am connected to the internet. You also can’t change your password but once, same with the username. I would give it 3 or 4 stars if i could just log into my original account

  38. yes no dice:

    Nice app. Love the creativity in this game but please dont allow screenshotting i saw a account and it stole a lot of peoples art without permission so uh yeah! If more stealing accounts keep on going im deleting this app Cute app though!!💗 + you guys need more better drawing tools like layers etc and let us post videos would be a very cool update!! Overall stealing accounts are annoying.Oh and please, fix the block the person who i blocked still can see my posts Bye nice app!! 💗🤭‼️

  39. Ehh… I keep having to delete and redownload just so I can log in to my vent account and my main account. If I don’t do that, it’ll keep me stuck in one of the others and just reopen itself. Annoying. Please fix this bug soon.

  40. I have had this app for 2 years now and it used to be so much better. now it’s kinda toxic and the new gaming update was not that necessary. It’s not so much about art anymore. The old pj was way better and fun. So many people are quitting because of this gaming update. We wanted more art updates and they give us an update to play Roblox with YouTubers. It’s just not the same anymore. I still have this app and I like it but not as much as i did. 3 stars

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