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BET+ is a premium online streaming service with over 2,000 hours of your favorite Black content from the best Black creators. Now you can stream Black culture: the movies you remember, the TV shows you love and the new series you can’t live without. And they’re all in one place, commercial free.

Everything from classics like Martin and House of Payne to modern favorites like The Ms. Pat Show and The Porter is available on BET+. This service also includes exclusive, original content such as College Hill: Celebrity Edition, Martin: The Reunion and Kingdom Business. Plus, there are movies, plays and new series from Tyler Perry that you’ll only find on BET+, including Tyler Perry’s Zatima and Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.

Check out some of the hits and exclusives:

• Tyler Perry’s Zatima
• First Wives Club
• The First Noelle
• A Wesley Christmas
• College Hill: Celebrity Edition
• Martin: The Reunion
• Kingdom Business
• Tyler Perry’s Ruthless
• The Ms. Pat Show
• All the Queen’s Men
• The Porter
• Christmas Déjà Vu
• Bigger
• American Gangster: Trap Queens
• The Missing
• Stalked Within
• Hello
• Real Husbands of Hollywood
• B-Boy Blues
• Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farewell Play
• Dear Best Friend


• With your own personalized watch list, you can save your favorites and add new movies and series to enjoy.

• If multiple people are using BET+, there are now individualized user profiles to keep each person’s favorites in one place.

• Enjoy Cross-Platform Continue Watching, a new feature that allows you to start watching an episode or movie on one platform, then pick up where you left off, even on a different platform.

• Start your subscription today! Your first seven days are free, then your paid monthly BET+ subscription begins. You can avoid auto-renew charges by canceling at least 24 hours before the end of your trial or current billing period.

• Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV to your Chromecast device.

Full episode streaming is available within the U.S. only.

For help, visit or contact [email protected].

The Terms of Use for this app include arbitration for disputes — see

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40 comentarios en "BET+ MODDED 2022"

  1. This app freezes every 5 – 10 seconds. You can’t even enjoy a show or movie without it freezing and constantly buffering. People are paying their money, it should be free. It’s awful. It happens on the phone and tv. Update: Still CONSTANTLY having issues with this app. Now it won’t open at all and says the app has a bug. I’m paying for what?! This is ridiculous. Canceling my subscription. Has not been working for over a week!

  2. The selection of shows is not terrible but one of the more simplistic aspects is missing from my experience with the app and that is episode selection. I have tried it across multiple devices and I cannot select different episodes. I’m not sure if this has always been the case but would like to be able to make my own episode selection.

  3. Sharron B dice:

    There is some type of bug that won’t allow this app to open up on my phone. I have an s20. I have tried several times to reach out to customer service and they keep blowing me off. I guess they would after I paid for a year subscription and can’t cancel because I can’t access my information from off the TV. I can only access it from the app. Do I recommend this app service hell no. These 3rd party apps are garbage.

  4. This is a terrible app. I canceled it last year as it never played without an issue. This year, I have had the same issues. Reached out to customer service because I was billed twice.( they should have recognized I was watching it on my home TV.) Reached out to customer service again. Now there’s a bug issue and the app doesn’t work!!. Mind you, I have paid Twice for this month’s service!!!

  5. The “only” reason I’m giving 3 stars is because of the shows/movie selections. Otherwise this app is horrible and instead of getting better – it has gotten worse. You can’t even get through a half hour show. The app is constantly going in/out and then indicating that the video is not available. How can this be if the video is playing. There are so many complaints [since 2019] with the same problem – I cannot believe it hasn’t been rectified. Just “fix it” BET. There’s no excuse for you.

  6. I looked at other reviews and have to agree. The content is good. However 2 stars is all I can give. Watching shows freeze up on my hi-speed internet is not where it’s at! May as well go back to cable and recording the shows. Midway through a show and now it freezes and says it’s unavailable. BET+ needs to do better.

  7. Great selection of movies and shows. Was really excited when I first got it. However, I am having a lot of trouble casting to my tv, the app freezing, and hearing the program but not seeing a picture when it does finally cast. Also, for example, I have experienced selecting one show and the app pulling up another. I need the app tailored for black people to not be trifling. Please improve. Giving it one more week before I cancel my subscription.

  8. Technical issues are becoming problematic. I’ve had this app for one week. I have high speed internet in my home and every app including Netflix and Hulu are working just fine. Every time I go to the BET + app, it’s saying no internet connection. I enjoyed the program content. I was hoping to see the BET hip-hop awards from year 2012 up. They only have a few select years for viewing. Unfortunately I had to cancel my subscription. I’m one week in But unable to stream shows. I just wasted $9.99

  9. This has to be the worst streaming app around! I decided to give it a try after months of wondering if it had some of the old content that BET use to offer. I was unable to get on the app using wifi. I kept getting an error saying I had no internet connection. When I tried watching it through the TV, it still didn’t work. I finally got it to work by turning off wifi on my phone. The content was very limited. Ultimately, I decided to cancel! The app is full of glitches and the content sucks!

  10. It sucks because you can’t watch any current bet content! I want to watch Sistas because I missed the first 3 shows. It’s not available on Bet+ as of yet. And all of the episodes aren’t available on demand either. I started watching Trap Queen. Its a very good documentary. But, you can only watch so much, then an error shows up, and says that the “video is not available.” What? I thought it was my phone at first. Nope, it’s the app. For $10/month in addition to cable, you have got to do better

  11. Hands down the worst streaming app I’ve used. The video is constantly freezing, even when I have full service/reception, or connected to WiFi. The graphics of the video will randomly get all grainy/fuzzy and stay that eU for awhile. The video I’m watching will be playing, and then the screen will go black and say the video is unavailable in the middle of the show. I could go on, there’s so many issues. For a paid subscription, this amount of issues is unacceptable.

  12. Always stops my movies/shows and says “sorry this video isn’t available right now” . Then I have to close out of the app completely & get back on. It’ll work for some time then stop again. Glad I’m only testing out the free trial. I’ve already cancelled it & will definitely not be spending my money on something that should be free anyways! I also don’t like the fact that you can’t start a favorites list or anything like that. Not worth $10+ I can tell you that right now.

  13. Noona Bee dice:

    Apparently the one week free trial means that you only get to watch twenty minutes of content. I got hit mid episode with a message saying “Sorry, this video is not available”, not once but twice on two separate shows. I initially thought the app froze or there was something wrong with my internet connection, but after closing the app several times and ensuring my connection was sound, I realized this wasn’t the case. Safe to say my interest in this service has been killed.

  14. It worked fine initially, and then in mid September I get a message “service unavailable”. I’ve had an open ticket with customer support since then, they haven’t figured it out yet. I think I figured out it’s a firmware issue with Chromecast. I have two Chromecast devices, the one with the newer firmware it doesn’t work in the old one does. Going to finish streaming Ms Pat and then I’m done with this garbage.

  15. D.C. Gold dice:

    The Ms.Pat Show is f’ing amazing. Worth the subscription just for that show. There’s some weird connections issues with the App though, it prompted me to “Check network connection” when I had a full signal, I hit ok and it started playing again. They’ve definitely gotta make that not pause the video (it happened right in the middle of a major scene), and if there is a reduction in signal, instead of pausing the video, just lower the quality temporarily like YouTube and Netflix.

  16. I would honestly give it 5 stars but its missing some features thats needed. 1. a “My List” folder section, so we can have easy access to our most watched & favorite shows/movies on the app. 2. the option to Download a few of the shows/movies on the app, so we can have access offline when not using data would be great. Its a great app, has a lot of the classics & newbies, just needs improvements on features. Please & Thank You!!!

  17. I was very excited to get this app but once I did I became quickly disappointed. There is so many glitches when watching TV shows or movies. If the glitches doesn’t happens, the show stops all together and then display that the show is not available. This is very frustrating. You have to go out and back in or wait before its willing to work again and IF IT DOES it starts the show all over again. I dont think that I am willing to pay such a high fee every month with service like this.

  18. Downloaded the app when it first launched & couldnt watch a complete show without it stopping. Deleted it that night but was still charged. A few months after that, at movie night at my friends house, she downloaded the app, and the same thing happened…Buffering and it kept stopping. And now fast forward to Quarantine season, my daughter downloaded the app, and we’ve been able to watch more… But then out of nowhere, we get the ” We have some bad news, and good news” message. Disappointed!

  19. I love all of the titles and different genres of shows and movies, but you can’t actually watch them. This app doesn’t work on my Roku, on my tablet, laptop or phone (Samsung 10+). The app allows you to click on what you want to watch, but after about 5mins into it the picture freezes and then kicks you out. I am definitely not going to pay $10 a month for an app that I can’t use. I have yet to receive a response from your support team concerning this situation, and now I can’t unsubscribe.

  20. I like the app but I am not able to pause a program, then come back to start again and it starts the show from the beginning. Also why do I have to continue to select episodes. for example Martin, one show plays and I have to click the very next show why not continue the season?? This also happens with streaming with google chromecast. Its also slow at times. Make some changes and my rating will increase.

  21. It was a horrible experience. I could only watch shows on my phone. Can’t watch it on my smart tv! Since it was “BET” I figured it wouldve been more black shows and movies. Not a lot of nostalgic. And the free trial is only a week! And then they charge you any other app gives you 30 days!! Aannddd the connection was horrible it never left you at the spot you were watching the show from itll start the show or movie all over again!

  22. Signed up today to watch All the Queen’s Men and BET+ has been acting up ALL day ( phone, computer and 2 diff firesticks). If keeps buffering every few seconds while trying to play and it will eventually say “Sorry, this video is not available.” I don’t know if there’s too much traffic or what. I’m getting irritated because I can’t even enjoy the show because it won’t play for a full 30 seconds. Definitely canceling after my free trial. Disappointed.

  23. Would rate it a 5 because there is a lot of varieties of plays and reality tv. However there are a lot of glitches and stops while app is running. I don’t know what that is but you will watch 5 minutes and then it would stop and say video not available. So frustrating!! It mainly does that with the reality shows. Fix it!!

  24. I tried the free 7-day trial to watch Ruthless. I binged it and was able to finish before the trial ended. My issue and reason for giving 3 stars is that cancelling is not straight forward. The BET+ app tells you to go thru the play store to make changes or cancel however that is not possible. I had to find the emailed receipt from Viacom with a link to the webpage for BET+. From there I had to go thru settings to cancel. I don’t like how they make it seem easy to cancel when it’s not.

  25. Hmmm…I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am having a hard time casting anything to my TV. I have had to ‘Force stop/close’ the app before each episode! At times, that seems to help. Also, I hate that after watching an episode, it doesn’t automatically switch to the next episode. Instead, it’ll play the same episode over again. Sigh. P.S. It’ll be a big bonus, to have options to ‘SAVE’ or ‘ADD TO FAVORITES’ available. Please fix all these hiccups, to make it a better/enjoyable experience!!

  26. len scott dice:

    I enjoy the content and I’m really trying to support BET+, but I am really getting tired of everytime I watch anything it plays a few minutes and then starts to buffer. I back out and restart the program and the same thing happens again. I’m up to date on updates in the Play store and no updates show in the settings of the app. I’m really starting to reach the point where I want to stop my subscription. Come on BET+ get it together. 😡😡😡😡

  27. This app performs terribly. If I didn’t enjoy the content so much, I would delete it without hesitation. I hate that I even pay for it because I have issues on my firestick all the time, getting a “video not available” message too frequently even when I’m actually watching the video. I hope they get it together. Content is great though, when you can watch it.

  28. 8745400 dice:

    After letting 2 tv episode play all the way through, it goes back to the main menu. I don’t see an option to let the videos play through longer. This app needs some work. It also seems that scenes are cut from various tv episodes. Why are there so many edits for tv shows on this app? I thought it wouldn’t unedited….I guess not.

  29. This app is garbage. I expected more but should of known better. It never worked. And now I’m fighting for my money back. I should of read the reviews and stayed away. Once it asks to set up the subscription, you put in all you information, once you click next it brings you right back to the start your trial page and never moves forward from there. If you sign in, same ordeal, back to the subscription page. So it lets you do it once, put in your card info and never work. Rip off.

  30. I’ve had the app since Oct 2019 and I had problems on and off. I was rotating from different apps so I didn’t worry to complain. But now it’s becoming a pain in the head. I’m unable to login it keeps sending me to verify my email, which I don’t get anything and it sends me to subscribe again. Now I’ve contacted them to many times just to get text messages. I’ve deleted and redownload several times still nothing. I could use my $30 on something else. I pay for Hulu Netflix Amazon no problems.

  31. The quality of shows on this app is very good. Has something for everyone. However the app software quality is not the best at all. i have used this app on a Iphone and Android and it seems to randomly freeze up and then shuts down. It takes forever to restart I am still in my free trial period, so if i choose not to subscribe, its because of the app shutting down often.

  32. Love the app and glad im able to download it on my smart TV now. However, since then, the app stopped working and I had to change my password just to log in again for it still not to work on any of my devices inuding TV. I hope you all have a fix for this soon otherwise I may cancel. Update..canceled my subscription. Streaming service still has not been fix.

  33. There are some really good shows on this app. But I have to agree with the other user. The apps has a lot glitches. You can not even watch a full show. Also I downloaded this app on fire stick and it doesn’t even pull up to even try and watch a show. That’s with wifi and on my phone unlimited mobile data. It’s sad because as stated before there are some awesome shows but the app is horrible. The cost is 10 bucks which isn’t bad if I got to watch it. But if not going to fix drop the price!!!

  34. Fix the app. Then I will give a better review. The shows are amazing but the interface is horrible. First Wives Club Ep. 2&3 are the same. The CC doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still does not work. Add my Fav list as well. Other apps work, YouTube Hulu Netflix Amazon Prime. But BET+ is an issue. I cancelled my subscription a few months ago because I thought it was too expensive now with these bugs I am sure is too expensive. Consider $6.99. Truly!

  35. Everytime I make a payment, the payment goes through but when I sign on to restore purchase its say sorry something went wrong. If something went wrong and I still can’t use the app the I should get my money back right. But no and I still can’t get in the app until a week later. I will just cancel my subscription. It’s not worth that kind of hassle every month. You have my $9.99 but I don’t have the shows and movies to watch

  36. Can’t describe the experience because the app will not open. Signed up for the 1 week free trial but has not been able to access any shows. Even after verifying my email address, I keep getting an error message that says its processing transaction will be available in a few minutes. Ughhhh. Need to cancel because I don’t want to be charged for a service I can’t use.

  37. This app needs work. Keeps stopping in the middle of videos and state that the video is not available. Did everything support suggesed and it still happens. Now I can’t even open the app because it’s saying I’m not connected to the internet which I am. There’s a lot of great content on here but the problems are frustrating and not worth it.

  38. Not really pleased I had been eager to add this app. I downloaded it to my phone and tablet only to be displeased. On both devices, buffers a lot and I do mean a lot; and not only that it will often stop in the middle of a show and say app is not available or no internet connection 😡. That was on the free trial, in which I was not anticipating such. I was willing to pay the price for it because there are so many shows that I do want to see and was looking forward to downloading this app.

  39. Overall I love the idea of this app, however the reality isn’t living up to it’s expectations. I’m all for supporting our people so BET please get your people together and fix these problems. I shouldn’t have to close all the way out of the app for me to look at the next episode of a show. None of the shows plays consecutively. For example “Bigger” I have to close out the app, turn off my chromecast and turn it back on just to get to the next episode…. that’s doing too much. Please fix ASAP

  40. They do not make it easy to cancel the subscription through Google Play. I followed directions as listed on your FAQ sheet, but to no avail. I have several subscriptions through Google Play Store, and none are listed under the ” Subscriptions” tab. My renewal date is in two days. I’d appreciate assistance in canceling before then.

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