Kids Car Wash Auto Workshop MOD


Play with toddlers toy cars to clean up repair and refuel services in garage
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Kids car washer auto garage workshop in a famous hill racing car washing & repair cleanup game for girls and boys. If you are true lover of cars and specially the hill racing cars, you will love to get repair and routine checkup for your car.

It is the top automobile cars on hills climb game for kids of ages 2 to 8 years old. Free car wash service fun game. Apply trucks shampoo and be mechanic and provide car care delivery at home. It is the first ever modern car wash salon near your town.

Be ready for the oil change and makeover of your dream car. Your cars need to jack it up and replace the tire and fix the issues from below engine. Your favourite sports car need a daily checkup to maintain its speed and damage free.In this free cars wash game, you will have lot of fun and entertainment activities. Make your own dream car with customised designs and accessories. Repair the body damaged and re-paint the color with your customised pattern.Be a crazy car designer. There are jeeps, super sports cars, hills cars, monster trucks and many more.Wax your car in a garage is more preferable than sunlight.There are some vehicle and car cleaning items like car buffers and car polishers, scrapers & pressure washers, dusters & car wash towels, mitts, buckets & spray bottles, interior detailing brushes, husky bucket, pump sprayer, detailing vacuum, water hoses, rolling creepers, detailing carts, pad washer, air blower, cleaning gun and eraser tool.

Kids Car Washer Auto Garage Workshop!

> Park your car in empty bay
> Removes the floor mates from interior
> Locate the spray wind for interior car cleaning
> Get to know the sprayer settings & dial wash or pre-wash
> Insert money into the car wash machine
> Rinse the car with spray wind
> Wash your car from top to bottom and wash floor mates
> Apply soap to your car with spray wind or sponge
> Scrub your car with spray brush
> Use spray wind to rinse all the suds from car & tyres
> Wax your car and dry the floor mates
> Easy to play educational motor skills
> Improve your toddlers problem solving techniques
> Impossible stunts racing on hills driving game


> Clean the exterior and interior of your car for full body
> Gather buckets, a car cleanser, soft terry towels, natural sponge
> Lambswool wash mitt, clothes/rag, tyre cleanser, terry towels, car wax
> Vacuum , glass cleanser, trash bag , carpet cleanser, foam cleanser, pepper towel
> High pressure hose to rinse hard to remove dirt
> Scrub your car in straight up and down motion
> Do not let your car air dry
> Soak the soft sponge in cleaning solution
> For wheels apply de-greaser before cleaning wheels
> Rinse and dry the wheels
> Squeeze a quarter polish onto your pad
> With microfibre towel to buff the wax
> Remove dust, dirt and debris from interior with vacuum cleaner
> Spray foam cleanser on fabric stains
> Use car wipes to sanitize dashboard and console
> Clean the windows with glass cleanser
> Re-vacuum the car and remove any remaining dust and dirt

kids boys and teens girls may enjoy this free auto mechanic & repair cleaning & car washing game for free. There is variety of different super cars to choose and start repairing & fixing with amazing mechanic tools. Many car wash and repairing customers are arriving at garage, being a famous car mechanic you need to satisfy the customers with best services. Hills race track is usually containing stones and up hills mountains, so you need to check tires pressure, check whether the engine is heated or not. Be the crazy car driver and take test drive carefully with all necessary things to verify. stand near a petrol pump and get the tank full. Download our this free mobile game for girls and kids. Play with your friends and family! Have Fun and Enjoy for FREE!


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