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The leading free streaming TV and movie service is available to you! Watch 100s of live TV channels and 1000s of movies and TV shows, all streaming free. Pluto TV also offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including native language and dubbed movies, reality TV, telenovelas, crime, sports and more. Pluto TV is 100% free and legal: no credit cards, contracts, or bills.

Pluto TV has the best in hit movies, cult classics, and blockbuster films. You’ll find something for everyone on Pluto TV, with hits like “Transformers,” “Mission Impossible,” cult classics like “Footloose.” Looking for a laugh? We’ve got “Zoolander,” “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns,” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” Fiending for frights? Horror movies such as “Resident Evil” series and “Child’s Play” are guaranteed to keep you up all night. ¿Le gustan películas? Ve “Saving Private Perez” en español.

Choose from our library of 1000s of on-demand movies and TV shows or from our 27 exclusive movie channels including:

The biggest hit movies
-Full seasons of your favorite shows
-Chilling true crime and drama series
-Hilarious comedy shows and stand-up specials
-Spanish-language movies & shows
-The wildest reality TV shows
-The latest breaking news
-Live sports, classic games, news and analysis

Your favorite shows are streaming 24/7 on Pluto TV. Catch full seasons of CSI, Star Trek: The Next Generation, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Narcos on their own channels, and watch classics like Survivor, Beavis & Butthead, Unsolved Mysteries and more whenever you want.

Check back often so you don’t miss the great new movies and shows we’re adding to our on-demand library every day from top content providers like Paramount, CBS, MGM, Sony and Lionsgate! Binge on 1000s of movies and TV shows any time you want!

Download Pluto TV to start watching free TV today.

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In the effort to entertain the planet, we provide you regular software updates focusing on dropping into new product features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This update in addition to the bug improvements includes continued enhancement to the video player and loading experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates & out of this world features coming very soon!


40 comentarios en "Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies MODDED 2022"

  1. Wide selection of movies, and it’s free so a pretty good deal. However there are some problems. With free things come ads, which are understandable, but they come without warning during the worst timing. Also, whenever I open the app, it starts to constantly run shows or movies, which gets distracting. Other than that, I do recommend it.

  2. Horrible user experience. It does not remember your location if you watch part of a movie, and forces you to watch 2 minutes of commercials for every 9 minutes of movie if you try to skip forward. It also plays 2 minutes of commercials if you try to skip back. I was (no exaggeration) 16 minutes of commercials into the process of trying to get back to my spot, when the app crashed, then put me back to the beginning. I give up. Uninstalling.

  3. Awesome. Underestimated. I watched Forest Gump last night by chance and loved it. The commercials are just what you would expect from cable. Didn’t feel invasive, like with phone games. I have this on my Android TV and just got it for the phone. It’s nice to flipping channels instead of always needing to find exactly what I want. Don’t get me wrong, there are some on demand options. For developers: lip sync seems to be an issue time to time. But keep up the good work

  4. Bob Manz dice:

    They really destroyed this app with their updates. The “On Demand” used to work ok except you couldn’t pause the video during a commercial, which is totally ridiculous cuz there are times things come up where you just gotta pause it. So the only option is to just shut it totally off. Now it’s even worse than before cuz you can’t get it to skip forward or back most of the time & when you do it’s very difficult. U also have a hard time trying to pause it. Just give up & use YouTube.

  5. The app is not perfect. However, I have many regrets for not opening this app sooner. Pluto TV is an amazing service. It’s like cable TV with all the commercials; best of all it’s free. This app has minor lag/buffer issues, but it’s not too bad. I love the PIP feature; I can watch while typing this review. Overall, great service but the app needs a little bit of work.

  6. Repetitive programming — news channels are just clips from the last few days played over and over. A movie that I’m watching for the last 2.5 hours has a commercial break about every 5-7 minutes with the same maddening commercials. If you like a particular show like South Park you can search for it and find a marathon of them playing right after the next. I think there’s even a Price is Right channel, for example. It’s a decent alternative to paid cable.

  7. This used to be a decent app. Since the last 2 updates, the on demand portion, which is why I have this app, crashes! It gets hung on a commercial/ad and glitches. It won’t stop or correct itself. Then, it automatically chooses to go back to the beginning of a show and glitch AGAIN! Fix it very soon or I’m getting rid of this awful app

  8. I have been using this app for a while now on multiple devices. The amount of content available is great, but there are some issues that drive me to other apps of the same content is available. 1st is the app does not remember what you already watched. So if you come back after a couple day break you have to remember yourself which episode was next.2nd issue is there is no way to pause during commercials other than closing the app, which might cause you to start over. And don’t use fast forwrd.

  9. I’ve only used the app once and probably won’t ever again. I saw that an old movie from my childhood was available so I download the app to watch it. I understand the need for ads and usually don’t mind them, but they seemed a bit too excessive at points. There where ad breaks every 10-15 minutes like you’d expect from cable TV, which is understandable. But having 4 ad breaks in the last 20 minutes of a movie is just too much.

  10. Awesome app, You can’t get things like this for free anymore. the quality and everything about it’s great except for when you find a movie on demand, there beyond bombarded with commercials to the point where you tend to lose interest in the movie, besides that a 100% awesome, use it all the time just not the demand part unless I really really want to see a movie that’s the only way my attention span can work between the every 10 to 15 minute commercial breaks 😕

  11. I love the concept and all. I spend hours a day watching it but it’s getting annoying now and here’s why. Whatever show I’m watching will freeze. While the picture is frozen, the audio will rewind 5 or 10 seconds and when the audio lines up to the picture then it’ll play normal for a few seconds then do it again. Please fix this issue. I know it’s not my phone because I had the same issue on my last phone.

  12. Worst streaming app from a major network (Paramount/CBS). 1) The user interface is difficult to navigate even when it is working properly. 2) The live TV that automatically loads needs, at the least, to have the option to turn off – maybe just remove it. 3) Frame skipping, frame skipping, frame skipping. 4) No search bar – really? I recommend the Pluto team take a weekend, rent a place, buy a case of popcorn and watch movies on other popular streaming apps. The other teams are doing it right.

  13. I basically like the idea of Pluto, but we have some issues with “on demand”. As big fans of Stargate, we are binge watching SG Atlantis, and the video suddenly freezes. Sometimes it will start by itself, most times I try to skip past the glitch or fast forward past it. No luck, we are locked up for many minutes, or have to get out of Pluto altogether. Please advise when a fix is implemented. Why can’t you fast forward past ads ? Since I do not know when they are coming up, it makes FF annoying.

  14. G G dice:

    Android App Broken. I have noticed within the past month that the pluto tv android app is very glitchy. The shows on each channel are not loading properly, making it not possible to watch the shows on a smart phone. I have Uninstalled and re installed the app several times on my phone and it still does not work. My wifi connection is also normal. When I watch pluto tv on a smart TV, it works fine. I’ve only noticed problems with the android app version of pluto tv. there is a bug to fix.

  15. 6/19 Developer doesn’t seem to care…more and more one stars. Constant freezing. Error messages. App seems to be going further downhill. Regardless of cell phone, I pad, cable or phone services… HEY PLUTO…If you don’t care kill the app! Or is it the $$$$? I give it ZERO stars!!! This is my old comment from a year ago! App is progressively getting worse. Same commercials over and over and over. Problems playing channels. I used to love it, now not at all.

  16. Does not work with Chromecast! Has not worked right since install! You have service issues that need to be fixed with Chromecast to get it to load properly and play the media correctly! Takes too long to load or won’t load at all and keeps disconnecting! You need to fix the CBSN feed. Keeps cutting out every 15 seconds! This is an ongoing problem! Now your audio and video are out of sync after every time an ad runs and won’t correct itself!! Ongoing problem!!!

  17. Downloaded it 10 times. Keeps freezing up. I also have T-Mobile. And they recently came out with a year of free no ads. And the app will not accept it. No matter what you watched it always has ads. T-Mobile says it’s on Pluto TV end. I’ve written several times even called with no call back or response. Don’t waste your time there hundreds of better free apps out there.

  18. Juan L dice:

    Terrible app. Way too many commercials. I watched several 1 hour documentary movies. They repeated the same set of commercials 5 or 6 times in each movie. There are some good movie offerings, however the frequency and length of the commercials destroy the watch experience. Don’t waste your time with this video streaming app. There are many better streaming apps available.

  19. Totally Unstable – At first it worked well but only with ads even though I was on an ad free special from t-mobile but it always showed ads. Now it will not even boot up and display a movie. It just flickers between the welcome screen and the movie. A total disappointment. The app has a feedback link but evidently it is unmonitored. Edit: email sent so I will update.

  20. Kamo S. dice:

    The problem with this app is while watching a program the voice automatically goes mute. I use an Android cell phone for this app. This muting happens more on the break of the program at the time of advertising, then there is a discrepancy on video and broadcasting voice on the movie or any program that is on the air, this voice muting happens more on the interval of every 5 to 10 minutes while the program is on cast from the phone to smart TV. I hope this review will help to fix the problem.

  21. The old version allowed for you to drop down the notifications by pulling down from the top of the screen wile watching TV and the phone is on its side for a bigger picture, after update that no longer happens, it reverses the screen back to its original format. That’s not right the whole purpose of updating is to make an app better not worse. What are you guys thinking get with it man

  22. What can I say , I love this app. No buffering and FANTASTIC selection of movies,shows, cartoons, documentaries,etc. Only thing I don’t like of course are the ads,drives me up the wall , especially when I’m all into whatever it is I’m watching,but overall highly recommend.

  23. The app doesn’t auto-rotate correctly with my device after choosing to view fullscreen. It begins to display everything at 90-degrees. I figured out the app can be manipulated by choosing to view fullscreen, followed by minimizing the app display, followed by turning the device auto-rotate function off, followed by maximizing the app display while holding the device in the desired orientation. But if you change orientation, it goes back to 90-degrees. It’s a real headache…

  24. You guys should be grateful for this free service. It seems like the developers hand picked actually good shows and movies that people want to watch, so considering that and also how this is free, I think the amount of advertisements is reasonable. It’s the normal amount of ads you would get on cable TV (a couple minutes of ads every 15 minutes) so I am not complaining too much. Great app!

  25. I enjoy the programs because you have some classics I have wanted to see. But why does every streaming app think you don’t want to watch the closing credits and give you three seconds to try and stop it from going to the next episode? I spent five minutes trying to cue up the credits of an episode that kept jumping to the next episode and eventually gave up.

  26. The app has been working really well since i installed it.. but now since the last current update the channel listings sections the words are all messed up it’s impossible to read what the program is. It’s doing this on my phone, i have the app installed on my tablet and both my Amazon fire tvs and there’s not any issues with what i described. Can you fix this problem. Also i have uninstall and reinstall and it’s still not working right

  27. It freezez a lot. Then when it un-freezes you’ve missed a few seconds of the show. I know it’s not my network, because other apps work just fine. I know it’s free and all, but the freezing thing is still annoying enough that it makes me not want to use it. Even if it is free.

  28. It would be awesome for the price, but your Samsung TV app is borderline unusable. It has zero thought put into the user interface, and makes me want to throw the remote. Can’t play a season, gotta go episode by episode, and good luck with trying to navigate the search bar. Fix it.

  29. I’ve been using the app on my smart t.v for a while, I like it but every single time certain commercials comes on it skips, (a coopers tire commerical is the worst for it) freezes then starts the movie or show over and will not go past the messed up commercial. I’m tired of starting movies and then not being able to finish them because of this.

  30. I appreciate the choices of channels. I AM sick of the constant hiccups in the buffering….sick of the constant backups …. hiccups …. stalling …. hiccups …. backups …. ?! What did they say !? 🙄 Did I mention constant diceing of the audio visual ? Cheeze Louize. It causes the repeated skip/loss of half the conversations. None of my other apps do all this hiccup repeat hiccup repeat, like this. 🤦Fix it please ? Update: Thank You for responding. I will do that.

  31. It’s smooth & sleek as jaguar! Love watching local news from Chicago. I like the Latino programming. You never quite know what’s going to be on but I’ve enjoyed some surprises. The small screen I can slide place to place as I surf was a favorite update. I’m a picky viewer, I don’t like everything & that’s one reason I ended up with Pluto. While there is not always something there, it does better than a lot of broadcast tv which is now mostly old junk, assembly line drama, reality & game shows.

  32. Zero Mind dice:

    I need you guys to fix ur app. It was working perfectly fine. I use screen mirroring to my tv, had no issues for awhile. U guys did some update that scrwed things up. When i try to watch casting to my tv i get sound but no picture. I can see the channel menu but thats it. I uninstalled and reinstalled still no luck. Not sure whats going on. Please fix asap.

  33. **UPDATE PLEASE** There is no reason to “favorite” channels or add movies and shows to your “watch list” if it doesn’t save anything. That’s the whole reason I signed up for the app to do these very things! I get 4-5 emails EVERYDAY about shows and movies but I can’t save anything???

  34. 7 ads every 5 to 7 minutes??? You mean to tell me CBS needs that much money to show that many ads in that much time in order to pay for this free app/free channel? Anyone needing free TV & free movies to watch, app or otherwise, do yourselves a favor & download anything else. I like Tubi. They usually show about 4 ads every 20 minutes, unless something drastically changed by the time I left this review.

  35. Sha C dice:

    Well, I did give it a 5 star but app won’t open ..My past 2 phones I’ve had this app. I enjoy it and it’s recently gotten much better with more shows on 24 hours. Please add Bewitched!!!! Three’s company seems to only show a few seasons. Nearly every day it’s the same episode I saw day or two before, ugh. Folks complaining about commercials are ignorant. TV has commercials too, and this app and your phone has a mute option. Nobody likes ads, but get over it… This app if for FREE! Thanks Pluto!

  36. The app is simple enough to use. I can’t speak to the content, but will say I’ve seen several good movies/shows as I’ve browsed. At this point, the biggest issue I’ve encountered is functionality with Google Chromecast. It’s a big one if you’re a heavy Chromecast user. While trying to watch a show (series), not only does the app not auto-play the next episode, it actually fully disconnects me from the Chromecast. After every episode. It’s enough to make me want to avoid using it until fixed

  37. Better in every way than Netflix, especially the selection for live channels. I don’t mind the commercials (there’s really many commercial breaks and when there are there aren’t many) the commercials however are about places/things that aren’t in my area, I like that you’re able to keep the show on and playing while you surf the web during commercial breaks. The ONLY reason I give it 4 stars is because it freezes, goes black and you have to reload it A LOT. And the selection for on demand sucks.

  38. Everything about Pluto is awesome, EXCEPT, the ads. I don’t mind ads for a free service, but the repetition of these ads are ridiculous. Please either bring on new advertisers, or even offer a cheap subscription service to eliminate ads. Honestly, I think I know more about Asheville NC than I do about my own home town thanks to seeing the ad hundreds of times per week. That’s just one example. Overall, it’s has great movie, TV and On Demand selections. I recommend it. 💯

  39. Ray Nardi dice:

    Anyone else having trouble opening the app? It freezes up for me on the home screen (“Pluto TV: Tune in, it’s free”[?]), and never actually loads anymore. This is after working great for months. And for some reason, Google play store won’t let me update. I hit the “update” button, and it just buffers for a second and then says “installed”. What’s up with this?

  40. Some good choices but WAY too many commercials! It is impossible to become deeply emersed in some storyline, (the goal of most movies), or tense, unfolding scene to have three or four full length ads per commercial break, and at least five or more times per movie. I would suggest offering an option to watch the adverts together before the movie, but it would take an hour to get through them all. I get the need for ads, but c’mon, man..

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