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• Cable-free live TV. No cable box required.
• Watch major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN, AMC, Univision, HGTV, TNT and more, including your local news and sports channels.
• Watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, or game console, and on your big screen via Google Chromecast, Roku player & TV, and Apple TV.
• Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits. Each recording will be stored for 9 months.
• 6 YouTube TV accounts per household. Everyone gets their own login, recommendations and DVR.
• No commitment, no contracts; cancel anytime.
• Start your free-trial today.

Over 100 networks are available in YouTube TV:

ABC, CBS, FOX, NFL Network, NBC, PBS, and more

CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports RSN (regional), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, Galavisión, Golf Channel, MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, SEC Network, Univision, UniMás and more

AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Bravo, CMT, Comedy Central, Comet, Cozi TV, Decades, Discovery, E!, Food Network, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, Galavisión, IFC, Investigation Discovery, HGTV, MotorTrend, MTV, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Oxygen, Paramount Network, Pop, Smithsonian Channel, SundanceTV, SyFy, TBS, TCM, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, TruTV, TV Land, Univision, UniMás, USA, VH1, WE tv, YouTube Originals, and more

BBC World News, Cheddar, CNBC, CNN, Galavisión, HLN, MSNBC, NBCLX, Univision, UniMás, and more

Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Universal Kids

Galavisión, Telemundo, Universo, Univision, UniMás and more

Sports and premium networks like our Sports Plus add-on now with 15+ channels included, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more are also available for an additional monthly charge.

YouTube TV is available nationwide in the United States.

For more information, please visit our Help Center.

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40 comentarios en "YouTube TV: Live TV & more FULL"

  1. You pause a program, and when you go back to it, it jumps to current anyway. Ridiculous you can’t select favorite channels in the app, you have to go to a web browser. The live guide doesn’t update or even show you times, so you have to stop the app and clear cache. They’re so worried about cramming in ads it makes videos hang. You’ll spend a lot of time looking at spinning circles

  2. Adam s dice:

    App is decent. Major problem is multiple shows never record even though they are set to record. Some shows change between names and will record but under different titles….very odd. Also sometimes when it does record, it makes it a video on demand and plays ads. I recorded the airing…not vod. Ridiculous. Worst interface ive seen, will be switching soon. Update…still never records certain shows on first airings.

  3. it freezes constantly. before there’s some pc reply, my internet connection is fine. the freezes happen during normal rewing or fast forward operation. can’t even make it through 1 episode. it has no ‘recently watched’ list; it doesn’t remember your place in the show/movie when you close the app; you have to find your way back to your episode and timestamp by memory and fast forwarding – and we’ve already covered that. can we get some transparency from youtube to address the freezing issue??

  4. The, “DVR,” is pointless. As soon as a channel is lost from the service they remove all of your, “recorded,” content from that channel immediately instead of 9 months later. The actual cable service, minus a DVR, is very good, but extremely pricy if you are a family and need multiple streams. You will have to pay extra for a 4K plan to get the extra streams for your entire home. Update: We are going back to cable, its cheaper and more efficient. 16.99 for service in my whole home is ridiculous.

  5. App disconnects from the TV incredibly frequently when casting, losing everything in the now playing queue. This has been an issue for years, but the update 2 days ago seems to have made it even worse. I had it disconnect during the first 10 minute video. It isn’t my network, it isn’t my TV’s, it is this stupid app.

  6. Unable to keep connected to Chromecast longer than 10 minutes. Worked fine on my non-google phone. Now with a Pixel it’s dropping like crazy. I’ve made sure to restart all devices, and made sure all updates are applied. It would be nice also to control the volume from my phone when not currently using the app, but that would mean I actually am able to watch anything.

  7. Live is great, On demand sucks. Live TV is the same no matter what service you go with so that experience is pretty much standard and expected. The On-Demand is where this app really sucks. Basically with any show you try to watch you will get roughly 40 minutes of ads that are briefly interrupted by 20 minutes of the show you were looking forward to. This experience is terrible and I’m moving to somewhere else.

  8. Very irritating, app keeps stopping while casting from phone. Worst for watching live sports. Also, the search is so bad you have to know exactly what you want to watch, if not it is a hassle trying to find your video. Furthermore, the family sharing option sucks when your family is spread across different regions, how do you expect people to come together every 3 months just for the sake of this? Very unreliable!

  9. Gil Sery dice:

    When a company advertises a feature, I expect to be able to use that feature. There’s no point advertising unlimited DVR as a feature if you’re unable to play your DVR’d shows, and all you’re left with is a spinning circle for 10 minutes. For $65/month, I shouldn’t have to endure ads in the VOD version of the same episode that “strangely” works 100% of the time. I wonder why that is? (Spoiler alert: It’s corporate greed. They know you’ll forward thru the ads, so they make it harder to use. )

  10. Scott dice:

    WOW! It does not happen often but YouTube TV has impressed me. Of all the different cable alternative services …and I’ve tried them all… this one works the best. It just works. Plus the DVR function gives you far more recording time than any other cable alternative service. Also integrates with your Vudu collection so you can watch anything you have already purchased.

  11. I really had a great time on this app. I signed up for the free trial but canceled the subscription because it is cost prohibitive especially on a fixed income. Other than that I loved it! The live sports was awesome and live TV plus a DVR and on demand selection it was great thanks YouTubeTV wish I could be a part of that family it’s just too deep in my pocket.

  12. This is a hard review to write because I love Google products. Unfortunately YouTube TV is just absolutely unwatchable. There are so many commercials you can’t even find something on TV to watch. Every time you change the channel every time you start clicking around you have to watch a commercial. I’m not against commercials but the way it’s implemented in this app is just too much.

  13. A Unsub dice:

    If you like commercials this is the app for you! At least with regular cable DVR you can fast forward through the commercials as soon as it records. Not with youtube tv. You have to wait a day or 100 to be able to do that. Very disappointed. Update. Still watching commercials when I use this apps DVR. Not on other apps.

  14. The app itself is fine so far. But the ads experience is unbelievably bad. So i’m paying $70 / mo. I switched to a “DVR”ed episode of a show I thought I’d check during halftime of a sports event. 6, six, SIX unskippable ads just to *start* watching a show that I have “DVR”ed to watch whenever I want. TV is for skipping around. Channel surfing. The sports situation in the US is so bad, this is the best option, but NB to others considering subscribing. Waves of unskippable ads around every corner

  15. There is a problem where if you put your device in sleep after about 10 minutes or so the app will stop the cast and give you a message that says “Can’t be played in the background.” This is a very frustrating issue that has been going on for quite some time. Please fix this very obnoxious problem before you lose a lot of subscriptions. Reddit has said this is happening to NUMEROUS paying customers for over a year now and you guys have done nothing about it. Fix your garbage casting issue.

  16. My only gripe really is the price however this is by far the best streaming app out there IMO. Takes a little bumbling around the first couple times until you get the feel for it but after that, flawless selection is amazing with the vod movies not to mention your regular cable channels and it runs so smooth even on a roku maybe do some promos to attract new users and throw in some free months for the long time ones as well or ability to use play store points and or credits as a payment option.

  17. HETFIELD dice:

    Only thing I’ll say is if you open the app go away and then come back, you can’t start playing tv playback without having to force stop the app and reopening. Asking where I am all the time is a bit redundant because I travel for a living. That gets old. Not being able to wash my local news because of it stinks. I guess the fact that its saved for later is some solace.

  18. Ben Lukas dice:

    I use to love this app, casting TV both live and recorded. The cloud recording of shows is great. Using my phone as the remote for TV watching through a Chromecast ultra to the TV was a cord cutters dream. However when my Pixel 6 upgraded to Android 13 the casting disconnects every 10 minutes. This is so frustrating since all other streaming services are not disconnecting. I have seen Google post on Reddit that they have fixed this with recent updates but that is untrue. It still disconnects.

  19. I really like the DVR function here, but I’ve started noticing a weird glitch lately. Episodes of shows that I had seen in full the night before, days before, or even months before always seem to go back as unseen or unfinished. I shouldn’t have to go back show by show, episode by episode to determine something that I’d already seen. If it is marked as watched, it must remain as watched.

  20. Two big problems. I paused it for 2 months because I want watching, and when I reinstated it, a couple things happened. First, it no longer lets me watch past of a show on one device and pick it up on another, I have to start over and fast forward. Second, if I’m watching a show (it’s annoying with sports) and pause it for any rain, I can only day fast forward to the hour change. At that point, I have to leave the app and restart, and I can’t watch the game or show, in between. Fix it.

  21. Great price and a huge viewing selection and options to choose from but what good is it if you can never watch anything all the way through, Live or Recorded, due to continuous freezing, buffering or no connection at all and I can’t spend another month with the”Oops something went wrong” message!! Unfortunately, I MUST go back to Direct TV. The price is higher than I would like but YouTube proves that you get what you pay for.

  22. It’s ridiculous to charge a premium for 4K. The cost of the service is already outrageous. I get 4k on all other apps for free. They should use the fast forward and rewind buttons of a remote to advance channels or reverse channels without having to go to a guide of any sort. If I want to be able to channel up or channel down I should be able to do so easily and mindlessly (this is known as channel surfing). Or, find a way to use arrows for that purpose.

  23. So far I hate it. On my phone it works okay. On my Samsung TV the app is easier to navigate but it is always freezing and I just sit and wait. I’ve never had these kinds of Internet problems with my other apps, this is ridiculous. The menu is hard to navigate. On an older TV I use the Amazon Fire stick to access it and it always dumps me out of the app if I hit the wrong button or the back button and then takes forever to get back into it. For like $65/month, this service is not worth it. 👎🏻

  24. Jeff A dice:

    When pausing live TV or recordings it doesn’t restart where you paused. Both live TV and recordings will just randomly stop for no reason. Watching live TV and you want to go look at the guide it doesn’t default to the channel you’re on and you have to scroll through the entire list even if you just want to go back to or even look at the show you’re watching. What started out as a great alternative for TV after “cutting the cord” it has only gone downhill and got worse.

  25. Video/audio sync problems caused me to cancel it. No other streaming app I have ever had in my life has had such consistent video/audio synch problems. It makes professional sports unwatchable. I have fast internet and all of my other streaming apps work just fine. This is definitely a YouTube TV app software problem. I would have kept it otherwise, but I’m not paying 65 bucks a month for a basic plan that I have to constantly reset the audio on. 🤷

  26. J G dice:

    I can’t see my other review, I’m writing a new one. So, my experience with YouTube TV is awesome. There is no glitching or freezing or anything like that. I only use this on my TV without Wi-Fi, my TV is hooked up to my cable box with an ethernet cable. No, wifi. I know you can’t do that with your tablet or phone. But, I got to say, this is a awesome app. No issues.👍👍😀😎. Sports, excited. Movies, awesome selection. Live TV Amazing. Check it out. I hope this helps.

  27. Just as I expected, what started as an affordable alternative to cable has turned into a glitchy, price-gouging mess. It’s the only app that’s consistently freezing and closing on ALL my devices. I’ve been waiting months for a fix to the latest bug, and instead the app seems to have gotten WORSE. I was so excited about YTTV when I first got it, but now it’s so unusable that idk what I’m even paying for anymore; they’re just taking my money at this point. This will be my final month of service.

  28. I been a user since the beginning and for what it is YTTV is far superior than any similar service on the market. It’s so good that even the things most people complain about for example the ads or not consistently keeping up with the shows I’ve already watched, aren’t that bad. Yes, it has gotten more expensive but compared to traditional cable, the product is still light years ahead. The new guide is ugly and seems hard to read but I imagine it will get better. Overall, it flat out works!

  29. It restarts the program when you unpause, it doesn’t remember or have the ability to resume despite the fact that this is functionality that users should reasonably EXPECT from service that is MARKETED as a DVR. Reasonable behavior like plugging in Bluetooth headphones also restarts the program. They fail to record programs when they are on broadcast TV, then ONLY make on demand with commercials available. This is trick or trap and blatantly misleading conduct.

  30. Russ T dice:

    It’s not that bad of a service. DVR, you can pick and choose your favorite shows and easy to use controls. I’m just so sick and tired of ads. So sick of commercials. You pay for the monthly service, you would think they would offer ad free viewing. Get rid of ads and I’ll bump up my star count but until then 3 is all you get. Edit- bumping down to 2 stars. Prices went up, almost 20 min of ads for movies, when you are already paying $70? Thought things changed. I was wrong.

  31. Lyra1963 dice:

    Yes, I’m relatively new to YTTV, but while I really like the variety and a function or 2, the “ease of use” and my “user experience” would be a 1 on a scale of 0 to 100. Horrible! The good side is that it’s so time consuming to find anything, I watch much less TV. So thanks? 😅 I have it 2 stars: 1 simple because it appears on my TV and 1 more because I can watch something.

  32. Very buggy. Sometimes you’ll select a show and it will just show something else – have to restart everything (app and TV to resolve). Occasionally, resuming a show will cause it to go to the beginning of the show, not where you left off. Recently, it will just cutoff on Chromecast and go to the screensaver every 10-15 minutes. It’s only this app that does that, and it’s happened on multiple Chromecast devices.

  33. MPP 2019 dice:

    Buggy app. Hangs while trying to play. Buttons sometimes do not do anything. Also, YTTV features are sub-par compared to others (for example, there is no way to disable autoplay of recorded episodes, does not remember/display which episodes you have already played, does not remember place in partially played episodes, etc. etc.). Channel browser is a messy non-intuitive disaster.

  34. Updating my review from 3 stars last year to 1 star this year. Youtube TV to a chromecast and the app looses track Has problem with controlling the play back time after long pauses. Watched a football game yesterday, paused at half time and went away for a couple hours. Came back to watch the rest of the game many hours later…selected watch from where I left off and it jumped to the end of the game showing the final score. Could not drag time line back to where I left off. Very frustrating

  35. Ok so I got the trial to try it out. I don’t pay in to any cable I just have wifi and a couple streaming services. And I thought I would try this considering it’s kind of like cable. But even if it records shows for you, you can’t skip the ads. What kind of sense does that make if it’s recorded?? I will be canceling after my trial as there is no use for a “live” TV app that records but doesn’t let you skip commercials. That’s the whole reason I have ad free streaming services.

  36. NEEDS UPDATING ASAP!! got rid of at&t DVR for this and for the most part I love it but on certain recordings when I fast forward through the commercials it fast forwards way too much and I ended up missing chunks of a show because of it but then I realized what was happening so now everytime it happens (which is a lot!) I have 2 get out of the app, clear and restart the app which is extremely annoying and then I’m still wondering if I saw the full episode! It also won’t load on roku. PLZ FIX!

  37. App works, its just entirely way to expensive. Also, the free trial they offered at the time I signed up was 2 weeks and $14.99 for the first month. When I went to manage subscription, it showed only 3 days left for free trial and would be charged $64.99 for the first month instead of the original promotional price. I cancelled imediately. I feel that is false advertising. Good thing i noticed it before i got charged. Check your membership before you get charged incorrect amount guys.

  38. You really get what you pay for with this service. I’de say pay the extra $20 for Direct TV. I get live TV has commercials but YouTube TV has this thing where they include their own ads over commercials and will play the same ones back to back or show a whole commercial break of a message with annoying music that says “Thank you for watching”. Defeats the purpose of having commercials that do not play on loop.

  39. The list of channels is good. Unfortunately the app is rather poor. Tv guide is non existent. If you keep the phone sideways you can see at most the program following up. Icons are as big as the whole screen, so you can see the guide for one channel at the time. Recording needs rethinking. If you record one episode of a live show, all the future episode, and reruns, of that show will be recorded. If you try to stop the recording of future episode it’ll delete the episodes you have already record

  40. There has been a loss of basic functions over past few weeks– on my phone, using chromecast, and using firesitck. I can no longer resume programs where I left off. Programs abruptly stop playing and the app will skip to whatever is next. Errors are triggered when I rwnd or ffwd. I’ve gone years without issues. And of course this all coincide with thr release of the chromcast with youtube tv. At this point I am NOT getting what I pay for.

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