Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor 2022

Retouch selfie photos and videos. Get slim body shape, face tune & beauty makeup
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Perfect Me – Body editor and face retouch is a fantastic photo and video editor, free editing both for face and body. Retouch photos & videos easily. It helps you reshape body to get the slim body and perfect figure. Get long legs, firm abs as well as realistic tattoo.

Retouch for the perfect face. Try new looks with the makeup cam. Use filters and effects in the beauty editor to create perfect selfies! As the first body editor app on Google Play, we offer many photo and video editing tools. You can easily get your insta beauty! Never miss the body reshape and face tune editor.

✨ Reshape Body Editor and Retouch Details
– Body editor to slimmer waist. Get slim and skinny body shape
– A hot photo editor app for you to body tune
– Get peachy hips and plump your lips
– Increase height. Get beautiful long legs.
– Get abs, cleavage, clavicle and six packs muscles.
– Avatan your beauty selfie, add artistic tattoos & fonts
– Make your insta size foto perfect
– A perfect body shape editor for you to liquify body and face easily

☺️ Beautify Face, Face Tune Editor
– Professional face smoother editor. Remove pimple, acnes
– Blemish remover to touch and retouch photo
– Correct skin tune and highlight glitter for beautyplus
– Try the makeup tools to airbrush perfect photos
– Facelift: Touch up face and make your face small and fit.
– Adjust facial features: Plump up lips, teeth whitening and nudge your smile
– Grow a taller nose bridge, reshape eyebrows for facetune
– Try the face app to bright up lips and eyes
– Change hair color and hair style.

❤️ Makeup Beauty Editor
– Get sweet freckles, clean or marinated makeup looks
– Tune selfies with makeup cam and beauty filter
– Use beauty camera and the makeup filters for virtual makeup
– Try lipsticks, eyeliner, blush, contour makeups for Perfect365 Makeup
– Makeup editor: use makeup kits to get Pretty Makeup
– Get perfect makeover with the Selfie Editor & Selfie Filters
– Get ready for Halloween with the spooky Halloween makeup looks

▶ Video Body & Face Editor
– Added Video Editing & retouch tools. Reshape body and retouch face in videos
– Slim waist and legs. Pretty up your look in videos and smooth skin
– Enlarge eyes, plump lips to look good in youcam
– Auto beautify and remove blemishes in videos
– Try the teeth whitener, remove wrinkle, and brighten wink video editor

⭐ Beautify photos
– Add stylish filters & presets to beautify your pics. Beauty editor to get insta beauty
– Make your photo and selfie perfect 365 days
– Add dress-up stickers: blush, hat and glasses to dress up your face
– Touchretouch: remove objects, blemishes and retouch photos
– Background eraser: remove BG in a tap. Change background instantly
– Blur photo editor: auto blur background. Try blur effects to mosaic pixelate pics
– Hair color changer and auto tune skin color
– AI photo enhancer: enhance photo quality. Fix blurry photo and make clear photos
– Aesthetic photo & video effects: try trendy retro vintage filters, Kirakira star effects and unique 3D face accessories

⛺ Photos adjustments
– Stickers of various themes to decorate your photos
– Faceapp face editor to make your photo lift more likes for you
– Crop photos to fit for the required sizes of social media platforms
– Share them on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
– Collage maker: choose 100+ layouts to edit grid & story and create pic collage

Download Perfect Me to use this excellent portrait editor, photo enhancer and skinny app to make you look like who you want to be. Let U like editing photos by yourself! All we do is to let everyone edit photos without professional skills to restore their beauty twisted by camera.


40 comentarios en "Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor 2022"

  1. Seriously, this is THE BEST of all these kinds of beauty editors. Every now & then I download a dif one, just out of curiousity, & none of them come close to this one. I don’t think I’ve ever had it glitch or freeze on me. The interface is smooth & logical & the results look completely natural. Hand to God, nobody’s paying me to write this review, its absolutely just my own opinion after having tried so many. Highly, highly recommend.

  2. I changed my rating from four stars to two because the face slimmer is now merely a circle that you can adjust and slim that area wider or “thinner.” There is no longer the face detection and slimming option. This new slimming circle distorts other facial features, most notably, eyes. Original Review: Love this app and its editing options. My only issue is the app will sometimes internally crash and not save the photo before edits are complete, it will randomly go back to the app home screen.

  3. Like most people, I’ve tried just about every photo editing app in existence, only to be left disappointed and irritated each time (not to mention broke!) Skeptical of all the hype, I reluctantly decided to give Perfect Me a try, and to my absolute amazement, this app is actually true to its word! Professional results guaranteed each time and without the stress and difficulty often associated with other top of the line apps. I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of level of experience.

  4. This app does not save any of the sample effects on your pics without the paid version. I was going to buy it, but a friend that had the paid version says it froze up their phone. They had to delete the app and reinstall and when they reinstalled it didn’t give any credit for the purchase and had to pay twice. It had a lot of potential, but like everything else it’s potential is lost due to corporate bureaucracy.

  5. I’ve tried a few apps and like this one the most. Works well for fixing up those photos. Always frustrating when you take a good picture and either it’s to blurry or there’s weird shadows. With this app it makes tweaking those pictures so easy. Or if like me you want to hide those pesky under eye bags from lack of sleep without loading on the makeup you can. There’s so many different features to try out to make all your pictures pop. I suggest giving this a try.

  6. It’s a good app with lots of features. Unfortunately a lot of them are only available through a subscription and I don’t see anything worth paying the extra for; it could definitely use some tweaking like options to make certain things bigger instead of just smaller. The freeze feature is difficult to use. It’s still awesome for quick fixes and with some work it will be a great app.

  7. The app was so fantastic until yesterday. It was crashing and glitching, so I thought I just needed to update it. Then I did, and it’s still not working! As soon as I paid for the face retouch features, it began to glitch. The screen goes white, pictures don’t save properly, the app crashes, etc. So frustrating that I paid for a feature and now it’s useless. Even uninstalling and installing again..

  8. I had this app on another phone and tried to find it again. It was perfect. I loved it and most of the features were free so I didn’t mind ads. Now I opened it and tried to use it and got halfway through an edit when it told me to upgrade to premium and wouldn’t let me go back. Don’t list it as a free app in the Google store if not even one photo is actually free. I’d be willing to pay if I could use the features and see if I remember how it works. Won’t buy unless I test drive.

  9. I purchased the lifetime pass for this app and wished I hadn’t. The features would make a great app if it actually worked, maybe brand new iPhones can run this thing but my 3 year old Android can’t edit video on it longer than 20 seconds when I have no problems with other apps. The app constantly freezes, and if it ever does actually save the video I wouldn’t know because it would apparently take weeks to convert one! Complete waste of money, don’t bother unless you have a super phone maybe.

  10. I like it! It’s not difficult to use the majority of the features, and they are many. Most is the premium features worked just to try some things out to see what they did–and how well they did it, but unless purchased, wouldn’t let you save and continue with the premium content. And make-up unfortunately, wouldn’t let me even try it out–which is dumb because if it tested well and I liked it, the make-up feature would be the selling point for me to bye it. If I can’t try it, I can’t bye it. ☹️

  11. Dont get me wrong, it’s a great app! Probably my favorite out of all of them. But after a day or two of using it, it started glitching and now I am CONSTANTLY unstalling/reinstalling it almost every time. I’m lucky if I can get 2 pictures in before it happens. If you could fix this, please do. I love this app!!!! 🙁

  12. Noel Vina dice:

    I just tried the facial tuning for the 1st time and Im quite impressed by the tweaking tools. I’m giving it a 4 because there’s still room for improvement like tweaking the nose bridge which I found in the older version of Instabeauty. But I may continue playing with this app before I decide to keep it or find something else better. So far this is already on top of my options for retouching. Great app and no ads. But Im surprised it immediately send you to purchase even if you have just used it.

  13. I liked the app. But it asked for a good review and you get a 30 day free trial. So I did so and that is just straight false advertising. I got nothing! No free 30 days…as a matter a fact it kept taking me back to the same page asking for a good review and at the same time kept erasing the pics I had edited. Waste of time. Looking for a app that actually follows thru on its advertising, this one does not!!!

  14. Well, I’d like It if it worked correctly. Every time it’s a photo of me and another person it ALWAYS chooses the other persons face. The pink square pops up on both ours, I choose mine, it zooms in on mine to edit and then selects theirs and edits theirs??? Makes absolutely no sense. It literally will adjust any face except mine.

  15. K N dice:

    Blocks too many features so I can’t make a decision about whether I want to invest my money in the software. Even the free features don’t do anything noticeable. The subscription based payments that software developers are moving to are a big NO for me. Create good software, charge what it’s worth and stop trying to scam ppl with subscriptions that are almost impossible to cancel & give access to your bank account.

  16. C S dice:

    Only the ‘Dressup’ category is worth something, where u add accessories like headband or jewelry and can be rotated, change opacity, change perspective, option to erase portions of accessories, change color hue, which most apps dont bother to do properly. Pity the lack of allowing user photos to add or search for online ones since ur options are limited. Every other function is either locked in the pro mode or can be found in other apps for FREE !!! The competition is way ahead ! Wake up !

  17. I gave it 5 Stars. I am very happy with using this app it does exactly as described in the advert it is very easy to use and very comfortable. The quality of the image you get back after you’ve manipulated it is fantastic it doesn’t bump it down to a low res image. To get at some of the more powerful features of the app you need to pay for the full app. I think it’s well worth it. Happy Christmas, everyone.

  18. I just want to try, I’ve checked that I can try for 3 days free, after if I will continue, I’ll charge. But during the first day of cancellation, I was charged fully for month. Also there’s no possibility to ask about refund, how I can return my money ? Dear perfect me, can you help with refund, because I don’t want to use farther the application, and I canceled on the first day.

  19. I like this app so far for some fun photo editing but it keeps closing itself and kicking me back to the apps home screen strangely after editing some photos. I keep seeing a pop up about Google play service unavailable too. Please fix and I’ll buy it.

  20. The older version of the app was better. The new version’s filters look unrealistic and the pictures looks bad. Can you update back the older version that has better filters. Just a honest review.

  21. Love this tool! So many ways to enhance your photos! I’m an IT person, which certainly was handy with all the choices… ALMOST too many – yet I’m so thankful to have such an awesome powerful tool.. AND this is the first ap I’ve ever paid to use = WORTH EVERY DIME.

  22. I keep getting charged for this app and I don’t even have the pro setting if somebody can please get back to me that would be wonderful.

  23. Love the self edit function and the ‘protect’ function so the background does not distort. Game changer!

  24. Seems like a competitive editor app but dislike the fact that the trial version is linked to providing a rating before the app can be properly used and tried out.

  25. Marianne dice:

    Good for touchups on photos but you have to pay for major changing features.

  26. This is great for body modification, the 8nly improvement I would add, is that the protect feature has a pop up window to show what you’re protecting, and it doesn’t show what’s already been modified, making it harder to line up. Great app!

  27. Why do you even have an option to change eye color if you can’t actually change the color of your eyes. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, and I came to the conclusion, your eye color changer SUCKS!!! there’s no tutorial on how to change the eye color. I got super frustrated and left the app. You need to put a tutorial on your app on how to do things. For now, I’m giving you just 1 star and that’s because I got way to frustrated. Fix it, WITH A TUTORIAL, and I’ll give you 5 stars.

  28. Alicia S dice:

    Excellent app for editing skin. The patch feature is my favorite. But I also really like the blur feature.

  29. This app is absolutely perfect..great features..user friendly and great interface. Amazing results.

  30. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.. THEY FINALLY FIXED STUFF. Would be able to give 5..if we could try the pro features before offering to buy. Too many ads on free account.

  31. I have used this app before and I must say that it’s always been user friendly. When needed Face and Body Editor has always worked very well for me. It blurs whatever fine lines or imperfections I might want to soften or diminish. It also works very well to enhance features such as making my eyes a little brighter. * I ONLY gave 4 stars- there’s NO REASON even a few additional editor tools cannot be made free selections. With that said, I WOULD recommend this beauty app to friends and family.

  32. We all know that everyone isn’t petfect. Here’s an app that highlights your best qualities and smoothes out all your imperfections. A lot of the features you have to pay for, the free ones are ok, but basic.

  33. Really nice . And why taking one star is that more a little work should be done on the side of the automated background and erasers

  34. Still learning , so far so good, actually I love it!!! Now that I learnt how to used it, I loved it!!! Can’t get enough of it I would highly recommend it!!! Enjoy 😉

  35. Luxe Life dice:

    It’s a good app. It would also be great to use the touchup features for the body as well. Thanks EDIT: Please help. I’m trying to upgrade to VIP but when I click ‘continue’ in the app after selecting the plan I want to pay for, it says ‘Google play services not available’.

  36. If I could advertise this app for you I would! Oh wait, i do when I’m at work at my hair salon! My clients love it! And hardly any ads! What a breath of fresh air! I love it for soft enhancing! There is a large range of edits and I enjoy the choices. I use adobe photoshop but love this app on my phone for quick use. Thanks guys!

  37. Great app…keeps natural body shape as much as possible but edits as desired.

  38. Best free features out of any editing app that I’ve found so far…I don’t edit pics enough to buy it, but I would

  39. The last update fixed the beauty function. Sorry, only 2 stars for the extreme downsizing of the photo quality. I’ll be happy to give 5 stars as soon as I can preserve the original photo quality after editing.

  40. Rob Smith dice:

    I love this, it’s perfect for editing characters and real life things. This is absolutely amazing. But, I would say ads a tutorial because most people are clueless when they get it.

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