Spectrum TV MODDED 2022

With Spectrum TV for Android, watch your favorite shows live and On Demand.
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Download the Spectrum TV app and get the most out of your Spectrum TV experience at home or on the go. Stream On Demand or live TV anywhere, on any device.

• Stream live TV anywhere you have a connection.
• Enjoy streaming thousands of On Demand shows and movies.
• Cast from your phone or tablet to a compatible TV with Chromecast.

• Create a personalized guide by setting your favorite channels.
• Search by title, network, actor or sports team anywhere in the app.
• Add new and exciting Spectrum Originals to your Watchlist.

• Change TV channels on your Spectrum Receiver.
• Get showtimes and record your favorite TV shows and movies (with optional DVR services).
• Delete, modify and play DVR recordings on your TV (compatible DVRs only).

Turn on parental controls and set a PIN to block shows by channel or rating. The blocks you set apply across each device in your household.

Available programming depends on your Spectrum TV package. Some titles require you to connect to your Spectrum In-Home WiFi. A Spectrum TV subscription, username and password are required to sign in.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see https://sites.nielsen.com/priv/browser/us/en/optout.html for more information



• We fixed a bug that occasionally caused display issues in the app.
• Recent channels sometimes went missing from the live player. That won’t happen anymore.


40 comentarios en "Spectrum TV MODDED 2022"

  1. Dumpster fire of an app. Decides to not record a series that you set to record. Doesn’t have an Android TV app for who knows why which makes you Cast it without being able to pause, fast forward, or rewind until the show has finished airing. The app is stuck about 10 years in the past. Go with a different service if you have the choice.

  2. It’s challenging to navigate, slow reaction time and now after their update-i lost access to on-demand on my TV and the app. Could use improvement by simplifying. I have felt frustrated a few times now and went to other streaming services that I’ve never had an issue with. this shouldn’t be the case since this is the most expensive streaming app I have at $20/m + also lacking many shows from cc + more -more should be included! And stop playing same commercials back to back please

  3. The spectrum tv app on my phone now decides to freeze after 30 seconds of use every time. I have to either change the channels back and forth to refresh it or just deal with only audio. It seems worse in full screen view. This wasnt a problem until the last month or so. Please fix whatever yall goofed up.

  4. Everytime I’m watching one of my shows, the app restarts my shows. Which in turn I have to rewatch the first half each time it does that. Plus some shows will NOT let me fast forward to where I was when it resets itself. Paying $200 a month for the service and wifi, I should be able to skip or fast forward when I so choose bc I’m paying for it and watching it after it’s been recorded. Even on TV when you record something you can fast forward, you would think this works the same but it doesn’t.

  5. Since 10/9 I have been having a problem trying to cast the Spectrum app to my TV with Chromecast. I select my channel, hit the icon for Chromecast & it starts like it wants to cast but then it stops & tells me to select the channel, which I’ve already done. It won’t cast anything to the TV, just gets stuck in that spot. I have reset my Chromecast. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the Spectrum app, restarted wifi & modem. Nothing has helped. Ready to cancel my service.

  6. I have to use this app to cast to my tv. It is nearly impossible to fast forward, pause, or rewind recorded programs. The function to do that is nearly impossible to find. Especially if the program is still airing live. I have had to restart so many programs just because the pause/resume function is non existant

  7. This app was always very reliable and last week, it no longer works when connected to my wi-fi. it only works when I disconnect which means I can only access some of my channels. I called spectrum and they said there is nothing they can do. I tried to Uninstall and reinstall several times with no luck. this is very frustrating and if not corrected soon, I will be switching to a provider that can fix their own system issue without getting the run around.

  8. It seems like every time you “update” the app, instead of improving it, it just seems to get worse! For instance, to view recent channels watched it used to be very convenient just swiping the screen to the left but now you can only do that if you turn your phone to a vertical position. I’ve also experienced picture freezing while watching “live tv” excessive buffering, & I cannot get a show to start over when I click on the icon to start it over. This app is seriously going down hill!

  9. Teddy dice:

    Not so thrilled. At first it crashed maybe once a month. Now, I’m lucky to get 24 hours before it needs to be reinstalled. If it’s taking more than 30 seconds to open and function, it probably has crashed. Delete and reinstall is much quicker than waiting. Just to see, I went 3 hours waiting for it and sure enough, nada. Yesterday I had to reinstall 3 times. Worst part is there is no alternative for my Spectrum TV app as it’s provided at they’re behest . Maybe it’s time too shop around,

  10. Jon W dice:

    I was really upset with the August 12, 2022 update, as were alot of people. Spectrum developers listened, and it took only about 3 weeks to set things right by restoring the widescreen swipe over for favorite/recent channels. Thank you! It was a very important feature for all of us who use our phones in horizontal – widescreen mode and can’t be grabbing the phone to turn it to vertical to get to recent channels, which were also hard to see as they were so small vertically. 👍🏼 THANKS! 😁

  11. Spectrum app won’t load, again. When it does load it is difficult to use, you can no longer control the volume from within meaning that you have to have a tv remote also, the the service is too expensive. Edit: the app now let’s you control the volume from the phone and in a better manner. Good improvement. Still WAY too costly.

  12. S G dice:

    Option to start on last viewed channel removed. Defaults to channel 1 unless specific channel is set. Removed ability to swipe left to go to any of last 9 channels viewed. Now, it can only be done in portrait mode. Spectrum was infuriating. The drone kept saying “updates are made to improve user experience.” When I asked to be escalated, she refused and lied saying it’s not an option. When I asked for management, I was escalated. He was aware of one of the changes agreeing it was a step back.

  13. Sada A dice:

    The app works mostly fine, but one main issue I have is when I’m watching something on demand and exit the film, it wont update to where I stopped the film even after I restart the app. So if I saw 45 min of a show and exit, it will only update to me watching 5 min and this becomes worse when you realize that most new episodes of shows Block fast-forwarding, so I’d have to rewatch 40 minutes. And what’s the point of the app if I can’t watch 90% of the channels I paid for unless I’m at home!!!

  14. I used to be able to record on my app. Plus every since my phone has updated. When I turn my phone sideways. I can no longer slide my screen to go to previous channels. With the way my eye sight is. This is a big problem. I would have to say that there are a bunch of major flaws in spectrums updates. Because it just isn’t my phone, but everyone that I that uses spectrum.

  15. Seems my previous review was deleted. On all platforms, endless buffering. On my Roku, I live in a community that has grouped internet access for the building. Often times, the app logs out and I can’t get to the streaming TV app. I have to constantly restart devices. When I call, they say they’re working it. It takes hours. They’re not good with delivering results. This app is terrible. I’d give it 0 stars if I could.

  16. I’ve tried opening the app several times during the past 5-6 days and it just keeps buffering/won’t open. (It gives a Ref. Code of DGE-1001 even tho we have full-strength internet.) I thought maybe it was something on my end so I uninstalled/reinstalled the app but it still won’t open. I used to be able to program my DVR, etc, from the app when away from the house but if I can’t open the app, it’s pretty useless. Did the last update cause this error? (Same issue occurred after Dec 2021 update.)

  17. Recently destroyed. App worked fine for years casting to chromecast but now every update gets worse. It has nearly zero functionality anymore. The guide never works, it restarts on its own all the time, and it often says it is connected for casting but plays the video on my tablet simultaneously without changing stations on my TV. I’ve tried reinstalling, etc but it’s worse by the day. Revert back about 12 versions.

  18. Glad Spectrum offers this app, it really is pretty nice when I’m out on the road away from home. But having to have wifi access to pick up a lot of channels is kinda not cool. Hopefully Spectrum can remedy that issue and make it to where we can pick up all the channels just using out data. But other than that it’s a cool app!

  19. Mike Stidd dice:

    At first, it was really good then recently it has gone in the toilet. Constantly freezes or blacks out during programs. I’ve done all updates. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still the same problem. Seriously disappointed, but no other options so I’m stuck with it.

  20. HORRIBLE!!!! This app just does not work right. It does not matter if I use it on my tablet or smart tv, it is horrible. Most of the time it is buffering or freezing up. This time it just stopped working. It would be nice if you actually spent money on improving your services instead of large bonus’s for your executives. Try getting it right!!

  21. I’m having the same issue with my vertical and horizontal viewing when I’m trying to switch from one channel to the next on this App on my android phone. I liked the viewing before the update it was really easy to switch channels in horizontal view, know you have to pick up your phone and vertical change the channel. But overall good job with the constantly approving the App.

  22. I am having major crash issues with Spectrum TV; for about the last month the app has been crashing. The last 2 weeks were worse. This week’s crashing incidence rate is horrific! Example from today: every 90 mins I am kicked out of the app. It can even happen more frequently. While watching a NatGeo Wild today it crashed after 15 mins, then again 10 mins later, then crashed more frequently. It also woukd show the advert block, reset and show me the EXACT set of commercials again! PLS FIX!

  23. This is a great app if you are looking for a reason to choose a streaming service over your cable provider. Even at home on my Wi-Fi network, which comes from spectrum, doesn’t work more than 50% of the time I try it. I honestly never write reviews but felt obligated to because I hate this app so damn much. If you like to watch a circle spin round and round for a long period of time telling you an app is loading but doing nothing this is the app for you

  24. Lighting fast internet, endless viewing options with cable and their on demand services, E911 service with a landline and the best cellphone coverage, price and plan EVER!! All of my sports, outdoor shows, series and movies at my fingertips. Whether at home chilling or on the go streaming with the app Spectrum definitely leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to their services. Not to mention their knowledgeable, excellent and friendly customer service agents. Best of the best!!!

  25. This app has so many bugs and flaws it’s insanity. Shows crash all the time. Fails to save your spot in a show often. Stuttering in shows. Massive Series Record problems. Horrible guide. But it gets a second star for PIP! Really junk and for the price should be better for a huge company. Reply to the developer: I have told you the issues. Your app still had been getting more buggy. No one fixes the issues. Update: More bugs then ever. Simply trash app.

  26. Dee Caple dice:

    Can no longer log into my account Also, can no longer swipe to change channels. Called tech support……no help whatsoever!!!!! Have emailed developers. They have not fixed any issues. Still cannot login into my account. Finally!!! They have fixed their app! Updated on 9/6/22. Approx one month after their dreaded updated. Considering there was no communication and how long it took them o fix I am only upping the rating to a 3.

  27. Li - dice:

    This is the one of the worst choices for cable you can make. It’s not worth the price for what you get, customer service is horrible. App doesn’t work how it should. I swear it’s designed to intentionally big out and restart what you were watching pluss THE MULTIPLE four minute adds ALSO RESTARTS. Every time I use it, it restarts at least three times minimum. Borderline unusable and is actually a scam.

  28. The app worked wonderfully at first, but after a storm in the area, the streaming goes black every 5-6 seconds on LiveCast to our television. These bouts of buffering do not occur on our android phones, and our TV is not damaged (it’s less than a year old). We’ve even gotten our Spectrum equipment replaced, and it didn’t help any. Customer support is simply automated and tells us to do everything we’ve tried multiple times already

  29. Witchy Vic dice:

    Says I have to update app but update just sits and spins. Can’t update. Uninstalled app. Tried to reinstall and it sits and spins! Very frustrating! Thinking about quitting cable TV altogether! Too many repeats, too many ads, and too expensive!! Get your act together! Don’t change app just for the sake of changing it and if you do change it, and you require an upgrade, make sure it works!! New employees don’t necessarily do a great job! Retain your good workers!!

  30. You went backwards and the replies to contact Spectrum to those who are plainly pointing out what is obviously messed up (can’t swipe in landscape mode, not saving last selected stations often, etc.) instead of just admitting you screwed up is insulting. The action you need to do is fix what you broke! Don’t tell me, like you did the others, to contact you. You already know what’s messed up. Fix the App!

  31. The latest “update” broke quite a few things, the canned reply to the reviews is truly pathetic. When will another update be posted to fix all the things they broke? No history , no way to change what I am watching when in full screen mode (swipe right is broken). Preferences? Nothing works (and there are only 2). And an ISP doesn’t even make it a hotlink since we can’t copy it either !

  32. Dont install in your phone…its not worth the hassel. All it does is freeze and I truly mean freeze!! You’ll fix it then 30 seconds later it’ll freeze again. What a headache. They need to discount our rate for being able to use the app. They say make sure you keep it updated…ok did that no change. So now what? The app sucks waste of time!!

  33. Doc Larson dice:

    The app is awful when it comes to casting to a device. You pick a channel to watch and it will be working fine then mid movie the app starts messing up and cutting in and out. Please get this sorted out. It has been brought to spectrums attention over a month ago but it still doesn’t work right

  34. This app is a major disappointment. Many channels are messed up, audio disappears intermittently, buffers constantly, among other things. I’ve had three technicians at my house changing out equipment and wiring. They all agree, it’s the lousy app. Spectrum service doesn’t know what to do so they say they’ll have someone call me back and no one does…sad day for customer service. The app was out over 8 hours a couple of days ago. Now it doesn’t work at all. I’m so frustrated.

  35. Kieanna dice:

    Finally had enough and going to cancel my service. I receive some sort of error message literally everytime I open the app. The rep recommended this as an alternative to paying for a box rental but it’s frustrating that it never works! If they ever become compatible with Firestick I may return but for now, I am done! I tired of wasting money on something I can’t use.

  36. Every time I try to cast live sports the video feed blinks black for about 1 second and then starts again. This repeats for about five minutes and then the video feed just stops. This doesn’t happen with prerecorded programming, or spectrum’s news channel. Then, who do you contact for support with the app? Good luck. This app is garbage, and is not fit to replace cable.

  37. Absolutely horrible. Whenever I use the app and get out of it if I can it if I go back 10-15 minutes later to get back into the app it won’t even load. I have to restart my phone. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. The same thing. The app constantly freezes and half the time shows aren’t available. If spectrum can’t even get something as simple as an app to work how in the heck can they begin to offer other services?

  38. Butch Sigg dice:

    A few months ago I was saying how this app was one of my favorites just a few months ago and had been for quite some time, but recently been having issues getting on it. It has been an on again off again proposition. I have been often gettig that you have been having difficulties loading Spectrum TV on your end. It says to wait a few minutes and try again. Loading and reloading it again again is getting rather old. It no oùth. That’s getting old! Just get me on the app please! Ref. DGE-1001.

  39. rydesolow dice:

    horrid. app displays empty screen even after going through all the account garbage. my phone is S8+. very bad app. does not work at all. Update, 2022. S21+. App is still trash. Will play commercials and then no show. Very slow laggy interface. Terrible design. They should be ashamed of this. App is so poorly designed and optimized I am switching to a different provider.

  40. Rina Mee dice:

    I love this app. I have been an user since it was first available in my area. I find it incredibly convenient. It allows me to keep watching what I want everywhere I go(except local channels). I never even had any boxes until recently. I have been a Spectrum customer since they became available in my are, as well. I think THIS app is, in my opinion, THE BEST creation. It allows the customer so much control over our services! I’m incredibly impressed with this app and Spectrum.

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