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Discover new TV shows and series, films, and more with Hulu. From award-winning shows and movies to your favorite sports, including the NFL and ESPN— it only takes a second to download to watch shows and new TV.

Watch films, stream new TV shows, and follow news (with Hulu + Live TV plan*) across all your devices. Browse episodes and watch shows via multiple plans, including Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu + Live TV*.

Stream shows including Hulu Originals while keeping up with your favorite sports games this football season** – with NFL, CFB, and more.

*Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.
**Live TV Plan required. Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Plus, Hulu is now the home of new TV shows from FX Networks, with 40+ acclaimed series and FX originals.

Hulu plans provide the following:

• TV designed for you—Watch shows based on personalized recommendations
• Separate profiles—create up to 6 profiles so people can stream shows the way they want
• Track your favorites—save movies, series, or new TV shows, and continue where you left off
• Your favorite devices, any time— watch shows and browse episodes on your TV, smartphone, or tablet
• Premium networks — Discover and watch shows and films on SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee


Our ad-supported plan lets you explore and browse episodes, watch movies and more in our huge streaming TV library. Stream thousands of episodes of the shows you love, from award-winning Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great, and Pam & Tommy to other popular shows like This is Us, Family Guy, and Atlanta.

Hulu (No Ads)

Discover the plan that gives you everything you get with the Hulu plan in an ad-free* experience. Plus, you can download thousands of titles to watch offline.**


*There are a few shows in our streaming library that are not included in Hulu (No Ads) due to streaming rights. Episodes of those shows will stream uninterrupted — there will just be a quick ad before and after each video.
**Select content available for download.

Hulu + Live TV*

Watch on-demand and live TV from 75+ channels, including live news, sports, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library through our ad-supported plan. No cable required. No hidden fees when you want to watch shows. There are no equipment rentals fees, or installation appointments.

Whether you want to watch live news, or stream your favorite anime show, with Hulu you choose the plan that works for you.

*Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Download the Hulu app now to stream shows, watch movies, view sports on ESPN, and so much more!

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With this new release, you can use the same email and password to log into your accounts for all your favorite services across The Walt Disney Family of Companies, including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Update your Hulu app to enjoy this streamlined and convenient login experience.


40 comentarios en "Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies 2022"

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Hulu. Here recently within the last week the videos pass for less then a second ever 10-20 seconds into a video (I haven’t tried watching anything other then Glee). I have tried clearing the cache and shutting down all other programs. I personally would prefer if when on full screen if the pause, rewind, and fast forward icons were in the center of the screen instead of at the bottom left hand corner. Other than that keep up the good work.

  2. The most compelling feature is the bundle. It is cheaper than getting another provider and adding ESPN+ and Disney+ to it. However, in multiple occasions the service just “stops” and gives a “we’re sorry” error with no other explanation. I’ve only had Hulu for 3 months and it’s happened at least 4 times. Really frustrating. Also, you cannot customize the arrangement of channels, nor automatically mark an episode, or movie as “already viewed”

  3. The playback is constantly choppy on my tablet. It’s like the video and the audio are playing leapfrog with each other. No other streaming app behaves like this on the tablet. I would like to turn down the streaming quality, in hopes that less bandwidth will allow the stream to even out. But that’s not an option as the device has no mobile data connection. Still, there are a lot of choppy programs to watch until it gets too annoying to bother, so it’s not quite 1 star.

  4. This used to be my favorite app. But the last 6 months or so I have had continued issues with buffering or the language not matching up or being in sync with the video. It takes a long time to go through all of the troubleshooting steps and sometimes I have to do that multiple times before video and audio work and sync with each other. It is extremely annoying. I find myself just using other apps now maybe I just need to cancel.

  5. Update 2: these same problems returned with the current Version. Update: They seem to have fix all of these problems I mention here. The streaming is weird, its like snippets of every 1 out of 10 seconds. I don’t know whats wrong with this App, but it seems super sluggish and i couldn’t fix it by erasing cache nor adjusting Data Streaming settings and turning off subtitles nor does uninstalling and reinstalling seem to work either. The App just doesn’t work properly anymore and i don’t know why.

  6. Normally I don’t have any trouble with hulu, but I see like everybody else’s post, this is something that is going on with the updates. Mine is glitchy also. Skips every couple seconds. I tried restarting my device and uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. If it’s not going to be fixed I’m canceling my subscription. As everyone else should if it keeps happening .

  7. Hulu app is awful, every time I try to watch anything it does a slight buffer every few seconds which cuts out the audio, and has the occasional video jump. Tried clearing cache, reinstalling, restarting device, changing settings, etc. And nothing seems to fix it. I only planned on using Hulu to stream on my phone, so there’s not much point in having it when the app wont work.

  8. Dare dice:

    My only gripe with Hulu is that I wish it would be easier to navigate to my favorites. I watch Shark Tank a lot and have added it to my list, but every time I launch Hulu, I still have to scroll all the way down the home page or search for TV shows just to find it. In comparison, Netflix will display all your favorites and recent shows right near the top of the home page.

  9. constant stopping. at times the dialogue doesn’t match the video. Please fix as I pay for this and I have programs I am missing. This is the only app. that is doing it. The ads play smoothly. 11/20/22–I clearedthe cache; I deleted all other free view apps…still buffers and jerks around. The comercials play fine. The apps. that I removed played smothly. I then did a complete factory reset and it still buffers about every 3 to 5 seconds with the commercials being fine. FIX IT PLEASE!!

  10. Anay Silva dice:

    Used to be able to stream my favorite shows without any issues at all, however after the last update l been having trouble with the audio not syncing with the image, lagging, buffering and freezing up. Already followed the steps suggested to fix the issues even as far as contacting Hulu’s customer service and so far nothing has changed. Please fix the problems because based on what I saw I’m not the only one experiencing this problems.

  11. Typically love this app; however, since the last update it is constantly glitching, freezing, or closing itself out on my tablet and I find myself so annoyed I don’t even use it anymore and have to resort to hunting down shows and movies on other streaming apps. It works fine on the in tv app but it does not anymore where it had been downloaded on devices.

  12. Everything was good until you merged with the other apps. Now having to reset my password I have tried for a week and yet every damn code sent to me seems to have a problem with it. What’s the damn point if I can’t watch the app. I’ve been locked out for a week. And once I can get into the app I will be canceling all of it. This is ridiculous HULU yall should never have done this.

  13. The past couple of weeks streaming live or recorded programing has been frustrating. The stream hesitates and skips every 10 seconds or so. This does not happen while watching through Roku. I hope this issue is fixed quickly. Most apps would reply to posts like this – but not Hulu. Apparently, customer service is an old fashion notion.

  14. Love hulu. Best shows for the best price. However, it wouldn’t hurt to switch up the ads. I switched from my prescription to the Verizon Disney/ESPN plus package because it sounded like a good deal. I’m trying to figure out how to pay separately because I hate watching ads. The fact that the ads are exactly the same is what has me searching elsewhere.

  15. Adam Gore dice:

    The app worked great at first, updated mid-november and now the app freezes on my phone. Still works fine on the Roku stick however my phone will no longer play the app properly while all other streaming services still work just fine on my phone. I would love to watch the Hulu app more however I can’t because it will continuously freeze and buffer. I even tried all troubleshooting options and nothing fixed it and my phone is fairly new so I doubt that is the problem.

  16. The app has been awesome…live T.V. and a great selection of shows and movies. That being said, on December 8th they are yet again increasing the price (making it $80/month). Due to this increase, I am now choosing to go without any live T.V. option, with prices that high and the cost of everything else going up Hulu has to go. They will never care because the math will still work in their favor, but I can’t justify it at such a high monthly rate.

  17. Live tv won’t play in full screen mode all of a sudden, likely due to some glitch in the new version. We’re already talking about a new streaming service if this issue continues, who wants to be limited to a 2×3 inch screen to watch live tv on. Fix the issue! New issues with sound and glitches with streaming we definitely may need to give up on hulu if they can’t fix the problems

  18. Anonymous dice:

    No Hulu on ps3 is disappointing, people still use that one. All of my other subscription services are available on ps3, why not Hulu? Why does the play/pause/fast forward/rewind have to be tiny in the bottom left corner instead of being larger and in the middle? And could we get a “skip intro” option like Netflix? Otherwise it’s nice and I like the content.

  19. My complaint would be keeping track of when a person has watched enough commercials for an episode ( also way to many for paid service). I’ve accidentally clicked on episode in the middle of watching one & when I go back to watch it I have to sit through commercials all over, ridiculous! The other issue is the menu for the shows episodes. It’s annoying to mix up shows and episode just in the menu below video view of the episode you maybe watching at the time.

  20. Disappointing! I’ve been having the same issues as everyone else. But to top it off, for the last 2 weeks, I couldn’t get any local news channels or TV! I live in Spokane, WA, but was getting the channels from Seattle! Super unhelpful when you’re trying to see what’s going on in your area. Then there’s the app, it’s been about a month that I get an alert when I try & watch ANYTHING worth while that says “please open the hulu app when you’re at home”. Um, where else would I be?! Please fix this!

  21. Used to love this app but it no longer works on Android. Every single show and movie stops and stutters every 4 seconds. Tried everything suggested in the troubleshooting and nothing has helped. Downloads no longer work either. Every attempted download has failed. I pay for premium and watch enough on my phone that I am considering cancelling my subscription all together if this isn’t fixed. What happened?

  22. Both the mobile and TV apps are highly buggy. On mobile, my offline downloads become corrupted mid-flight and I’m left with no shows to watch. On TV, 50% of the time, I experience a black screen with no content displayed. I am highly disappointed by these major issues for an expensive, premium service. Hulu offers great content, except often it cannot be viewed.

  23. Trash app! hulu’s UI is so bad I almost refuse to use the mobile app as it rarely does anything it’s designed to. Doesn’t update what the user is watching or has watched. Pretty much all the features you’d expect to have for paying a large sum for a stream services either don’t work as they are suppose to or don’t work at all. I will be reconsidering my hulu subscription moving forward as I don’t believe they are worth the price they charge.

  24. I used to love Hulu but over the last 6 months or so I have had nothing but problems. It freezes up constantly. Shows that are supposed to record dont. It says I have new shows to watch & when I open up my stuff there is nothing there to watch. It will not remove shows I no longer watch out of my stuff either. We pay close to $90 a month for this service & Im not sure it is worth it anymore. To many issues with no solutions. Very disappointing!!

  25. Overall pretty nice. Needs some work, though. The UI is MOSTLY intuitive. Everything is very smooth on my Verizon S22 Ultra. But for the love of “God” could you guys add a pinch-to-zoom/fill screen function? Don’t really care for the tiny play/fast forward/rewind buttons on the bottom left, even though you can still double tap on the sides or the center to achieve the same result. They’re very small and pretty redundant. Why isn’t there any next episode prompt? Thanks for all the hard work!

  26. Interesting that right as prices are about to increase, the service turns to trash. It keeps stuttering every few seconds. Clearing the cache doesn’t work and it happens on both wifi and mobile data. The newly extended commercial breaks are frustrating enough, it would be nice if at least the streaming worked properly. Will be deleting if this isn’t resolved. Lots of people with the same issue. Why pay for a broken app?

  27. I downloaded the app, since I broke my smart tv. I wanted to watch the new episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I experienced constant stuttering; I couldn’t even make it through the re-cap. I tried solutions 1-5, with 5 being uninstall/re-install. There is still constant video stuttering, even in the downloaded videos. I’m not sure it’s worth me having downloaded.

  28. Usually I have no issues with the app but recently it’s been glitching or lagging every couple of seconds while watching movies and TV shows. Super annoying and I just end up closing the app and getting on a different platform because who wants to watch a show or movie that keeps glitching every other second until it ends? It’s not a great look that this is also happening at the same time that the price of the yearly subscription is going up in October. These issues are not worth an extra $10!

  29. TPD3 J. dice:

    Really don’t appreciate the constant horror movie ads played on every commercial break. I definitely have lost all possible interests in the movies and shows constantly advertised. It’s a great way to make sure people lose any interest in a product of production- unrelentlingly shove it in their face until they’re sick of seeing it. Also constantly trying to start me back at the first episode of everything is just a bad set up.

  30. Every show and movie has a 2-second delay every two seconds. It’s insanely inconvenient and you can’t even watch a full program because the delay is so bad. If this is an update then you need to do a better update, I tried uninstalling the app I’ve tried resetting the settings I tried everything I can. It’s the app and it’s happening on all of my devices tablets TVs phones. Update the app again already this is ridiculous.

  31. The app keeps pausing every 2 seconds. It constantly delays so you’re waiting 2 seconds for the program to play every 2 seconds. It’s absurd and ridiculous. It is the most frustrating thing to deal with, you can’t even watch anything because of the delay every 2 seconds. Please fix this glitch ASAP. It happens on all of my devices: tablets phones, TVs, etc… update the app already.

  32. Brook Lyn dice:

    For the last week Hulu has been spotty. I’ve cleared the cache and memory of the app, uninstalled/reinstalled the app. I also Cleared the memory and cache from my phone, turned it off, then turned it on again… I knew something was wrong, when I discovered I was able to watch my CBS app (3 full episodes) without buffering and interruption on my phone. Hulu, please fix the bugs. Thank You. UPDATE: 9/25/22 Once the Update was available, I clicked on it, and now it works like a charm 😊.

  33. Chris dice:

    After update, it stutters and is unwatchable. Before, it would occasionally have video freeze but not the audio, forcing me to reload the video. All I can say is my other streaming services work fine….so first acknowledge the bug and then fix it. Otherwise I want my money back. You broke it, I’m out viewing time and I expect something to be done.

  34. Worked great when I first got it. Now it runs horribly. Freezes and then when I try to fix it I can’t get any controls to work. I have the same problem as well as other people have mentioned where I go to resume watch and it starts from the beginning. But when I go to fast forward I can’t get the controls to work. Love the shows they offer but if this continues its not worth it.

  35. I keep Hulu for my grandparents mainly but here recently I’m feeling it’s not worth it! Ads are longer than free services and I can access many of the shows for free as well! I’m having a issue with a glitch every 10 seconds or so on every episode of everything it skips and it’s incredibly annoying and frustrating! I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, force stopped, etc and still, for days I’m having this issue. Very disappointed.

  36. Bob B dice:

    Keeps skipping frames (like ticking) and then the picture gets blurry. This problem is only occurring on my brand new Samsung tablet A8. And only when I’m using Hulu. It’s working fine on all my other devices to include my cell phones and smart tv’s. I’m sure the problem is with the app and not the device. Can you please look into this. That would really be helpful instead of just asking. I did all the trouble shooting and nothing clears the problem.

  37. Aaron Paul dice:

    The most unser-friendly interface. You get 5 minutes of show time and 1.5 minutes of commercials for the base for 10 bucks, but for 14 you get add free. I tried to get the one with adds but found the commercials so annoying I tried to upgrade. Can’t figure it out for the life of me. I’m cancelling all together. Hulu is trash. It’s a shame because the shows are good but the app is garbage.

  38. On the TV, it runs fine. But on the phone, I’m having issues with it lagging every 3 seconds or so despite having excellent strength wifi and 5G data on my phone. I’ve cleared cache, I’ve cleared data, I’ve logged out and logged back in, uninstalled/reinstalled and nothing is fixing the issue. I’m highly irritated by the lagging like skip. It wasn’t an issue until quite recently, so I’m not sure what happened that it is now doing this.

  39. Casey Ritz dice:

    Was great until recently… Had no problems until recently. Noticed multiple reviews where people are having same issue. Constant stuttering. I’ve checked for updates, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed. I’ve used on wifi AND mobile data. Why are we paying for a service that doesn’t provide what you pay for. Very disappointed and possibly going back to just Netflix.

  40. Everything is terrible since the update. App buffers constantly. And will not stream smoothly anymore. Constantly stops playing and gives an error too. “Cannot play this selection” Plus the price is going up?! I will be canceling my subscription. It’s cheaper to just purchase the physical copy than have a monthly bill to watch someone else’s selection of options.

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