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Discover new TV shows and series, films, and more with Hulu. From award-winning shows and movies to your favorite sports, including the NFL and ESPN— it only takes a second to download to watch shows and new TV.

Watch films, stream new TV shows, and follow news (with Hulu + Live TV plan*) across all your devices. Browse episodes and watch shows via multiple plans, including Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu + Live TV*.

Stream shows including Hulu Originals while keeping up with your favorite sports games this football season** – with NFL, CFB, and more.

*Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.
**Live TV Plan required. Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Plus, Hulu is now the home of new TV shows from FX Networks, with 40+ acclaimed series and FX originals.

Hulu plans provide the following:

• TV designed for you—Watch shows based on personalized recommendations
• Separate profiles—create up to 6 profiles so people can stream shows the way they want
• Track your favorites—save movies, series, or new TV shows, and continue where you left off
• Your favorite devices, any time— watch shows and browse episodes on your TV, smartphone, or tablet
• Premium networks — Discover and watch shows and films on SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee


Our ad-supported plan lets you explore and browse episodes, watch movies and more in our huge streaming TV library. Stream thousands of episodes of the shows you love, from award-winning Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great, and Pam & Tommy to other popular shows like This is Us, Family Guy, and Atlanta.

Hulu (No Ads)

Discover the plan that gives you everything you get with the Hulu plan in an ad-free* experience. Plus, you can download thousands of titles to watch offline.**

*There are a few shows in our streaming library that are not included in Hulu (No Ads) due to streaming rights. Episodes of those shows will stream uninterrupted — there will just be a quick ad before and after each video.
**Select content available for download.

Hulu + Live TV*

Watch on-demand and live TV from 75+ channels, including live news, sports, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library through our ad-supported plan. No cable required. No hidden fees when you want to watch shows. There are no equipment rentals fees, or installation appointments.

Whether you want to watch live news, or stream your favorite anime show, with Hulu you choose the plan that works for you.

*Regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms apply.

Download the Hulu app now to stream shows, watch movies, view sports on ESPN, and so much more!

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40 comentarios en "Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies MOD"

  1. This app is ridiculously bad. It crashes all the time. It randomly deletes stuff from my current watch list. Good luck having it remember where you left off in a movie. The layout is very inconvenient. Why they can’t display the play/pause button in the middle of the screen, like literally all normal apps in the world, is beyond me. Hulu keeps increasing the subscription cost, without making any updates to their app and it’s so messed up.

  2. The software is littered with bugs. I get blank screens 50% of the time. You can’t remove items from My Stuff. Deleted recordings always show up after you return. I have a very fast connection so it’s not a latency problem. These issues occur on the TV, phone and tablet. Web base seems fine; not many issues. This is a fraction of the issues found. Pathitic coding and QA. At least the UX design is good. Recommendations; fire the so called “software engineers” and hire proper ones.

  3. It is impossible to watch anything this app has to offer( except for the commercials, they run great , no problem there), everything ” skips” about every 3 seconds. It’s like it buffers for 3 seconds then plays for 3 or 4 seconds. This happens on absolutely everything making it impossible to watch. I’m closing my account. Get it fixed and I might try again at a later date. I’m not paying for something I can’t use.

  4. Keeps crashing our Chromecast. It’s the only app that does it. Not happy with the organization of the app either. Difficult to navigate or find shows I want to continue because it’s too busy cramming recommendations, ads, and what it thinks I want to watch to the top instead of putting what I’ve chosen at the top. Second star is for the content. If it ever drops in quality, this will be the first streaming service to get cancelled.

  5. For the most part the app is consistently reliable, no crazy freezes or shutdowns. The only gripe I have is that items don’t drop from my favorites when they expire or are no longer available. Also, I don’t know why, but the recommendations are WAY OFF. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. Better than many streaming apps currently out there.

  6. Pretty bad on chromebook. If i skip more than a couple times in a video I have to back completely out of it or it wont resume, the video will freeze but the audio and subtitles will continue, and it’s pretty slow. Edit: Dropping another star. Using it for a week and not just a day has made it clear this is horrible. I had to start the same video six times, twice having to reopen the app after it crashes among numerous other things.

  7. Just watch on your computer/TV. This app is so ridiculous about how many ads you get. Every 5-7 minutes is a 2 minute ad, and if you accidentally click on “learn more” it will restart the timer. I like watching om my phone for convenience, and to show my friends funny screenshots of my favorite shows. But when I try to screenshot on Hulu, it shows me simply a black screen and subtitles. Honestly, even if I wanted to steal content, I wouldn’t do it from a PHONE. You can’t even screenshot ads.

  8. I can’t complain about the content, but I have to complain about the interface, specifically when casting to a Google Chromecast. Sometimes, after a full set of ads play, there is an issue with the app communicating with Chromecast and suddenly I have to reconnect and rewatch the entire set of ads. If I’m paying for a service, I do hope that the service works expectedly and consistently.

  9. For the past 2 wks when I open up the app and go to my continue to watch list, there are things there that I have already watched. At first I thought it was due to a new season to the series being added on but it wasn’t. I remove those items from the list and the next time I open the app they’re there again. I’ve never experienced this problem before by now it’s a daily issue. Also, please put the stop and start in the middle of the screen, like it was be4.

  10. Good app- easy to use for the basics (read further down) maybe not as easy as a big competitor (“N”) but you can find what you’re looking for. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is that I can’t seem to delete a series I added to my watch list that after a couple episodes I lost interest… Even though I have removed it on several devices it just won’t go away. Probably me not knowing how but if that’s the case it should be easier…

  11. This review is strictly for the app. This app has such bad UI. Pause button not being available in the middle is a standard. YouTube, HBO, Netflix, all these have that as a standard. When using the pop out, the subtitles take up the whole picture. When I lock my phone while streamer is playing, it does pause it but the UI breaks and I have to close and reopen the app. There’s also no “skip recap/intro”. Idk if I’m spoiled by the others but I thought Hulu was considered a big streaming service.

  12. Mr. Woof dice:

    Good selection, but the streaming is spotty, freezing for a second on both video and audio every ten or so seconds. Very distracting when I’m trying to enjoy a series. I’ll change this rating if the problem gets fixed, but for the time being I’d recommend watching Hulu online or through a streaming device over using this app, as all of those options work fine.

  13. Used to be great. Along with a LOT of others I still have a skip every 10~15 seconds. I would be a little more understanding if I wasn’t paying a ridiculous amount for an all unwatchable app. Problem is only with Hulu and does it on downloads too, works fine on the TV though. Downgraded my subscription until this improves, just saw the next price increase from $68 to 82.

  14. Sam B dice:

    Always starts in a small player mode and there’s no way to fix it, you have to maximize it every time. Items I removed several times from the Keep Watching list keep coming back. Resuming an episode sometimes doesn’t change the progress. Hides profile names on Roku TV instead of showing all of them. Shows a screen capture of the next episode which often spoils it. Hulu doesn’t care about these reviews and probably never reads them.

  15. I would give it four or five stars except for the fact that the app itself freezes and if I want to continue watching a particular show and I hit continue watching, it freezes again. I have restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, etc but it still happens and it is very frustrating when it does happen. I do enjoy the shows that are on Hulu however. Fix the app and I will give you five stars.

  16. After the recent update, everything has a constant stutter that cannot be fixed by any recommended methods. This is extremely frustrating as it makes viewing anything impossible to enjoy. I use a galaxy note edge (modified note 8) so there shouldn’t be any reason your app wont work on my device. Update: Nearly 3 months later and this app STILL struggles with stuttering. The ever increasing prices is also getting tiresome. Unsubbing.

  17. Katie L dice:

    This app is definitely one of the better streaming services. They fix issues quickly and it doesn’t rack up a bunch of data on my phone like so many others. I don’t know what your tech department is doing but they’re excellent at it. 👍 Only thing I’m having issues with at the moment is the items I keep deleting from my watch list reappear but that hardly seems worth complaining about. Thanks Hulu for such wonderful service.

  18. Decent app, decent interface, decent selection. Ads are irritating, not because they are present (on the cheaper plan) but because certain shows will trigger an ad break after another ad break, or rewinding two seconds to the start of a scene after an ad break will re-trigger the ad break. Ads can run as long as 3 minutes, though the usual is 30-120 seconds.

  19. The playback is constantly choppy on my tablet. It’s like the video and the audio are playing leapfrog with each other. No other streaming app behaves like this on the tablet. I would like to turn down the streaming quality, in hopes that less bandwidth will allow the stream to even out. But that’s not an option as the device has no mobile data connection. Still, there are a lot of choppy programs to watch until it gets too annoying to bother, so it’s not quite 1 star.

  20. Latest update is glitching. Like others have said, the playback is no longer smooth. I get a quick split-second break in the sound and video from every few seconds to about every 10 seconds. It is extremely annoying. The old version before the update did not do this. Just wanted to let you guys know! I’m sure it will be fixed soon and I will change the rating when we’re up and running again. *Edit: the glitch seems to come and go. An uninstall and reinstall did not help.

  21. This used to be my favorite app. But the last 6 months or so I have had continued issues with buffering or the language not matching up or being in sync with the video. It takes a long time to go through all of the troubleshooting steps and sometimes I have to do that multiple times before video and audio work and sync with each other. It is extremely annoying. I find myself just using other apps now maybe I just need to cancel.

  22. Isa Dean dice:

    The Hulu App sucks! First there’s stuttering during playback. The app doesn’t refresh at the end of an episode to play the next episode. I have to exit the app in order to get it to refresh and reflect what I’ve already watched. The play next button is located too far to the bottom of the screen – very hard to tap it without tapping the timeline. Suggests I watch things I’ve already watched or rated.

  23. Too glitchy, too much buffering, and way too many ads. It’s not as if Hulu is a brand new app, so I’m trying to figure out why are there all of these issues going on with it. It’s so interesting how the free streaming apps play more smoothly and have fewer ads that an app that I’m charged a monthly fee for. It’s annoying and Hulu needs to listen to their customers and fix these problems.

  24. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Hulu. Here recently within the last week the videos pass for less then a second ever 10-20 seconds into a video (I haven’t tried watching anything other then Glee). I have tried clearing the cache and shutting down all other programs. I personally would prefer if when on full screen if the pause, rewind, and fast forward icons were in the center of the screen instead of at the bottom left hand corner. Other than that keep up the good work.

  25. The most compelling feature is the bundle. It is cheaper than getting another provider and adding ESPN+ and Disney+ to it. However, in multiple occasions the service just “stops” and gives a “we’re sorry” error with no other explanation. I’ve only had Hulu for 3 months and it’s happened at least 4 times. Really frustrating. Also, you cannot customize the arrangement of channels, nor automatically mark an episode, or movie as “already viewed”

  26. Watching on the tv, is great. I watch mostly on my tablet at work on midnights. For the entire month of November Hulu has been intermittent and spotty. It skips within the first 30 seconds of your show and continues all the way through. I’ve done all the trouble shooting steps and have gotten no results. For the first time ever, I’m unhappy with this service.

  27. Gets worse every day. Dont waste your time. Every show and movie has a 2-second delay every two seconds. It’s insanely inconvenient and you can’t even watch a full program because the delay is so bad. If this is an update then you need to do a better update, I tried uninstalling the app I’ve tried resetting the settings I tried everything I can. It’s the app and it’s happening on all of my devices tablets TVs phones. Update the app again already this is ridiculous.

  28. Can’t complain too much because got a black Friday deal for like $2 bucks a month. You can’t put on a documentary and close your screen. You touch or use your phone and it moves the bar or goes to another show and you have to watch adds every time you move it or go out of it and it drains your battery. Poor function! Not great, not horrible just mediocre.

  29. Normally I don’t have any trouble with hulu, but I see like everybody else’s post, this is something that is going on with the updates. Mine is glitchy also. Skips every couple seconds. I tried restarting my device and uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. If it’s not going to be fixed I’m canceling my subscription. As everyone else should if it keeps happening .

  30. Update 2: these same problems returned with the current Version. Update: They seem to have fix all of these problems I mention here. The streaming is weird, its like snippets of every 1 out of 10 seconds. I don’t know whats wrong with this App, but it seems super sluggish and i couldn’t fix it by erasing cache nor adjusting Data Streaming settings and turning off subtitles nor does uninstalling and reinstalling seem to work either. The App just doesn’t work properly anymore and i don’t know why.

  31. Hulu app is awful, every time I try to watch anything it does a slight buffer every few seconds which cuts out the audio, and has the occasional video jump. Tried clearing cache, reinstalling, restarting device, changing settings, etc. And nothing seems to fix it. I only planned on using Hulu to stream on my phone, so there’s not much point in having it when the app wont work.

  32. Dare dice:

    My only gripe with Hulu is that I wish it would be easier to navigate to my favorites. I watch Shark Tank a lot and have added it to my list, but every time I launch Hulu, I still have to scroll all the way down the home page or search for TV shows just to find it. In comparison, Netflix will display all your favorites and recent shows right near the top of the home page.

  33. I’m extremely disappointed in this app. I signed up for a free trial, and not soon after they came out with the black Friday deal, but because I’m already in the free trial, and I can’t cancel it, I won’t get the 1.99/month deal. On top of that, simply because I was previously subscribed on Google play, I cannot add espn plus until next month. Incredibly frustrating!

  34. Todd dice:

    It has some good shows and movies but the commercials are so loud. I can’t enjoy the programming because I have the remote close or in hand to hit the mute button during the commercials. The commercials are about 1.5 times higher in volume. I emailed them about it and the response was they can’t control the volume of the commercials. Then raise the volume of your programming. Personally I think its a manipulation to get you to upgrade so you are commercial free.

  35. constant stopping. at times the dialogue doesn’t match the video. Please fix as I pay for this and I have programs I am missing. This is the only app. that is doing it. The ads play smoothly. 11/20/22–I clearedthe cache; I deleted all other free view apps…still buffers and jerks around. The comercials play fine. The apps. that I removed played smothly. I then did a complete factory reset and it still buffers about every 3 to 5 seconds with the commercials being fine. FIX IT PLEASE!!

  36. Used to be able to stream my favorite shows without any issues at all, however after the last update l been having trouble with the audio not syncing with the image, lagging, buffering and freezing up. Already followed the steps suggested to fix the issues even as far as contacting Hulu’s customer service and so far nothing has changed. Please fix the problems because based on what I saw I’m not the only one experiencing this problems.

  37. Used to love this app but it no longer works on Android. Every single show and movie stops and stutters every 4 seconds. Tried everything suggested in the troubleshooting and nothing has helped. Downloads no longer work either. Every attempted download has failed. I pay for premium and watch enough on my phone that I am considering cancelling my subscription all together if this isn’t fixed. What happened? Edit: Over a month later and still no update available. Nothing has been fixed.

  38. So much room for improvement. Watching a live tv program from behind is glitchy. Just throws you to live. Which is pretty awful as a sports fan. Several games have been ruined. Recordings have no management, and deleted recordings come back. Like that cat. It does do a good job of highlighting the best live option from jump.

  39. Typically love this app; however, since the last update it is constantly glitching, freezing, or closing itself out on my tablet and I find myself so annoyed I don’t even use it anymore and have to resort to hunting down shows and movies on other streaming apps. It works fine on the in tv app but it does not anymore where it had been downloaded on devices.

  40. The TV version of Hulu is absolutely terrible. Regularly crashes (and I mean all the time). Loses connection very frequently when other apps work fine. The interface is pretty terrible and definitely not equivalent to the phone version. You’re charging people a fortune for the live TV plan (constantly increasing it). How about invest that profit in your garbage TV version?

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