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Watch full episodes of your favorite shows with the MTV app. Enjoy The Challenge, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Teen Mom 2 and many more, available right in the palm of your hand. You’ll also get exclusive content, including cast reactions, bonus clips and deleted scenes.

Watch full episodes from your favorite series the day after they air. Sign in with your TV or cable provider to unlock even more episodes and exclusive content, including:

• Jersey Shore Family Vacation
• The Challenge
• Teen Mom 2
• Ridiculousness
• Video Music Awards (VMAs)
• Catfish: The TV Show
• MTV Floribama Shore
• Double Shot at Love
• Teen Mom OG
• Siesta Key
• The Hills: New Beginnings
• CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
• CMT Music Awards
• CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown
• CMT Crossroads

Signing in with your TV provider is simple: Just tap on Settings, select your provider, and log in with your provider user name and password. For more details about signing in with your TV provider, contact [email protected].


• We save your spot, so that you never miss a scene. Can’t finish an episode? Continue watching right where you left off. Just tap on the series you were watching, and our video player does the rest.

• Stream Live TV. That’s right — you can even watch MTV in real time when you sign in with your TV provider.

• Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV and your Chromecast device.

• You won’t need to sign in to watch other great MTV and MTV News videos, including select full episodes, after shows, bonus clips, sneak peeks and exclusive digital series.

• Get inside access to the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the MTV Movie Awards with exclusive clips, backstage interviews and red carpet highlights. Watch real-time livestream coverage from music festivals, San Diego Comic-Con and other events.

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Download the latest version of the MTV app to watch full episodes and exclusive videos from your favorite shows, including The Hills: New Beginnings, Jersey Shore Family Vacation and The Challenge. And now, you'll have access to Pluto TV via the MTV app! Plus, we've made some bug fixes, so you can enjoy a smoother viewing experience.


40 comentarios en "MTV MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is a joke. I cant even watch it anymore, its like they don’t even try to make it better or they just don’t care. I’ve been streaming the episodes from their website and have a better experience. Its unbearable to watch the app with how much it buffers and how many ads you get and the ads buffer. Then it will just say “Your Video Is Not Available” and don’t even try to watch live TV. You’ll miss most of the show. Horrible.

  2. Mtv app never plays videos. Seems the links are always broken. I always get a message that says “! This video is not available” no matter what series i choose. Please fix this issue as its very frustrating. Cleaning out the cache and restarting the app doesnt work. Update March 2022: Still having the same issue. Shows wont load. I get an error that says the video isnt available when I know the show has been on. App is trash. Get it fixed MTV!

  3. UPDATE 10/2021: This app has become frustrating beyond belief. The ads pause every 5 seconds or so for 10 seconds at a time. Ads are extremely frequent, and 6 at a time so now the ad breaks are 10 minutes long! Doesn’t save progress well or track if you have already viewed the ads of one of the breaks. Moving forward/backwards in the episode is a PAIN! does a good job at what it’s intended for. You do need a cable subscription to watch anything but I love the option to watch live on my phone!

  4. this is the most annoying app. I could not log in with Xfinity/Comcast as my provider. Unfortunately the app only allowed me to watch for 24 hrs. And then on top of that it’s bombarded with ads. There’s only a few shows you can select from. No search option. I installed the app to watch old episodes of the challenge on the go. The least they could have done for the 24 hours is remove those thousands of ads. Its so annoying!!!

  5. Morgan P dice:

    The absolute worst app ever. I understand they don’t want to make it better than the TV service, otherwise no one would watch them on TV, but this is ridiculous. It flashes in and out during ever show, the ads don’t even show but you can hear them (which I’m perfectly fine with), and at the end of every other “commercial break” it just stops and won’t let me press anything forcing me to refresh. They know this but choose not to fix it.

  6. I am so tired of trying to catch up on shows on the app, and every few seconds it pauses and freezes as if it is buffering, legit every 3 to 5 seconds it stops playing. I have full service on my phone, I have updated to the most recent update for the app, I have shut my phone off and back on, I’ve restarted it umpteen times. It’s ridiculous!!! Can’t watch these shows anywhere else to catch up, so this app is all I got, and it’s ridiculous that it takes 20 times longer to watch a single episode!

  7. This app is terrible. It constantly says “sorry, this video is unavailable”. It freezes every single commercial break and I have to close and restart the app several times and sign out and back in to make it sometimes work. Please fix it so I can just watch the Challenge without having to go through a digital obstacle course. Edit: I have emailed and submit through the contact button in the app and no one has responded.

  8. Treece G dice:

    Your typical streaming app, but there are bugs. While trying to get to episode 2, the app displays it was episode 2, yet it was streaming episode 1. I had to close the app, then it wasn’t recognizing my Chromecast. So I had to disconnect WiFi and then restart the app again. The app also sometimes doesn’t recognize that you’ve stopped in the middle of an episode and will start from the beginning when you come back. With the normal amount of ads as there would be on TV, this is very annoying.

  9. This app does not have full episodes, just clips. I don’t like that the app says to “watch free” when you have to add to a provider and that the episodes are out of order as well. I thought this app would be more useful but so far my experience has not been great. I have been noticing from other reviews that your responses to there issues are similar and repetitive. To me it doesn’t seem like you guys are actually trying to fix these problems. Hope it gets better in the long run.

  10. Watch the shows on your tv provider. You’ll be in the last half of your show when it fails and refuses to allow you to pick up where you left off. I have left so many of the episodes I wanted to watch before ever getting to the end because my app glitches. It all of a sudden won’t load and refuses to do it. I have refreshed and re installed so many many times hoping to finish an episode but can’t. Everytime I use the app I get within 15 minutes of the end when the app glitches and I’m not able

  11. This app constantly quits. In the middle of a show and it will always tell me something went wrong. Not to mention episodes are missing from series. Episodes 6&10 are missing from siesta key. When it does get working again, I have fast forward bc it doesn’t pick up where it left off, which means I have to run through an additional 5 minutes of commercials.

  12. wasn’t having an issue until recently. now a show will only play for a few seconds and then freeze and you cant get it to play again. I’m having to continuously close out the app and reopen it. the shows arent in order so that makes it a pain when you’re trying to binge. I’m signed in through spectrum, the ads are crazy and they’re the same 4 ads over and over again.

  13. This app is terrible. The layout on the main screen is not easy to use and glitches all the time. It advertises being compatible with chromecast, but it NEVER WORKS. It never knows where I left off in a show, so it starts me at the beginning or even at a complete wrong episode. When I try to fast forward to get to a spot I was at, it shows me a commercial and then gives me an error symbol when it’s over. THIS APP IS USELESS!

  14. This app is horrible. It crashes on my phone, firestick, and computer. You get 6 minutes of commercials and maybe 5 minutes of the actual show before the !Sorry this video is not available message appears. I have a subscription thru COX cable, so technically I’m paying for the service, yet I can’t watch anything. I have a hard time believing MTV can’t afford to pay someone to fix your app. It’s been like this for months already.

  15. Too many commercials! It takes me nearly an hour to watch a 30 minute show. Also another really big issue for me is the commercials are a lot louder than the show you’re watching. I have to mute it during commercials because of the sound difference. I love this app & it would be a 5 star rating for me if there were less commercials and if they were the same volume as the show!

  16. App is horrible!.. keeps giving a message saying this shows not available. I’ve uninstalled and installed several times. I’ve also gone to different shows. Incase my show really was no longer available. Nooooo. It does it to all other shows on this app AND when it finally decides to work. You can’t watch anything past the first commercial set up. Very disappointed!!…

  17. ZERO STARS is more like it this app doesn’t work I have tried downloading it to my smart TV, Xbox one, and my phone to give it the opportunity to prove me wrong but it still doesn’t work. The show you select will start playing you’ll be watching it and then boom an error code pops up saying, “Sorry! Something went wrong. Please try again later” and this will continue to happen over and over again. I have restarted the app, I’ve re downloaded it, nothing seems to matter it just won’t work right!

  18. It worked fine for the first couple of days and now it’s taken the app almost three hours just to connect to my service provider, and it isn’t even connected yet. And there is absolutely no way I can log out and log back into it, which by far is the most frustrating thing, every app I have I can log out and log back in. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, and even tried to get rid of the app data on my phone settings and it still won’t do a single thing.

  19. For every minute of an episode you watch there is 4 minutes of commercials! There is absolutely no reason to have that many commercials. I understand commercials are how you make money, but no other channel has even half of the commercials as MTV, it’s ridiculous! Also, it would help if the shows didn’t freeze constantly! Fix these problems if you want more fans!

  20. I’ve been a huge fan of MTV shows for years and this app always creates some technical issue. Going to click on a show to watch, plug in my information, it says the show is no longer available for streaming. I try to screen cast to my TV and it doesn’t work completely by saying it’s no longer available. Or it hits the first commercial break, then goes back and the audio continues. This is one of the worst streaming apps but I still struggle to use it for my shows.

  21. This app is infuriating. Always crashes, and weird things happen when the ads start and causes you to quit the app and restart. And usually you have to start from the beginning because if you try to start or skip to where you left off, something weird will happen again. Absolute trash and it’s been like this for years. Fix it.

  22. PLEASE PLEASE fix the buffering issues with your app!! Now content plays but the constant commercial breaks pause literally every 2 second so it takes 4-5 minutes to get through each of the many commercial breaks. Wouldn’t be as bad if I wasn’t spending more time attempting to get through the commercials than I am spending attempting to watch the shows. Sucks. It would be nice to stream the shows I like without getting so annoyed that I cant even stand to watch anymore.

  23. I do not understand how an app in 2021 can do such a terrible job at streaming content. Ads don’t stream well (buffering every few seconds) meaning it takes 10 minutes to watch 2 minutes of ads. The shows stream decent, but still freeze occasionally and progress doesn’t save well. I have never had any issues with any other content provider. Watching the live streaming channels is an absolute joke. Constant buffering. Bottom line . . . this app is terrible and MTV clearly doesn’t care at all.

  24. Kayla dice:

    App does not work properly. I have this app on my phone, tablet, and firestick. It does not work on any device. I get “video unavailable” over and over again(after signing in every time). Sometimes it’s immediate and won’t play an episode at all. Other times it will happen during an episode. I have noticed it works best on my phone. The firestick it barely plays on ever. The tablet is iffy but works more than the firestick. Please please please fix the bugs and issues of this app.

  25. App doesn’t work correctly, plays wrong episodes and the orientation of my Chromebook somehow messes things up. I’ll go to select the newest episode, then i turn my chromebook sideways to watch and it starts playing another episode. So annoying and frustrating! Wish they would fix this stupid app and the layout. We should be able to play things horizontally and vertically.

  26. Worst app experience of any TV streaming app I’ve ever had and I have quite a few tv streaming apps. It constantly freezes and says there was an error and when you go out of the episode and back in it still doesn’t work. This continues for days until magically one night it will work for one episode. Worst app out there, and too stressful to try and watch. Guess I won’t be watching anymore of the shows I love from MTV.

  27. I love MTV, but not the app at all. If you want to watch 20-30 minutes worth of ads for a 45 minute show. This is your app. The show I watched aired in March. Not even a new show. Every few minutes there’s a 2 minute ad. Sometimes back to back. But if you have an option to watch whatever you’re watching on something else, do that. There’s more ads than commercials on cable. Worst provider for ads I have ever used. Sadly my show I’m currently watching is only on MTV. Highly suggest not to use.

  28. Very tired of not being able to stream from this app. Literally in the middle of a season and all of a sudden it decides not to work anymore. Then I start watching from an Xbox-halfway through an episode and it stops playing. I’ve streamed other apps throughout all of this, so I know it isn’t my internet, chromecast, or tv. They already don’t offer all the shows they should and now the ones they do offer won’t even work. Ridiculous.

  29. This app is awful. I’ll be watching a show just fine and then it’ll stop and say “sorry this video isn’t available.” I have to stop casting and force stop the app then maybe it’ll work again. But then you have to watch the ads (sometimes, multiple times). Or it’ll say it’s playing one episode but it’s actually playing another. I just want to watch my reality TV!!

  30. The app does not properly cast to chromecast. Everytime it either crashes and does not work, or it loads audio but no video. This happens on numerous occasions with different internet connections and phones. No other streaming app has this issue and it has been persistent for the past 2 years. I am only able to watch the first time the app loads, any subsequent time causes the issue. The only fix I have found was to uninstall the app and reinstall until the next crash.

  31. The app leaves a lot to be desired. Main issues: -To play something on my Chromecast, I have to try probably 5-7 times before I can actually get the app to play something -When looking at a series, there is no visual indication of what episodes I’ve watched -If I’ve watched part of something, and come back to resume it, the app starts the episode back at the beginning and I have to manually find where I left off All in all, the app lacks extremely basic, fundamental features of a streaming app

  32. Yeah, hi so why do the episodes not play properly? The episodes keep freezing but the time stamp keeps going, so technically the video plays yet on the screen it looks frozen. Why is this happening? I know it’s not my connection because I was able to watch two episodes, and if the series was locked then it would have the key on it and it doesn’t.

  33. Fix it! I’m so glad I’m not the only one having issues with the commercials taking sooo long to play. You get to your show it plays great (other than sometimes giving you a black screen and saying content can’t load) but it takes longer to get through the commercials then the show itself. Could be a great app but it’s not.

  34. J Kaufman dice:

    Just OK. The layout of the app could use some work, the thumbnails are too large and awkward to navigate. What a really missing is there are no music video collections. That’s what MTV started as, a music video channel, and adding that massive collection to the app would be terrific.

  35. (Chromecast casting via MTV app) This app never functions properly. I have had it since it was made available & not once has it functioned right. On it’s best days (few & far between) it will let me watch one full episode of a show, but typically it gives me a black screen with audio only. I uninstalled & reinstalled the app numerous times. I close & reopen the app. I restart my phone. I logout of my service provider & login again. Despite all troubleshooting I face the same hurdles!

  36. This is hands-down the WORST OTT app currently available in the United States. This app has been buggy for many years. It will occasionally work, but then goes back to being buggy and unreliable. The Android / Android TV/ Google TV integration is BROKEN! I constantly get the “Sorry, this video is not available” error message. Their tech support is useless (and insulting). Don”t bother! This is an absolute embarrassment to the brass at ViacomCBS. I’d fire whomever is in charge of their apps.

  37. The APP is absolutely horrible. It is impossible to binge your favorite show as it always plays the previous episodes rather than the next episode. It loads when it wants to and it forces me to watch episodes I’ve already seen. The “resume” option is garbage it starts playing where it wants to theres been occasions where it takes me to the last 20 seconds of an episode when I was barely in the beginning.

  38. Each time I try to play an episode, the ad tries to play (unsuccessfully) which then causes the app to skip to the next episode. It continues to do this over and over until it has run through every episode of the show I am trying to watch and none of the episodes every actually play. This app is one of the worst apps I’ve used to date.

  39. It has SO many bugs and problems that I cant watch anything. the video would either cut out, act slow or when I close the app, the program would still play. And it doesnt even have full episodes of the shows you will probably want. Maybe you would have a better experience then me, but right now I’m not impressed.

  40. There are certain shows on MTV i love but I HATE the app! It is awful! Never loads right always giving an error and saying its unavailable. When it is available the ads are terrible and they pause every 3-4 seconds buffering for 15-20 seconds to only play 3-4 more seconds of the ad before it pauses again. I timed it and it literally took 8 mins for 6 ads to load and play and then I got to watch 6 mins of the show and then more ads popped up! This app needs to be revamped or something!

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