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Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket!

Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with the FREE PF App. Check out our exclusive features including digital check-in, trainer-led on-demand virtual workout classes, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, activity tracking for in and out of the gym, a crowd meter so you can pick the best time to visit, and so much more!

Key Features:

Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with your digital keytag.

Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just check out the Crowd Meter to view how busy your club is.

Digital Workout Videos: Access on-demand trainer-led workouts that will get you motivated and moving! Whether you’re starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, we’ll help you make the most out of your in-club or at-home workouts. From beginner to advanced, there are workouts for everyone! PLUS, it’s easier than ever to find workout programs you love. You can search workouts by type, time, target, and more to find what’s best for you.

Member Perks: Check out exclusive discounts and deals from Planet Fitness partners. Start exploring now.

Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: View hundreds of easy-to-follow exercise routines and equipment tutorials. If it’s your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started.

Activity Tracking with My Journey: Check out the My Journey screen to track check-ins, integrate with fitness trackers like Apple Health, and track just how much you’re moving by logging it in the Activity Tracker.

Download the Planet Fitness App today – You got this!


What's new:
-minor bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Planet Fitness Workouts MOD"

  1. It would be nice to be able to cancel the membership within the app or change your password. When doing a Forgot Password on the site, they take forever to send the reset email. Either way, it is inefficient . The app has many cool features but lacks functional account management. They make sure to load the app with a ton of advertising. However, they make it extremely easy to sign up, make it difficult to cancel remotely. I’m not impressed.

  2. Kole F. dice:

    I only use the app to check the crowd meter and to check in. The new app seems to load these a bit faster and more consistently for me. Nice. However, the low rating is for the poor notifications UX. Not being able to turn off the marketing garbage (without resorting to overriding in system preferences) is seriously annoying. Having to view the message to clear the dot is annoying, as well.

  3. I can’t emphasize this enough, I don’t need notifications for the messages you send me. if I don’t open the message, I keep getting notifications for it. There is also NO option in the settings to turn off notifications, just change language. It would be one thing if the messages were important. The last one was an “exclusive” offer for $20 off Bose headphones. THEY ARE ALREADY $20 OFF ON THEIR WEBSITE. Who is it exclusive for, everybody? It’s insulting, do you think your customers are stupid?

  4. Update fixed the slow loading, but I hate the new workout tracking. The old graph for workout time & seeing day/week/month total was very motivating. No way to view progress anymore. Workout aren’t calculated by total in a day anymore. If I workout with stretching, strength training & cardio, app adds as three short workouts, & workout average reflects that. Can’t overstate the difference. Other features seem fine; I don’t use them. This is for the most recent update, so confused by response.

  5. I can no longer view my total workout minutes per week. This used to be present right on the home screen of the app, now it’s no longer a thing. Good job fixing something which wasn’t broken. Update: In response to the developer comment; No. The “my journey” tab does not contain the weekly “X out of 75 minutes” tracker which used to be present on the home screen of the app.

  6. A Steele dice:

    While I have not had issue accessing the app, I feel it lacks utility. The workout section should have greater flexibility in tracking your routine. My cardio routine generally consists of using the treadmill. Plugging the information into the app does not always provide the same info as the treadmill. With Bluetooth capabilities, perhaps the info could be transmitted to the app on your phone. Additionally, not all equipment is listed in the app, i.e.. strength training equipment.

  7. PF app v9.6.5 Regardless of whatever version, this app still has issues. Like with many other users, I basically only use the app to check in and check crowd size. Almost all the other features on the app results is “Oops!” Something is wrong, try back later. Also I cannot open any messages in the Message Inbox…just see the subject line. Cannot see Perks or my gym’s features. Can not see the Workouts. It basically feels like the pages/tabs are all under construction.

  8. This could be a great app but it seems like they don’t take care of it. It’s early Feb now and unfortunately the new years resolution people are still here. The crowd meter will say 2 bars despite the gym being packed with 98% if all equipment being in use. The rest of the app is pretty good. But as someone who wants to avoid other people, that top thing really hurts.

  9. This app does not open on my phone or tablet. For about 1 month it gives a message that it cannot connect to the internet. I removed and reinstalled the app. It lets me log on, then once logged on successfully it shows a screen stating the internet is not available. I had a strong internet signal and connectivity at the time. It used to work well. No longer

  10. I just signed up this week and no matter how many times I install and uninstall the app, EVERY time I open it (regardless of wifi being on or off and there’s no update option), I just get a page that says “Oops! Something went wrong, please try again later” with a “Try again” button, which does nothing. So, it’s always a whole thing just trying to get signed in, let alone use the app for. What a joke!

  11. T PHILL dice:

    The app rarely works for me. If I log out of the app, It takes me multiple tries to get back in. I get a constant message that there is a connection failure despite me being on Wi-Fi. As a backup, I had to take a screenshot of my membership tag so I can get into the gym because the app is not reliable. The app just doesn’t work.

  12. Ramona A dice:

    This app doesn’t do much but take up space on your phone. At least let us schedule classes on here with other locations, especially if our home location does not have classes. Having to actually go to another location to check what classes and times is stupid when the app should do that for you. This should be an easy fix!

  13. The “find club” map is useless and can easily be improved. The map shows dots of PF locations and a list of the gym name/locations but does not display the gym name when selecting the dot. In a city with several locations, it would be nice to simply see the PF location on a map with the location name AND the operating hours. You have to click a location from the list to separately see the operating hours. It’s much easier and better using Google maps to locate a PF .

  14. Newest version isn’t as good as previous. Cannot track my days or anything else easily anymore.I prefer to see the bar graph of the month showing what days I went and for how long.It’s just numbers that dont easily show the specific days and and can’t even read all the words in the bottom right box, let alone click on them.Did nobody test this first?Nobody seems to like the update.Maybe y’all should listen and fix it. *Response to PF:You think I cant work the 3 buttons? The info isn’t there now.

  15. If I could give it a zero I would, every time I open the app it asks me to upgrade to black card. I already have a black card. Just a useless app taking up space on my phone. it even sucks as digital membership card,, takes 10 minutes to load my card. This app use to sync with my Fitbit, with the new update now it does not. It’s only good for having a digital copy of your membership card.

  16. Jag P dice:

    The app is just okay. I only need to use it to gauge crowd level at a certain gym. Starting the app takes quite a while – a bit strange. (Only) if you are signed in as a member do you get to see the crowd meter. If you want to revisit the crowd level later, there is no obvious way to refresh the reading – there should be! You have to exit the app and start it again. Also, the app seems a bit bloated.

  17. As of 11/29/2022 this app is still not working. The App isn’t working on my phone with Android 7.1.1. I click to open the App, instead of opening I get a page directing me to Update. I click the Update bar on the page and it takes me to the App on Google Play. There’s no Update to select. I click on Open. This process repeats in a never ending loop. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with no help.

  18. Worst design for an app. They make it 100 times harder to change home club locations or to cancel memberships. Aside from creating an account, everything else is very inconvenient and terrible regarding their app and website. It should not take a coding certificate to make account changes. They must be making this difficult for their own benefit. To cancel? You have to go in person. Already moved? LOL guess you’re sending a letter in the mail. What? So pointless.

  19. Just signed up for Planet Fitness membership, downloaded the app, and can’t even get past setting up a password. I’ve looked up everything on this, seems like a lot of people are having this problem. The replies are always the same from PF: update the app, sign in, enjoy. Doing that gets you nowhere though. You still get the same “error setting up password” message with no additional help from the app whatsoever.

  20. Beware using app to update payment info. They do not allow you to view numbers, only enter twice. But, they do not provide enough room for all digits in long account numbers, causing payment issues, and then late fees. They need to make 3 changes. One is to lengthen characters allowed. 2 is to allow you to view the entry. 3 allow club changes through the app. It is really only useful to look up club hours and to check in.

  21. Updated review, rating holding at 3 stars — being able to automatically add classes I’m taking to my calendar would be helpful, save a lot of time, and improve the user experience. Having to add manually is inconvenient – I can’t even copy/paste – and calendar integration seems like a basic function at this point in app tech.

  22. The workouts part of the app hasn’t worked for at least a month. I pay for the highest membership and it’s disheartening that the workouts you can do from home don’t load and always say “oops something went wrong”. Frustrating for sure! Yes, I have tried to clear the cache and all the other suggestions they give and it still doesn’t work. Ridiculous.

  23. CAT dice:

    It’s great that we could keep track of activity, but It would also be awesome if we could keep track of weight without changing the starting weight and a section where we could keep track of body measurements as well. That way we could see changes over time in the same app. I currently use 3 different apps, I wish it was all in this one. A section to keep track of what you eat? A reminder to drink water?I also don’t like the update. I miss the glowing circle thing everytime you add an activity.

  24. Older version worked great. The new version keeps telling me the connection failed. Only app on my phone that can’t connect. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now I can’t even sign in after putting in password. Thought maybe I had the wrong password but was able to log into my account from the website. As of now, this app is currently useless.

  25. I like how easy it is to check in on the app and see how busy my location is before going. However, I’ve never seen an app so blatantly designed to upsell rather than to make the actual features I want to use easy to find. The main things I want to be able to do are sign in, which is fine, and track my workouts- and checking that data is a pain in the butt. The main screen is a full-size ad to get the black card, you have to scroll, click, and swipe to get to a record of your workouts.

  26. B Haynes dice:

    Useless. Cannot login, ever, no matter what. This includes definitely-right accounts, resetting passwords, or creating a new account. The app just instantly but silently fails every single time. This has been my experience for well over a year now. The attendants at the gym gave up too after trying to help me. Since they don’t print cards anymore, I have to manually checkin with my phone number every time if I want to use my membership. Considering finding a new gym because of this.

  27. App is stuck in a loop. Says I need to update it and links to the play store but it’s the newest version. My android OS meets the minimum requirements so I’m not sure what’s going on with it. Need this app to work to fully use my gym membership. Update: tech support reached out and indicated it was fixed but still now working. Hoping they can fix it soon.

  28. App stopped working. This is crazy. Last worked back in July. What happened? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and still the app does not load. Waste of time at this point. Looks like nothing is being done to resolve this issue. Buddy of mine has no issues with the app working on his IPhone. Really? It’s working on iPhone but not Android? Great!

  29. “Connection error”, so reinstalled, now stuck in the “need to update, link to play store loop”. Think my phone is no longer supported. Now I get to ask staff to sign me in, can’t wait for them to tire of that. Edit: Oddly enough when the issues started, their push notifications seem to work just fine, even though I had them turned off.

  30. It’s good when it works. At least half the time, it gives a false error “connection failed” and won’t open. Meanwhile, an apartment full of smart devices are connecting successfully and all other apps work just fine. Deleting and downloading for the umpteenth time now. Ridiculous.

  31. Haven’t been able to get into app. It just tells me to make sure I’m connected to internet. None of my other apps are an issue. I delete & redownload and still says same thing. Update from back in June it’s now November still sane issue call someone and they just say weird. I’ve updated, deleted, re-download. I’m not an idiot. I’ve read reviews and your responses are all the same. We have all updated and everything else. How about you’s just fix the problem already!!!

  32. I like signing up for classes and options for workouts are awesome. However, I think this app has a lot more potential and is not being utilized correctly. For example, the PF Express workout is not listed as an option to track, which seems silly to me. Also there is no way to connect external apps, like a FitBit profile, which is frustrating. Overall, the layout is easy to use and it is a nice app, but I just think it has some improvements to make. Disclaimer: I did not use the old app.

  33. After the revamp and working out some of the bugs, the app has a lot of cool functions that run smoothly. I use the workout and exercise functions, and they leads me through different types of exercises. I was not a user of the old version, and don’t use the app to track my exercise. However, for guiding my workouts and signing me up for classes, it works great. Also, customer service was helpful when I initially downloaded the app and it kept crashing. It was fixed.

  34. Awful, just terrible. The version I had last fall was great. I was able to schedule sessions, scan codes at each machine to watch an instructional video etc. I very much dislike that I’m unable to see who is leading available sessions. Just downloaded the app again after renewing my membership at PF and none of the previous options are available. I’m not even sure what the purpose of this current version is.

  35. It’s almost a good app but definitely needs more functionality than what’s currently offered. The workouts it has are great but there’s no indication of when it’s time to switch exercises; no sound, no vibration, nothing. So if you’re not staring at your phone, you don’t know what’s happening. Furthermore, there’s no way to scan the QR codes on machines in the gym nor a decent way to track strength training. The only tracking option is “weightlifting.” Overall, it’s fine, but disappointing.

  36. The app was great until 2 weeks ago when they made a bunch of changes to it, Now we can not enter the amount of calories burned and instead it just tells you how many you burned and it doesn’t matter if you for example peddle harder or easier on the bike, all you can set is the intensity of the ride. However I like to change the levels as I’m biking and that way the calorie count would go up and down. No more, can’t do it now.

  37. I would give zero stars if I could. I used to love this app before it updated. Since this update, it’s basically a glorified digital ID card. They’ve discontinued the xCapture feature which was amazing. Now, I’m forced to manually log and workout which doesn’t allow enough details. For cardio machines I can’t log distance, just time and “intensity” which is a short list from to “very light” to “very vigorous.” I need to be able to track distance for training, and now I have to go find a different app that will allow me to do so.

  38. The latest major update removed the most useful features of this app. I mainly used the app to track my workouts by uploading a photo of the display panel, which was a great feature! Not only did the August update completely remove that feature, it also didn’t carry over any of my workouts logged after July 14th! You can still manually enter a workout, but for some reason there’s no option to enter your calories burned, even though there’s a column for calories burned in the activity history.

  39. App doesn’t track workouts! What’s the point of this app. I need a separate app to keep track of my PLANET FITNESS exercises. Crazy. Don’t download until they update app. Edit: so the update erased all of my activities. This is a terrible app. Believe the reviews. Edit edit: no way to turn off notifications. I get emails when I sign up for classes and an email the day before classes and when the classes end. It’s a lot. Still 1 star.

  40. Regarding the new app update, I had no warning that a major update was coming. My password just didn’t work anymore, my shortcut disappeared on my Android phone. I had to reset my password which is when I found out about the update. After loading it, noticed it took a while longer to load. My phone’s battery drained very, very quickly the next day (from 100% in the morning). I’m guessing the app is pretty bloated or it is constantly getting/receiving data. Anyway, I”m going to have to remove it from my phone if I can’t figure out how to make it friendlier. Perhaps turning off notifications for it might help. I’ll amend this and re-rate it if I figure out something.

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