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Walking distance tracker & step counter. Walk to lose weight and burn calories
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WalkFit is an easy-to-use walking app – just choose a weight loss program or walking challenge, set daily goals for walking, follow the fitness plan, walk, and burn calories! Start with just a few steps a day and you’ll start to see results in just 4 weeks.

Track your steps daily, count walking distance & burned calories – stay active and healthy with WalkFit, an interval walking app & step counter. This walking distance measurement app was designed by a professional coach to help you lose weight and get fit using walking workouts.

Main Features
• Walking distance tracker
• Calorie tracker
• Pedometer
• Steps counter or walking steps tracker
• GPS walking tracker
• Personalized exercise programs
• Interval walking & speed walking fitness plans
• Sync with Fitbit activity tracker

Use the WalkFit step counter if your goal is to burn calories & track results. The smart algorithm adapts to your walking pace and can count steps.
You can be sure that our walking distance measurement app will correctly monitor your footsteps and make your activities count. Training progress records automatically, so there’s no need to count your steps. Easily check your walk time, distance & step count with graphic stats – daily, weekly, monthly.

The app will track distance walked and steps taken no matter where your phone is. Don’t forget that WalkFit has a built-in GPS distance tracker to track outdoor fitness activities on a map.

Challenge yourself to increase your daily physical activity and improve endurance & stamina with the WalkFit step counter app. Take part in our step challenges, track distance walked, and archive your fitness goals.

Walking Fitness Challenges
• Fat burning interval walking
• 7-minute walking for weight loss challenge
• Calorie Killer
• Walk
• 10-minute walk
• Endurance and HIIT
• Outdoor walking exercises
• Indoor treadmill workouts

Let us create a custom plan for you! Walking for weight loss or just looking for a simple pedometer to stay in shape? The WalkFit walking step tracker app is suitable for both.

Just fill in the necessary details and get started on your fitness journey.
• Main goal: improve heart health, get outdoors, or lose weight
• Choose your fitness level
• Target body type: lean, athletic or shredded
• Target muscles: legs, belly, or buttocks
• Choose your bodyweight and fitness goal

Get your personal interval walking plan with our activity tracker app. Walking for weight loss has never been this easy! What’s more, the WalkFit walking step tracker algorithm will help you to choose your starting step count. Remember that walking as part of an active lifestyle can reduce stress levels, get rid of negative thoughts, and help you to sleep better.

WalkFit works with watches running the WEAR operating system, which can track your passive activities and workouts from your watch.

Subscription Info
The WalkFit walking app is an easy-to-follow fitness plan that will allow you to see results quickly. If running is not suitable for you, a walking approach to weight loss can be a great alternative. WalkFit provides you with great opportunities to burn calories and lose belly fat!

How many miles a day do you need to walk to lose weight? The number of miles per day that you need to walk to lose weight depends on your starting point.You can download the individual training app with no money required. To use the walking tracker and have access to all features – e.g., walking distance tracker – will require a subscription. Choose your fitness goals, start walking for weight loss, and get in shape with the WalkFit walking app.

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback or suggestions to [email protected]
Privacy Policy: http://walkfit.pro/android/privacy-policy-app.html
Terms of Use: http://walkfit.pro/android/terms-of-use-app.html

Walk daily, take part in walking challenges, track your success, and keep your fitness levels up with WalkFit – the walking app for weight loss.


- Tech improvements


40 comentarios en "WalkFit: Walking App MODDED 2022"

  1. Rae Banks dice:

    I like the short term goals based on your weight age etc. I like the notifications during the walk as well as target speed. I don’t like that you can’t sync it to a device. So the step count isn’t 100% accurate. It would seem that it would help your advertising for the app if steps were accurate and it appeared the goals were being achieved. Also, allow an update to your personal profile without reentering stats and we should be able to see a summary page and update our weight. Thx

  2. shauna dice:

    It works but not worth paying for. It does have different walks that allows you to move up. As everyone says it doesn’t sync with anything and has limited capabilities. You have to have your phone stuck to you constantly which I can’t so it isn’t accurate. I will use it for the walks but I just got a Galaxy watch and will use that to get an accurate step count.

  3. I wish I could rate this even less, as well. It is a trick. Starts out as an ad, thought I would go thru the steps to see what it is all about and then boom, there you have it. You have unintentonally gotten yourselft into a free trial amd no way to get out of the app without selecting a package. Lots of language letting you know you have to cancel or get billed thru Google Play but no info on how to cancel. It isn’t even showing up in my subscriptions. Big waste of time.

  4. Very disappointed not only in the paywall and no free trial period, but the content you get when you do pay isn’t worth the money they charge. A couple of Google searches to calculate my BMI and how much I need to walk to stimulate weight loss could do the same thing. It did show how quickly you should walk that distance for optimal results, but I feel setting your own small goals and working up to more challenging ones does that just as well.

  5. I downloaded the app a while ago. When I looked into it to see how much it would cost, I decided to wait with completing set up. I went back and noted that they offered a 7 day free trial period. Surely that would provide an opportunity to try out the app with the security of being able to cancel it and not be charged…because it’s free. Wrong. As soon as I clicked the option and finished with the “purchase” on my Google play account, I was charged. It’s not free apparently which is BS!

  6. Dianna L dice:

    My first walk went well. The app kept track of my steps. However, I would’ve liked to have been able to watch the steps as they accrued as they counter would freeze and then update wherever it chose to. Couldn’t figure out of it was based on time or what that made it update. And if the timer is based on actual “clock” time it isn’t accurate.

  7. Unfortunately, I paid for this app because I thought it would be good, but not only isn’t it like the commercial I saw on TV, the preview screens on the app store also totally misrepresent what you get/see. Basically all you do is put in your height and weight, how many steps you want, goal weight (which I was hoping would be more interactive according to how much I put in for time walking) and it gives you guided “workouts”. I didn’t need an app for that.. It’s basically a step tracker.

  8. Ripoff. You answer the questionnaire to get your “personalized walking plan” but then have to pay to see it, which in and of itself isn’t bad, I mean they’ve gotta make their money, but then after you pay… THERE IS NO PERSONALIZED PLAN. It’s basically just a steps tracker (where you chose your own goal, no personalized advice is given) and workout videos (which are helpful for some, I’m sure, but NOT what most of us downloaded the app – and paid – for!)

  9. I’ve had to reinstall the app twice in 3 days because it stops counting the steps. When I tried to cancel the subscription after the 3 days it wouldn’t cancel it for a year. It’s not worth any money if it only works a day at a time. It also isn’t recognizing when I complete any of the daily tasks either. Not sure how it can customize a walking without acknowledging what’s been completed.

  10. This app has a couple of pros and just as many cons. The pros include a customized walking plan, suggestions for increasing steps, guided and freestyle sessions for walking, and mini-workouts to fit into a busier schedule. One major con is the app’s connectivity: It is limited to Fitbit. Mt steps aren’t being tracked constantly. Another major issue is the price. This app isn’t worth $29. I would have maybe paid $5 for the service I am receiving.

  11. Disappointed in this app. I paid the $30 something for the subscription, but I find that it is very one-dimensional. It’s just the one guided walking challenge so far and it doesn’t track steps or mileage despite it seeming like it does. Not in love. No community interface either so you’re just on your own. Not worth paying for!!!!

  12. Paid for a annual subscription and after a week the app stopped working intermittently. I’ve had to Uninstall and reinstall numerous times. Finally decided to quit using it and requested a refund. Of course I haven’t gotten any help from the developer, after 48 hours Google doesn’t issue refunds either. Got screwed. Highly recommend you don’t pay up front. Make sure it works first. Update… I did contact the email you mentioned and all they keep telling me is All Sales Final and won’t refund

  13. Using walkfit make me more confident and I look forward to walking than ever before. I get better and better every day since using the app. The issues I have is figuring how to use it. After the first day, I put my weight in and haven’t seen that part of it on the app. I don’t see the daily walks…I see the steps and calories. At first the miles weren’t adding up but they fixed it after I pointed it out. A lot to improve for a subscription.

  14. Skip Lynn dice:

    I installed this app, shared a bunch (way too much) personal information upfront, and then was unable to even understand it’s features and functions, or try it out even once, without paying for a subscription. So I simply deleted it. A good app will allow you to do a free trial before having to pay for a subscription. This one is probably assuming most users would not actually pay for it if they found out how little value it provides (at least, that’s what the most recent reviewers have said).

  15. Very basic for the price and will only work with fitbit. Very disappointing and very generic for the premium price. I requested a refund through Google with in the first hour as I could tell this was not for me. If you going to charge a premium price it should be able to do a lot more than what it currently is capable of and read from from more than fitbit.

  16. Liza Ross dice:

    Doesn’t adjust difficulty. I am rating the experiences and I keep rating that it is too easy but the app does not adjust to the user. Not that thrilled I didn’t read the reviews beforehand since there will be no refund and I have yet to find auto-renewal cancel button. I wanted the app to provide guidance on speed, duration, everything I need to help me get tone. So far, I have to adjust on my own without support from app. Which I was under the impression the app was going to provide.

  17. I purchased this, thinking it could be a great tool to help on my weightless journey. The app is NEVER accurate. I can walk for miles and it only records I walked a few feet. I’ve attempted it for five consecutive days even after sending an email. With the same results, a really crappie app. They took my $30 for the year and the app is worthless. I don’t recommend, like get bamboozled like did.

  18. This app is terrible. If doesn’t connect to my Fitbit. It doesn’t track my steps correctly. It’s off count by thousands of steps. I can’t manually change the step counter to reflect what my Fitbit says. If it was able to do that, I would have such a problem. In theory it sounds like a really great app. But in practice it’s pretty crappy. The developer knows that which is why there isn’t a free trial. People only force you to buy something when they want to boost their sales for their investors!!

  19. Totally disappointed – I was super excited to try out this app. But after downloading and setting it up is when they hit you with the subscription fee. No where on the ad in Google play did it say it was a subscription. No I did not think it would be completely free. I figured they would have a basic and premium.

  20. The app is free to inatall, but the app is just a basic questionnaire regarding your fitness goals. The actual substance of the plan costs $30. The app should tell you that up front, and give more information about your customized plan before asking for money. This app basically asks you to pay for something without seeing it or getting to sample it first. It doesn’t even show examples. It asks your height and weight and target goal, then asks you for money. Don’t bother installing it.

  21. So far, seems like a good app… took off a star because there is no way to sync with Fitbit or other tracker and no way to manually add steps from a tracker. Walk is based on age, weight, etc, not just a general thing, which I like alot. When you walk, the app let’s you know when you are nearing pace changes. Let’s you use Pandora or Shazam. I’m an Amazon person, but it’s still a nice feature. 5/21 UPDATE: I got a new phone. Paid my subscription, but app keeps looping me to pay again! No good!

  22. Absolutely terrible. Steps aren’t accurate. Calories are way off from everything else I’ve used. Pricey for literally no reason. There are several free apps out there. Use those instead. Its probably better anyway. This was a timer that I paid over $10 a month for. I would cancel my subscription but I made the mistake of paying for it in advance.

  23. Very misleading, they sell you by making you think this app will tell you exactly how much you need to walk to lose weight. I understand no body can do that, so it’s wrong to make ppl think that’s what this app will do. It should also be able to sync with any fit watch to be more accurate, no one walks with their phone constantly on them. Cancelled after 1 day, wasted $30

  24. When I 1st downloaded a month ago I enjoyed the ease of use. Now a month later after purchasing a 1 year subscription it no longer tracks daily. If i don’t have the app open directly it does not track any steps! Now I’m out the subscription cost for an app that doesn’t work. *Edited to add After speaking with both Google and the developer you cannot get a refund from either. So buyer beware.

  25. Meh … Should Have More Features For Paid Subscription … the paid subscription should allow for syncing my Fitbit device so accurate steps, etc can be captured. If syncing is not available, then at least allow me to manually adjust the steps, and other data points captured. I paid for this subscription but it feels like a free trial … not proving worth the price… if there are no new features offered soon to allow paid users to have more control, I will not be renewing this subscription

  26. I want a refund. The moment I put my info into the app, I was charged 29.99. . . the app wouldn’t allow me to see any fitness plans nor allow access to any videos or pictures before uploading my card, which wasn’t supposed to be charged. THE ENTIRE APP is for walking. The end. Nothing else, no other exercises, just walking, and the notifications keep going off

  27. I was charged for 3 months before I could even evaluate the app. I assumed I would at least get a 7 day free trial before my card was charged. Nope. Also, this app does not merge with my Fitbit. Workouts are basically timed interval walks. Nothing I couldn’t just do with a treadmill. Don’t waste your money. There are better apps out there!

  28. Don’t download it! Just don’t! I did today because they had a pretty good ad on Facebook. I thought I’d give it a try. Long story short: I paid 30 bucks for a year subscribtion (best deal for a private fitness program…), there were no personal plans, they dont give refunds and top of all I couldnt even change my daily step goal from what I entered during registration. Awesome.App is uninstalled, money lost + dont forget to cancel your membership. They automatically charge again in 12 months.

  29. They make you get a subscription before you know what the app does, which is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the claim their ads give saying they personalize your walking goal. They don’t, you select it on your own. Just use a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps, as it’s no different. Never, ever, pay for this and if you did please get a refund (like I did).

  30. This app is pure evil. It was recommended by a watch that I bought, but it makes you go through all the setup steps to customize your exercise plan, and then, waits until you are all finished to tell you that you have to pay a fee and offers no way to decline or back out of the purchase. The only way I was able to get out of the app, once it stood still waiting for my purchase was to open up the recent menu and kill the entire app. What a waste of time! You have been warned.

  31. Being my first day I haven’t experienced any of the issues I’ve read in the reviews. I recommend having a tutorial to help walkers better understand how to maneuver in the app. I assumed that I only had the plan presented to me on the homescreen. After my walk, I played with the app & discovered the details of my plan & other plans (challenges) and that I could also choose them to add my daily plan. Not sure how it tracks weight loss but will find out after a couple of weeks when I weigh again

  32. Jamie D. dice:

    I wish I would have read the reviews before subscribing. The interface looked amazing. You give personal info like height and weight… Thinking your going to get some sort of personalized experiance… Nope. I got a step counter and a 17 min workout with a monotoned voice that tells me “speed up for 2 min”, “walk slow for 2 min” and “almost there”. You can’t actually see the work out before hand. I really thought there would be more. Dissapointing.

  33. Don’t waste your money. Fitbit does it better.. App indicated I could cancel before the end of the trial if it wasn’t what I was looking for. There was no trial period. I canceled my order within the hour when I realized my fitbit already was meeting the need. WalkFit app wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was still charged for the purchase despite canceling the same day.

  34. Not interested in a Walking weight loss app that requires payment before even getting a trial. I should have read the reviews first. It seems that all this app could possibly do is recommend a walking times or distances. I can get that for free from my Dr and the wellness program at work. If there is more to this app then to us should at least show me generic examples of that before asking for payment. What a joke.

  35. Complete rubbish, asks a bunch of questions that lure you into thinking this app is something other than a basic pedometer. The ‘plans’ involve walking everyday, with no insight into how to improve walking techniques, the benefits of route changes, rest days, pace variation and the effect inclines and declines can have on leg muscles. A complete waste of £21, unsubscribed within 30 mins. Refund from Google play within an hour. Do not purchase.

  36. Of course, app wants a full year payment upfront without even telling you what exactly the workout regimen looks like. Another money grab app. Never trust an app that wants upfront payment without even delivering a plan or even a trail period. Bogus. To reply – you emailing me info is not the point. Why not post that Info , a video , or something that tells about your app. But demanding upfront payment for something unknown speaks about your app.

  37. Not worth the money. Doesn’t sync with Samsung Health or my Samsung Watch, despite several attempts to get it to integrate via Google-fit. Wish I had had a trial period because essentially I have wasted £20. Save your money and use something else.

  38. M Lindsay dice:

    Useless, after downloading and adding my personal information, the app is frozen on the select plan screen. I’ve uninstalled 2 and it always returns to the same problem.

  39. new but not sure it’s working correctly. I’m now in my 2nd year and have recommended this app to my wife. This app can cost as little as £20 a year easy to use and a great way to keep track on your progress good or bad 5 stars..

  40. I understand some app are paid for, but don’t make someone enter all their details setting up an account only for the last step to be to enter payment details with no other way past it, no free access to see what you would actually be paying for. It’s a walking app so I can’t see how it really offers much, anyone can set a schedule to walk a certain amount and my phone has it’s own inbuilt app that measures steps and targets for free.

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