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Introducing the fepblue app for the Federal Employee Program® (FEP).
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With the fepblue app, you can:

Access your benefits
• View and share your member ID card
• Know how close you are to meeting your annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximum*
• See important visit limit information for benefits and services, such as acupuncture visits*
• Access to medical and pharmacy claims including Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
• Step-up authentication for enhanced security

Get care
• Call the Nurse Line
• Find urgent care centers
• Search for Preferred providers

Be notified
• If you give us permission, we’ll send important reminders straight to your mobile device

Stay connected to FEP
• You can easily access our website and social media channels through the app

*It can take up to ten days after we receive a claim to reflect these changes on your account.

Enable Touch ID to make logging in easier.
Once you log in to the app for the first time, you can set up fingerprint access on eligible Android devices. Then, the next time you log in to the app, you’ll only need your fingerprint to sign in.

We keep your information secure.
We use the latest security technology and industry best practices to secure your information. Your account is yours—it can only be accessed through your MyBlue® login information. We recommend keeping your app up to date to ensure that it has the latest security features. You should keep your phone operating system up to date as well.

You can find providers and urgent care centers without logging in. However, you’ll need to login with your MyBlue® username and password to access benefit information. Don’t have an account? Sign up at: https://www.fepblue.org/pilot/registration

Stay tuned for new features as we try to make your healthcare information easier to access and understand.


- New Improved login and registration process
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "fepblue MODDED"

  1. The app now requires 2FA, which would be fine but it requires reverification. Reverification adds no security to a service (Google doesn’t do it), and does nothing but make a service harder to use. And that’s if it works correctly. Plus the app (but not the website) requires you to call a number and sit on hold to get a PIN that’s apparently only used once. Which isn’t going to happen. It’s still open season, so I’ll be looking at other insurance providers that value their customers time.

  2. Beth G dice:

    It is difficult to find recent health results. It is not obvious where to look. And changing the date for the search is very difficult. It seems to default to the last time checked which may be some time ago. The date option should be available to change in any area – results, radiology, clinical notes, etc. Even this review – it was not obvious initially how to submit it (Post is up in the top right corner rather than on the main screen).

  3. Very clumsy; lots of repetitive popups; lots of circuitous routing to get where you want. (And lately it doesn’t work at all – can’t log in “due to a system error.”) Hard to see how it’s even as good as, no less better than, just connecting to the site via a browser.)

  4. The app allows for an optional fingerprint login under the settings menu. Unfortunately, it only confuses the app when logging in. You receive a message that your fingerprint was successful, but an error message pops up stating you have an incorrect log in. If you attempt more than once, you have to reset your password. Once I turned off the fingerprint option and logged in manually, I had no problem. The fingerprint option is obviously not working and causing an error when logging in.

  5. The ‘claims’ button never works. It always says ‘We’re sorry, it looks like there was an error retrieving your data.’ no matter what I try. There is no way to leave app feedback. The communications section opens, but all my inquiries are marked closed immediately with the reply button grayed out, making it impossible to reply if I need clarification. There is no way to view detailed benefits information, only the simplified version, which misses a lot.

  6. This app has sooo many bugs. It crashes, freezes, has several functions that just say “error can’t get that information right now” and all sorts of visual artifacts with transitions and such. Extremely poor quality for, literally, the most expensive insurance company around Update: months later. Almost nothing works on this app. You can sign in…that’s about it.

  7. I was hopeful that this app would help me stay on track with my health goals. The online health coach is nearly useless, as it isn’t really integral to the app, but seems the user to an online site that isn’t very user friendly. I get reminder emails about once a week, which doesn’t really encourage adherence to taking goals. Also, i expected a place to consolidate health information, like past medical history, and that’s missing. Disappointed.

  8. J C dice:

    Either I’m not very tech savvy, or this app has some rather annoying glitches (like getting message which reads “it looks like you signed up on a new device…please verify with code we sent to your email”, only it happened 3 times in a row within minutes on same exact device). Plus, I had to get a second device to access my email, due to not being able to navigate back to certain pages during sign-in process. Great app, but frustrating security process.

  9. 4 days ago the health tools/health trackers stopped working and tech support suggested I had done something wrong when I have used it for a long period of time with no problems. I have been using this app for many years and once again it has stopped working. I have tried to notify bcbs/fep with no success. Once again I am very frustrated with this app. When it works, I like what I am able to track. However, the app doesn’t work at all these days. I’ve been using this app for many years until now

  10. C Bell dice:

    UPDATE: 9/14/22 This app just gets worse and worse! Updated Review 2/2021: Used to work pretty good most of the time, not anymore! This app has become next to impossible to log into! I have to uninstall and reinstall to get in….. EVERY TIME! Until I do so it gives me an error message. It is NOT a mistake in user name or password. I’ve double checked that and get a completely different message when that is the case. This app is supposed to aid in our healthcare experience.

  11. I suggest everyone contact the developer at the provided email address and hound them about fixing the app. This app is a piece of junk. Despite claims of “actively working to fix this issue”, it’s been over 2.5 months since it worked and over 2 months since they claimed to be working to fix it. As of 01/16/2020 claims STILL aren’t viewable from the app. Junk, junk, junk. Good thing they’re “actively” working on it or it might take years to fix!

  12. In the last 30 days app was unavailable for scheduled maintenance for 4 days and one week afterward I cant retrieve my data. BC has incentives where you need to sign in and enter data 21 out of 28 days to earn credit. The frequent unavailability of this app makes it extremely difficult to do this. When it works its fine but it’s not reliable enough to rate it more than 2 stars.

  13. The app is horrible. Logging on is a feat in itself, if you can get it to do it. It errors out for everything you attempt to do. You try to open the messages, it errors. Once the secure message finally opens you try to delete it and it errors again. Try to see claims it errors. I’ve restarted the app, restarted my phone multiple times, and still the same result. What a horrible build, typical for a government product.

  14. Fingerprint sign in feature is broke. It tries to use an ancient username rather the actual user name. Notifications by email – you log in to see what is happening and the app shows no activity to match the notification, instead you have to actually go to the website to get current data. Continues to nag about other coverage even when you have notified customer service that there is no other coverage. No real convenience offered. Web site seems to be better, even on a tiny screen.

  15. So far, an ok app. I do find it ridiculous that when required to provide your daye of birth, the app made me use the calendar arrow to go back 60+ years ONE MONTH AT A TIME to SELECT my DOB. That is over 720 PRESSES!! Need to get another date entry algorithm! There was no way to select a year or manually enter the date! I almost quit and deleted the app right then! Luckily I continued. So far, app is ok.

  16. Worked fine on my old S8. I upgraded to an S21 it’s okay but if I go into the Benefits portion of My Plan and try to use the search, as soon as I type anything into the search box the app closes. So far, for the implemented features, that’s the only one I’ve experienced a technical failure on.

  17. Everytime I attempt to get into this app, it is difficult. I understand its federal and security is important but not to the extent that the app is just not usable. I use my fingerprint to get into it, then it makes me read terms and conditions, then the app is sooo poorly done, you cant click on “I agree”. I cannot get anywhere. I want to find a doctor…well nevermind. I will research it on Google! No Thanks!

  18. Eric dice:

    One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. The provider information is consistently wrong. Locations are wrong. Phone numbers are wrong. Even whether or not the doctor is in network is wrong. Pricing and coverage options are more confusing than helpful as well. It’s is constantly freezing and crashing too.

  19. The only reason I downloaded this app is for the convenience of being able to see my claims. Other users have more reasons for downloading it. When this app no longer can give me access to my claims, it has rendered itself useless. The message that comes up is: ‘We’re sorry, it looks like there was an error retrieving your data. Try again.’ This has been happening for nearly two months. The tech department at FepBlue needs to address this. If it gets fixed I’ll give the app a higher rating.

  20. Absolutely the worst! After logging in with my fingerprint, and getting a message that it was successful I still have to login with my username and password. When I click on my plan it tells me the login again and then it’s just sticks me in a loop of endless login back and forth. It constantly redirects me off the app onto a browser to the BCBS website. What’s the point of the app if I have to use the website? It doesn’t list my Pharmacy co-pays.

  21. This app is TERRIBLE. I updated my email address but its still trying to send verification codes to the old email address not only that but I have two phones and I’m trying to get the app to recognize both of my devices and it’s been a freaking nightmare! The app keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize the phone number that I put as my preferred phone number! Fix this app its a headache to deal with!

  22. This app is NOT user friendly! In order to change the password, you send a temporary password (letters and numbers). After entering that, you send a verification code. Then you tell me I’ve tried too many times and lock me out! Please fix your app!

  23. App asks for 2FA but takes you to an external site for no reason, you will need to reverify every few months and it still has issues with that. Not easy to navigate and read EOBs or check you benefits information. Could use many improvements, just a half completed app with a webview plug-in.

  24. Rating it one star because I can’t rate it less! Terrible terrible terrible app! Makes you jump through endless hoops to get from point A to point B. Extremely repetitive logging in procedure! Exceptionally unintuitive! The people that developed this app and website should be hung by their balls, and that includes the women who worked on it because I’m sure that they have testicles

  25. Wanda N dice:

    Both the app and website don’t work at all. Nothing loads. Error after error. 20 minutes on the phone with customer service being transferred all over just to be told “sometimes the app glitches. You should use the website.” I was trying to use the app because the website doesn’t work. 🤦‍♀️

  26. It took a couple of calls over several days to gain access via the mobile app. There seems to be issues with cookie/browser settings that require you to contact customer support gor help in getting past the device verification stage. You also need to login once every 4 months in order to maintain access.

  27. App hasn’t worked since enrollment. Won’t allow to set up multifactor authentication in order to use yet this app is pushed at every level on the desktop and mobile sites which have their own issues. Shame on BCBS for trading this segment of their customer base as a 1995 customer base. Not impressed.

  28. When I’m looking for providers/doctors it would be great to know what the name of the office/hospital they are operating from. Also SO MANY OF THE PHONE NUMBERS ARE WRONG!!! Which makes not knowing the place of business even more annoying. I guess it keeps me in network tho🤷‍♀️

  29. This app sucks. You have to jump thru hoops to get in, then when that doesn’t work, it “must be your phone.” Though all my other apps work just fine. Fix your app and quit trying to blame everything else for your laziness.

  30. Trying to login, but the app and the website just load after entering my credentials and does nothing else. I receive a temporary code to enter but the website just hangs with the spinning loading icon and so those the app. Fix it!

  31. Julie dice:

    Unable to login – every time I try to verify my phone number an error shows on screen and an email verification is received even though there is no way to enter that code.

  32. can never find what i’m looking for, can’t get to rx’s. app takes me around in circles…. trying to renew rx’s, it tells me to download the app! duh!!! it’s Already downloaded. Sucks!!!

  33. Absolute trash. Force you to scroll through pages of agreements knowing damn well no one is reading them. The number of emails you get just to login is also a joke

  34. Has not worked since it was updated last October. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times I receive verification code only to be asked to login again and again.

  35. App sends to website then to email for verification code. Then back to website for agreement, which doesn’t work.Don’t need this 2 step security. Note how many complain about same problem. Children who designed this mess don’t respond with helpful solution.

  36. Dede G dice:

    It’s absurd that you have to verify your phone every few months in order to get into the app. It should be a one time verification process since you already have to log in every time you open the app.

  37. Have not had any issues. Works efficiently and is well organized. Although it could be a litttle easier to access non medically related benfits.

  38. Dveswans dice:

    Completely worthless app. It lets me log in and then asks for my cell phone number. Once I type in the phone number, I get the same error message saying the system is unavailable. It has been like this for several months now. I finally deleted the app from my phone. Seeing all the bad reviews on here, it seems as though fixing this horrible app is pretty low on the priority list for BCBS.

  39. Downloaded the app three days ago and have been unable to log in. When I enter my PIN, I’m told a system error prevents verification.

  40. “Verification could not be completed at this time due to a system error. Please try again later.” This is the error I get every time. Useless.

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