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Questions, quiz & games to nudge a couple to happy, lasting love or marriage
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Love more. Stress less. Paired is the #1 couples app to improve communication, stay connected, and help you build a happy couple relationship.

🏆 Google Play Awards, 2020 Winner in Personal Growth
🌟 Apple App of the Day, December 2020
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With our daily questions feature you get a fun question to answer every day between you and your partner. Each question comes with a research-based fact of why answering it will help your relationship, and only by answering the question yourself can you unlock your partner’s answer! Questions are grouped into card decks so you can pick the topics most relevant for you.

If you’re looking to identify your relationship strength and growth areas, then our couples quizzes are here to help. Each week the quiz is on a different aspect of your relationship, and when your partner answers the quiz you’ll be able to compare answers.

Think you know your partner well? Put your knowledge to the test with our couple games! Guess your partner’s answers to funny, thoughtful, and downright silly questions and see how many guesses you get right. The partner with the highest score wins the game!

Lastly, our relationship tips are written by the world’s top couple therapists and academics and draw on the ideas of leading figures like John Gottman and Sue Johnson. They combine relationship advice and learnings from marriage counselling with real-life case studies of couples. Like a tip? Suggest it to your partner to read and relish the discussion that follows.


Download Paired for a FREE 7 day trial and get access to all of our amazing features:

✅ Answer fun, research-based daily questions with your partner to bring you closer together
✅ New questions are available each day, and by answering today’s question you’ll unlock your partner’s answer
✅ Play couple games to test your knowledge of your partner
✅ Guess their answers to Mr and Mrs style questions, and see who knows who best!
✅ Read relationship tips on different topics, from managing conflict to developing sexual intimacy
✅ Tips are written by the world’s top relationship academics and therapists
✅ Pair with your partner’s app by sharing your unique codes with each other
✅ Identify your relationship strength and growth areas by completing a new couples quiz each week
✅ Compare and discuss your quiz answers between you with the help of expert relationship tips and conversation starters
✅ See your progress over time with a relationship tracker
✅ Learn about agape, eros and other forms of love and discover your love languages
✅ Give your love partner a nudge by recommending tips for them to read

Join the community of people around the world building lasting love with the #1 couples app today. Our app is suitable for everyone, whether you are in a long distance relationship, married, or dating, as well as straight and gay relationships. Before you visit marriage counselling or couples therapy, why not give Paired a try and see how it has tuned the relationships of happy couples and allowed them to regain the love in their relationship.

Please note that Paired and the materials and information contained herein are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical, psychological, or mental health advice, or diagnosis, and may not be used for such purposes. You should always consult with a qualified physician or mental health professional about your specific circumstances.

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Thanks for using Paired! This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

As always, if you run into any troubles, let us know at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Paired: Couples & Relationship MOD 2022"

  1. Doing the free trial right now. It’s a fun little app trial. We enjoy it, but it’s doubtful we’ll purchase the whole thing. We would be willing to pay for it, but not even close to the amount it actually costs. UPDATE: The previous review was while using free portion. We did trial w/ more access abilities. We def liked that better. There are some navigation things we don’t love, and it sometimes freezes up. But very likely to purchase in the near future. Would prefer a 6-month option.

  2. I’d give it more but it crashes ALL THE TIME. I thought the recent update fixed it but it didn’t. In the middle of typing a response the app will freeze and crash. I want to respond to my partner but I get too frustrated trying to type out a response and give up. We paid for it too which sucks. I want it to work. I love the idea and the questions and my partner lives across the country so it has been a great way to stay connected..when it doesn’t crash. 🙄 Please fix I want to utilize this app!

  3. There are some glitches that are frustrating. The support team didn’t really get back to me about the one we did report that was putting a damper on our conversations. luckily the issue seemed to resolve itself after several hours. that’s my only complaint so far. I do appreciate the set up of the app, it’s organized and fun. we just signed up for premium after about 1.5 weeks using the free version. we wanted to try out the couple games an unlock more quizzes.

  4. I’ve been using the app for a year now and absolutely love the content and prompts that Paired provides. There’s been some small glitches here and there. However, it’s been nothing to write home about and is usually fixed with a relaunch of the app. Sadly, a new issue has started up. While responding to narrative prompts, after about 4 to 6 sentences, the chat box becomes insanely slow. To the point where you will type letters and they won’t appear for approximately 15 seconds. Samsung S21

  5. Awesome for couples, phenomenal and extremely valuable for people who sincerely love each other but might have lost the path along the way… Chat function does crash and bug often though on pixel 7, and it’s always at the WORST time when you really want/need communication and the platform to be on point, extremely frustrating. Also should be a bit cheaper for premium. Premium rocks but over $50/yr is insane, and they should offer monthly subscription and payment, $75 is too much at once.

  6. As far as connections and questions, it is decent. But the app isteself sucks. It always freezes, when you type discuss, it is just a dot the vibrates and never lets you proceed. This happens on both phones. We paid for the year, but good luck if you just want to do the free question a day, it will take about 5 tries to figure it out. BTW, this happens on different phones too.

  7. We’ve been using this app for about a year now, and have off-and-on upgraded to premium. The premium is worth it when you have the extra crash, but the free version is nice too. This app helped my partner and I healthily communicate through really hard times and we were able to make it to the other side better than ever. I loved this app. The new buggy keyboard issues are so frustrating I’m close to uninstalling the whole thing. Auto predict & autocorrect do not work, and no emojis.

  8. I’d argue and say it’s for couples who need help communicating better. But half the questions seem a little pointless. What makes this app horrid is the new keyboard function, or lack thereof. Does not support swipe, doesn’t support autocorrect, hell… Doesn’t support anything. You have to be slow and precise with it, or every typo is gonna be seen. It takes me longer to type the response then it does to walk to my partner and discuss it with them. Unless that’s the goal, needs fixing, STAT!

  9. A L dice:

    App started good, with free access that helped spur conversations. Still does that, but pushes harder for paid subscriptions. More significantly, the recent incompatibility with any keyboard that has swipe functionality makes it extraordinarily frustrating to use. If not fixed soon, I’ll probably have to abandon the app. 12/1/22 update – they fixed the keyboard error! Still a bit too monetized for my tastes, but the app is usable again. And the free content is enough to keep the app installed.

  10. Recent update is a mix of frustrating and infuriating. When trying to answer a question, now you can only view one line of input at a time and there’s no more swipe or quick-text enabled entry. After dealing with those inconveniences, the app then crashes about 4 out of 5 times before it records your answer. Wish we’d stuck with the free version instead.

  11. Great App With One Drawback. The app is really great for sparking conversation. Previously, if you happened to miss a day of logging into the app, you would have a few days to catch up…which really worked well with our schedule. And if we have to choose between app or together time…well…duh. Now, if you miss a day, you are forced to buy a $75 annual premium upgrade to even view the question. This app has become a money grab and I’ll be looking at the many other similar apps to replace it.

  12. M B dice:

    It’s an alright app, some repetition in the questions and not all applicable to every relationship, which is to be expected but a downer when you only get one question a day. I wish free users got more games and quizzes, since those are the most enjoyable to us. Would rate higher, but recently the app doesn’t spellcheck, swipe-to-text, or allow emojis. Very frustrating.

  13. I like the range of questions. my phone (samsung fe), no matter how many updates, does not like this app. My partner’s picture does not show, we cannot see the discussion that goes with the question, and my keyboard doesn’t work with the app. I cannot enter, use emojis, and there are no words that help me with spelling suggestions. It feels like a lot of work went into it for it to work primatively.

  14. We’ve been using this app for a long time now (paid) and love it. However, the latest update is really buggy. When answering questions, letters are not automatically capitalized, Swype doesn’t work, emojis don’t work, etc. It’s the most primitive and frustrating keyboard experience I’ve ever seen (and switching keyboards doesn’t change it). FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE FIX THE INPUT BOX!!

  15. Pros: no ads, variety of quizzes & questions. Cons: free version is WAY too limited. There’s only one question/quiz per day. Also, if your partner answers something & you don’t log in before the end of that same day, then you can’t see or respond to ANY of your partner’s answers from the previous day(s) without upgrading. Most content on the app is only accessible through premium; feels like a waste of space to have an entire app installed for just one question or quiz per day.

  16. My boyfriend and I really enjoy the questions and quizzes. It allows us to grow, figure out where we can improve in our relationship or see where we are getting things right! I love the monthly “recaps” at the end of each month. We love the ability to discuss within a question/quiz. I would give it a 5 star rating, but lately the app has been bogging down when trying to type longer sentences in an answer or discussion, making it difficult to truly give a full answer.

  17. I really like the idea of this app. We use the paid version, and it’s helped open the doors is communication with my SO. Reason for the 1* is bc it’s a pain to use! The in app chat is slow, clunky, and lags often. It has monthly badges/goals, and when your answer a question that meets the criteria toward that goal it doesn’t always count. Minor I know, but still frustrating. I use the swipe function of my keypad for faster typing and suddenly that is not working in the app either.

  18. Got some bugs. It’s slow, which can be frustrating. The notifications could be better organized like we don’t text after every prompt so sometimes I won’t be able to read all of my partners answers or vice versa when we do a ton while the other is at work. Minor thing is when I scroll the reactions it just selects whatever one I happen to tap on to scroll. Just fix these few issues and I’ll gladly give you a 5 I actually really enjoy the app and my husband and I are always “do your paired!”

  19. The app isn’t functional. I’ll answer a question and wait 30 minutes for the discussion to load. Good in theory, but trash in application. Also autocorrect doesn’t work in the app either. Fix these issues and I’ll fix the rating. Edit: They fixed the issues I was having fairly quickly. Good customer service.

  20. There’s good content here. But looking for a partners answers is really hard. You have to press discuss, a small grey button on the bottom of the page. You’d think that the ability to actually read each other’s answers would be a function that’s highlighted. And the app keeps messing up the keyboard and preventing Gboard from swiping or autocorrecting. Could be a good app but it needs work

  21. Love all the options. It’s opened up so much healthy communication between my girlfriend and I. We are both typically conflict avoidant and being able to text back at our own pace makes it easier to talk about difficult subjects. The only downfall I’ve found so far is that when there is a very long text in chat the app crashes.

  22. Edited: The recent update took away the ability to answer the previous day’s questions for free users, so now I’ll never know what my partner said. As a result, the app loses another star. The app is a nice idea, but definitely not worth a recurring $6.25 per month because in the end, it’s just some short quizzes. A one-time, all-access fee or a per-pack micropayment scheme would make more sense. Bring on the clones with better pricing models!

  23. I enjoy the app but a lot of the questions over time get a little repetitive. And now if you don’t pay you can’t go back and answer a question that you missed from a previous day without paying for the subscription. The subscription fee is outrageous, $75 for a couple extra questions seems too much to me. If they made it $30 a year per couple I feel like what they missed out in cost would be made up by how many people would be willing to subscribe.

  24. In the beginning app was great. Really enjoyed it for my relationship and was fun. Then the app became real buggy. Continuously shut down, froze, keyboard not working. Just all around the app started having issues. This is very irritating considering I paid for the subscription. The app seemed to get even worse after the update. The overall concept is great and fun but the app itself has become poor.

  25. The questions are thought-provoking, but the user interface sucks. It doesn’t let me use my “swipe” keyboard, doesn’t do auto-correct, and the input area is only one line high and doesn’t scroll so you cannot review what you entered before you click “send.” UPDATE: the user interface is repaired. Add a star! (And thank you)

  26. Love using the free version. One daily question is enough for us, and keeps things fun without being a time commitment. Updating my review to 4 stars because the developers seem to actively address issues. Android app notifications are back, but my partner’s still not getting them every day on iOS. Update: Back down to 3 stars. The latest update disabled autocorrect typing is much harder now.

  27. The app is great! Love the questions and conversations it starts. But it keeps freezing while I type in chat with my partner and I have to close and re open the app. I also wish there were options to unlock individual quizzes and games. A dollar per quiz would be nice instead of getting the membership.

  28. Vicky Gee dice:

    Update – it’s been fixed with the newest update! Back to 5 starts. Some questions aren’t as fun but others my husband and I love talking about. Thanks for fixing the bug! Was five stars. My partner and I loved this app. But since the last update it crashes every time we open it. If they don’t fix this I’ll be uninstalling.

  29. Was working great. I do use the free version because one question a day is just right for us. Lately though, after all these updates, I notice that when I try to type my answer to questions, my phone freezes up, and or it takes forever to type because there is some type of lag. If this keeps happening, I will most likely uninstall because it is supper annoying

  30. We’ve been using this app since May. It has worked well, in helping out relationship and as a app. About 3 weeks ago there were some issues with speech to text and autocorrect. The developers have now fixed it, and I am much happier with the app. I loved it even with the bugs but it’s much easier now 😀

  31. Update: all fixed except for screen reloading. Most recent update (11/30/22) took away swipe texting and even predictive text so it’s old school texting only now. That’s extremely aggravating for it being almost 2023. Also, a few updates before that (sometime in October orb so) an update made it to where a couple seconds after a page loads, it essentially refreshes the page wiping away anything you’ve typed and making you start completely over even in questionnaires. Please fix these problems.

  32. Great app for getting closer to your partner. The issue I have is that I bought premium but the answer boxes freeze up alot when typing out longer than 3 sentences causing you to restart the app to continue answering. Don’t know if that bug is with just me or not but it’s frustrating. Other than that I love the app.

  33. The questions are cool but if you want to write any more than a sentence the app will freeze and you can’t even type and it will close or say “this app isn’t responding” and no matter how many times you reopen, it’s the same loop. Ensured my software on device and app were up to date , still happening. I also tried the free trial and decided the content wasn’t worth the price point, so I canceled & seems like they’re still trying to charge me 🤔

  34. I wish I could rate this app highly but it’s my first time using it and it’s lagging real bad when I type in my answers. It even freezes sometimes and I have to restart the app. I’d really like to be able to use this app with my partner but we may have to find a new one if this one doesn’t end up working for me. I’ve already restarted my phone and Uninstalled it and installed it back. Nothing is working…. Edit: I just seen this on another review and I also have Samsung s21

  35. Ace45LoL dice:

    I don’t know, about anyone else, but I wanted to use this app as a way to talk about some of the harder stuff and really try to connect on a deeper level. Having to pay for a premium just so that we can use certain questions/quizzes is silly. The free section shouldn’t be limited to one question daily. I’m not saying unlock it all, just like three or four a day. Because I would rather pay for therapy, and a romantic getaway instead. Paired was supposedly a fun way to be do that, but fell short.

  36. I’m still setting this up but the Date fields don’t let you type so you are stuck constantly tapping left to go through each individual month for each year. It starts at 2005 and I need to go back to 1986. Allow typing in date fields or zoom out to allow for selecting whole months and years. It’s a poor UI design choice

  37. Premium is probably fantastic, but as a free user it’s only ok. You get either one question prompt OR one short relationship check-in quiz per day. The app definitely has some bugs like turning off auto-suggest/correct on your keyboard, unfairly removing your steak count, giving you tomorrow’s question instead of today’s and then saying you missed the question entirely the next day, etc.. But you get one day of premium to try after first signing up. There are many couples quizzes (for premium).

  38. The idea of the app is great. The questions are very good. But with recent keyboard issues the app is unusable for us. My husband has trouble seeing the letters on the standard built-in keyboard. The Google keyboard was previously working just fine until a couple weeks ago when it was replaced with a standard one when answering the daily questions. The Google keyboard features he replies on are gone.

  39. System wouldn’t let me cancel with accidental setup for a year vs a month. So no refund a year ago and I was stuck with it. I set it up to cancel after the year and I just got billed again. so now I’m out another $65 they are taking from me and it’s not even the same bank card I initially used. Nice thievery of almost $140! Sad this is the only way I could reach out!

  40. Love the app. In the free version, it’s just a fun, short daily way to connect. With the subscription, there are a lot of options, but you can choose for yourself if it’s worth it. I only wish you could still view the answers to question packs after the sub ends. Idk why they would be blocked when they’re already completed..

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