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BetterMe: Self-help meditation for people who can’t meditate! 🧘‍♀️

🌿 All you need is few minutes a day to bring yourself to a state of calm and wellness, and balance your life using a combination of guided meditations and techniques. BetterMe’s approach is a set of simple, practical relaxation methods for anyone.

You will learn how to manage daily stress and improve your mental health by breathing, which is a natural anti-anxiety therapy. Studies show that meditation can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep and concentration and enhance overall well-being. But to claim these benefits, regular and meaningful practice is key.

✅ With our app, you will have the opportunity to set goals for yourself like reducing anxiety, developing stress resilience, sleeping better, increasing self-love, and improving your concentration. You will work to meet these goals with a personalized, self-help daily plan and daily mindfulness meditations.

If you’re looking for ways to compliment your self-care routine, control stress and anxiety, and have a more positive outlook on life, our app is just what you need 💙 Maybe you’ve tried other mindfulness apps with no success. It’s time to try BetterMe. Our app is a simple and manageable solution to managing your stress and changing your outlook, and all you need to do is complete daily 3-minute meditations.

Rather than try to force yourself to focus for long periods of time, which is difficult, especially if you’re new to meditation, BetterMe provides short but effective meditations that are personalized daily to increase your happiness 🙃 Do what’s best for you today: follow guided meditations to fit your mood, or allow yourself to be free and enjoy the fun, unguided meditations with nature sounds.

🏕 Let BetterMe accompany you on your journey to managing your stress and anxiety, and discovering a world of self-love and better mental health.

Why you should choose BetterMe: in just 3 minutes each day, you will improve your quality of life by reducing stress and improving focus 😌

We offer a wide range of subscription options so that you can choose the right one for you. For your convenience subscriptions are set to Auto-Renew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date. You can cancel your subscription at any moment, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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40 comentarios en "BetterMe: Mental Health FULL"

  1. I feel as if the meditation sessions are just too short, not as much focus on the chakras. My biggest thing is the voices for the guided meditations are horrible! Not relaxing or smooth, and it always makes me completely unable to relax. I do like the music you are able to listen to and the fact that you can choose different strategies for meditation!

  2. Cool app, possibly glitchy. It’s a bit weird when it sends me several different notifications and sometimes it sends the same message twice or thrice. Also, a little annoying, as it comes at the most unexpected times. Though, I do like the messages. They are encouraging and reassuring.

  3. This app is really awesome. It allows you to customize your plan to focus on areas that are important to you, then it keeps you on track with your plan without overwhelming notifications. I look forward to opening this app and taking time for myself. And again, the sessions are not long and overwhelming, so I can do a quick session on a busy day to recollect, or I can do a few sessions on my harder days. I’m happy to have found this app and would fully recommend it to others.

  4. I had left a previous review about being charged early and not getting a refund. However, we were able to come to a compromise and I was refunded half back. In all fairness I had signed up for the free trial previously a while back and forgot. Which is why the app did not allow my to do a free trial this time around. However I think it should be fixed that if someone does forgot like me that app recognizes that you had a free trial previously instead of showing initially different.

  5. Absolutely trash customet service. I signed up for the 7 day trial, attempted to cancel multiple times so I wouldn’t be charged. Suddenly $40 comes out of my account. (The app button to cancel didn’t work-press it and NOTHING). I look for a phone #-nowhere to be found. So I email the company and they say it appears as though I’ve already canceled. WHY did you take my money then? When I demanded a refund, all I got was an automated response about a progran extension. Make it make sense.

  6. Its a decent app, but I had the same thing as other people. I thought it was a one time subscription, but after subscribing found it was weekly. I have cancelled and reached out to them for a different type of billing cycle. I also was not able to find it a subscription anywhere(in google play) or on the the website. But 9.99 per week is a lot of money. I was able to get the fitness and diet tracker for 19.99 for 12 weeks and updated to 19.99 for a year. Hope I dont have billing issues.

  7. Updated to add: a person did contact me and resolve the issue… Its kinda pricey, but the App itself is nice. It’s relaxing, and I enjoy the meditations and the music. However, There is no personal subscription info on the app, only the general “your subscription will renew automatically at the end of the term you chose…” If you don’t remember the term you chose there’s no way to find it in the app. I have emailed them to find out and got an auto reply that a human will respond in 24 hours.

  8. Not really all that. Aesthetically, it’s nice. Decent user interface. Too much $ for not enough content. Some ideas around it are good, but some things don’t seem well thought out… the brain orgasm videos have several in a row that repeats the same music and the song makes makes me feel anxious. The journeys feature is okay, but the instuctor talks too slow. I have used a handful of other meditation apps. Insight Timer is much better and has a large community with way more medtations/classes.

  9. I can’t cancel, in google play on my computer and on my phone it doesn’t show up in my subscriptions. I emailed them 3 times and they keep charging me. Used the app once. Trying to resolve it. Edit: They emailed me back, gave me refunds, and were genuinely sorry about the inconvenience. I think its not purposefully done. They said they were trying to respond quicker and more efficiently in the future, and they resolved it effectively. Write a review if you have this problem, they are very quick.

  10. I have to exact same experience as everyone else. I was lead to believe that it is a one time payment of $9.99, and was then charged that amount again a week later. As soon as my very first payment went through, I checked my Google subscriptions to see if this app was listed, and it was not, and still is not, listed as a subscription of any kind. This is infuriating considering the app claims this is the way to cancel your subscription. Maybe once I get this resolved, I can actually meditate.

  11. I just downloaded and started exploring the meditations, and I’m not 100% on if the observations I have are positive or negative. My general feeling is good, I like the voices (I might want to hear different meditations in different voices, time will tell), but the ending of the recordings seems a little abrupt. I also had to adjust volume between one recording and the next- not a big problem, but worth noting.

  12. I was tricked into subscription. After paying 4 times for what I thought would be one charge, I contacted their customer service who canceled my subscription. They replied within 48 hours and canceled without question. The application itself is generally all right. Their customer service is good. Unsure why their business model includes duping people into recurring fees.

  13. So far a fantastic app I try the anxiety one that is free, it does a good job of relaxing also felt energetic as well, thought just adding my 2€ In to have more free choices or at less the ability create plans but at a minimum but too keep using it but of course, it leading up to add-ons or a more immerse experience that you’ll of choice too buy a #plan ($.$$), ($$.$$). So I’ll return with a more in depth review after some time too get a better feel for the app.

  14. When I bought the plan online by seeing an advertising, there weren’t any information about period of the subscription witch I thought it’s one time payment. After that, I found that this is just for one week, and in my opinion is too expensive. I emailed them right away to cancel the subscription and get the refund for the weeks I was charged, but still with no responses.

  15. S McCurry dice:

    Scam. 1st of all, I realized it was a trial and there would be a subscription charge. Did not realize it was $17/week. Go to remove my auto renew through google play, but the app doesn’t show up in my subscriptions area. Fortunately I could cancel it via PayPal. A $17 one time payment would have been fine, but they managed to scam me for $52 before I caught it.

  16. Tried a couple meditations but it’s too distracting having a computer generated voice as the guide. Not a whole lot of material for the money. Speaking of money, don’t waste yours on this app. The only thing I find interesting is the brain orgasm videos but even those are kind of lame. I can find similar things all over the internet for free! I downloaded because of an ad that claimed to help balance chakras. I see no mention of chakras anywhere in the app. Very disappointing. Want my $$$ back!

  17. Vicky W dice:

    Scam. I thought I was signing up for one time payment of 9.99. Then found out I actually signed up for monthly subscription for 9.99/month. Turns out it’s really 9.99/week. I emailed them 6 times to cancel (I was told I can’t cancel any other way) and never received a response. I’m still being charged. Still waiting for them to be professional.

  18. I need help getting to sleep.kostly, and there are a lot of great, short songs/audio clips to relax you. But you can’t play just one, or a selection of a few – it just keeps playing the next song. So that makes this a nice concept that just isn’t executed well enough to be of value for me.

  19. When signing up for the app it said i had a one time payment of $9.99. A week later I was charged another $9.99. Tried to email them no response. Look on the app and Google play to find ways to cancel. Did not find it. I contact the app and they managed to fix the problem and refund me the extra charge. Overall the app is really good way to start meditating and bettering your self.

  20. Separate your free trial from the paid subscriptions so that we can “try before we buy”, and then I will update my review! If your customers truly like the app, then they will purchase the version of their choice! Don’t make them cancel at the end of a free trial! Our lives are busy and you get paid if someone forgets to cancel their card! Don’t put people through this! I want to try your free trial, but I don’t want to give you my card info. I will buy, if I like the app.

  21. Don’t buy! It’s a recurring subscription for $9.99, which they don’t tell you upfront, just after you paid. It’s filled with false advertising. You take a quiz and assume that you’re getting personalized content from the app but there’s nothing personalized about it. I also never got the food recommendations. The meditations are garbage, the man’s voice is irritating and uses words that are not soothing. He also speaks too slowly. After emailing two different people I was able to get a refund.

  22. Gives some very basic answers to things. This is not an app for anyone having any real issues looking for a solution. The worst part is the fact that they use trackers and they are the most aggressive of any other app I have on my phone . That alone is the reason I will be deleting with 171 attempts to track per hour that is just ridiculous. And the never ending messages they send are so basic and annoying . Oh and better cancel after free trial week or your automatically charged subscription

  23. Neat app, and I actually don’t think that having a subscription model is necessarily bad, but there’s no ‘alternative’ or free model, (vs the free trial period); more importantly, the cost of the subscription is absolutely insane at $6.99/mo for six months in the form of lump-sum charge of roughly $42! The cost of using the app induces more stress than its exercises could ever relieve.

  24. No free trial before you expect me to commit to a subscription. No thank you. Even a 3 day trial would have been adequate. There are too many free apps and websites that are efficient and beneficial to use until you decide which premium plan work best for you. This appeared as an ad so I thought I would try it but that’s a big hard pass for me.

  25. If you’re looking for an app great for daily use, this one should be at the top of your list! Within the app: breathing exercises, guided meditations, sleep/relaxation sounds/music & more! Not your typical app, it addresses anxiety, anger, irritation, sadness, worry, fear, envy – whole range of emotions. Specific, multi-day programs to address weight loss, motivation, focus, quitting bad habits, improving relationships, boosting self-esteem-easy to find relevant content for anything you need.

  26. This is a scam.I downloaded the app thinking it was 9.99 a month. I was ok paying and trying it out, but it’s honestly just ok. I’ve been trying to cancel and I can’t figure it out. The app says to go to the app store and cancel the subscription, but there is no subscription listed now I was charged another 9.99 a week later. Don’t do it.

  27. I don’t remember downloading this app on my new device but saw it and tried the breathing technique for Anger. it was a 3 minute exercise. I did feel more peaceful in just 3 minutes. I think I will try the other ones for anxiety and depression. I didn’t find a way to share this excercise with anyone nor pause the exercise. I’m sure it was intended to work on relaxing full 3 minutes. Then I saw subscription and left app. I already have too many subscriptions and it causes me anxiety and anger.

  28. This is day 2 of using it and the meditations are a bit small. Most of the ones I have done are about 7 minutes long. It does have very clear intructions though. It also has sleep music, sounds and breathing techniques. I think this app would be great for beginners.

  29. Update: Now they continue to email me trying to get me to change my review. My review is factual, while they did cancel upon request, it wasn’t made very clear up fro t this is a recurring charge. Agree with the others, it wasn’t made clear this is a weekly subscription. I am pretty careful before signing up for anything. I don’t balk at paying a fair price, I do take issue with it not being made crystal clear of an ongoing cost.

  30. This app is the biggest scam. No way to cancel subscription. I would keep it if the cost was monthly, but weekly payments of $10 is just absolutely ridiculous and over the top. I am about to share a nice little post on ALL social media sites about the scamming of this app especially if I dont receive my money back or a way to cancel my entire subscription.

  31. E Correa dice:

    No idea what the app is like, but the customer service is horrible. I downloaded and paid before I realized that it’s a $10/WEEK charge. I immediately contacted support via email several times, and attempted to call, with no response. I expected more from customer service: I want a refund, I want my subscription canceled, and I don’t want to be goaded on and have my cancelation ignored, so that the company can get paid. Go to YouTube, or better yet, use the Calm app.

  32. I wasn’t aware that it was a weekly subscription and would have appreciated learning that upfront. Otherwise I appreciate the app will decided after 30 days if I want to continue with my subscription. I do hope there are others offers other than 9.99 per week. I would pay 60-80 bucks for the whole year, if an option was provided.

  33. This is a scam, I paid for the app and was charged again a week later. Nothing is said about it being a weekly subscription. I pay less for a month at the gym. Only way I was able to cancel it was through PayPal. The second charge was refunded to me by PayPal. I’m still out the $9.99 for the original payment and I didn’t use the application, nothing made sense. Phone number listed on my PayPal kept disconnecting.

  34. I paid $10 thinking that I was paying a one time fee for the app. Now I find out it’s a subscription! I’m happy to pay a one time fee that is reasonable but even though you claim a 30 day money back guarantee, I’m told I can’t get a refund. UPDATE… After leaving my 1 star review the company did refund my money so I raised to 3 stars but because of them not being upfront about their pricing I won’t go higher unless they change their advertising to reflect the actual service cost

  35. Mia Voss dice:

    *update* BetterMe got back to me right away and returned my money. in addition,I do feel like this app has a lot of great features! But the cost IS prohibitive and I hope they are able to remedy that. original review: I downloaded it thinking it was a one time charge but now I just got hit with another $15 charge. Are y’all crazy?! Thank goodness I paid through PayPal and can cancel through them rather than wait for custom service because it sounds like they are not responsive.

  36. Do not download. The app is a scam. It does not allow you to unsubscribe through Google play as advertised and as claimed in their subscription term. It does not show up as a subscription at all. I have tried to contact them but there has been no response till date. Only an automated reply. Only way to stop payments is through the bank.

  37. Daenielle dice:

    I only used the app twice, I don’t really find it relaxing because of the guide voice. And I can’t find a way or option to cancel my subscription. The cancel subscription button in the app won’t work.

  38. Not worth the money. Meditations are too short, the woman voicing the meditations sound too authoritative, breathing meditations do not match my breathing pace at all. I used many other meditation apps before but this one is my least favorite. Update: Thank you for your reply. I don’t think I need tips on app usage, but you need to put more effort on developing your content to increase the quality.

  39. I love this app, I would tell anyone looking at it to buy the lifetime, it’s not worth the monthly fee. And my only 2 complaints is I got tricked into paying for some additional services when I first got it so be aware and I hate that my night sounds keep resetting. it would be great if you could just have it go from sleep meditation to night sounds on its own.

  40. This app has helped with my mental state and the features are magnificent. The breathing feature has helped me calm down several times and the sounds and music it has is a great variety, I just wish they were longer.

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