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Fitbit is part of Google. Together, we can make health and wellness features more accessible to more people.

Say hello to one of the world’s leading apps for health and fitness. Use the Fitbit app on its own to track basic stats and stay motivated on your journey. Or, get a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see how your activity, workouts, sleep, nutrition and stress all fit together. Either way, you’ll find the information and inspiration you need to reach your goals—all in one place.

Access innovative smartwatch apps & fresh clock faces.

Works with all Fitbit trackers, smartwatches, scales & other Fitbit products.

Start a 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium for personalized guidance, customized health programs and 240+ video workouts you can do at home.

GET ACTIVE: See how small moves add up by using your smartphone to track steps and distance. Or pair with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see all-day stats like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes.

WORK OUT FROM HOME: Access video and audio workouts that you can do on your time, right from your living room. You’ll find sessions for HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga and more. Plus, start a 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium to unlock 240+ workouts from popular brands like barre3, Daily Burn and POPSUGAR.

SLEEP BETTER: Discover how long and how well you’re sleeping, then improve your nightly routine with Fitbit’s innovative sleep tools—including a nightly Sleep Score, sleep goal setting, bedtime reminders and graphs that show your time in light, deep and REM sleep.

MANAGE STRESS: Listen to audio tracks to lessen your stress and improve your mood. Use mindfulness to start your day a better way, find moments of calm and set intentions with meditation or get help falling asleep with stories and relaxing sounds.

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EAT SMARTER: Keep your nutrition in check with easy-to-use tools to set goals, log food and water, track calories in and out and see if you’re getting enough protein, fat and carbs.

TRACK HEART RATE: Understand your overall health by using your watch or tracker to record your heart rate 24/7. In the app, find valuable data like resting heart rate trends, time spent in heart rate zones during workouts and a cardio fitness score.

Fitbit Premium:

– Monthly and annual plans available that include habit-forming programs, audio & video workouts, and advanced insights.

– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

– Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account when or shortly after your trial or subscription expires, if applicable. Upon payment, users can see the cost of renewal in their emailed receipt or Play Store order history.

– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

– Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

– Premium content subject to change.

– Fitbit Terms of Service:

– Fitbit Privacy Policy:

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* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

* Improvements to Estimated Oxygen Variation and weight trends chart layout.


40 comentarios en "Fitbit MODDED"

  1. I love this app, especially for the exercise tracking – it’s excellent. But my biggest issue with it is that it’s not keto-friendly. Net carbs aren’t easily visible (and inaccurate when you find them), there’s no keto recipes, and no designated groups for it. Also, the food bank/bar scan is often inaccurate, which can be frustrating. To pay for a premium subscription, it would be nice to see these things included.

  2. Overall this app does a decent job at what it’s supposed to do. I don’t necessarily use all of it’s features but the exercise tracker graph is no longer color coded for me. The entire line plot is yellow instead of the different colors for different zones. This used to work and now (I’m assuming because of an uodate) it’s not working as it used to.

  3. Absolutely terrible. Inaccurate readings. After using it for years, the app has now started double and triple adding your food entries, and in delayed fashion. I’ll add something and it will be fine, but when I look at it a few hours later, the entries are in there multiple times. I’ve also had times where items are deleted. Hundreds of people containing about this and the company refuses to do anything about it or even respond. Really confusing and frustrating when tracking your calories.

  4. Graphing was downgraded. Recent update replaced the old graphs that were much more friendly to mobile devices. These old graphs you could scroll left and right, making it easier to see the data you want. Now I I select three months of data, I only get the latest three months, but if we’re on the first of a new month, we really only get two months of data. As the current month has no data.

  5. Sara Brown dice:

    I’ve had a fitbit, and the fitbit app, for many years now. I have never had anything but good things to say about fitbit…until recently. What are you doing with your app?? I am unable to accurately track and update my weight. I’ve tried 10 times to change my goal to LOSE, not gain, but it defaults to gain, so the app thinks I’ve reached my goal weight. There’s honestly no point in even using the app if what I need it for doesn’t work consistently.

  6. I’ve had every Fitbit version that’s come out for about 7 years now due to coincidence or just handing the older ones down and upgrading. So I was ecstatic when the new one came out. I got the Sense 2 today and although I know alot of things were being taken out I didn’t mind. What I do mind is advertising for Find my Phone and it not being available. I lose my phone alot and it’s a huge reason I love fitbit. Is it a glitch? Or is it not longer supported? This upgrade is giving downgrade feels.

  7. New update makes your data unreadable. Can’t read peaks and valleys, breakpoints are different every day so you can’t compare them visually either. After a month of this ui I don’t even open the app anymore because it loads so slowly, the information I would want is never available. It always opens to yesterday’s information, even after syncing.

  8. I’ve been using this app and the device for years, I’m very active in the app. Incredibly disappointed in the new graphs you are using. It might look prettier but it has taken away data that I heavily relied on. I’m no longer able to view weekly totals in the graphs, and no longer able to scroll the chart. This is not an improvement. There are numerous long standing bugs that still go unfixed. There is no S0S or live tracking feature.

  9. Amanda Ng dice:

    The app seems to be really glitchy. The biggest issue is the period tracker. It’s always giving me wrong period predictions and never reflects the edits I make even though it says the changes were saved. Also, you’re supposed to be able to edit your period length by holding down and dragging the bar but it almost never works. I’ll feel the vibration from my phone indicating that I’m doing the right action, but the bar won’t move.

  10. Was a 5 but the new update is full of bugs. For example, it crashes every time I try to share an image of stats showing heartrate and then it suggests to reboot the app while stating it has a bug. Yet, this happens every single time regardless of what I do. That’s a pretty sad way to aid someone in accountability. I may have to find another device to recommend to my clients.

  11. For the most part, I like the tracking, very convenient. A few times though my account has been logged out and my steps for the day weren’t counted. Not sure if it was a glitch with the app or if my fit bit lost battery power. Also the menstrual tracker stopped saving any daily symptoms I tried to enter at one point, and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

  12. It was generally working fine, until the most recent update. The stability to log calorie intake was disrupted. It’s not recognizing what you’re entering and the calculations are completely off. Troubleshooting methods aren’t able to fix the issue. It happens a lot with new updates and the ability to sync certain things or the watch itself.

  13. LinzlPants dice:

    I have really been enjoying this app, my only wish is that there was a “driving” setting in the same place as the water lock section where the quick settings are so that it would not count steps when I am sitting in a car or any other vehicle in which I am just sitting. Other than that, the steps have been mostly accurate and I love the ability to see my goals and workouts all in one place!

  14. I received the FitBit Versa 2 watch about a week ago, and downloaded this app the same day. At first, everything seemed to work well. However, when I tried to add a Profile picture, the app wouldn’t accept ANY photo. I looked around and found a Windows Desktop app, and using that I was able to upload the profile photo. Then came today. I had to change my passwords for my MS Outlook accounts, and after that I couldn’t sync the watch with the Android app. I may end up returning the watch.

  15. Dan Miller dice:

    The App that keeps getting more and more useless as time goes on! Graphs, once scrollable and detailed, now give rough averages, and are not scrollable. Click on a yearly graph and you get 12 data points instead of something useful. Even the subscription service doesn’t give you what you need. I think my several-year existence with FitBit is coming to an end. They seem clueless as to how to present data in a useful manner.

  16. Update: no longer have to use a separate app to do the work out videos. Would be awesome if I could connect to a switch or Xbox or YouTube so I could use on my TV. If you have a smart TV I think it should work. Love the features in the premium now. Want to pay for the full year with discount rather than monthly but can’t seem to figure out how to do it within the app.

  17. Rae dice:

    I know this is about the app, but, I have been a fitbit customer since the charge HR, so quite a few years. I have had my versa since it came out many years ago. After the horrible customer service I experienced, a number of times about the sense 2 I’m done!! I can find another company with a watch that does everything the Sense 2 can, has fall detection (I don’t understand why that wasn’t added!), and has fantastic customer service! So very disappointing!!!

  18. The app is just okay. It could be more intuitive. For example, adjustment to the device requires clicking what appears to be a login icon, which then requires a click on a device button. The biggest app design fail shows up in the help screens. The app provides choices to open a chat or call in to a tech. I had trouble syncing my device to my Android phone so I tried both chat and voice options. Both times the tech directed me to uninstall/reinstall. When I did the call/chat vanished.

  19. Kim George dice:

    Recent updates have made the app malfunction sometimes and it doesn’t sync properly to track all your steps accurately and there is no way to manually adjust the steps to correct tracking. It’s very frustrating!!! When trying to get support for the issue, the chat rep was not helpful and asked me to “humor him” when I said what he was suggesting would not work because I knew it didn’t make sense in regard to my issue. App needs a lot of improvement. Will drop the app if it’s not fixed soon!

  20. Main thing I wish they’d fix is in the food label scanning section. It’s a wonderful feature, but food items aren’t alphabetized, it’s impossible to delete unwanted items that you scanned once out of curiosity and now appear at the top of your frequent list. It makes daily logging cumbersome, having to scroll through long lists that aren’t in any sort of order.

  21. Ash dice:

    The weekly and monthly chart views used to let you scroll across, changing the start date to whatever you wanted. Now they start at the first of the week/month, so you can’t track trends as easily, and they change the upper/lower bounds from month to month. My resting heart rate can be very variable, and I can no longer view patterns in this variation due to the new layout. Honestly debating exporting all my data to Excel and making my own charts because this is useless.

  22. The sleep data is very inaccurate. It showed me sleeping hours that I was not asleep and I wasn’t even wearing the Fitbit watch at the time. It also disconnects quite a bit and I have to restart my phone to get it to connect back to Fitbit watch. Sometimes after restarting the app two or three times and even restarting my phone before restarting the app, the app information still doesn’t sync on the Fitbit watch. It definitely has some bugs that need to be fixed.

  23. HENRYK K dice:

    When it works it is very convenient BUT … It does not sync whatsoever. It is very BUGGY. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. It works about 25% of time. Every day trying to sync it manually without any luck. After few months only about to give it up and look for alternative. Lately the syncing issue got better BUT pushing the PREMIUM APP is being too much. Every time I open the app I see the PREMIUM notification. Give me a choice to disable that. I have paid enough for the FITBIT itself.

  24. Recently, this app had started displaying ads for Fitbit’s own products. I just had a full page ad I had to close to open the app, for example. I like my Fitbit, but I have to say that if this trend continues I’ll very likely go with a different brand when I buy my next device. If you want to let me know about sales or new products, send me an email that I can opt out of or else enable a setting I can toggle. Edit: I get popups asking me to take the app even though I already have. And why is it

  25. I have been a fitbit fan for a long time and rarely had problems with it. Lately I’ve had to force stop the app to get it to sync (like every few days) even though the message that sync completed popped up. Tracks a lot of good info that helps me see trends and set goals. Still a fan…hoping the sync issue is fixed soon.

  26. This app used to be great, very responsive and stayed in sync with my fitbit inspire HR, but recently won’t sync sleep and steps all day unless I turn Bluetooth off and on again. It also has an extremely long delay for notifications like calls and texts now. I get the buzzing on my wrist for a call long after the caller has hung up. Getting pretty tired of it all and considering switching to another brand soon instead of bothering with another upgrade. 🙄

  27. Matt Henry dice:

    Spyware! It was bad enough wheb it requires location on to use the sync with the fitbit, no reason it needs that. The fitbit uses Bluetooth. Now it REQUIRES access to location even while in the background. Apparently if I want to use this product I paid for i can’t limit the app to using location only when the app is open. I already make a habit of turning off location except for when absolutly necessary, but this is ludicrous spying. Can not recommend a fitbit under any circumstances now.

  28. Jacob H. dice:

    The app works, mostly except for some issues: Clock faces are horrible.. User community agrees yet they won’t update and include an editor or classic Fitbit faces. Browsing, Clock faces and apps don’t work if using a VPN, this is frustrating. Sync warning occurs when you have location off, and recently stopped syncing at all unless you have precise location and background location on. Quite frustrating.

  29. I loved this app until the latest update. Idk if it was a operator error, because I’m not tech savvy, but I had to uninstall and factory reset. I also had to completely delete my account and start over to get my fitbit versa 3 working again. I wasn’t getting any notifications at all to the watch. And it wouldn’t hold a charge longer than a day no matter what I put my settings at. It tracked my workouts, steps and the time. Nothing else. Today, it’s working perfect again. Weary of future updates

  30. First of all, I love my fitbit!! However, when the battery is low, it doesn’t warn me to charge it. The low battery notification comes via email and I rarely read my email so it usually dies before I know it needs charging. Also, sometimes it shows incoming phone calls and texts and sometimes it does not. It may be operator error as I have not figured all of the features out yet. If that’s the case, I will update my review in the future. For the most part, I do love my fitbit though!

  31. Health enhancements have gotten significantly better. Watch quality as well since they are lasting longer (electronically) and syncing with the app seamlessly. Every now and then a device reset won’t hurt, however the app is working well and capturing O2 sat, sleep patterns, breathing, and now monitoring heart beats for irregularities.

  32. The new update sucks. Charts are awful. Can’t zoom in and click on points to see detail; you have to touch and hold, and the haptic feedback is just too much. Another example of companies “fixing” what wasn’t broke. “Oh you like a feature? Let’s take it away! That’s what the consumer wants!” That’s on top of all the other notification issues that have plagued these watches for years. Honestly consider alternatives.

  33. I use this app daily. The latest update has some annoying problems: 1. You used to be able to enter a chart in fullscreen and smoothly scroll left to right. That doesn’t seem possible any more. 2. All the charts have a white background, and no dark mode option. 3. Holding a point on any chart allows you to annotate the data at that point (good), but moving it around produces an obnoxious buzz on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

  34. David R dice:

    8/3/22 I miss the old charts that show weight in a full screen. The blue background, and large trend lines made it easy to read. The new chart formats make the information almost useless. The charts are tiny, the trend lines are almost impossible to see, and the information is hard to read. I like using my FitBit, but the most recent update to the app is pretty bad. I’m baffled. I can’t figure out why the developers thought this was an improvement. Rest of the app works, I guess.

  35. The latest update really is a significant improvement. But it has some obvious bugs. I have the US version so my distances are in miles. The sync screen and the totals screen do not always show the same results. I don’t understand how you do this. And a significantly bigger goof your daily/weekly/yearly totals the small print gives my daily average in kilometers and this value isn’t even close to being correct. I have no idea where you are getting that from.

  36. The latest update, supposed to “upgrade” the charts to make them easier to read, is awful. It has seriously reduced the usefulness and appeal of the app. The previously excellent charts had many features that allowed users to drill down for more details and displayed info that the user chooses to see at a glance. The new charts aren’t useful for tracking or understanding your data in a meaningful way. The scale is way off and can’t be changed by the user. There isn’t even an option to zoom in.

  37. New update strips most functionality. The calorie counter was frustratingly limited before. There was at least a graph for macros. Now that’s gone and you get a list of percentages instead. Apps are supposed to be visually easy to understand. New update supposedly “fixed” that but it absolutely trashed it. I can’t find half the things I used to be able to monitor at a glance. Desperately wish I could roll back a version. It wasn’t great but at least it was usable.

  38. Alex Pace dice:

    The latest chart update has made the ability to track your data (for example, resting heart rate). The old display made it easy to see the trends in your data, but now the “one week” view resets after one week, same thing with the monthly. So, if you want to check your status at the beginning of the week or month, enjoy that one single data point. At least show some lookback, or give the option for that.

  39. Brent King dice:

    The new graphs are absolutely atrocious. The trendline and data points are nearly the same color. The data points are hard to read with tiny text and a y-axis that is so tall that the entire chart looks like it’s nearly straight. The y-axis doesn’t even change when you set the x-axis to a different span. Also, the x-axis used to be adjustable to ANY 7 day, 30 day, 90 day or 365 year period. Now it is just a week, month, 3 month period. It is terrible. Give back the cool colors and fix the app.

  40. Update: I keep waiting for them to fix what they messed up with the update. The new app is so bad. Sleep data is totally inaccurate. Most of the data takes a refresh and resync to view. So. Many. Bugs. with the latest update. Not even sure where to start with the feedback. So bad, I’ll likely switch over to another device. Constant incorrect graphs. Always have to close out and re-enter app for updates. Was great before. Now, it’s a mess.

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