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Searching for a new workout app? Want to drop-in on a yoga class for less? Need help finding new at-home workouts? The Mindbody app can help you find the best place to get your sweat on & work on that beach body. Whether you’re looking for a beginner workout or trying to beat your 30-day fitness goals, you can find it all on Mindbody. Over 52,000 businesses offer fitness classes in yoga, Pilates, HIIT, cycling, barre, kickboxing, dance, weight training, circuit training, bootcamp & more! And for your post-workout recovery, book a massage, facial, acupuncture, or cryotherapy, & finish it off with a beauty appointment—all in one app.

Download & discover why it’s the best free health & fitness app for finding studios, spas, salons & online home workouts.

How it works:

Download the top-rated workout & wellness app to create a healthy routine & crush your fitness goals.

Find local workout classes, wellness services, beauty appointments, & home fitness workouts by location, time, date, & category with our easy-to-use filters.

Book drop-in classes at lower rates with our Last-Minute Offers or get new client deals to try a new studio with Intro Offers. No membership necessary. Invite your workout buddy to elevate your health & wellness together!

Stay motivated by connecting your fitness tracker to see calories burned, class performance, & more with our activity dashboard. Plus, you can sync the Mindbody app with Google Fit to quickly access stats on your classes, appointments, and enrollments.

Save your favorite gyms, studios, classes, spas, & beauty salons to easily book again.

Why you’ll love it:

* Variety: Yoga, CrossFit®, spin, barre, strength training, Pilates, dance, online home workouts & more—discover what works for you.

* Value: With Intro Offers & Last-Minute Offers, you’ll get the best deals to try a new studio or drop-in on a fitness class without committing to a membership.

* Verified Reviews: Know what people are saying about new workout classes or wellness services before you book with real reviews from verified users.

Download this top-rated workout app to elevate your wellness & create a healthy routine!

*Flexible Pricing available in the U.S. only

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life


40 comentarios en "Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne MODDED"

  1. Diya Wynn dice:

    This app is junk. It is not consistently reliable. The gym uses it to schedule classes we want to attend but sometimes the app doesn’t load properly. I open and close it multiple times trying to get it to work. Minutes later I’ll get a notification saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” When it does work, the workfloe is kludgey. Too many clicks to get to what you want

  2. S L dice:

    The search doesn’t work properly, really difficult to find the business by name, the search doesn’t use the location you enter it will only take your current location. The app charges you a $2 “convenience fee” to buy a pass, which is ridiculous. I use other scheduling software all the time and have never encountered this. They adopted the ‘spot pricing ‘ which is super frustrating, by the time you check out the app fails because the price has changed, you get to start over from the search.

  3. R H dice:

    Great for seeing schedule of your favorites but search function for new studios absolutely sucks! It doesn’t accept zip codes for location search (seriously?). It recognizes my Florida city location but shows me classes in ILLINOIS. It has been this way for about 2 years but please don’t bother to fix it. Don’t ask me to contact developer because you can see this is not a user problem; it’s systematic.

  4. Stephanie dice:

    So, I used to love this app. I use it for virtual classes and I’ve taken classes from all over the US, as well as some classes in other countries. The search feature used to allow searching for classes without having a location selected. However, now it requires a location and if not, defaults to Davis, CA. I can’t even modify a distance radius from the listed location. It just selects what it thinks it local enough. Please add a radius selection option and allow an ‘anywhere’ option again!

  5. Really useful if you already know what business you’ll be using, super glitchy for more general searches. When scrolling I’ll suddenly get the “no search results” screen and have to refresh to get back to the list. If I don’t refresh completely, it will show “no results” for entire days at a time. So frustrating.

  6. I’m not sure what the developer of this app is thinking. It’s so slow and so glitchy. It keeps telling me I have a poor connection but guess who did a speed test? That’s right, ME! So if it’s slow and my connection is fast, where is the problem. The app. The app doesn’t remember selections. It won’t let a person search for businesses without turning on their location permission for the app. It’s just a really shady practice. If you can schedule without this app, do. Its got unnecessary bloat.

  7. TERRIBLE APP!!! One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It’s unfortunate that this crappy company became the default standard for beauty salons and spas. I guess they just have no competition. First, you need a separate password for each business that you deal with. So, I have a few massage therapists, two beauty salons and a few spas…some are synced but others require a different password even though I use the same email address. Also, they lock you out if you accidentally enter the wrong password, so you have to wait to log back in. The search is also terrible. I have a salon that I book on the web that uses MindBody for their bookings, but when I search in the app the salon doesn’t show up–I can only book it on the web, and my bookings don’t show up in the app. Finally, you’re restricted to searching up to 50 miles from your CURRENT LOCATION! What if I’m on a business trip to NYC but I want to book a hair cut for when I’m back home in Boston? Tough luck!!! You can’t search for that. They really need to invest serious time and money in professional app designers and developers to create an app that at least does the basics of reserving appointments wherever you want and whenever you want, with proper synchronization between web and mobile app. HINT: Check out Open Table! They do this perfectly for restaurants.

  8. Why is this app so GOSH DARN SLOW? I can almost never get the class options to load. It’s very frustrating to just watch the spinning circle as the minutes tick by, and without this primary function, the app is pointless. 2 stars instead of 1 because on the rare occasion the classes do load, it works fairly well. That said, my second biggest complaint is the inability to manually enter a location. This would be useful, for example, when researching options before traveling to a new city.

  9. In terms of the services they provide, yes mindbody is great. The app however is super slow to load classes or pages, and frequently will give errors when I’m trying to pay. Since i only get insurance wellness credit if I book through the app, it’s really a pain when it doesn’t work. The search functionally and organization of the app is also confusing. Their search isn’t very good. You can type the name of the thing exactly and it’ll be #30 in the list. Needs better software support.

  10. Horrible. You have to purchase extras for the app in order to bookmark your places, and often times even then it won’t work properly. The location feature is a huge hindrance if you’re searching by name, and it’s impossible to search without the location setting, because it’ll just start listing everything near you so you can’t find what you’re looking for. The interface isn’t very user friendly and the app overall is very inconsistent. What a let down.

  11. It’s worked great since day one and up until recently. The last month or so, it does weird things… Like if I click on a day to see what classes are available it’ll show no classes, or it’ll show the wrong day, etc. It’s super frustrating. So if I try and book a class it’ll book the right time on the wrong day, and things like that. I’ve made sure it’s updated, I’ve restarted my phone, nothing helps. It continues to happen. I wish my gym would use something else to book classes. 🤷

  12. I travel often and it has yet to work successfully the last major trips to Orlando, Philadelphia or San Francisco when trying to find local places. I’ve resorted to Google and found some amazing spas and estheticians not found anywhere on the app. However today’s issue occurs at my home base, a mere few miles from mindbody HQ. When trying to book a favorited place, after selecting the service, date and time, pressing VIEW PRICING creates dual errors and drops you back on the main screen. I’ve tried with two local businesses and both have failed.

  13. I love the live stream classes offered by Alkalign! It has really helped me deal with all the work/family/pandemic stress now that we are all cooped up. I also love that if I can’t make the live class I signed up for, the studio will send me a link to the recorded version of the class and I can do the workout anytime later in the week. It’s super convenient and allows me to never miss a workout! I also like trying the fantastic, supportive and different instructors from all over the country.

  14. This app is terrible. Search functionality is lacking and there is glitchy communication between the app and the studio. Took a survey a few years ago and mentioned about the search hoping it would be improved but it has not changed. Brings up irrelevant results, can’t find studios I know are in the area and use the app, forces you to search for classes day by day instead of letting you see what the studio has to offer overall, map search doesn’t work (at least on my phone).

  15. This app makes signing up for Yoga classes an ordeal. It doesn’t let you make more than one reservation, so you can’t buy a class for yourself and a friend. It defaults to paying for passes instead of the drop-in rate. It didn’t like my credit card information and the process for saving the credit card information is unnecessarily difficult too. Why can’t I key in digits for an expiration date instead of swiping through two virtual “wheels” to arrive at the correct month and year? Awful!

  16. Mind body is pretty good. it has good functionality features, but for $200 per month, its incredibly glitchy. Often times, it refuses to save information added to client files, and it makes a big old mess when you the info, only to find that it didnt get saved. Or when you fill out an entire client profile 4,5, or 6 times only for the system to refuse to save it over and over again. Even refreshing the page is a hassle, because it sends errors and boots you out of the system multiple times.

  17. For the most part, I really like this app. It makes searching for a class across multiple gyms easy. However, it has a function to “favorite” instructors, which is a great idea in theory, especially since some of my favorite instructors teach at multiple gyms, but once you favorite them, there is no to search all classes by them. The “Info and Schedule” function for instructors does not work.

  18. App is unreliable and frankly useless. Came to read the reviews and so glad I’m not alone. I tried the app on 2 different phones, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted both phones… and still get the same problem: it won’t sync/recognize the pass I paid for so I can schedule classes. Have had to book directly through the fitness company via phone which completely defeats the purpose of this app. Already reached out to the customer service/ support email. So frustrating!

  19. 8.30.2020Terrible! I logged in and all of my classes were completely gone. I tried logging out and logging back in and it wouldn’t let me log back in. Tried installing and it kept saying “Something went wrong, try again in a few.” It would recognize my email, but not the password nor would it send me a reset link. **Updated 9.3 The support is responsive and after a week or so, got it working again. Was happy I had an alternative for scheduling during this time because class times fill quickly.

  20. App is extremely unreliable, constantly logs you out, then when you log in your saved places are gone. Always having to reinstall. Class sizes are limited due to covid which is understandable, but it will sign you in and send a text that you got in then you show up to class to find out your not. Very frustrating. Wouldn’t recommend this app!!! I wish my gym would use a different app.

  21. Appalling app. Not even usable. Crashes over and over. Can’t even get past the home screen. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting the phone – nothing works. I just got a brand new phone and the issue is exactly the same. Ridiculous. This app shouldn’t even be available on the store until this is rectified. This has been going on for months! It used to be so great. Fix it!

  22. Only works about half the time I open it. Sometimes it doesn’t open at all, other times I’ll sign in but it won’t recognize it, or I get “Whoops. Something went wrong…” I’ve reported to support, and both times was told to uninstall/reinstall, but when that works, it’s only for one or two uses. It’s just become too frustrating. I HAVE to use Mindbody to sign up for classes at my Y, else there’s no way I’d keep trying to use it. Now I usually wait to be on a PC and go that route.

  23. This app might be the most frustrating app I’ve ever used. First, their website was horrible and the way they manage user logins in a confusing way, especially when you want to sign up for multiple classes from multiple providers. I finally broke down and installed the app. I tried searching for the place I want to go to tomorrow morning, and typed it in about 10 different ways with no successful results. Anyway, their website is confusing, and this app is just as bad. Complete fail for trying to register for tomorrow’s class.

  24. I love using this app for booking classes at Polefit Carolinas. It is easy to find the classes I want and add them to my schedule with a few taps. Wait list functionality works well also. The studio has used the booking info to notify students via FB of classes with extra room, or send reminders to drop if you can’t attend full classes. Very handy scheduling tool. I like that it shows other classes at other studios in my area, so it’s easy to try new things at new places!

  25. Downloaded a week ago. I cannot book an appointment for the franchise that I currently have a membership with. I get the wheel of death after I select “confirm” on the dialog box asking me to confirm if I want to book the appointment. It never errors out. It just keeps spinning. I have signed out and back in to the app, deleted the app and reinstalled it – it just never works.

  26. Mari F dice:

    This app is so frustrating. The search feature is very unreliable. Sometimes, it gives me businesses in California even though I live in the Midwest. When I want to switch an area where I’m temporarily staying, the search ignores the area that I’m trying to search despite using zip or city name. Half the time, I just end up calling the business.

  27. I wish more businesses were on this app. I agree with other users’ comments. It is almost impossible to use the search function unless you are physically in the geographic area you want to search. It keeps autocorrecting to “current location” or will just tell you it can’t find anything where you are searching.

  28. I used this app for years, but I’m quitting. I used to be able to search all fitness studios in my area, schedule classes and compare pricing. But the search function won’t locate studios I know are there and gives hardly any results, and I’ve found that pricing and scheduling is usually not available anymore either. Back to Google I go…

  29. Not user friendly. This app is difficult to navigate and I have to search for awhile to find what I’m looking for. I can’t see expired passes so I don’t know if they are used up or just not showing up in the app. I used to get notifications when passes were expiring but now I don’t (though I was told this is a feature that has to be turned on by the vendor). Honestly, if my yoga studio didn’t insist I use this app for payment, I would delete it.

  30. Update: problems all fixed! Thank you. Original post: I’ve been using this app for years with no problems, but something went wrong with the last upgrade. I lost all but one of my favorite studios and everything shows up in the wrong time zone. Plus, I can’t sign up for new classes. Please fix!

  31. Thr UI is nice, and it’s easy to book a session. The integration (or lack thereof) of Zoom for video conferencing needs to be optimized. I received the link for Zoom 5 minutes after the start of my session. It should be a one touch SSO experience. Let alone the fact that I didn’t agree to download and use Zoom upon making my purchase in Mindbody. Lastly, the checkout should be done via a secure portal if you’re not going to use Play Store Billing.

  32. I just opened the app to sign up for a class and I’d been signed out (post update I guess). I typed in my credentials (they’re def correct) was taken into the app environment, but then it’s as if I was a user who hadn’t yet signed in. When trying to click on favorites or my profile I was asked to sign in to access them. So, I end up back on the ‘enter credentials’ page, then back into the app appearing like I haven’t signed in – and have been going in this circle for a while. Please fix!

  33. It’s become much better. I feel like they have increased the training of the user end (service provider). The accuracy of classes and passes I book has been much more accurate and full of more usable information. I love that it keeps track of my classes and adds things to my calendar automatically 👍🏻

  34. Great organization; atrocious performance The apps ability to show a variety of classes from a large amount of different type of studios is amazing. However, using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the app freezes when I try to log in through email. When I try to try to create an account/sign in using Google, no matter how many time I try, it does not register the account.

  35. Bloated and disorganized. Pushes you to give location access, then can’t find anything closer than California(wrong coast). Often difficult to find a specific class or studio I know about and type in, yet am steered to non-applicable classes far away or in other states. This app needs to scale back and focus on being good at one thing, like booking yoga classes, instead of serving every variety of wellness business possible… but poorly.

  36. Worked fine, then one day it stopped letting me use my passes. I uninstalled and reinstalled and reset my password. At that point, it no longer let me view the place I wanted to go at all, and said that the business was no longer listed. However, when I used a family member’s phone, it worked just fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled two more times and it finally worked, but there should be better recourse than just “keep uninstalling and reinstalling and hope it works this time”. Fix your bugs!

  37. Up until a recently the app worked fine. Now the home screen shows nothing but solid orange. I have to use search to find my gym each time in order to get to where I can sign up for a class. I have re-installed the app several times but no change. It is a hassle, ridiculous and really frustratingly disappointing.

  38. Very buggy, never fixed, same issue has been there for years, but this is what my studio uses so little choice. Constantly crashes while navigating around app, often almost impossible to book sessions as it will reload 10+ times while trying to navigate to a studio and view schedule, something which is just 2-3 clicks and should be a 30 second process takes me 10-15 minutes. Very frustrating, I now just use the website instead.

  39. Edit: unreliable and useless app. Unable to pay for classes easily as I’ve had to enter in my credit card, then leave the page and come back and then it mysteriously will take my money! Bloated app that is hard to use. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find where to pay for a pack of classes. It should be the first thing that pops up when you look on a business/studio page. It’s an awfully messy app and unfortunate that my studio uses it.

  40. The app suddenly stopped working…I uninstall and reinstalled…but for the last few days it keeps saying “something went wrong, please try again later”. I still have passed for classes but can’t access them! When it worked as intended…I would give it a score of 5…but now unfortunately…not more than 1-2. Could you please repair the app. Thanks! UPDATE 5th Dec.: App still NOT working…very annoying as it is my yoga studios preffered booking platform ….

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