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Achieve the fitness results you want – inside and outside of the gym – with 24GO, the Official App of 24 Hour Fitness.

Designed for members, friends or anyone who wants to live fitter, 24GO coaches you on what to do to achieve results, in the ways that work best for you.

Based on the goals and preferences you enter, 24GO will recommend workouts – and personalize them to fit your needs, no matter where you are. Custom plans and easy scheduling help keep fitness on your calendar, so you always have what you need to succeed.

KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHEN with Custom Workout Recommendations

– Get a game plan for success with 24 Smart Start™, a multi-week fitness plan customized to you and your goals

– Go straight to working out with workouts picked for you daily that fit your goals, equipment and current location

– Add workouts to your Favorites to keep your most-loved sessions on repeat

ACHIEVE YOUR RESULTS FASTER with Hundreds of Workouts and Plans

– Explore in-club and at home workouts from 24 Hour Fitness and trusted partners like LES MILLS, Zumba, Kettlebell Kings and more

– Work out at home with 60+ live-coached virtual classes weekly, including strength, cardio, yoga and more

– Adapt Smart Workouts to fit your needs in the moment: skip or swap out exercises, change the intensity, or add or remove equipment for the perfect fit

– Get expert coaching with audio-guided cardio workouts with options available for treadmill, elliptical, bike, rower and more

– Explore multi-week fitness plans for every goal and personalize them to fit your schedule

STAY ON TRACK TO RESULTS with Scheduling and Reminders

– Allow 24GO access to your mobile calendar, so you can plan out your week and add workouts and classes.

– Receive alerts and reminders about your reserved classes, workouts and training sessions, so you never miss the best part of your day

– Allow 24GO access to your location to find nearby 24 Hour Fitness clubs and classes.

– Add the 24GO skill to your Alexa Echo device to hear nearby class schedules whenever you like.

MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS with Performance and Goal Tracking

– Fitbit integration – Connect your Fitbit account and your 24GO workouts will count towards your goals

– Heart Rate Monitor integration – Add your Bluetooth 4.0 capable device and view HR inside your workout.

– Apple Health integration – 24GO can send your workout data (Active Energy, Heart Rate, and Workouts) to Apple Health, so they count towards your Activity Rings. 24GO can also read data from Apple Health (Date of Birth, Height, Weight and Sex) and use this data to recommend 24GO workouts.


– Find 24 Hour Fitness® clubs, coaches and classes near you when you enable location services

– Use the QR code in the app for quick and easy touch-free club check-in

– Reserve your favorite studio classes, add them to your mobile calendar, set reminders and get real-time updates*

– Add your 24 Hour Fitness® coach to your account for extra accountability and personalized support

24GO is free to download and use. Messaging and data rates may apply.

The 24GO Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.24hourfitness.com/company/policies/privacy/privacy_policy.html

The 24GO Terms of Use can be found at https://www.24hourfitness.com/company/policies/terms/terms_of_use.html


• Performance improvements, bug fixes and design enhancements for a seamless app experience

If you like using 24GO, take a minute to rate us in the App Store. If you’re experiencing any issues, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "24GO by 24 Hour Fitness MOD"

  1. This app has a lot of potential… I really like the follow along workout routines. Some suggestions: Workouts need time settings like beeping when your set is up. Needs to prevent the phone from sleeping. The scheduling is cumbersome and buggy. It would be nice to add a specific workout over a range of dates and times rather than having to enter each day. The workouts should move to the next routine or rest when the phone is rotated so you don’t have to stop.

  2. In general, it’s a good idea, but it has a huge failure in a core feature. It plays video every time you select an exercise in a workout, and you can’t use any of the buttons associated to that exercise until the video plays. So during one workout, the app uses almost 200 MB of data. That is horrendous. And there is no obvious option to turn off videos or play only over wifi. Oh, and at a “Super Sport” gym, they don’t even have WiFi, so you’re kind of screwed.

  3. Hides relevant classes and no longer puts anything on your personal calendar (Google calendar). I almost missed a weekend of Zumba classes because anything with a special branded name like “Pretty in Pink” doesn’t show up at Zumba. Even though I went to the criteria and selected everything with Zumba in it I still didn’t find anything for the weekend. Also, the 24-hour fitness app used to put things on your own Google calendar which was truly useful. Now it has its own calendar which is useless. And it takes longer to get to the screen with the classes on it. I don’t want all the gunk just to quickly see if filter list of locations close to me that have classes of interest to me. So that I can select them and put them on my calendar quickly and know when in the week I will be exercising.

  4. This app is useful for lots of things like finding a gym near you, gym information such as hours and amenities at the facility, guided, live, and customizable workouts, healthy living information, gym check-in. However, there is a bug when there is a notification about an article or something and I click on the notification, the app always opens to the main screen and doesn’t open to the article that I wanted to read and it’s nearly impossible to find.

  5. Update: see below for what I like about this app. However, it’s caused too much data surge in the gym, which defeats the point. Several gb for one workout? If WiFi can’t be added to the gyms (seems like a decent trade-off since towel service is starting to be eliminated), please consider allowing us to download workouts for offline use!! Prior update: I’ve been a member for over 20 years. I don’t go in regularly and was starting to question the value of keeping my membership when I found this app. I love doing workouts at home that are individualized and push me. I started going in for a class, too! I’ve been more consistent with strength training, even when traveling. This app is a keeper! Suggestions: allow workouts to be downloaded. This app was the largest use of data on my phone last month. Make SURE you are on WiFi (hence why I won’t use it in the gym again). Also, sometimes if I switch to another app I lose my entire workout. Now, I try to set my music or podcast before I begin, but this still might occur.

  6. I liked this app at first. It helped me plan my workouts on the fly when I didn’t want to put a lot of thought into planning, but now it feels like the app is a marketing tool to get you to buy a personal trainer. The workouts in the plans are increasingly generic, repetitive and short. It isn’t transparent in its workout tracking. I log my workout in Plan but it doesn’t transfer to Workouts Completed in Dashboard at all, even though I marked it as “Done”.

  7. Workouts are great! Would love this app better if it would talk to me. There is no sound. If it’s 3 sets for 30 secs each with 30 sec of rest. There is no indication when to change. There is only the workout timer. No way to track the sets and no built in interval timer. I have to be looking at my phone to do the workout or have a separate interval timer.

  8. The app is progressively getting closer to being more useful for us trainers and our clients; primarily being able to sync with various calendar apps. The current UI is a bit clunky still, and the default number of emails and push notifications has gotten me chewed out by clients who have installed the app. Would love to be able to edit my trainer bio through the app and I’m still waiting on being able to communicate with my clients through it.

  9. I guess, if we’re going to have to schedule our workouts, like we do have to during COVID, than this app definitely serves its purpose. It also has alot of ways to set your goals, track your progress, and offers tips/advice from other members or trainers. Although I haven’t used any of these features myself, I can imagine they’d really benefit, and possibly even motivate, someone who is just beginning an exercise routine.

  10. They changed it. Now it takes forever to sign in. Easier to ditch the app and sign in with your finger at the club. In response to your comment, your new policy of sign in credentials are exactly the problem. It’s like you think going through the hassle of manually entering in information each time is somehow preferable to sticking your finger on the pad. Signing into a club should be quick and easy, not laborious to the point of having to enter in your credentials repeatedly every time you want to work out.Did someone actually think that was a good idea? I stand by my statement — ditch the app. It’s more painful than the workouts.

  11. This app is good when it works. When it doesn’t it’s horrible. Too many glitches. It does not let me reserve any classes. I keep getting a pop up asking me to upgrade to gold or platinum when I am already a platinum member and always have been. When I try to log a class, I get pop up “membership invalid.” I can not keep track of my workouts or progress due to this problem. I’ve experienced this issue before and after addressing with club, it works for a little while until it begins again. Fix!!

  12. This app was at least tolerable until it was updated. Now it forces you into these awful streamed workouts that dont let you see what exercises you’ll be doing for the day and constantly crashes so you can never finish them. It seems like theres an option to turn this off but it doesnt actually do anything. This has set me back a week.

  13. This app does not allow you to save more than one workout or add more than one type of workout to a single entry. It would also be nice to see some generally accepted strength routines in the app like 5×5 or 5-3-1. I really like the ability to have multiple club schedules bookmarked for class information. Good start, needs more workout customization options. I can’t log rowing and a strength workout that I did the same day separately or together in one entry. Add stretching option please.

  14. the workouts are pretty great. the interface is extraordinarily confusing. if you choose a pre-built workout, you have to add everything from the “plan” into your “schedule,” because, yes, workouts, plans and schedules are three different things in this app. it feels like a bunch of different Web 1.0 sites shoehorned into one app container. i love 24hr fitness … my hope is for a total overhaul of this app that just tells you what to do, sends you reminders, and logs your progress .. easily!

  15. Arie M. dice:

    I used the app to set up reservation and check in for the first time and it went smoothly, but I think the developers have to realize that most people using the app now are doing it because they absolutely have to to get into the club and they don’t have any interest in the fitness portion of the app. As such, asking a bunch of irrelevant fitness goal questions and sending a ton of notifications is just a nuisance. It would be better to just have a fast lane to set up appointment and check-in.

  16. I’ve been using it for about two months now and it’s really helped my exercise routine. Not sure why people are giving this app bad reviews, the previous app was super lame and was only good for finding a gym or if you like to go to class. For me, it helped me learn new things to do at the gym. Prior to using the app, my workout was pretty stale and was mostly just basics. The app taught me new things to try so now my workouts have way more variety. I use it every time I work out and rotate between a handful of workouts that are my favorites. Definitely seeing a difference, keeps me much more motivated which is exactly what I need!

  17. Experiencing the same “Sorry, there was a problem saving. User already exists with [insert email address here]” bug that many other members are facing. I can’t confirm my information, which means I can’t reserve a workout time. This is a game changer. I’ve sent an email to support but have yet to hear anything back. Challenging times indeed, but this is leading me to believe that keeping my membership is pointless.

  18. I was so excited for this app and it looks like it could still be a little useful, but the coolest part – syncing to my membership – does not work. Every time I try it gives me an “invalid login” error. The staff at my club couldnt help or figure it out either and there doesnt seem to be any other avenue of support available. Very disappointed.

  19. Much better app than the previous. I’ve been able to utilize the classes more frequently because of this app. I can also find out when the hard yoga ppl are teaching vs the easy yoga ppl. My only disappointment is being unable to log machines in my personal plans. I appreciate the personal plans you can choose from, but because I can’t log the machines such as “leg curls or abduction” it makes it hard to keep track of my personal progress.

  20. 24Go is like having your own personal trainer… No, it is better than that! Not only does it provide video-guided workouts (including alternate modifications) based on your goals (strength, cardio, power, etc.), it tells you when and where club classes are, schedules them on your calendar, sends you a reminder, logs your workouts, and tracks calories and duration. You can also filter classes by location (just show the ones near you), class type (yoga, cardio, etc.), or instructor. Great app!

  21. I wish the at home workouts actually scrolled through movements along with the clock. for instance, with the tabata workouts there is nothing counting your sets and it’s a waste of time to have to click “done” before moving on to the next movement. some sort of indicator when you’ve hit the allotted time for a movement would make this way better.

  22. this app unfortunately is not easy to use during a workout. the 24 hour fitness wifi is usually too slow to operate this app without interruptions. the app itself is glitchy and requires quite a bit of bandwidth to run all the videos, tough to use other apps at the same time. it’s difficult to set up a workout plan/regimen and to find a body building workout for cutting, maintaining or bulking. the yoga, flexibility and cardio is probably beneficial for some, but not so much for me. it’s free!

  23. Val dice:

    Update is terrible. I can’t see the classes I’ve signed up for in 1 list right off the home page. Before it was the “manage” button that took you to your schedule. Now you have to use the calendar and flip through until you find 1 at a time. It’s difficult to work with not seeing your entire schedule and the extra mess.

  24. From using the phone to scan in, instead of signing in, or typing a bunch of stuff; to reserving a spot in any class. The overall format of the app is easy to go through. I especially love that it makes an outline of your workouts for you, based on what you need to get accomplished. It’s an outstanding App in my book.

  25. App lists classes that have been canceled. Instructors and staff recommend that you call ahead and don’t “trust” the app. For example, I reserved a spot in a class tomorrow. I called to confirm and that class is canceled, but the app still has it on the schedule and taking reservations. Pretty useless if the gyms don’t care to update availability.

  26. Updating the review as developer replied with instructions on how to filter on the class schedule by location… appreciate the response! To improve the User Experience, the Location Filter should be persisitent in the Top Left Filter menu. *** Warning – A lot of clicks to find a class at my favorite locations ** When I do this on my Android phone, the Location Option is not in the Top Left Filter Menu. I need to click on the class schdule or the “+” select the Calender Day, Class Start & End Time … and then the Set Location Option becomes available in the filter menu. Once I select the location from this drill through process, I can now go back to the Filter Menu on the Top Left and Delete the Date and Time … and keep the Location … BUT .. when I close the app and they go back in the Location Filter is gone from the Top Left menu and I get to do it all again. The old version of the app did this better. === Original Review ===== Doesn’t allow a filter on a specific club(s); difficult to go back to previous page. I liked the older version for these features

  27. Love the app but I cannot connect the workouts to my samsung smart TVs. It’s very fustrating that I have started to use YouTube and a different app. I don’t see the point in trying to follow the workout on my phone screen. You must have an apple tv or pay for chromecast in order to connect to your tv. This is such a disappointment for me.

  28. Tom B. dice:

    Zero stars if I could. The app was already not very useful to begin with so I rarely opened it, but I deleted it in reaction to the clubs removing most of their fingerprint scanners. Their sneaky attempt to make everyone download the app just causes a bottleneck for those of us who don’t have or don’t want it, as we wait for the one available scanner. I went from being a non-user of the app, to now feeling negativity towards 24 Hour Fitness in general. Great job, guys.

  29. Class schedules fixed. Default now shows all instructors. Much better! I don’t see the instructors filter to be useful unless there was an option to select all instructors and then we could unselect individual instructors we don’t like. If the list changes and a new instructor is added, by default they should be selected.

  30. I am an employee and this app has given me problems ever since I downloaded it.It is very inconsistent when I go to check my schedule. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. For the last two weeks whenever I go to check my schedule it says “check your connection “. I have wi fi so I know that’s not the problem. very frustrating! I can never know if there’s anything new in my schedule so I have to call the club to see .Irritating!!!!!

  31. I want to see class schedule only like in the old app by selecting a gym. Don’t care about the rest of the features in the app. Don’t like the schedule sorted by time. It doesn’t let me change view to view by different gums like in the old version. Not interested in making my schedule either. I just want to go the schedule of nearby gyms and see what classes are offered for the day/ week so I can plan my week. Bring back the old version.

  32. Privacy Issues! App requires location on at all times, huge privacy violation plus it eats up battery amazingly quickly. Difficult to use. Scheduling workouts not easy or intuitive. Had to unistall & reinstall several times. Still doesn’t work correctly. Asked 24 hour employees for assistance, they couldn’t figure it out. Bad app, only install if you have to.

  33. Really enjoying this app. Makes it much easier to fit in exercise at home or at the gym and saves me tons of time by creating workouts for me that move me toward my goals. Shows you how to do exercises right and use new equipmentalso. I like that you can customize home workouts based on the equipment you have. The only thing that I don’t like is that the app gives me workout reminders on the wrong days – when I don’t have a workout scheduled – and then tells me I missed my workout.

  34. They have improved the filters for group classes BUT the filters are deleted when you close the app, which is a HUGE pain in the ass. The classes are not sorted in any logical way. Also filtering for gyms, the selection list box grows with every selection so eventually you can’t add any more gyms and you have to scroll from the top every time you add a gym.

  35. I love this app. I do not usually write reviews for apps, but this workout app is exactly what I have been looking for. it’s free without constant ads and it adapts to fit your needs. I am not very experienced and I only have dumbells, but it asks you that in the beginning and recommends plans based on that. Thank you. Edit: wanted to give an update and say that a year later I am still loving this app. I love how customizable it is while also giving guidance. Thank you and please keep it free!

  36. Dat Tran dice:

    This app is the worst. It’s a shame this is how you have to reserve your workout time. Initially it never showed any open times or clubs. Eventually I uninstalled it and when I opened it it worked. I could log in and reserve times. Today I made a reservation. When I went in to manage it it kicked me out and I had to log in again. Once logged in there was no reservation found and it once again showed no openings for ANY clubs or times. I uninstalled and reinstalled, signed in, same thing. Stupid.

  37. The app is incompatible with 24HF’s free trial. It’s necessary to make a reservation, but those features are combined with a bunch of confusing bloat that wastes the user’s time. I encountered a bug when I made an account in the app first and then bought a subscription online. It was unable to link the accounts despite having the same email. The solution was to log back into the app as the unpaid account, delete the account, then log back in with the membership number. Frustrating to figure out

  38. Ling Ling dice:

    I love 24 hr fitness. My 3 stars is because I dont like that you cant easily with a click, log prior classes. Now it has to be done using “log activity” . I was under the impression that the class instructors get credit for those that attend the class . I was 1 min late and was unable to fix an easy error.

  39. One star simply because I have every notification turned off and I am still getting notifications about “strength from within” or whatever. If the developer is ignoring your notification preferences and still showing them that’s just rude.

  40. When I click on my schedule, not only does it not show my schedule but the entire app freezes. This just started happening in the last week or two.

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