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With Down Dog you get a brand new yoga practice every time you come to your mat. Unlike following pre-recorded videos, Down Dog won’t make you do the same workout over and over again. With over 60,000 different configurations, Down Dog gives you the power to build a yoga practice you love!

Start in the comfort of your own home at our Beginner 1 Level, and begin your journey in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative.

Explore Vinyasa, Cardio Flow, Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga, Chair, Yoga Nidra, Hot 26, and Sun Salutation practices.

All our practices work to strengthen and stretch your back – if you want more, you can use the Boost feature to specifically target Backbends, Back Strength, or Low Back Opening.

Choose from 6 different yoga teachers to be guided by a voice you love.

Music that rises and falls with your breathing.

Automatically syncs across all your devices.

Focus on 20 different practice areas to really sharpen a particular area, or to vary up your routine by rotating through them all.

In addition to our 6 English speaking voices, all yoga practices are available in 9 other languages!

“I LOVE your app. I am a physician and I recommend it to my patients all the time, for those suffering from anxiety and panic disorder to those with low back pain. I can’t thank you enough for bringing yoga back into my life- making it so accessible, approachable, and convenient.” -James

“Love it, as always. You guys have changed my life. I’m not a T-Rex anymore and I can move without back pain. Thank you :)” -Sharon

“Restorative mode is perfect for my 71 year old body!” -Margaret

“I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of this practice. I felt like I was in a studio and I was really sweaty and challenged. Well done!” -Emily

“After just one Yin session, I can feel a *huge* difference in my flexibility.” – Alexandra
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Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Yoga | Down Dog MOD 2022"

  1. I love this app. So much is customizable: I have choices of the kind of music that plays during the session, the voice of the guide, the level of yoga, and the length of each session. Plus there is a visual of each pose. I love the portability of taking it anywhere because it’s on my phone so that no matter where I travel, I can still do my guided yoga practice.

  2. Love the app! It’s totally customizable from type of practice, length of practice, choice of music or none, explanation of poses, and even more. This has taken me from beginner (never did yoga!) to intermediate with complete confidence. As you progress and understand more about breath focus and the physics of the poses you come to truly appreciate just how amazing this app is and you’ll also start to appreciate what your body will eventually allow you to do.

  3. Great app for the beginner yogi. By far the best yoga app I’ve used and more than with the annual subscription cost. The simplicity of the UI is just wonderful. Clear, not cluttered, and easy to navigate. Less is more and exactly what is needed, as I practice yoga to relax, not to stress or about an overly-busy, ad-laden home screen. Starting a yoga practice has proven the best lifestyle choices I’ve ever made, and I cannot recommend this app strongly enough of you are interested in yoga.

  4. I love this app and use it all the time. it is completely flexible; you chose the music or silence, voice, length of practice, special focus etc. It would be better if there were a way to use it without a wifi connection but that is my only complaint.

  5. Kait Why dice:

    Great app! I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and truly love it. I will express my disappointment at seeing they refilmed the original model doing all of the poses again. The only issue I ever really had was that there was only one “instructor” to choose from. That was a missed opportunity for options. Like, a larger body, for example. Larger bodies don’t always feel comfortable in traditional spaces and they could have truly filled an underserved group.

  6. This app is actually perfect. It’s my favorite way to practice yoga. I had typically followed YouTube videos, which were still great, but what I love about this app that the videos don’t have is just the customization aspect of it! Instead of hunting for the perfect practice I want right then, I just adjust the settings with the app and within seconds – an awesome practice ready to go! Also, the voices they have available to guide you are great. I use Kerry’s voice and it’s just so soothing.

  7. Been using the app for almost 3 years and I love it! I had not done yoga before and this app has allowed me to learn without the intimidation (and expense) of attending a class. I love that I can practice while traveling and can increase or decrease difficulty, depending on how I am feeling. Best money I have ever spent for exercise! Highly recommend!

  8. Sue Poole dice:

    This is a great app for beginners. I am not that experienced at yoga and it was very easy to adjust it for my abilities. It also has lots of settings you can adjust like focusing on different muscle groups, music, time, and poses. This customization is awesome. I think it would be great for anyone into yoga.

  9. a wonderful app. great for beginners, and I’m also assuming for experienced people. many great options, music, voices, and I love the tracking feature. I bought a year during a deal and I’m very happy with it! I don’t see myself cancelling anytime soon. 🙂 thanks for the great app.

  10. Moshe R dice:

    This is the single greatest yoga/fitness app I have come across in all my years of looking for a easy way to do Yoga. Everything about the app is phenomenal, polished, and extremely easy and well functioning! i absolutely love the music, the voice instructions, and the crazy amount of workout customizability. You will not regret downloading this, it’s gotten me through years of fitness and the App developers are compassionate people 🙂

  11. Max Blum dice:

    DownDog is great because you can customize target areas, yoga styles, music, speaking voice, and session length really easily. I use it all the time and love it. Plus, $40 for a year’s access to all of their apps is a deal that’s hard to pass up. Super worth the money.

  12. Julie W. dice:

    I love how you can completely customize it. Not only by experience level, but even just preferences for music and voice and how much guidance you want. It keeps giving me weird error messages, and often times won’t load or stops to buffer, even with full service, on the lowest quality level. But it’s pretty good for the most part. And the best app of it’s kind.

  13. I absolutely love this app for yoga it’s the only one I use. Being able to tailor your experiences to your needs is incredible. I will say, I took one star because they removed the boosts like low back stretches. The only ones available are hip or hamstring stretches. You can still stretch your lower back during the practice, but they’ve taken a lot of customizing options away.

  14. MFCG312 dice:

    Good morning! This is absolutely one of my favorite apps but it seems like the server might be matter what combination I try, I keep getting a message stating that they cannot find a practice with that specific combination. I’ve tried restarting my phone and uninstalling and re-installing the app but keep getting the same message..if you could please work out the glitches asap, it would be so very greatly appreciated! (Still, if I could give it 10 stars, I totally would!) 🙂

  15. This is the best yoga app I’ve ever used!! It guides you through each pose with as much or as little feedback as you’d like. The tips for holding and doing each pose is particularly helpful if you’re new to yoga or you have a tendency to forget to breathe like me. There’s a huge variety of styles and my favorite thing is you can choose different focus areas like hamstring stretches. I am disappointed that they took away the practice download feature though. That’s why only 4 stars.

  16. this app is wonderful! I love that I can tailor it to however my body is feeling. some days I like to build heat, while others I am just trying to get movement and calm. The app does a great job at fitting all of your needs, like voice options, music, and exactly what type of yoga you would like to practice. very good at replicating a class. Also love the modified options. for an injury or just the level you’re at.

  17. I LOVE the randomly generated sessions and the options to tweak them. As someone with ADHD, the randomness and customization of each session does wonders for keeping me engaged while saving me time from searching through tons of yoga videos. It’s also been the best entry point for me as I could make the sessions as short and easy as possible to build the habit of doing it daily after waking up. I’ve been using this app for half a year now and I can’t recommend it enough.

  18. I love how customizable this is, you can make it more or less challenging, slow it down for more descriptions if you’re a newbie like me, and the videos are really helpful. Definitely worth the subscription, plus it gives you access to all their other workout apps, I’m about to give their HIIT app a try! I highly recommend purchasing the subscription directly from their website (find the link in FAQ page), it’s significantly cheaper that way ($40 for a full year!)

  19. Wonderful videos that are easy to follow, many different settings and difficulty levels, you can control how loud the music is vs the voice, how much instruction you’d like, what style of music you listen to. So customizable! WELL worth the yearly subscription price! You get access to all of their apps too! I use their meditation app every night for sleep meditation. I also use the yoga and I plan to use their workout one very soon! Thank you Down Dog!! From a current and lifetime customer

  20. I’ve tried yoga on and off over the yesrs, and ended up drawing the conclusion thay yoga was not for me. This app changed everything!! I’ve been using it every day for a month, and it has changed my life! I can finally touch my toes, and i feel so much stronger already. I love how customizable the app is. I can change the voice, the music, the difficulty, anf the focus for each workout. And after a month of using it, I’ve never had the same workout twice. Amazing app!!

  21. I love this app a weird amount. I do the restorative beginner 1 every night before bed (or at least, I have for about a week)and I get in a good amount of stretching, which I desperately need, but it also relaxes me and I’m ready for bed at the end of the 15 minutes. I feel like it goess just a touch too quickly while switching positions, but the video is great for that, because if you missed something you can just watch it happen anyway. It is a subscription service, which I didn’t know $7.99/mo

  22. I like the variety of choices the programs. Being able to download routines is handy because I don’t always have WiFi available. Great in combination with the other Down Dog apps. My biggest issue is worth the streaming. It cuts out after 11-12 minutes and then the routine freezes. I have to completely the routine and start another one, which of course is different. So if I want to stream it, I need to remember to download it first (but I don’t think I get the music then–what a drag).

  23. The best yoga app I’ve ever seen. Originally it was free, but even with having to pay for it, it was only $20 for a year (I believe) and that is worth it considering people pay up to $150 a MONTH for lessons, and you can choose personal preference. This app explains the positions along with some harder/easier forms of the position as well as how to transition. As long as you have proper connection to wifi or data, I’ve never had issues. I also love that you can customize so much. Out of space.

  24. Overall, this is a fantastic app that is very customizable, with one glaring exception: you can’t create your own series of poses or select a list of poses that you want or ones that you don’t want. I think adding that additional control is the next evolution for this app. My surgeon has suggested some poses that are good, but I can’t force them to be selected more often, nor can I blacklist the ones that I should avoid. Currently I have to skip poses that I can’t modify safely.

  25. No point in telling you why you should do yoga. But if you’re interested, this app is a great way to start. I do have the paid version and have never used the free so I can’t couch for features. This app is a great supplement to going to a real class. You can choose a wide variety of settings including, duration, speed, voice, music, focus, etc. The latter meaning you can go for more of an aerobic style, or you can focus on core, or legs. And they are different every time. No more excuses!

  26. F N dice:

    I mainly use it for guided stretching. Really like the different options/settings to personalize the workout. At this point my only suggestion is to let users exclude certain positions, e.g., a thumbs up/down feature. I personally can’t do one or two stretches because of an injury and when they come up, I have to do something else in the meantime.

  27. I really love the app. It let’s you pick the style of yoga your in the mood to do. It allows you to pick the level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and how long the session is. You can select an area to “boost” or focus on…ie core, hips, backbends. It gives different options for music (or none at all), voice of the guide, etc. It really allows you to tailor fit your session to what serves you. ❤

  28. This app is amazing!!! Well produced, high quality videos seamlessly stiched together by computer software allows every workout to be unique, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. I love the amount of customization available: from being able to change the voice of the teacher, to focusing on specific muscle groups, to changing the ambient music in the background. For the price, this has solid returns! It is $50 for year.

  29. so first off, yes, its a subscription. i didnt know that until i used it. you get three free sessions. the app itself is great, and the service is great. the subscription is relatively cheap, which pleasantly surprised me. the experience is very customizeable to your own goals and experience level. Even the background music is changeable to suit taste. the videos are really high quality and are smooth-flowing from one exercise to the next, like a livestream almost. im very impressed.

  30. K M dice:

    Down Dog is an awesome Yoga app. There are multiple choices of Yoga family, the area of your body to place an emphasis on, your personal level (beginner to expert), pace, length, amount of instruction, voice, and background sound. Every time you use it, new things are mixed in to ensure you are getting a great workout and, of course, as you change the variables, it changes. Further, unlike a classroom, you can do it whenever and wherever you choose. Beautifully executed app! Thank you.

  31. Love this app, and I recommend it for those who don’t mind subscriptions. The one thing I’d like to see is an ‘alternate pose’s suggestion for those who aren’t as flexible, but there is a wide variety of practices to choose from so you won’t get bored. Devs – I miss having music in the practice. The balance between voice and music isn’t great and the music gets too distracting and loud if I try to add it in.

  32. Wow, only have done one session but im hooked. I have been through so many yoga app and this one is by far the best! The variety of options to help you find that perfect flow is amazing, the music is superb, the visuals are perfect, it’s almost like having your own instructor there with you. After my first session I didn’t hesitate to subscribe (and if you do it through their website there’s a discount which is awesome) 10/10 would recommend to the yogis out there!

  33. I’ve had this app on my phone for years. It gives a great flow, matches well with music, good cues, visuals, throws in a good challenge, and has only gotten better with time. I started using it as a substitute for a studio, and it’s held up the quality, even on the base “free” settings. Fantastic app. Highly recommend for anyone from beginner to experienced!

  34. I think the Down Dog apps are great, I use both yoga and hiit frequently. I like how many options there are to choose from. Only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t seem like you can exclude specific positions or exercises. I have a shoulder injury, I can modify most things but there are a few that I just can’t do. It is discouraging to have to skip or come up with a substitute.

  35. This is my go-to yoga app. It’s phenomenal. I’m seriously considering getting the pro version just to support the creators for an amazing job. The free version is jam-packed with options and is ad-free, which is just incredible. I love the ability to generate a routine based on your needs each time, setting the level, duration, area of focus… And no matter how much you customize, the app always generates a well-rounded and flowing routine. 💯

  36. Reduced to three stars because i have a hard getting used to the new update. Though it added more features, the practices and sequences i used to are no longer there. I also miss the old ambiance of the background set, which was dimmer and calmer. The current bright room is somewhat stark. I would gladly switch to the old version back if it was available. Still, i think this aplicatication is best of what’s available with all the features and flexibility of options.

  37. AMAZING! This yoga app is just amazing! You can select if you want music or not, how many minutes you want your sessions, before & after options, what you want to work on like flexibility, backbends, etc. It has different levels for beginners through advanced. You can also select from a few different voices or not if you don’t want anyone to speak. There’s so many different options & routines. Its the best yoga app ever & I’d highly recommend it to anyone & everyone!

  38. This is a very wonderful yoga app. At first, it seemed a bit stilted and computer generated. Then, I found it very easy to use. Easy to pause. No buffering. Also, the workout changes up each time just a bit. I love I can change the length of the practice easily. The music is a good compliment, relaxing and motivating. I have tried half a dozen apps and this is the best.

  39. All yoga aside (which is great), this is the most technically seamless and advanced app on the market. I’ve tried many fitness apps for years, and this is the future of what apps can and should be. The music, the alternate poses, and the way songs fade in and out at the perfect times and the attention to detail (such as allowing you to meditate afterward without stopping) are impeccable. Honestly I seriously doubt the target audience of this app could truly appreciate the technical Masterpiece that it is. The Tesla of health apps.

  40. i just started doing yoga to try and gain some flexibility. my daugher suggested Downdog to me because i can use it at home at my own speed (slow) as i learn and then adjust to a faster pace. i have found it very easy to follow, and satisfying to use. it is challenging but also soothing, and you may adjust many settings to your preference. i just bought the years subscription, so by this time next year I expect to be much more flexible.

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