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Multiple yoga asanas, pilates, fitness&corepower yoga for weight loss.

Would you like to get an energetic and efficient online yoga studio? 
Would you like to find both the yoga fitness pose video and meditation in one app?
Daily Yoga is the platform that provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple yoga poses, various guided yoga classes, and weight loss yoga challenges. Start your day with a yoga workout, increase flexibility and balance, improve performance in daily activities, keep good posture, and get fit and healthy!
⁃ “Top Developer”, “New and Noteworthy”, “Essential App Collections and Editors’ Choice” ; 
⁃ “Best Yoga App” since 2021 by Healthline;
⁃ The Wall Street Journal – “5 Addictive Fitness Apps”;
⁃ Evening Standard – “the Best Apps for Londoners”.
Daily Yoga challenges, Weekly New classes!
If you’re a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily Yoga provides easy yoga classes to help learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes, sequences, and flows.
If you’re advanced, there are plenty of the world’s class coaches. New courses will update weekly which won’t make you do the same yoga workout over and over again.
Yoga for Weight Loss and Fat Burn!
Daily Yoga provides different courses & yoga asanas for weight loss. There are easy and efficient full-body yoga exercises that help you burn fat and get visible results in a few days. 
Personal Yoga Studio At Home!
Daily yoga offers different yoga challenges according to your fitness goals. Get in shape, weight loss, stretch, increase flexibility, – even the busiest person can find 7-15 mins to complete the home yoga workout and get visible results just in 30 days.
Smart Coach to Keep You Motivated!
The Smart Coach feature helps you from the hassle of repeatedly searching for the right class. The Smart Coach feature creates a 28-day schedule of classes to help reach your one-month goal. It will be surprising to unveil a new class every day. 
Download Your Favorite Classes!  
Download yoga class for offline use and take it with you anywhere. Practice in your living room, in a hotel, on the beach, and anywhere. 
Personal Yoga Plan to Adapted to Your Needs!
A personal yoga workout planner in your pocket! Daily Yoga offers 500+ yoga poses, 500+ guided yoga classes, pilates, and meditation sessions plus the largest yoga pose library. There are multiple yoga poses to reach your needs, Vinyasa, HIIT, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra, Sun Salutation, and soon, 500+ yoga asanas can be selected. 

Track and Record Your Progress!
Personal data can be tracked if you use different devices. With the smartwatch, you can track the exercise duration and calories burned and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals.
Meditation for Mind and Body!
Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. Boost your energy quickly, release your stress with the 10 mins meditation class, or follow the gentle voice into a sweet dream. 
Join The Worldwide Yoga Community!
Connect with 50M yogis around the world. Discuss your experience of each class, tag, and encourage each other to finish yoga challenges. It brings yogis from all over the world closer to one another.
Daily yoga is a health and fitness app to give yogis around the world a better yoga experience. Join this best yoga app and start your day with morning yoga stretches or practice yoga for bedtime. You can practice anytime and anywhere. Take control of your health and practice in the Daily Yoga App every day!
Terms of Use: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/terms.html
Privacy Policy: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/privacy.html
Feel free to contact us anytime!
· App usage problems and suggestions: [email protected]
· Business Cooperation: [email protected]
Come to Life, Come to Yoga!


- New in July: Detox Yoga For Weight Loss, Meditation Music | Constellations, Meditation Music | Nature Melodies.
- New in eBook - Anatomy of Yoga.
-The Category on the Practice page has a new look and includes recommended topics of courses, and it is more convenient to filter.
- New Challenges: Yoga for Fat burning, the weekly 7-Day Core Strength Challenge, World Oceans Day Puzzle challenge, and International Yoga Day Puzzle Challenge.
- Fixed some issues.


40 comentarios en "Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation MODDED 2022"

  1. Paid for the year subscription but it has been worth it and wasn’t expensive with all the deals and offers they give. I used to loose interest in working out after a couple weeks, but not with this app. Only downside is all the meditation in my daily personal challenge workout. Easy fix I just need to go back and choose options without meditation. Overall great app if you pay for the year.

  2. So far so good. The instructor voice is perfect. Soft soothing and gives you the reminders to keep your shoulders down or tighten your core. Those are some of the little things that differentiate a good program for me. July 22 2022 update: I still really like this app. I like the fact that I can choose how long a workout I need on any given day same with my meditation timelines. I do wish there was a way to search for given health conditions in the community as a way that connect with others wh

  3. This app offers sooooo many different workouts to choose from but I’ve stuck to the same program. The workouts aren’t ever exactly the same and they build off each previous week, so I keep getting stronger without ever getting bored. I reached out to the support team once about 6 months ago, because I was frustrated and struggling with some injuries. Told them it would be cool if they offered some low impact substitutions. While at the time they didn’t have this available (but was something they were already working on) they came back with 3 or 4 different ways to adjust my workouts to avoid further aggravation. I love it! It’s so easy to sub out workouts due to equipment restrictions, or because it’s too easy, or too hard. The videos and instructions for each workout are spot on. I really really love this app! More than a yoga for beginners free app.

  4. Rating zero because of the vibes. I already paid for a year of premium, but the homepage is full of ads to buy more stuff, and they keep emailing me marketing. Then, I go in to start a session. I choose level 1 flexibility, and they had me do standing side knee raises and a plank. The narrator was talking about feeling strong and 6 pack abs. I just don’t see this as being specialized or calibrated at all. Fully regret this purchase.

  5. I love this app and the diversity of workouts that it gives. I love that you’re able to swap out certain sets due to difficulty availability. It is great the app allowed you to track the weights used for each movement so that im able to track my progress. Overall, it’s an easy to use app with a lot of versatility and a nice yoga for beginners free app!

  6. I love the versatility this workout app offers! Last year during COVID, I was able to stay in shape by following the home workouts. They have so many fitness instructors to chose from and I love how I have the opportunity to experience the many forms of exercise. I’ve tried other workout apps yoga for weight loss free and I can say that this is by far my favorite one.

  7. I’ve been following Yoga for Beginners Free app for 5 years and it was my favorite workout. However I’ve tried out and signed up for free trails of the Daily Yoga app and finally decide to sign up for the year. The workouts are just as amazing as the guides and more. I love the zero equipment programs since it’s a great alternative to going to the gym with covid. Their customer service is also amazing. I didn’t realized I had 2 payments with separate accounts so when I finally noticed and reached out the to customer service, the issue was resolved quickly. The app is well designed, easy to use, workouts are amazing and the superb customer service. I plan to be a long time subscriber for the app.

  8. Crissy M dice:

    Here are my personal issues: 1. I paid a good chunk of monies & can’t even download the videos to my phone to keep, the price is for a year. 2. I get that music is a part of the ‘shtick’ for focus & relaxation but I’m deaf (I wear hearing aids) and it’s hard to hear the poses and instruction. Also, no CCs. 3. Can’t seem to cast it to my TV for easier watching while trying to do the poses But otherwise it’s a decent app.

  9. Love the simplicity and adjustability of this app. Daily Yoga is awesome! You can do it anywhere. Great for people who travel or do not have a lot of space. Really enjoying the workouts and the app.It is easier to try than yoga for weight loss free. The courses are amazing on this app!!! Been using since 2018. Changed my life. Not kidding.

  10. So I began using this app as a free user years ago, went back andforth with it for a while as the free options are not bad but are limited. Finally I took advantage of a sale and bought a year subscription and it was totally worth it. The additional content has let me expand my yoga to include lessons that can specifically target the areas I want. The lessons are easy to follow and they offer a lot of variations for when the move is too difficult. Great app!

  11. As someone who has been going to the studio (seriously) for five or six years now, I started to decline in both motivation and a sense of accomplishment. I always tried to make my own routine or follow a pre made one but I always feel short. I didn’t enjoy having to watch whole youtube videos or consistently use data to keep my browser open. In short, maybe i’m just lazy hahah but nonetheless, I still tried and nothing worked. I looked through all sorts of apps and came across this one and yes, watched and read multiple reviews about it and went for it.

  12. Very impressed with the way it walks you through each and every pose and how to do to them – if you choose the beginner settings that is. There are several questions right in the beginning that help you set up the app specifically for you. I’m also impressed with the cost – I haven’t purchased it yet bc I wanted to try it out first but it’s only $40/year – very doable!

  13. This yoga app is perfect. You can choose a body part to work on, or just have the algorithm choose a set of exercises for you! If you like to boost the corepower, it does help.It has an option to choose their music, Spotify, or Apple. It also has an option to remind you every day to work out! It only takes 7 minutes. Worth every second.

  14. Started using this app during the pandemic. I teach a High Intensity Strength and Conditioning class at our local YMCA and I am used to working hard and sweating, which you can definitely do with this app! But you also have the ability to tailor it to your level each and change it every time, if you need a little less (or a little more). Music choices are nice too (or you can choose no music); accompanying voices are good too. If you tried Peleton app you will like Daily Yoga. So glad I found this app!!!

  15. I like how everything is customizable and the lessons are varied every time which is much better than peleton so the work out does not get stale. Very easy for multiple people to use it also, as the levels are flexible. It’s been great during COVID and I use it on the road while traveling. I plan to add light weights to take it up past level 3.

  16. I found this app and it’s so great that they plan your yogas for you based on your goals. I never have to think about which one I’m gonna do and they have a nice range from easy to difficult to mix it up and not make me feel burned out. The instructors are great overall, but sometimes I wish they would talk a little more about form so I know I’m doing each move as correct as possible. Always want to prevent injury! But, really great overall.

  17. Update 5/1-the browser page spawn issue has resolved itself. I think it was related to one of the ads/offers on the home page. That offer is gone and I no longer have the symptom. 4/10/2022-anyone else having the app open up, spawn two pages in a browser, then the pages remain blank? I have to close the pages, close the browser and come back over to Daily Yoga. Very annoying!

  18. It’s like stepping into your own personal training session and you get to pick the work and what your body needs that day! Love the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers. And that the courses range in levels and let’s you go up and down the scale. Awesome little app to keep exercise stress-free, challenging and fun!

  19. I am just getting back to working out this app has everything I need to get fit at home. I love the meditation part of it. I still go to therapy but I no longer go to the gym. I just use this app. Pacing, levels, the smart plan guide makes it easy to be consistent and stay focused on my goals.. So many exercises to choose from. I won’t ever go bored. GREAT PRICE TOO

  20. Corye dice:

    I love this app. Adding yoga and meditation to my life has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. This app with a subscription helped me to achieve my fitness goals, kept me motivated, and is very relaxing. I recommend it to pretty much anyone who wants to include stretching and relaxation to their schedules. As we get older I think we forget to take care of our bodies and move around. Through this app I am able to stay fit, relax, and feel good sweating through these poses. Great job ❤👏🏼

  21. Premium user for a couple months now (in-app time 967 minutes/44 days). So I like the programs overall. I use if mostly for daily meditation and yoga a couple times a week. But there are a few gripes. Deleting a program from your calendar is not intuitive at all. And even if you’re a paid user you still get their annoying pop-ups to join premium & they email you about it which is unacceptable to me. I probably won’t renew after my year because of it. The smart coach is just meh.

  22. I love the videos. I find them challenging and helpful. I definitely see results in just a few weeks since I’ve joined. The instructors are motivating and great at explaining how to do the moves. Everything from the music to the atmosphere is phenomenla. This is a great alternative to my workout since leaving my local gym due to Covid-19.

  23. From Flexibility, to Fitness, to Mindfulness, Daily Yoga has something for everyone. Using them in conjuction consecutively helped me achieve a new level of balance in my personal growth and I’m sure it does for many others. Annual Subscription base is the cheapest option however for the amount of download-and-go content available, it is fairly inexpensive vs. inhouse-classes. Some guided meditations include crystal sound therapy and the audio clarity is prestine. Highly recommended trying it

  24. They have so many yogas from so many trainers and one is always better than the one before. I absolutely love it and recommend every chance I get!I found this yoga app. It’s easy to navigate, very easy to find the yogas that match your level of strength and endurance. Now, a month later, I’m noticeably stronger, more flexible, and with better endurance.

  25. I absolutely love this app.. if you want to learn more about yoga and meditation this is the one! There are so many courses and resourceful information available to choose from with an online community that you can share your progress with. Making it super easy to gain a peaceful mind and toned body right from the comfort of home.. Overall its definitely a nice app!!

  26. lqucs ubz dice:

    I’ve been a subscriber for two years now, and these apps are incredible! The Daily Yoga one in particular has improved tremendously over the past years. The music is great, and the workouts are varied and well-paced. The instructor is motivating, but not disgustingly fake happy. I use Daily Yoga almost every day. Best purchase ever. Suggestions: On Daily Yoga, it would be nice to have even more detailed description on posture and tips for modifications to exercises. I notice the details happen during the workout time, when it should come during the 10 second break. I tried other yoga apps like peleton app, however, I love DY most. On yoga, it would be nice to have the option to choose for certain poses to last longer than others, like downward dog, for example, or for a longer cooldown period.

  27. I love Daily yoga app! I have a hard time finding motivation to exercise but this app makes it easier. I can choose which area I want to work on and the intensity level. I highly recommend this app! I have searched for yoga apps that helped you along that weren’t expensive. And this is the best one I could find! It’s so helpful from videos to tips!!

  28. I used to have to search for YouTube videos all the time for good exercises but also have good quality music and different exercises. For a low yearly fee, I get great customizable workouts that have so many different options and no two workouts are the same. They keep adding great features too. I also get access to their apps as well. This is awesome!I tried other yoga apps like peleton app either, however, I love DY most.

  29. I was a little overwhelmed by all of the classes initially, but during my free trial I found some of my favorites with the filter function and it’s so easy to find new ways to push myself. I love that they consistently add more videos too. Sadie Nardini is everything I love about my studio’s classes but adds the cardio element that I really crave. She is able to create motivational energy over the screen and the music option is perefct. Soooo many other incredible instructors too so you never get bored.

  30. Best app purchase! Fully customizable but super easy interface. Clear instructions, good music, loving the moves. There are some features that Peleton app lacks. Daily Yoga is not just jumping around. There are dynamic moves that feel great. Barre also works the muscles well with small movements and the meditation app helps me fall asleep every night. Yoga instruction is excellent. I’m no expert in that field but I can follow along so that’s what is important to me. Great app bundle!

  31. I really love the variety of workout options in this app! As an athlete, I still find the workouts challenging (but also great for beginners) and never stale. They are well balanced for a full-body workout with and without equipment. There is a lot of jumping in most tracks which can be difficult on my knees at times, but I can simplify the workouts slightly to work best for me. I used to use Yoga Workouts for Beginners app before, but there is not much variety there.The newest feature to swap out exercises is just what this app was missing. Instead of modifying the workouts myself, I can see similar suggestions and pick the best one for my needs.

  32. I have been searching for an app to go on with my yoga practice and build up my home practicing.I am an intermediate. Most of them were just for beginners. This one is just perfect since you can focus on specific body areas and also opt the level of difficulty. Definitely it’s value for money!!!

  33. Love this app! You have multiple options for programs if you like structure. There are options for different trainers. You can choose equipment or without. You can also customize your own schedule and select different workouts from different trainers for flexibility. There are challenges, quick workouts, and targeted workouts. There are some features that Yoga Workouts for Beginners app lacks.The app times everything and shows you the example video of each move. You can click for a full description and it will automatically pause the time. There are even recipes and grocery lists. Overall great content and features.

  34. Honestly the best workout app I have ever used. I NEVER stuck to a workout routine until this app, and it has changed my life! I have been consistently training for the past 10 months and the progress I’ve made (mind and body) is amazing. There are some features that Yoga Workouts for Beginners app lacks. There are such great programs to choose from, and I love being able to experiment with workouts from other programs whenever I want!Only wish it could connect with Fitbit!

  35. This app has been amazing during quarantine. I love that there are multiple programs so I have to option to choose what fits my needs (which changes frequently). DY is a great beginner program, but a little boring towards the end. However, I did gain a TON of muscle from it. I am loving the Fierce program right now. There are some features that Yoga Workouts for Beginners app lacks. I love that each day is a different workout style so you never get bored.

  36. A Macleod dice:

    Whilst the app itself is free to download, what is not disclosed in the write up is that you have to buy a subscription to use it. Even when you start the app it doesn’t mention any payments until you have input all your details. Only then does it offer you the plans, all of them need to be paid on an annual subscription basis. Even though it is a subscription plan, there are still pages of ads popping up every few minutes.

  37. Really enjoying this app. The exercises are great. I did specify that I have knee problems but I seem to still be getting a lot of work on my knees that’s quite taxing. I can’t see where to change this in the settings or how to retake that quiz incase it didn’t work the first time around. That’s my only niggle. Otherwise this app is fantastic and it’s helping me to very slowly gain some fitness back after having covid.

  38. I’ve always wanted to do the yoga program but quarantine finally got me into it and I’ll never go back. It’s a great, quick, accessible program that really tones you and keeps you on a schedule which in this current climate is so helpful. I’m truly impressed by the app and how easy it is. I used to use Yoga Workouts for Beginners app before, but there is not much variety there. Love this and have been recommending it to all my friends.

  39. This is the best workout app I‘ve tried. The interface is clear, and the explanation of the exercises is transparent. The instructions are motivating. There‘s a variety of programs from no equipment to light equipment, and at home to in-gym workouts. In quarantine, I’ve loved the Daily Yoga program. Great results. I’m a forever workout-from-home convert because of it.

  40. Mays Foot dice:

    This app has transformed my idea of working out! All the workouts are varying in difficulty and also the location (home or gym) I love the flexibility of the app and all the workouts challenge me in the best way. There are some features that Yoga Workouts for Beginners app lacks. This app truly is the best option I think for women to feel comfortable working out in their own way with the help of an amazing trainer.

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