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Get a free year of anxiety relief. Meditate, breathe, focus, and calm your mind.
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Calm your mind, and improve your stress, sleep, and more with the world’s first personalized meditation program, now free for your first year.

Balance is your personal meditation coach. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences. Using an audio library of thousands of files, Balance assembles a daily meditation that’s perfect for you. The more you share over time, the more personalized and effective your meditations become.

For a limited time, we’re offering everyone a free year of Balance, automatically available when you download the app.


Balance’s daily meditations are organized in 10-day Plans that teach fundamental meditation skills geared toward your goals and needs. You’ll discover how to bring awareness to your day, increase your focus among distractions, improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and find deep relaxation in moments of stress.


Singles are bite-sized meditations you can use anytime, even on the go. Wake up gently with a morning meditation and stretch, and then make your commute less chaotic with a meditation customized to where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Calm (clear) your mind with animated breathing exercises, and lower your stress, find energy, and increase your focus with quick Relax, Energize, and Concentrate meditations—and many more.


You’ll rest easy with our Sleep meditations, Sleep Sounds, and Wind Down activity—a first-of-its-kind interactive that uses bilateral stimulation and controlled breathing to help you relax before bed, overcome anxiety and find more restful sleep.


Get started with our Foundations Plan, where you’ll train your focus and reduce anxiety by concentrating on your breath and noticing sensations in your body. Or, if you already meditate often, start with our Advanced Plan, which helps you take your meditation practice to the next level. As a participant in our free-year membership, you’ll also have access to our full library of 10-day personalized Plans, all our on-the-go Singles, and more.


– Personalized guided meditations tailored to your mood, goals, experience, and more
– 10-day Plans to help you develop and deepen your meditation skills
– Bite-sized Single meditations you can use to get more out of any moment
– Research-backed activities to help you relax, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, and prepare for restful sleep
– Badges to reward your progress on Plans, Singles, and skills
– Customizable session durations
– New content added regularly
– Animated breathing exercises for quick calm and relaxation
– 10 concrete meditation techniques to build your practice: Breath Focus, Body Scan, Labeling, and more

In meditation, “one-size-fits-all” fits no one. We all have our own ways of finding relaxation, focus, rest, and happiness. With thousands of paths possible, Balance helps you reach your goals, your way.


Your first year on Balance is free. After that, Balance offers two auto-renewing subscriptions at $11.99/month and $69.99/year. These prices are for United States customers, pricing in other countries may vary.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the term. Subscription renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your Play account at confirmation of purchase.

Balance also offers a Lifetime subscription which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $399.99 with unlimited access to the Balance library forever.

For additional information, please read our Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy (


New Singles:

Check in with how you’re feeling using our new Body Scan Single. You’ll notice sensations throughout your body, which promotes greater relaxation, better pain management, and enhanced mind-body connection.
Set an actionable goal for 2023 with our Resolutions Single. You’ll reflect on lessons from the past year before looking ahead to set a specific, measurable resolution for your future.


40 comentarios en "Balance: Meditation & Sleep FULL"

  1. still unsure about it but I do like it more then other meditation apps and like that you get a too use this one free for a year if unable to pay because they don’t believe that financial issues should stop someone from getting the help they need. that’s one thing I will say that peeked my interest because with other apps you have to pay so much money for services or to unlock single sessions or even just for basic things but this one gives you a choice for your first year which I found amazing!

  2. Amazing app, especially for beginners! The program offer a male and female voiceover to guide you through meditation fundamentals and sleep audios. The personalization of the app gives you audio prompts that are tailored to your goals (improving sleep, increasing focus, decreasing stress, and/or improving mood) and stress factors. Plus, the interface of this app is impeccable! Just the layout and animations are enough to keep me using it daily.

  3. A formidable app In my opinion, the Balance app is great overall. Aside from the criticism I heard from a few users regarding a lack of background music (which I can do without at times anyhow) However, I wish there was more unguided or greatly reduced speaking from the narrator. Maybe it comes from being someone who is familiar with meditation, but the narrators just talk way too much. I get the gist of breathing, finding the posture for the meditation, obvious things.

  4. I have tried a few mainstream meditation apps and I’m loving this one so far. It’s Headspace meets Insights Timer, minus all the distractions on the screen. I don’t need to be bombarded with a bunch of courses or what’s happening in the community. The balance app feels like it’s just for me and it’s about my journey only. I hope this does not change. Keep up the good work 🙏😁

  5. TJ Clark dice:

    I’ve meditated off and on for about 5 years, now. Take advantage of the free trial if it’s still available, but otherwise give this app a try if you’ve ever been interested in meditation. The combination of gentle guidance and personalized feedback based on your goals and personal progress are a significant step forward when compared to the competition (Headspace, Calm). The skill-oriented practice is a huge plus, too I recommend this app to everyone who asks me about my meditation practice.

  6. I’ve tried multiple meditation apps including Headspace and this is the one that works the best for me. The two voices are very soothing, I learn about meditation, and I’ve gained tools that I’ve used in tough times and much needed resets. The app also has a 5 part fundamentals program and similarly a 4-5 part advanced program. Everything builds on itself and each session is customized to meet your needs. This app is it for me, I will be a life long user.

  7. So far it’s been easy to do. I’ve had a meditation practice before but it lapsed and I’ve had trouble getting back to it. I’ve been doing daily meditations for 10 minutes and I’ve done the nighttime ones a few times. The interface is well thought out and user friendly. I like how each meditation is different, just life each day is different. Thanks!

  8. I’m fairly new to meditation and would always brush it off when told to give it a try because I always got frustrated by my mind wondering. This app eases you into the process with the option to start off at 3 minutes. I felt so relaxed after my first ise that for the first time in weeks, I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep without needing medice to help me. There are also tons of different meditation practices which I love. I could say more but I’m about to hit my character max. TRY IT!

  9. Got this because of the option payment year that was advertised. I’ve only done 2 exercises so far but it’s by far the most useful, organized, exciting app I’ve ever used for meditation. I will absolutely be recommending this to others. This is also the first time I’ve ever considered paying the subscription fee once my trial is over.

  10. Shay Maor dice:

    Such an amazing app. After spending over a week at a meditation retreat some years back, there is still a lot to learn and grow. This app, with it’s relaxing instructor, guides you through breathing exercises to encourage stillness of mind and body. If you’re looking for an excellent app to get you started in your meditation journey, or just need encouragement to get you to the next level, this app is for you.

  11. This is by far my favorite meditation app. Not only does it help relieve stress, but it helps me regain focus while I’m doing work. As someone who constantly struggles with losing my focus, taking just 30 seconds to use the focusing techniques this taught me helps me be super productive. Definitely worth the download!

  12. I’ve been using Balance for almost 2 weeks now and it’s become my new favorite meditation app. I find the pacing of the lessons helpful (focusing in on teaching 1-2 meditation skills at a time to give proper time to build each skill). Progression through leveling each skill and achievements (Badges) lightly gamifys the experience. Those features along with the personalized plans, the singles and sleep singles have me using the app throughout my day every day.

  13. It’s incredible that Balance offers their subscription for free, or heavily discounted. Even if it isn’t everything I’m looking for in a meditation, it says a lot when a program does this…they are somewhat basic compared to the competition, but still have plenty to offer in their library. I appreciate the fact that there aren’t a handful of different voices for the meditations. Getting used to a particular voice can sometimes be part of becoming familiar with meditation again.

  14. Balance was exactly the meditation app I was looking for, but never quite found until now. I love its ease of use, brief but impactful meditations, and automated personalization. It even syncs your profile across devices, which is really convenient. It’s a really well designed app, and clearly has tons of love and polish put into it. I might have jumped the gun, but I opted to buy the discounted lifetime subscription because I was so impressed. I strongly recommend that you try it out.

  15. I’m a total novice to meditation, so I’ll refrain from reviewing the program till I’m a bit further along (I just finished day 4). But wow, I am very impressed with the app as a whole. The interface is clean and well designed, the way that the app personalizes easy session is well done, and there is obviously a LOT of content to dig into. I’m opting for the free year right now, mostly because I’m just experimenting with ways to improve my focus and mood. 10/10 so far.

  16. I think a meditation app is always going to be very personal – that what’s to one person’s taste isn’t guaranteed to be to another’s. That said, after a lot of exploration, I sprung for the lifetime membership here. Lots of content, both in programs and with lots of singles. The guides feel competent, authentic and caring. Many apps have an introductory quality that doesn’t really go that deep, but this one has been insightful to new for weeks. Well done.

  17. After using Balance for about two weeks, almost daily, I easily can see why this app was Google’s top-rated app for 2021. I have experimented with meditation to relieve my stress as a caregiver many times, with little success. Already, I feel progress and increased confidence that I. Can. Do. This! And it will always a difference in due course. The adaptive features using artificial intelligence are the key. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  18. As of now, more limited meditation options compared to Headspace and the like. Still, the way the teachers emphasize certain physical skills to help, like focusing on a breath count or sensations at your pace, is amazing. Other programs I’ve tried so far focus on what the instructor’s rate of breathing is, or vague descriptions of refocusing. The different methods taught in this app has helped me stay focused during the meditation (I have adhd, so that’s a big thing for me). So far, so good.

  19. Excellent creative guided meditations for all levels. I’ve tried a lot of meditation apps and usually I find them to be too basic or the voices to be annoyingly intrusive. That is not the case here. The meditations are tailored to the individual’s experience and needs. The voices guide without being intrusive. I love it.

  20. Excellent guided meditation app. I’ve started recommending this app to some of my patients to help with anxiety and inability to control their moods. I also don’t feel like I’m being judged when I get busy and miss a few days (or weeks 😬). And Ofosu’s deep baritone voice is SO relaxing! The way each meditation builds on the previous… it’s perfect. There is just enough direction and the quizzes are helpful to solidify important info. Thank you!

  21. Very relaxing, structured enough to keep me interested and returning, and the progress tracking helps me to feel a sense of accomplishment which keeps me engaged and motivated to develop a disciplined meditation practice at my own pace. The daily streak keeps me accountable to myself which is great because the benefits of meditation are cumulative. Very happy with Balance!!!

  22. Finally, a meditation app I can use. The structure of this program is great – first and foremost because it acknowledges the difficulty some people have with meditation and then offers tools and a progression to deal with them. It also helps you set meaningful but flexible goals and doesn’t nag you to reach them. You can truly take it at your own pace. Also, it teaches you not just the how, but the why of what you’re doing. Just excellent.

  23. I have grown to love this app in a matter of weeks. I started out meditating very inconsistently, once or twice a week. But now I do it every day. I have seen such a drastic improvement in my moods, outlook, resilience to stress, and motivation that I can’t thank Leah, Ofosu, and the development team enough. There are many ways to get into meditation. I tried just dropping in and doing random guided meditations, which was OK. But Balance really walks you through every step of the way.

  24. I’m really enjoying the app so far! I’ve tried other meditation apps before and this one is in my top 2 for all time favorites. The UI is beautiful, modern, simple. The UX is amazing as well, straightforward and easy to navigate. I like that I can work on meditation skills, have a curated program and also choose single meditations depending on how I’m feeling. I love that I get to try it out for a year for free! If I continue to enjoy it after the yer, I would definitely pay for it.

  25. Dee Chee dice:

    As much as I like the apps interface and the voices of the sessions, I feel it’s missing a very important component for meditation: music. Some people, like myself, cannot meditate properly without soft relaxing music in the background. Having it optional to turn on/off would improve the app by leagues. As it is, there are a ton of pauses during the sessions that break all immersion for me and take me out of relaxation everytime they guides start speaking again.

  26. I downloaded the app with the 1 year trial and was really excited to try it out. I selected a meditation, made sure my volume was turned up, and pressed play. Then some wavy blue lines came on the screen and thst was it. Nothing else happened. There was no audio, and the timer never started counting down. What’s going on?

  27. The UX is ok, but not great (unclear what are recommended exercises in ALL goals — it seems to give daily recommended exercises in only one goal, the back button doesn’t work on completion screens, no apparent way to replay completed modules, especially not in obvious spot — the “completed” screen, no easy mechanism for context-specific feedback to tell devs of problems, typical neglect of respect for the user’s system accessibility settings for vision impaired). Still, there’s good potential!

  28. I’ve never meditated before but have tried different apps. Just started this, I like that it’s easy to navigate, beneficial for any level of meditation. You can choose how long to meditate, so beginners can ease into it. The voices are very soothing and relaxing. The absolute best part is it’s free for a year which is TOTALLY amazing. Who doesn’t like free and something beneficial to your mind body and soul!So great app guys! Thank You

  29. I’m only on day 4, so I’m relatively new, but don’t take this lightly…this is life changing. I suffer from chronic pain from Fibro, migraines, degenerative disk disease, etc. Things get better and worse, but research is showing Meditation is one of the best ways to treat chronic pain. I’ve never been able because it’s always been “visualize clouds”, etc. None of that here so far. Straight forward, understandable, and truly helpful. I’m doing several programs and singles easily. Thank you!!

  30. I came across this app before but didn’t use it because of the price. Saw an ad on IG offering a free year. But since I have done a free trial already, one that I don’t remember, I can’t get the free year. Even on the app, it states a free year not a free year trial. Everytime i click of the in app free year subscription, it takes me to the Google pay menu, where it wants $70 right now. This app looks interesting, but it shouldn’t require jumping through hoops. There is no way to get help.

  31. There are little quirks about the app that I’m not crazy about (mostly navigation), but overall it’s been a huge help to my meditation practice, from the meditations themselves, to the guidance it provides on where/why/how a user can progress with their own practice. The team seems sincere about what they’re trying to build, and even if I’m still not 100% convinced by the “personalization” component, it’s an interesting concept, and at a minimum it doesn’t detract from the experience in any way.

  32. I have been using this meditation/mindfulness app for a few months now and I highly recommend it for anyone aiming to get into meditation or deepen their practice. It feels like you’re in a one on one session with the teacher. The app asks you questions before some sessions and your chosen voice actually responds. When you’re doing a module or single lesson for the first time the app acknowledges that. I’m incredibly impressed by how personal this feels each time I choose to practice.

  33. this is the best meditation app that I’ve used so far! the guided sessions are extremely helpful and their voices are very soothing and peaceful to listen to. you can also decide the length of each session depending on if you have more or very little time to do the session in. several different session options for your individual needs at the time. sleeping, anxiety, energy, mood, etc. there’s no advertisements or any hidden fees.. 1st year is completely free!! Def a 5 🌟 app

  34. One of the best apps I’ve used for this, and I’ve tried several. You can start at any level, beginner on, and the guidance is wonderful. I have been meditating seriously for many years but this app adds levels that my Tibetan buddhist practice doesn’t always stress so much. The teachers are pleasant, and the app responsive to me. Free for the first year was the bonus I needed to try it, and glad I did, will most likely stick with this one for my meditation needs.

  35. I love the variety of meditations available and how most can be customized to you by asking you questions before you start it. For example, one of the sleep mediations is a reflection of your day and it first asks if it was a great day, an ok day, or a bad day, and it adapts to your answers. I’ve fallen asleep and woken up with this app everyday for the past couple of weeks and feel more in tune with my body.

  36. RoseBurn dice:

    There’s some really helpful life tools here I haven’t found elsewhere, rather essential. But I wish so bad for customizable themes, and less basic meditations that go beyond what I call the surface level. I’m an artistic empath, I need, and can do, so much more in every aspect of meditation. But it’s not like there’s much variety to choose from when you’re hoping to take a rocket to space, and everyone else is focused on getting “grounded”. Haha, even “SoulTime” can’t keep up with me.

  37. You get to try out Balance for year, but currently there’s a sale on their lifetime subscription to celebrate best app in 2021, so I decided to get it. Most guided meditation/relaxation apps have way too much going on, but Balance is simplistic and very easy to navigate. There are skills like breath focus, loving kindness, and awareness that you can progress in. The guides have very soothing voices that put me to sleep quickly, and there are also sleep sounds to relax to. It’s a wonderful app!

  38. Great lessons but UI is frankly a mess. What’s the point of favoriting if I need to navigate to a specific tab and then a sub-menu to continue a plan? Today’s calendar insists on choosing a random single exercise for a goal that I can’t find any way to change once you’re onboarded. Can’t justify a lifetime membership in it’s current form.

  39. Anyone who struggles with traditional meditation will love this app!!! Anyone who loves traditional meditation will love this app. It is intuitive and completely personalizable, learning your needs, patterns and habits. You can meditate while driving (eyes open, focused on your surroundings), when confronted with a situation that provokes a particular stress response, to go to sleep and so much more. There are both guided and unguided meditations of varying lengths and voices. A+

  40. This is by far the BEST meditation app out there. I love all the singles, I love that in the “breaking habits” one if you select smoking they don’t specifically say cigarettes in the meditation (I’m trying to quit weed). Ofosu has a very soothing voice and I love all the educational aspects. I got a whole year free trial and I try to use it every day. This is the only app that’s actually helped me sustain a meditation habit, and I’ve tried a LOT of them. And there are NO ADS in the free version!

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