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Dog GPS tracking & activity monitoring with the Fi smart dog collar app.
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Introducing Fi, the world’s first LTE smart dog collar.

Paired with a Fi collar, the Fi app brings you even closer to your dog. View your dog’s location and activity levels on the app, and be alerted if they ever escape from a designated safe area. The smartest pet parents choose Fi.


On vacation? Friend walking the dog? Instantly track your dog’s location no matter where they are. Fi gives you the peace of mind to always know that your dog is safe.

Make sure your dog never escapes from your backyard. Our dog tracker lets you designate safe zones around your dog’s most popular residences, whether that’s your house or your grandma’s, and we’ll alert you if they ever leave home without a walker. So, if your dog runs out the gate you forgot to close, you’ll be the first to know.

Fi monitors the steps your dog takes and compares it to other dogs wearing a Fi collar, so you’ll always know how much exercise they’re getting, and how much more they need. Set daily exercise goals to hit and view all previous walks and activity. Keep your dog happy and healthy with Fi.

We’re putting an end to lost dogs. If your dog’s got out, enable Fi’s unique Lost Dog Mode at the click of the button. A red light will appear on their collar, and the collar will report its location every minute as they move. Make sure you never lose hide and seek again, with Fi.

Introducing the world’s first LTE dog collar. Running on a brand new LTE-M network, you’ll only receive the most accurate GPS location reports and always know where your dog is.

If we lose our dog the last thing we should worry about is battery life. Part of the reason we built Fi is because we didn’t feel that other smart collars offered enough value to us dog owners. On average, our collars last 3 months between charges. So, it’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

We understand that you won’t always be the only one looking after your dog. Fi lets you track your pet’s GPS location and activity with others. You can add other owners and dog walkers at the touch of a button, and you can choose what they can and can’t do via the app. We give you complete control.

We care about your dog as much as you do. With live agents ready to talk to you whenever you need, we’ll be right by your side for your journey with Fi. If you ever have any questions about your smart collar, we’d be more than happy to answer them.

Coming in two different colors and three different sizes, Fi works for any dog over 20lbs.

The Fi tracker works best when near a bluetooth connected device with the Fi App or the provided charging base. Learn more about what we’re building at:


40 comentarios en "Fi – GPS Dog Tracker MODDED"

  1. The Fi collar is probably the best smart collar out there and the app is nice and works well but it’s pretty bare bones. There are a lot of obvious missing features and it’s not super intuitive. I also had a lot of trouble trying to set it up and the customer service e-mail wasn’t very helpful. I had to self diagnose and fix basically everything myself. The only thing they did was unpair my base from a different account but only after I figured out and told them it needed to be done.

  2. The app does an ok job of tracking. This Instagram feature is fun for a few days, then it’s just pointless. Might as well just use the other thing. As far as connectivity, it’s just so so. Most of the time the app loses connection with my Fi2 collar. I’ve done all the background app stuff on my phone, but I always get the ‘dog is around some street without an owner’ situation. I have the subscription for gps and the whole thing, but I find it lacking consistency. I do like the ranking feature.

  3. App works well overall and its functionality as a GPS tracker is great, but it’s missing a few key features as an activity tracker. Walk tracking is automated, there’s no way to start or stop a walk, so sometimes it misses them or includes a car ride as part of a walk. When we’ve been on longer hikes, it hasn’t tracked them continuously and we end up getting 6 different walk activity reports.

  4. Ed Galle dice:

    Collar and app work pretty well. However, my dogs are allowed to roam on about 15 fenced, semi-wooded acres, most of which are covered by wi-fi. The problem is that the app will not track their specific location when they are connected to wi-fi and therefore is of no aid in finding them when I need to. Would be nice if there was a mode where the app would temporarily track their location via GPS even when they are connected to wi-fi.

  5. We us use this for tracking a dog who escapes from our wooded property. My dog also wears a Whistle GPS. The GPS devices are almost identical in function. Fi is low profile. The Fi tracking screen shows streets or a satellite image. We need a terrain layer. The app also does not show the path/track of the dog when tracking, so you can’t figure out a trajectory. Battery life is good because of 1-min updates; when the dog is running, higher frequency is needed. Fi does not turn off while tracking!

  6. The app does what it is designed to do when my dog gets away from me. However, it does not record where the dog goes when in lost mode. It only shows the current location. It would be very helpful if the app would save each gps location of the dog, not just show you where the dog is at that time. It would also be helpful if it would ping my dog’s location every 30 seconds, instead of every minute when in lost mode. Overall, the collar is good for the size and battery life, but could be better.

  7. It’s been decent thus far. Biggest issue is that walks don’t seem to be reliably tracked. Generally missed altogether or shorted a significant distance. It may be the fact that I live in the woods and walk my dog off leash a lot, so the Bluetooth connection may not ideal. I’ll be interested to see what improvements are made for these purposes in the future.

  8. Bryan M dice:

    Works well when battery works efficiently. So far it’s been on the base for almost 24 hours and is only @85% charged. Not sure why it takes so long to charge. Bad base? I’ve had to exchange the actual collar two or three times since I originally purchased it with hiccups that never fully solved, which hasn’t been exactly making me confident with the reliability.

  9. Update: CS reached out within a few hours of my review and we working through the issues. Amazing service! I like it so far. Only complaints are the safe zone, zones have to be to big I can’t make it the size of my property so it’s in the street which is not ideal. Walks don’t seem to work very well. I dunno if it’s because my wifi reaches where I take her for walks but it’s wonky. I’ve had once where it she teleported down the street and it eventually fixed but was scary for a bit.

  10. I thought the reviews should be focused on the app and not battery life, subscriptions, or clearly stated features of 60 second lost mode updates? The app works well and I don’t find it slowing down my phone. The alerts are consistent. My only suggestion is reducing the minimum radius of home base for small properties/yards.

  11. Horrible product. Battery life is terrible. The base constantly has to be reset just to connect to the collar, also to charge. All of this after upgrading to the new unit. The old unit was worse. I recommend whistle. I have my other dog on it and it’s much better on battery life, activity tracking, and overall reliability. Don’t waste your money on Fi!

  12. Useless. Maybe the subscription actually works, but I don’t even want to try it based on the current experience. It manages to track maybe one walk a week, and the tracking is still super inaccurate. I’ve tried their tips to make sure it’s connected properly, doesn’t matter. I see why they offered it for 1/3 price for Black Friday. Not happy I paid even that much. It says he’s making step goals, but again, doesn’t track walks so not sure how that’s working. Stupid.

  13. Love it, but, a suggestion that a companion app for a smartwatch would be extremely useful. This would allow me to only have a watch with me on hikes and such, which is preferred over lugging my phone around each time I walk my dog or hike with her. All of the sensors on the watch (galaxy 4 classic) as well as the on board Bluetooth seem like they would be sufficient for the app to function appropriately. As far as I can tell this is not an option however.

  14. Basically useless. Always reporter the dog at home even when he is 1/10 mile away. App has lots of stuff, mostly useless. It is missing obvious features like a location history. App is poorly organized with a very junky interface. It is hard to cancel the subscription. It can’t be done in the app. Help center has you full out a for, then provides a link to cancel, which then clears out the form, making you start over. A very poorly positioned product.

  15. chris dice:

    Bluetooth on no matter what just to open the app, why? If I am traveling I don’t need to turn on Bluetooth, connect to absolutely nothing just to use the app. Wont even launch, just an “enable bluetooth” screen. App use and device itself are mediocre at best, battery drains fast compared to advertised, charged it 2 days ago, didn’t put it on the dog. But instead 5 inches from the base, it’s at 70% already. Now the horror, I need to call them to cancel the subscription … OMG.

  16. It’s worked as expected and I love the functionality even if not pinpoint exact. However I was told there was an update to allow the safe zone a new shape instead of the circle. Am wondering when that update is going to happen since my backyard shape is weird and not a circle. I get a lot of false readings because of it. I’d live to be able to use the new shape!

  17. Car rides are constantly classified as “walks” (only 29 steps for a 1.75 mile walk?!), walks are sometimes classified as car rides (no steps or distance tallied), and does not record any activity at all when out of the coverage area despite being connected via Bluetooth to a nearby phone. Useless as an activity tracker. Also, even when in the coverage area, gps reporting is very delayed on walks, so much to the point that the distance is not accurate at all. Hardware nice, software bad.

  18. I was pretty excited for this collar but upon receiving it I completely changed my mind. The collar seemed pretty well built and looked nice but that’s about all it’s got going for it. As soon as I got the collar I plugged it into the base and proceeded to install the app and start the activation process. I installed the app, entered my dog’s info, and that’s about as far as I got. The app kept failing to connect the base to my WiFi with some generic message that it wasn’t able to connect and try again later. This continued 10+ times even after closing the app, toggling airplane mode on my phone, restarting my phone, unplugging and plugging the base back in, etc. I was starting to get frustrated so I thought I’d try to connect to the collar via Bluetooth since it was showing up in my Bluetooth connections but that didn’t work either. After troubleshooting that for 30 minutes or more, I finally tried to contact support. That was an extremely quick conversation and was told that the Fi base can only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi signals. That felt like a copout answer and I told them I wasn’t about to split my 2.4 and 5 GHz signals just for a dog collar. The support person said there was nothing else they could do so I told them I want to send the collar back. Sending the collar back was an extremely easy process but it really bothered me because they wanted it in the original box, which is fine, but that cost me about $10 in shipping through USPS. So, they send a product that doesn’t work in an average use case (most people have their routers on a single SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz signals) and then I get charged for shipping it back to them. For what the collar and the subscription costs this collar is not worth the price. I was extremely disappointed in the entire process.

  19. love the activity tracking especially because the vet says my pup needs to lose some lbs. the location goes in and out of being very accurate. the last two days it says we haven’t left home which is not true. we’ve gone only multiple walks that end about a mile from our home zone. I tried updating the app to see if that helped but it didn’t. this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. normally it resolves itself, but doesn’t usually take this long to go back to accurate location.

  20. Completely useless. Just got the collar, trying to connect the base to wifi, and can’t even do that. Have reset my wifi password, separated the names for 2.5g and 5g signals, and nothing works. Every time it just says “Unable to connect to network. Please try again.” No further explanation as to why I can’t even go through the initial setup. You’d think for a device that cost this much, with add on plans I’ve already paid for, that you could get passed the initial setup. Apparently not.

  21. Chloe B dice:

    Useless. The collar doesn’t register a breakout until it disconnects from wifi. And then it doesn’t send an update for another 3 minutes. When my dog reaches the front yard, she’s close enough to the road to be hit by a car, so waiting til it disconnects is useless. The “safe zone” you set is useless, because it’s all about wifi. It drains your phone, and the last review I posted they deleted. Their “experts” can only offer one size fits all trouble shooting. Waste of money.

  22. Buyer beware. For as long as this app has been around it SHOULD be much much better. Support tells you to push buttons that are not in the app (support is out of synch with app changes). For example I go to profile, but there is no menu (3 bars, “hamburger button”) to then remove the base to start over. I have not be able to connect to wifi since I got the collar. I try to remove the base and try a different base, but you cant remove the base until you connect to wifi…which it wont do. I put in password, and it keeps saying it cant connect try again. Terrible terrible programmed app. I bet 100% they outsourced their programmers to india. Who, in 2021, cant make a smart device that connects to wifi for initial setup seamlessly. Will be returning the whole thing. Do not buy. IT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED AND SUPPORT DOCS ARE OUT OF DATE.

  23. Works most of the time. After 7 months I started to have issue with it showing no tracking and zero steps. Thanks for killing my 40 day goal streak lol. The battery showed 100 percent in app and then went to 57 in 20 minutes. Then showed 97 later that day without charging unit. Please put the app changes in the update. Today I see you moved the led on button from bottom of screen to be part of the dogs card at the top. Why did you move it? And what else did you change on the user without Rnote

  24. Been using the collar and the app for a day with good success without the GPS subscription, yet. Obviously the best feature of the app is the Discover page with all the pictures of puppies. The app has way too many notifications, though. I turned off “Miscellaneous” notifications which seems to fix it.

  25. This is great if you’re in an open area that has cell coverage and no busy roads. It fails in two key places – 1. If your dog is loose in a busy area, lost dog mode does not update often enough to quickly locate your animal if they’re on the move. Lost dog mode should send updates as often as possible, not every minute. 2. If you’re out in the woods where there’s no signal, your phone cannot reach the Fi Service. While the collar itself may have GPS, it reports back to the cloud not your phone

  26. C S F dice:

    It works perfect. I have multiple safe zones set up. It could improve the speed at which it notifies me when did leaves a safe zone. I also wish it would give more real Time communication for lost dog mode. But all in all it gives a lot of insurance. Very cool project. I’m sure it will only get better.

  27. I don’t (haven’t needed to) use the app for more than turning on the collar light and checking how long our walks are. The light can take a few minutes to turn on one time then turn on instantly the next. No idea why or if anything in the app can be adjusted to fix this. I also keep getting a notification saying my base station is offline. No reason for this. It’s within range of my router and nothing else seems to have problems with the wifi.

  28. Good app. Helped me find my dog. Right on. Could be better if things weren’t hidden. The menu stack is only on one screen and it’s not even the screen the app opens to. The map and “lost dog” are under a little arrow on the Live screen and the help center does explain this, but you would think those would be front and center since they are the main features. Battery % and connection type are underneath something on another screen. Pics should be sorted with most recently added at the top.

  29. It’s good, though there’s been a noticable and significant degradation in quality of tracking, notifications and battery performance that aligns all-too-closely with the launch of their V2 of the hardware. It really feels like planned/forced obsolescence, which is irritating. That being said, it’s a solid service for basic tracking of your dog’s whereabouts and activity.

  30. When it works its great, but the series 2 collar is currently not compatible with the Galaxy S20 so it rarely connects via Bluetooth and runs on GPS almost exclusively when away from home. As such the battery drains much quicker than it should. After a month of going back and forth with support the answer right now is they don’t know and hope to push an update to fix it soon. Very disappointing (and concerning) that this wasn’t tested prior to release.

  31. The collar looks good and appears to be solidly built, but there are a few disappointments: 1. The notification that my dog has left the safe zone is a standard notification. So it sounds the same as email being received and news about b-list actors that have died. I need it to be a loud, unmistakable alarm. Preferably configurable. 2. One review said that the safe zones could be polygons. This is false. They can only be a fairly big radius 3. The refresh time for location is pretty long.

  32. D F dice:

    It would be nice to set custom update frequency in lost dog mode, even being to do 30 second updates would be a huge improvement in certain situations. Also please add the ability to do square and rectangular safe zones, circles? Why? I’m fairly happy with the collar and service, and their customer service tends to be great. one more request, the ability to change the time the led stays on, I understand it affects battery life, but our walks are longer than 30 minutes.

  33. A couple things that need improving/fixing. The ranking tab just loads…and never completes. “Discover” is useless. It doesn’t even show dogs in my area, and I would like to be able to hide my dog’s profile. That doesn’t look possible. The biggest thing… Accuracy. It only updates every minute or so. I would like to be able to have this update more frequently. Even at the cost of battery life. Who really needs an advertised 3 months of battery. I’d be fine charging it every couple of weeks.

  34. Shipping takes just under 30 day’s not 5 day’s. It’s a really well built except for the ends used to hold the device to the collar. AT&T service is cheap for the year but not that great. Most of the time it’s searching for the network for hour’s. I’ve seen it searching for minimum of 3 hour’s most of the time and up to 8 hour’s. Works great when it’s linked to the bluetooth of my phone. Not sure what kind of range it has like this.

  35. Not impressed so far. Setup went fine except the app said the base is not connected to Wi-Fi, until I used the reset button to restart it. Then in the last 18 hours or so the app reported that my dog was out of the safe zone 4 times, when the dog was home at all times. An interesting thing I noticed is that in one instance the app seemed to have used a GPS location from a different city that was cached from weeks / months ago when I was there, even before I installed the app

  36. GPS tracking is on at all times. There is no option to turn the collar off. A social network is built in and turned on by default. It’s a little hard to find things in the UI, but tracking is easy. Explanations of how the collar works are good. I’ve only had the device for a week, yet there is already major cosmetic damage to the device casing from my dog’s tags bouncing against it when he runs or shakes. It does what it’s supposed to do. I just wish they kept it simple.

  37. Jeff Rose dice:

    I’ve had the FI for about a month now and almost every day I receive an email that the collar has gone offline for 3 hours. Always 3 hours, and the dog is in the house. If I leave the App running in the background my battery doesn’t last the day and half the time if I click on the app it struggles to find the base even if I’m in the same room. They just came out with the 2.0 version so maybe its better, but considering I just bought this one, I’m not shelling out even more money for it. Even the $74 “upgrade” for something I’ve had for 4 weeks isn’t worth it. I had been recommending this, but not really anymore. My friends have a different collar and they really like their service. Oh well, stuck with this for the year until my service expires.

  38. I received both Fi collars yesterday. The collars and bays synced with no issues. I find it hard to believe the step counter is correct, but its nice having a activity monitoring feature. I wish the interface displayed activity and location for both collars at the same time, instead of having to switch collars in the dropdown menu. The light on the collar is a cool feature, I personally thing it isnt bright enough and the color pulses too slow (a bright strobe would be really nice).

  39. The app will not allow you to use it if you don’t turn on Bluetooth at all times. The collar and gps tracking clearly still work when Bluetooth is off, as I still get notifications about location and step count, but they block you from using the entire app. Incredibly annoying to have to turn BT on and off literally every time I want to use the app.

  40. Bluetooth keeps crashing , not sure if it is phone or app or collar. Just got new phone so we will see. I would like to see it be more customizable. I would gladly give up battery life for ability to track where she has been. Only updates about every five minutes and not very accurate when looking where we have been on a walk.

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