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Expert Tips & Workout Programs for All Levels - Nutrition, Strength, Yoga & More
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Find health and fitness motivation for the summer with Nike’s top trainers, experts and athletes. Home workout or mindfulness training – exercise your body and mind with Nike Training Club.

NTC goes beyond the workout. Exercise and strengthen your muscles and mindset with free workout and wellness guidance from your favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts. HIT training, cardio, mindfulness and more. Workouts for every body and mind, in an all-in-one fitness app.

Workout with a wide selection of workout Programs, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and gain tips for complete wellness. From home workouts to mindset tips — NTC brings you strength training for both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts. Beginner workout or quick burn — exercise alongside the Nike community with workout Programs and holistic training tips fit for every athlete.

Home workouts for staying active, from low intensity to high, including:
• YOGA: Essential Yoga Flows
• ABS WORKOUT, STRENGTH & MORE: Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes
• HIT TRAINING: Done in 20 Min or Less
• HOME WORKOUTS: Big Workouts for Small Spaces
• CARDIO & INTERVALS: Build Endurance

Workout and get your sweat on with NTC. Home workouts, wellness content, exercise motivation and more.

• Workouts for men, women and all athletes – beginner workout, home fitness, and more
• HIT training, strength training, ab and core workout, cardio, yoga and more – all available on your phone
• Workout with an inspiring personal trainer to help guide you to where you want to be
• Exercise every body part – abs, arms and more
• Bodyweight fitness can be easy and fun with workouts that require minimal to no equipment
• New workouts every week with the trainers you love, with new in-class music curation
• Beginner workout to expert – build strength with five-minute workouts, burns, circuit training, HIT training and hundreds more

• Fitness Training extends past the physical: receive guidance on exercise motivation, home fitness, nutrition and healthy recipes
• Workout in Programs led by Nike Trainers – designed to fit into your busy life
• Fitness exercise plan – adapt your training for your body and goals
• Exercise and wellness tips with experts, trainers and athletes
• Personal trainer – find your ideal training program with help from a Nike Trainer
• NTC TV – healthy recipes, guided meditations and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos***
• Wellness Q&As, guided meditations and healthy cook-alongs can shift your mindset to mindfulness

• Beginner workout, fitness, or high-intensity exercise – work your way up with Trainer-led Video On Demand workout classes*
• Workout videos for all disciplines – Cardio, HIT training, ab and core workouts, yoga and more
• Exclusive livestreams with Nike Trainers, experts and athletes for training and guidance**
• VOD Premiere Workouts with special athlete and musical guests*

• Find everything you need, all in one fitness app
• Latest workouts and wellness content, from inspirational to educational with guidance and more

Home fitness and training for every body and mind – achieve your goals with Nike.

NTC – Your Holistic Training Guide.

Enter any other daily workouts in the Activity tab to keep an accurate account of your fitness journey. If you use the Nike Run Club app, your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history.

NTC works with Google Fit to sync workouts and record heart-rate data.

*VOD (Video-On Demand) available in the US, UK, BR, JP, CN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ES, MX and KR.
**NTC Live currently available in the US, UK and select countries.
***NTC TV available only in the US.


• IMPORTANT: We’ve updated our login process, so you will need to re-enter your email address and password to sign in.
• Bug fixes and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Nike Training Club: Fitness MOD"

  1. I have been using this app of and on for 10 years. The workouts are excellent. I wish I had the option to choose class or whiteboard option for every workout. Sometimes the class version is perfect for my needs. Sometimes I need the whiteboard version. I am also really disappointed that I cannot get the music to work with this app on my Google pixel phone. If the whiteboard option was available on all workouts, then I could listen to my workout playlists while working out.

  2. I don’t understand how they managed to make the app experience way worse than it was. If it’s not broken don’t fix it! We used to be able to download the routines and now we can’t. We uaed to be able to select audio options for each routine (no audio, just drill timing, or full audio) and now we can’t. Plus the app is way more unstable than before. I’ve edited my 5 star review to a 2 star review. Please change the app back to the way it was!

  3. Converting the majority of the workouts to Class format has eliminated the ability to preview the exercises in each workout. There are several exercises that I cannot do, either due to physical issues or space constraints. I typically avoid those workouts by previewing them ahead of time. I’ve also lost the ability to listen to music or podcasts during workouts. Now I’m forced to listen to the full coaching voiceover, despite selecting “tempo only” in the menu. Please fix.

  4. P T dice:

    At end of the workout, the time say 1 second. It’s not until I select level, place done then save do I see my total time. Not a fan of the video format now. Liked how I cud skip to exercises right away that I wanted to do & see what was coming up as well. It also keeps my music down low the whole time instead of when app giving instructions.

  5. I’ve been using NTC on and off since 2016. It was a way for me to learn new exercises and fit in a workout at home. I’m glad to see they brought back the Chromecast feature after dropping it a while back, but I’m with everyone else when I say I’m disappointed you can’t preview ALL workouts. If you go to the filter settings and select whiteboard workouts, THOSE workouts get previews. Please add this option to the classes! I still love ntc, especially the alt forms in classes. Do better guys.

  6. the variety of workouts available is great but the latest update ruined the best parts of the app. being able to see what’s coming up, select a specific spot, and not have interference with music made the app excellent and unfortunately the new video format has ended that. the new log in process is very laggy and inconvenient. the new aesthetics of the app are fine, but the functionality needs to be returned.

  7. Have used this app since 2015 and it was my fitness app of choice enabling me to look at the workouts and exercises in them ahead of time and gauge what I would be able to do given my knee injuries. Switching all of the workouts to class format has ruined what was once a great app. Now you can’t see what a class will entail when the title is “quarter master” but have to watch the entire video which is slow and takes up a ton of data. I can’t imagine who signed off on this update!

  8. Why…. Why would you turn most of the workouts into videos? So now I can’t use my favorite workouts while listening to music, this app used to be amazing but now it just isn’t. It turns my music way down to the point that there is no use listening to it. I used to love it when it wasn’t videos. Probably the worst decision you guys made for this app. This really dissapointed me and is very annoying. Please bring it back to the old version where you don’t need to watch videos for workouts.

  9. I miss the old NTC! This has been my favorite workout app since 2016. All these new changes and videos are a bummer. I liked being able to preview a workout before I started it and option for checklist workout with movements attached. Still great quality workouts so I rated it 2-stars. Please go back to the old version!!

  10. The latest update is dissapointing. I liked being able to preview workouts. Now I have to commit to a 30 minute workout without knowing what’s in it. That doesn’t make sense to me. A personal trainer would definitely outline a workout before starting it. Now the workouts are just long videos that probably use a ton of data. The app also logs you put frequently and the Chromecast function is gone.

  11. I am really trying to like this app but it’s really buggy. The most annoying bug is that it won’t let you save workouts. I have tried logging out/in, restarting the phone. Uninstalling/Reinstalling but every time I hit the bookmark icon on a workout the popup saying it saved successfully appears but it doesn’t show up in my saved workouts section. Very frustrating with such a basic function.

  12. Switching to video-based workouts has rendered this app usesless. Even connected to wifi, the videos load the first 30 seconds and then fail to buffer. I’ve made many Nike customer service attempts. They are phone-only during working hours. Each time, they attempt to connect me to “the right department” and the phone path routes me back to general customer service. They try to connect me again in a never-ending loop. Last attempt ended in a promise to call me back, which never happened.

  13. Ron Dean dice:

    This is actually a great work out app. The variety of classes, different trainers and ability levels is wonderful. I removed 1 star solely because the app used to have built-in chromecast. That has been removed and now to cast, one must externally mirror the phone. Mirroring has a smaller screen, some lag, and just isn’t as good. Edit: I see chromecast from the app is back! 5 stars.

  14. I do believe this is a great work out app. It has its pros and cons but I think they’re situational. For instance, they do add or change up work outs which is a nice refresher but that can mean your work out changes or is removed. It’s an app where you adapt to it more than it adapts to you.

  15. Chromecast support has returned (saw a review mention that it had come and gone before, hopefully staying this time). I would like to see more workouts added regularly, but even so a good selection of options available with incredibly motivational trainers. Overall, a step in the right direction this last update!

  16. Update: they brought back Chromecasting, so I’m giving them a 3/5 for taking it out in the first place This app was amazing when it had Chromecast support, but then they downgraded to only having screen mirroring which has a bad aspect ratio and is too small. I can also no longer use my remote to control it. It’s a shame they ruined a good thing.

  17. The latest updates has been very disappointing. These new video type workouts are not nice. I wanted to have the drill timing to be the only one sounding but now, the app describes each workout in-depth which I don’t like. This new video format also makes spotify’s music volume to lower which is sad because I like listening to music while working out.

  18. The most recent update changed the format of most workouts to video and I’m unable to turn off the guidance, which interferes with listening to music or a podcast. I really liked being able to see the full workout and decide based on that whether I wanted to do the workout or find another. I can no longer do that with the recent update, which is really frustrating. Please return to the old format!

  19. Marcela dice:

    I have been using this app on and off for various years now. Nevertheless, the resent update was dissapointing. Videos are good as an option, yet if you want to listen to your music or something else they don’t work. In addition, they are very difficult to watch on a phone (specially cause the screen does not tilt), so I have to pause constantly to be sure what is the next movement. I think they shouldn’t have pulled out all the content in the format they had it. I hope they bring it back in.

  20. This is the best workout app I’ve found! I appreciate not being bombarded by ads and the format of the workouts is super helpful if you’re unsure of a move. Update 3/10/2022: what happened? The format that I loved is gone! Everything is in a solid video format now. I really loved the being able to see the segments separately in a list as well as a timer bar at the bottom of my screen. I use straight from my phone and it’s difficult to see the timing now.

  21. The most recent update took a great app and broke it, for no discernable reason. Videos that take forever to upload; random log-on requirements; removal of old formats that some might find easier to follow than a video. Been using this 5-7 days a week since they put it out. I know it’s free, so I guess I can’t complain. Was a wonderful partnership while it lasted.

  22. I really enjoyed this app but the best feature was just removed. I’m so disappointed. Being able to preview the workout and each exercise individually beforehand was incredibly helpful for preparing for workouts or determining if it was the right fit for me but the workouts have all been switched to “class format”. I hope they’ll consider adding back the preview option even if they keep the video format. Why not both?

  23. Mark dice:

    I used this app every day for years, until they forced you to have the workout audio. Then I uninstalled it. I don’t know why they had to make changes. If you look at where the good reviews were, it was when the app gave you options to either have the coach chatting at you or to not. I always chose to not so I could listen to my podcasts, music, or be on the phone. I think there may be some option to do something with a premium podcast account and linking them up but it’s so broken/ unnecessary

  24. The new update is terrible! I use this app every day and I want it to go back to the way it was. ALL of the workouts formats changed. Now I can’t see the upcoming workouts and when listening to my music I can barely hear it because the instructors talk too much and it’s faded in the background. I have tried setting audio to none in the app settings and it still doesn’t make a difference. This update is really awful I am considering not using it anymore all together.

  25. Zoe 101 dice:

    I loved this app for years but the new update sucks, it lost everything that made it unique. The video format is like every other video/home workout ever made, you can’t see the whole workout schedule as you work through it. It won’t turn off the audio even though I changed it in the settings and it makes me log in again every time I open it. The old version changed my whole relationship with exercise, I recommended it to everyone I know and I loved it so much, what a downgrade ☹️

  26. Used to be great. No longer supports Chromecast. Major deal breaker for me as it makes working out with my spouse harder. I am unsure if this is a bug or a misunderstanding of the use case of such an app. With the pandemic and shelter in place – would it not have made sense that people would transition to in-home workouts? A TV would have been essential to this experience. Previous Review: Great work at home workouts! I enjoy the HIIT programs available.

  27. They Ruined the Best App…. This app used to be my absolute favorite and ever go-to lifesaver. It was the only app where there was a workout with individual exercises set up and with videos you could watch if you didn’t know the exercise, and the sequencing and circuit layout and presentation was perfect… I didn’t use the app for a while, but when I came back I was severely disappointed. The “class format” COMPLETELY ruined the whole uniqueness of the app… Please change it back…

  28. Update March: 21 – still haven’t fixed the issue. Yes, it’s up to date and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. 1/1/22: Need to fix login issues, have to log in every time even though it’s already showing my credentials, also makes me answer the workout frequency question every time. Sometimes it forgets my credentials and the forgot password option sends you in circles. Sometimes if you clear data and cache it works, but not every time. Sometimes I just give up and do my own thing.

  29. It is hard to believe an update could make an app so much worse in multiple ways. Not sure what the product team was doing here. You can longer easily jump to different parts of a work out, and if you’re playing music in the background it is now significantly muted. If you turn it up, then the trainer is screaming in your ear. Can I use the older version?

  30. Yup, latest update still sucks. I was hoping they would notice all these one-star reviews and revert to the previous version. No such luck. NTC got rid of every feature that is critical to me: the ability to preview all the exercises, skip a move that doesn’t suit me, and run from preloaded data instead of a glitchy streaming video. Disgruntled former NTC users that are missing the features I just listed, try Sworkit instead.

  31. I have relied on NTC for daily workouts for nearly 2 years. I especially liked the workouts where you could go at your own pace – I think they were called whiteboard workouts. Today, I log in and they have converted all of the whiteboard workouts to videos. So it’s just a video now. Maybe that’s good for someone who casts to their TV, but I enjoyed having it on my phone where I could see what workouts were involved then make my way thru them one by one. This new format is no bueno.

  32. 3/31/22 Echo others and say I miss the workout preview of the time and rep based videos. Really helps decide what I’m up for/getting into. And since they really aren’t trainer led classes, you miss out on the ‘interaction’ and encouragement. Note to Nike, if you’re going to keep it like this, at least add some more notes like joints worked or moves included in the workout 3/16/21 The recent update has left the app nearly unusable in a meaningful way. No premium videos will play.

  33. Used to be Great app for diy fitness at home, but the app makes you “continue with your email” every time and the process is a little glichy so it takes about 30 seconds to sign in everytime. It used to not be like this so hopefully they change it back. Now they change the workout to class format which makes talks all the time and you can’t see what workout is next. I liked it way better when you could preview the workout and see all the moves

  34. Was using this app pretty often and had just started getting into it. I liked that I could cast to my Google TV because that’s way easier for me than following from my phone screen on the floor. Seems like a new update removed the feature and their directions now are to cast screen from phone but it doesn’t work the same. Only audio, not correctly casting visual and of course, they removed the ability to do full screen. Will not likely use this app anymore. 😮‍💨

  35. There was a recent update which has made the app considerably worse. Notably, you can no longer preview the workout, which helps determine whether the exercises are appropriate. You now also can’t turn off the narration, which used to be a great feature. Will be looking for other apps.

  36. I loved this app when it showed the workouts with time based segments. It seems they changed all my saved workouts to a class based format. I was out for a few days and opened up to this disappointment. I liked being able to see the moves that would come up in the workouts before starting and prefer time-based workouts. Serious downgrade from 5 stars to 2.

  37. Like many others here, I’ve used this app for years and loved it. The recent update has ruined it completely, almost unusable. Doesn’t save completed workouts in my activity, the demonstration videos don’t load… Agh. Bummer. I guess it was good while it lasted I’ll have to find something else.

  38. Son Ngo dice:

    Really good app in practice, but the streaming quality is just unbearable, especially for workout follow-along. The video keepa buffering, and it really kills the momentum of the workout. I remember deleting this app before for the same reason, then came back thinking it would be better. But never again. I really hope the tech team can figure this out, because it’s a shame since this app has great content.

  39. I really enjoyed the workouts with generic voices and no chatter (e.g. no speed limit, 360 degrees stronger). Those two examples are still available but many others in the same format are gone, showing up as “sport (misc)” in history. Now you have to listen to lots of chatter from instructors and the whole experience is degraded for me.

  40. Not friendly with app users to cast on tv, and halfway through a workout, it stopped working. New update: Still can’t cast with an android phone. Doesn’t allow me to tilt the screen. I do love the new training programs and some recipes that have been included but, unfortunately I have to keep it at a 3 star rate still, it’s a real bummer that I still can’t cast for a more comfortable workout, not even tilt the screen, I keep squinting at my phone screen to see how the next workouts are gonna b

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