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The official app to find any of the more than three million geocaches hidden worldwide. Geocaches are created and shared by people like you. Join this community of creative explorers by finding your first cache today! A geocache could hide in a location you walk by every day. It could even lead you to a special spot in your neighborhood you never knew existed. Feed your curiosity and find geocaches both near and far, big or small, easy or complex! The choice is yours, what are you waiting for?

With geocaching, you can discover the best sights on vacation, or get your kids outside on a treasure hunt. You can find geocaches easily while waiting for the bus, or challenge your body or mind with geocaches that lead you up a tree or have a puzzle to solve.

Some geocachers hide tiny magnetic caches in plain sight, others add camouflage to containers with trinkets inside. Some have created elaborate installations that make you feel like you’re a spy on a mission.

Get more with Geocaching Premium! Upgrade to access all geocaches and extra features to find the best geocaches.

You can buy a Premium membership subscription through your Google Play account. Premium membership is available with a monthly or annual subscription. You can subscribe and pay through your Google Play account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

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Ongoing maintenance. The latest app update includes small visual changes and bug fixes for a more consistent experience.


40 comentarios en "Geocaching® MODDED 2022"

  1. Some of the directions are confusing in smaller towns, as street names do not necessarily correspond to the location. Also problematic is the drive mode seems to expect you to be able to literally drive across housing additions to find caches that are off the trails. Finding the trailhead is a problem at times, as they seem to better camouflaged than some of the caches

  2. The app is pretty great for geocaching. HOWEVER, it is extremely frustrating when going through all the work necessary to hide an awesome cache, only to find out by a reviewer that there already is a cache in the area that is more than often a non-typical cache, aka mystery, Wherigo, etc. In the cache creation page, there’s even a map with red circles that shows you nearby caches so you don’t intrude on their territory. But this only applies to standard caches. It’s a very frustrating issue.

  3. Really great app! This has become one of my favorite hobbies! One suggestion would be to only allow someone to log a cache if they are in the vicinity of it. Saw someone with 69,000 finds that joined in 2013… and I’m sorry but there’s no way. That is approximately 24 finds a day- for 8 years. The option should be made to where you cannot log a find if your coordinates are not near it.

  4. I really want to love this app. I love the premise but there are still just so many glitches. Half the time when I click on a premium cachbit says it can’t connect to the store. Doesn’t matter if I’m at home connected to wifi. The other half if the time i have to open the app 5-6 time just to get the map screen usable. Most if the time it comes up frozen. Please fix this!!!! Will definitely write a new review if changed. But right now I’m paying 30 a year for an error screen.

  5. We found one cache. Logged it. Then it asked if I wanted a recommendation for another one. I said yes. The app opened up an aerial map that was essentially frozen. I closed then reopened the app and it was still frozen. I reset my entire phone and tried again. Still frozen. Cannot interact with the map whatsoever. It was cool finding the first cache, but if the app can’t help us find another one, it’s not much good to us.

  6. The unpaid version is missing some important features such as an offline mode (doesn’t need to have detailed maps, just a way to download and view geocaches in your area). The paid version is subscription based and not worth the price for almost all users. I would be happy to pay a few dollars one time. This is a community run sport, I’d rather see a more simple app that costs less.

  7. Super cool concept! Haven’t gotten to really use the app too much just yet, but I’ve noticed that it offers detailed maps, fun/informational hints and the ability to track and record your progress, while also communicating with others that are Geocaching, as well. It’s an amazingly neat concept, that allows you to be active, while remaining in your own comfort zone while doing it – because of the varying levels of difficulty available, etc. I undoubtedly recommend! Check it out for yourselves!

  8. As someone who used to do a lot of geocaching back when it was a bunch of coordinates on a website and you had to provide your own GPS, I’m really disappointed to see how locked up this app is. More than half of the caches in my area are locked behind a paywall, and there doesn’t seem to be any challenge in actually locating them. It feels considerably less accessible than it used to be while taking the educational orienteering aspect out of it entirely.

  9. I have been caching since 2002 when it was in its infancy. Never had any major issues or problems. But I’m on a trip out of state and for the first time ever the map refuses to load anything. Tried through the app and through the website. Maybe the site is down at the moment and messing everything up but talk about frustrating. Looks like many other people in the reviews are having connection issues too. It pains me to give a bad review as I have been an avid cacher for 2/3 of my life.

  10. While no app is perfect, my minimal complaints about the official Geocaching app aren’t even memorable. Okay, actually, there is one. I keep getting the yellow indicator dot trying to tell me that I have a new digital souvenir, but I do not. I’ve never had any major issues. Otherwise, I like it, because it does what I expect it to, which is, mainly, guide me to Geocaches. 😊

  11. I love the app, but the GPS has been really frustrating, as it’s spotty/glitchy and inaccurate (I’m on an android galaxy Note 9 for reference). One second it will say I’m 10 feet away from a cache, then I’ll move a couple feet and the navigator will change directions and say I’m 30+ feet away. So I’m often taking up a bunch of time walking back and forth and then having to rely on hints to find the caches. Makes it hard to enjoy caching. Please fix!

  12. This is the perfect family activity (and app)! Geocaching gets us outside and it sends us to places around town we never would have found otherwise! All the of my girls (8, 6, and 4- years-old) have fun searching for “treasure”. When it’s very overcast the locator can be a little finicky or slow in finding our location, but I blame that more on my phone than the app. We love it!

  13. The app is still great for people who don’t pay, HOWEVER, they changed how much it is a year and it’s OUTRAGEOUS! It used to be $20 a year which is very reasonable. There’s absolutely NO REASON for the prices they require now to have full access. It’s the main reason I (and so many other friends and people I know) STOPPED geocaching. When you drop you price back to a reasonable amount, I’ll pay for the subscription and give you 5☆.

  14. The “new enhanced navigation” is terrible. Before the “enhancement” you could zoom in much closer on the map, now the closest you can zoom shows the blue dot (you) right on top of the cache but it says you are still 45 or more ft away. Also the distance freezes constantly. I can walk 100 yards away and it will still say I’m 9ft away then suddenly update after 4 or 5 minutes.

  15. I’m writing this review to complain about lack of support and difficulty getting access to our account. We have been geocaching for some time and we are also paying for premium. We are unable to access our account. We then followed all the prompts and still unable to change passwords, recover passwords etc. The whole process is not intuitive and the lacks of response and support. The automated email verification system doesn’t seem to work – not the first time we have had this issue.

  16. I was having the same issue as others where the UI doesn’t load over the map and the app freezes. I contacted support and sent screenshots of the app/my Android setup and was told it wasn’t their app (it was), but just in case to reinstall it. The reinstall fixes it, but I was shocked that there are so many bug reports in the reviews yet support responded like they didn’t know about them/they didn’t even believe I was using their app. Overall unimpressed with the support on a major bug.

  17. I have been having problems with the accuracy of my location when I choose to navigate to the cache. It will place our dot a half a mile away or will not show any movement from the point from when I start the navigation. It sure would be nice if this bug was worked out. Other than that we love this app! It creates great activity to get the family out together with the challenges of finding caches. This is a very exciting way to get out and do some exercise together as a family.

  18. I am a premium member and have the Android app. 99% of the time for the last couple years, when I tap a cache that I want to see information on, the app just shows a blank white screen. Extremely frustrating!! I often can’t get the app to work during a hike. Tried on different networks, wifi, tried reinstalling app, tried clearing app storage, logging out and back in. Nothing works!!

  19. Love this app for the most part. If you pay for a paid membership it can be very difficult to stop your subscription. I used auto-pay but have spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to stop auto pay. The app is good but will not be renewing my membership once i figure out how to cancel. Should NOT be this difficult to manage your account settings! this hassle along severely effected the rating of this app.

  20. I still miss the old, classic groundspeak app (that I paid $10 for,) but this one is a close second. I think it is easier to set a waypoint using this app. At times this app is confusing when downloading a pocket query or downloading offline data. There have been times when I thought I downloaded the offline data, got to a location without cell service, and then learn that the data DID NOT download properly. I know I’m not the only Geocacher that has had this problem.

  21. I love geocaching as a whole, however I’ve been paying a monthly subscription fee and still am never able to use the app. Every time I open it the app opens to a map that can’t function in anyway outside of a screensaver. I end up having to use my friends app and since she doesnt pay for the upgrade we miss out on a tremendous amount of adventure. This glitch has been occurring for a pretty solid while now. I realize I’m likely not to get a refund so at the least the app should function.

  22. I’m very bummed that most caches are inaccessible without a pretty steep subscription fee. the app itself seems nice but a lot of features seem kneecapped because of the premium barrier. could not even search an upcoming location. used to do some light geocaching about a decade ago and remember it being way more accessable as far as information goes.

  23. constantly having to log in and distance isn’t updating. can’t even long in now! I’m in a big town so it’s not like I’m in the woods losing service. when i put in a username & password, it quickly seems to log in but goes back to the log in screen. or it logs in and when i search for a nearby cache it will go back to the log in screen. I’ve been a premium member for a while and the newer update seems to have taken a couple of steps backwards. hope it’s fixed soon so i can use it.

  24. Thomas dice:

    I’m one of the geocachers that paid for the $10 premium version that basically got screwed when you switched to a subscription-based service. You should have grandfathered in the people that paid for the premium app originally. I refuse to pay for a monthly subscription when I already paid the one-time fee for the premium version and I’ve actually talked several people out of upgrading to the monthly subscription because your business practices suck.

  25. Used it this morning for the first time and it worked great on our first find. We went to find our 2nd container at another site and got to 10 ft and it locked up. Wouldn’t change for anything. We couldn’t finish that find. I’ve restarted my phone, turn it completely off and all I get is a map with the location dots and nothing else. Completely useless. I was looking to me and my girls starting something new and something we could while hiking and around town.

  26. The app worked great for the first day, and I found a few caches. But now on day 2, every time I go to open the app, it goes to the map and then instantly kicks me out of the app, back to my phone’s home screen. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times, and it still doesnt work! I’m really pissed, because I subscribed to the premium membership and now I can’t even use the app! Please fix this issue!

  27. I installed this about a week ago, and it worked great the next day on 2 cache locations. However, today it would not work. On 3 different cashes, it kept moving the location. I stood in one spot and pivoted; the cache point moved as I turned and varied from 5 feet to 9 feet, ALWAYS IN FRONT OF ME. In another one, as I got within 10 feet, it suddenly shifted to 70 feet back the way I had come. I uninstalled this app and I am trying c:geo instead.

  28. Love geocaching but have not been a fan of this version of the app since it came out. Half the time I can’t get the cache pages to load or the map won’t load any of the caches in the area I am looking at. Overall not a fan of this version of the app, the old one was a lot more user friendly and simple to use in general. The best thing that this provides is being able to connect to my lists on the website so transition back and forth is a lot easier.

  29. 90% of this app and its features is locked behind premium. Any cache over a “2.0 difficulty, the ability to filter caches based on difficulty, different types of caches, the ability to create lists… it’s dumb. The price model isn’t a one time unlock either… you either pay $6 monthly or $30 annually? Why does every app need to have a subscription these days? Its out of control.

  30. Impossible to cancel subscription! The app itself is fine but I only wanted to try it out for a month or maybe just for the summer. However when I tried to cancel I’m just taken in endless circles. I’ve tried absolutely everything for two days and there is nowhere to cancel or manage my subscription. So I guess I have to remove the card from my Google pay account. Ugh so irritated!

  31. good clean fun! bummer that there’s not more free finds though. I was forced to upgrade to the paid app because we ran out of free caches in our area. I’m now in the process of trying to hide some of my own, but my town is lame and restricts geo placement in our town parks. too bad because there’s not much for kids to do in these parts… this would be great for keeping kids outdoors, exercising and out of trouble! Idle hands are the devils playthings… shame the town doesn’t think so.

  32. I’ll update this review when I can actually access the premium caches I paid for. The “premium” ones account for 90% of all caches, and it is still locking me out of all of them, saying I need to be a premium member, and is unable to connect to google services to fix it. So I went to cancel the subscription, but it won’t offer me a refund for the YEAR of service i used for all of 5 MINUTES. If this issue isn’t fixed immediately I’ll just be issuing a chargeback with my cardholder.

  33. There have been a few caches that were missing in our area. But it is super fun. I wish there were ways to fix them. Are we allowed to place a new cache were another cacher placed one if the cache has been missing “x” amount of time. Also i can not download the tours from n my area i keep gettin a 404 error page. Thanks for a fun game.

  34. The yellow message for appears over the hamburger menu on the left even after messages are read. The only way to remove the dot temporarily is to clear the cache and reset the app. After that the dot will appear again after reading a few messages. Other than that I like the app. I am running Android 10 OS but this issue occurred when I was running an older version of Android as well.

  35. Disappointed with the price. I paid $10 for the original app and it worked great. This new app isn’t any better and now you have to pay per month or per year. I decided to pay for the year but upset with where the company is going now so immediately cancelled my subscription. I’m not going to renew unless they make the price much more reasonable. It should be more like $1 / month or $10 / year.

  36. needs a better way to search – need to be able to search keywords, descriptions, titles. Also to see things like trackables without having to click on every little thing (a list showing the cache has it or not). Also an easier way to see the photos at each cache without having to click on every log that has a photo.

  37. Been using this app off and on for several years now. Love it, and it keeps getting better, although 30 bucks is a little steep for premium, and it recently stopped syncing with the website. I logged five finds yesterday from my Garmin. When i connected my device, it didn’t transfer the info, so I logged them again directly. Next day, and my app still doesn’t show the finds. Not wearing my happy face today.

  38. Useless without paying for a premium membership. There are other apps that show you the same caches without paywalling them off. This app itself is very well put together, but isn’t worth it to me anymore. I understand they need to make money somehow, but this method seems a bit heavy handed. $7 a month isn’t a lot, but it feels like a mandatory purchase instead of an enhancement. What if you could do one geocache a day for free? Or limit it weekly? Could pay $7 to remove limit!

  39. I have been loving this for 3 months now. It freezes every once in awhile, but usually kicks back in after about 30-40 seconds, so you just need to be patient. One time, the entire app did continually kick me out, but a quick uninstall/reinstall fixed the issue very quickly.

  40. When it works, it is a pretty good app. However, it has a tendency of crashing from time to time and stops downloading lists. I have confirmed that there is plenty of memory and the only way to resolve the issue is to Uninstall and Re-Install the app. Since I am paying for the premium membership, I would expect the application to be stable.

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