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Distance, Activity & Mile tracker: Track run, walking, jogging, bike & 90 sports
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Join the fitness revolution with adidas Running, the complete sports, fitness & activity tracker to log multiple sports in one place. Track your cardio such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc and also other sports. There are more than 90 sports activities that you can track with adidas Running!

**Available on mobile, Wear OS among other wearable devices


There are over 170m people who use adidas Running: sport, fitness & activity tracker frequently to log their fitness activities & exercise routines for walking, cycling, running & many other sports. We’re more than just a run & distance tracker. With regular challenges & virtual races, you’ll always be motivated. Keep a log of minutes, km & calories burned & see your statistics. Get better as you go, follow other athletes & join sport clubs around you to keep yourself motivated!


1. YOUR TRAINING PLAN: Create your Run plan according to distance, duration or consistency: Choose a personal goal (weight loss, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon etc) for running or the sport of your choice.

2. ACCURACY: Built-in GPS tracking, pedometer track distance of your cardio workouts including indicators such as pace, calories, cadence etc.

3. FITNESS STATS: Track duration, distance, calories burned, and monitor heart rate data (Wear OS)

4. SOCIAL SPARK: Participate in virtual races & competitions. Run together with thousands of adidas Running users.

5. TRACK MULTIPLE SPORTS: Select more than 90 sports incl. hiking, cycling, track & accomplish your fitness goals.

6. ALL IN ONE SPORT ACTIVITY APP FOR FREE: Running app & sport activity tracker built for beginners, experienced runners & athletes!

7. DAILY HEALTH & FITNESS TIPS: Get updated & motivated through our blog posts on fitness topics, your followers’ activities & events around your location

8. CONNECT YOUR DEVICES: Integrate adidas running with devices like Garmin Connect, Google fit, and Wear OS.


Start with running as a beginner and easily track your progress. Go from couch-to-5k in no time! With live GPS tracking & pedometer, you will be able to accurately track your runs, jogs, walks or when cycling. Additionally, you can log your sports activity on mobile & Wear OS for more than 90 sports within adidas running for free!


With its accurate pedometer, distance tracker & run coach all you need to focus on is your run & energy. Get adidas Running: Sport, Activity & fitness tracker is great for improving performance & building endurance for marathon training. Download adidas running & build your own marathon training plan!


– Personalized training & run plans for races (weight loss, 5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon)

– Interval training for running, walking & cycling – Train with your personal run coach & trainer!

– Personal records to mark all your achievements

– Auto-pause when you stop moving

– Premium membership for adidas training app


The adidas Running app by Runtastic is free to download & use. Some features, such as your running training plans, are unlocked only with the purchase of a Premium Membership. Your Membership renews automatically if you do not cancel it within 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. The renewal of your Premium Membership will be charged to your account up to 24 hours before your current Membership expires. The cancellation of an in-app Membership subscription is not permitted. The option to disable the automatic renewal of your Premium Membership is available to you in your Google Play account settings.


Your brand-new Feed is here! Show off your hard work every time you use our app—your workouts, including maps and summaries, will be shown to your followers in the feed. Add photos and notes to make your activities stand out.

Need some fit-spiration? Like and comment on people's posts to stay active and engaged in your online fitness community. You'll also get our latest blog posts on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and more!


40 comentarios en "adidas Running: Sports Tracker FULL"

  1. Great app, But I wish the android self portrait screen would give me the whole screen like it was when I first purchased the app. This would make it much easier to track visual progress when taking the progress picture. Right now it’s only 2/3 the screen which is rather annoying when trying line up eyes and knees in picture. I wonder if its just my phone or if there is actually a fix.

  2. I’ve tried a few different fitness apps and this is my favorite for running. It has not had any connection issues and keeps tracks even through small bends and turns. I like the historical analysis as that motivates me to do better every month. It has a clear countdown to start. Really recommend

  3. I should have updated my review after resolution of the last issue in the fall where the GPS stopped working. At that time I should have moved my review back to a five-star review. I love this app and use it regularly. However, it’s now time to move it back to a one-star rating again because it’s not usable. Starting about 2 weeks ago or so, every time I start a recording session, it plays a notification sound incessantly and will not stop until I stop the session.

  4. My runs no longer show up when I’m done running. I use my galaxy watch 4 to record the runs. There’s no data showing I ran and I pay for premium. The GPS has become inaccurate as well. This seems to be a problem reading other reviews. Don’t use this app, it doesn’t work and no, I haven’t submitted a ticket and won’t submit a ticket. There are a lot more apps I can use that DON’T make me work, to get them to work. I’ll give it to the end of the month but if it isn’t fixed after that…..

  5. Been using this app for a very long time. Over the years I somehow ended up with two profiles, no big deal, I picked one and ran with it. Now I have about 4 years worth of runs on my primary account. This month I bought the pro for a year, somehow it got pinned to my old profile. So all my runs for the last 4 years are sequestered from my pro subscription, records, goals everything. I cannot get into my old account to download the data to transfer it over. Supports answer…good luck. DO NOT USE

  6. I can accept ads, your app just has way too many, reduce the number of ads to once every access of the app and I’ll give it five stars Update: this app is broken, I feel like instead of addressing the issue regarding advertisements, they’ve just made it worse. The home screen is the start workout page and if you try to go to the progress page, two ads pop up and after exiting them it sends you back to the home page. It’s an endless loop. If anybody else sees this, and has similar issues, write a similar review and hopefully they’ll address it.

  7. I hope somebody actually reads this, I have some genuine feedback. When you manually add a run, it only allows you to go to the 10th of a mile. When you go back to edit it at all allows 100th of a mile, it would be nice to be able to go to the 100th in the first place. Second, when you manually add 2.5 miles, it only should you as 2.4 towards your weekly goal. It will not show the next 10th position until you actually go over it. For example, if I added a 10.00 mile run, it would show 9.9 weekly

  8. it’s ok, but if you’re like me, and you don’t have a smartwatch, don’t always plan your run exactly before you start, and maybe use a running belt to hold your phone, the UI is going to add 1.5-2 minutes onto your run. For the countdown to start, it’s “Tap ANYWHERE to begin”, so you are trying to delicately pack it, for fear of starting your time while still fiddling to secure it. You’ll fail. At the finish, even if you stand still, takes a while to get your phone out and press finish to stop

  9. It was great for a while (except the voice that gives the data I want in all the wrong format, and it’s not configurable because why not). During my half marathon, kept stopping the activity. So now it’s like I’m teleporting from one side of the city to another. And now during my run keep crashing and loosing the distance. Which is not very convenient for a running application. I subscribed and unsubscribed multiples times depending of my motivation. Every time I needed unsubscription, I had to google it to see where it was hidden in the depth of configuration.

  10. Perfect tracking app for me. I exclusively use this for running. I am just beginning to start running so I have very little experience with tracking apps but it came preloaded on my phone so I gave it a shot. I love the ability to track my goals and easily review my previous runs to see my progress. The screen while running is easy to read at a glance and can be customized for the information that is relevant to you. I have not participated in any challenges yet but plan to. Great app

  11. Overall a great app. Easy enough to use with a great view of your progress/history. I like having the voice coaching but I have two things I’d like to improve that bug me enough to want to use a different app. 1) the voice coach speaks way too slow. I wish I could speed it up. 2) The voice coach doesn’t pause my music on my Samsung S8 phone. Given how it interrupts often enough, and talks so slowly, this is annoying and leaves me to manually pause everytime it starts speaking (I listen to podcasts while running).

  12. Does what I want, not more. Was afraid the ownership change would ruin the app but they appear to have preserved the good stuff and added good new stuff. I’ve been using the paid version of the app for years and find it to be very easy, motivating, and we’ll organized. I use it mostly for running but also use it occasionally in connection with other accuracy in order to keep track.

  13. I’ve used this app since the runtastic edition and I can highly recommend it. The premium feature are nice but not at all necessary for the average runner. I just like being able to customize a plan, interval, pace, ECT. The voice coach can be VERY annoying when you set a pace, especially if you have Bluetooth turned on. I’m guessing it slows down the GPS response. All in all, this app is easy and can add alot of motivation to yours runs.

  14. The GPS signal no longer works. I have made sure location is on, data is on and working and have tried to toggle with the setting but nothing is working. I’ve used it since the summer of 2018 and have not had any complaints until now. After reading through critical reviews, I see it’s not just a personal issue. Will have to uninstall for now because I need a run tracking app that works and there is no point in having one that doesn’t. Hope to see a fix on the bug in the near future.

  15. I have the premium version. I’d give it five stars except: 1, there’s no way to change the dates of training runs. 2, I have so far been unsuccessful trying to manually add runs, and support has not responded to my request. 3, the app does not include all the information about the training run. (I was surprised to see a “test race” at the end of wk 3, and was preparing for a 13 mi. run. Good thing I checked the website because it was only a 10K!) 4, minimal options for voice feedback.

  16. I really like this app for running. The app tells you your distance, total time, and pace at each mile which I really like because it lets me know if I need to speed up or slow down a bit. The maps and post-run pace and elevation info are great too. Because you can add notes, it almost turns into a little running log book where you can keep up with what is working and what is not. The challenges are nice, just to see yourself working toward small goals.

  17. Runtastic has been my standby, but I’m being forced to switch to my fitness tracker’s app. I’ve had a Premium subscription for a long time but recently the app doesn’t recognize this, and I’m tired of being bombarded with commericals and not having access to the Premium content that I pay for. I’ve sent a request for help but have only gotten a couple of automated emails about how busy tech support is. I’m giving you a month and then I’m cancelling. Too bad.

  18. I’ve only used it for a few days now, but I paid for the premium and it still is lacking what I need. I typically run on a treadmill, and if you select that as your activity you can’t access the workout plan you are on. I really enjoy the workout plan that I chose because it is interval training to build up to running longer distances. If I just select the running activity, it doesn’t give me anything for miles and I haven’t figured out a way to manually change the miles and calories. But other than that, this app is pretty good, I still need to try out the other functions.

  19. Twice in this morning’s exercise this app refused to just pause and instead kept the clock running whilst I stopped to take a picture of some birds. I’ve got two apps running on this phone, a podcast player and this and all I ask is that they both be responsive to my commands. This app failed. Twice! The first failure to respond was an unknown cause – I unlocked the button and clicked pause, then went to the camera and didn’t realize it hadn’t paused for several minutes until I heard it tell me my distance and time. The second time I go that map display without the controls and who remembers in a time pinch how to get the controls back on screen. Very disappointing

  20. Have been using Runstastic free for two years and the prior version helped me train for a sprint triathlon. The latest version, however, is CRAMMED with ads! They interfere with use. I would happpily watch one or two 15s ads before starting or adding an activity, but when they pop up literally right in the middle of adding or editing activities,it’s frustrating and distracting. Too many push messages as well. Product team needs to holistically reevaluate the free experience because it’s far less usable as is.

  21. So far looks pretty okay.. never used one of these apps, although I’ve been ultra running for 12 years, I was just looking for something to manually log my miles every day to reach weekly / monthly / yearly goals. The yearly goal in this app does not make sense though. You can set the mileage goal youd like, but you can only go as high as 2,490 miles in a year?? I was hoping to input 4,000. I know a personal friend who reached over his goal of 5,000 for 2018 by early December. Plus, the app tries to tell you how many miles per week and month that would equate for you to run, but the equations are wrong believe it or not. Will still give it a try I guess.

  22. It used to work great. Recently, whenever i start the app, the time starts ticking but the distance starts getting recorded only after about a mile. I thought it was some problem with my phone but nope other running apps work great. Also, in my friend’s phone we found this same issue. Both of our phones were not in power saving mode. Response to reply: After 2 updates, it started to work well. In future I’ll send mail to the id regarding bugs

  23. This running app is literally so easy to use and you can have it operating in the background with your screen in sleep mode. All I have to do is open the app, hit Start Live Run and begin my run. If you have any kind of sport you play and you will like to keep track of your progress, this app gives many many many different sports to track. NOT JUST RUNNING. I highly recommend this app.

  24. I love this app. The information provided while running has improved my running. The keeping track of my distance, times is amazing. The only thing I would change is allowing the option to see the distance as you run. I tend to hit a stride past my goal and always fall short to the next mile because I am stuck focusing where I am at. over all this app is Amazing

  25. I’m a huge fan of your Wear OS app. Please just add rotating crown support (so when you spin the button it moves up/down on the menus). Another fairly easy addition to code is button support. I would love to be able to click a button to pause the timer, and again to start it. Either way it’s a great app that’s very intuitive. Thanks!

  26. Ian Carey dice:

    Edit 3: I submitted a ticket and they gave me the same steps to follow as the last time this happened, when they didn’t work until an update fixed it. This is not a problem with my settings, the app needs an update. Edit 2: every time there’s an Android update the app loses GPS signal for several days. Makes it hard to use consistently. This has happened multiple times. Looking for an alternative running app.

  27. Stupid app, I got so frusturated because when I was trying to start running and wanted it to track me it wouldn’t show a start button or anything and I ended up not using the app because it’s useless without data, doesn’t even work on wifi. It’s such a frustrating app with good intentions but not enough care put into it. And to get the “premium” edition with other added features you have to pay for it. Another app that’s just in it to make money.

  28. If you’re someone who loves running and fitness; you will love this app. It’s a very detailed app in running. Excellent way to keep track of not just how far you run but the time and average pace per mile and another absolutely awesome bonus are the challenges I’m currently doing the snow leopard challenge. These challenges are great to keep you motivated and competitive!

  29. I like this way to track runs. There are training plans and basic stats (more stats in the paid version) as well as ways to keep track of the mileage on your shoes. Social aspects like running challenges and running networks are fine distractions. On the whole, I’m more motivated to run when I have a goal being tracked by the app than just estimating how far I went or how long.

  30. Matthew dice:

    Downloaded this app and really liked it. It was very useful for tracking my runs/progress. I liked it so much I paid for the premium subscription so that I can create my own workouts. I’ve used it once since subscribing and now the GPS tracking doesn’t work at all. I even uninstalled and re-installed the app. Feels good to pay for a service and not be able to use it. I’m super disappointed.

  31. It was a decent app until they removed their companion website. The mobile app just doesn’t give me everything I want. I only use the mobile app to record runs. I used to enter other types of workouts and review my training from the website. The worst part is they removed the website with no warning. I would have at least printed off all my old workouts if I had known. Now I’m just left with unusable exported data. Basically all my workout history is gone. Very displeased.

  32. Although this app still helps a lot to track your running sessions, also allowing to choose among several training plans, I think that removing the web features was a very bad idea that made the app much less appealing. I liked to have the possibility to check many more statistics about my running sessions than it is available through the mobile app. In addition, editing routes was definitely a plus.

  33. I use the app routinely for my runs because I love the flexibility of the in session call outs. It helps me be aware if I am overexerting and adjust accordingly. I just upgraded to the Pixel 6 and cannot get the GPS to work, and keep a reliable HR monitor connection. Good thing I run with a Fitbit as a backup. Maybe the Running App is no longer relevant.

  34. It’s nice to see your own progress, pace during a run, and log heart rate and other such. It’s also fun to see your route and your friends’ routes on the map! Challenges are engaging too. But deleting pictures from posts is too complicated (can’t do it from the app) and the news feed crashes a lot. Otherwise it’d be five stars easily!

  35. Don’t waste your time on this as there are a multitude of other apps that do everything better. This is a continuation of the downhill experience with Runtastic. Maybe if they had stopped before gutting half of the uses (particularly removing all web functionality) I would have stayed. They also intentionally changed the data export file extension from a shareable format to an unreadable format to disallow users to switch and bring their data to a better app. I suggest you look elsewhere.

  36. What has happened to this once-wonderful app? I have used Runtastic for many years without issues. As of the past week, two of my regular spots record .5 of a mile, instead of correctly recording approximately 1.5 miles. No coverage issues. No issues in the past. Suddenly Runtastic isn’t reliably tracking my distance. How frustrating. Actively trying similar/other apps for a replacement to Runtastic 🙁

  37. Some nice features, but 2 issues I’ve had are show stoppers: the Unlock/Finish buttons and the GPS. I understand the usefulness of an Unlock button after starting a timed run. But that button, and the Finish button, are small enough that I have to practically stop to be able to hit them accurately. And they don’t stay available during the run, so I’ve had to practically do gyrations to get them back when I need them. I’ve never had a problem with my phone GPS, but with this app it’s erratic.

  38. App has been great but, the last couple of weeks the GPS has been terrible. You be in the middle of a run and it will move you 10 miles across town. The GPS has you in different locations every time I open the app even if I haven’t moved an inch. Very inaccurate. It makes tracking actual progress impossible.

  39. I am a current user of Endomondo and decided to give runtastic to try. I am very disappointed that simple features such as Auto-Pause are only available in the paid version. The compter voice is slow and rudimentary. The accuracy was fine but it offered me 0 reasons to switch. Uninstalled after 1 run. in response:. my complaints are not about bugs that can be fixed but the overall approach of the app. I’m staying with Endomondo.

  40. I have been using this app for a few years now. I started using it when it was just Runtastic and then continued with it when it merged with Adidas. I love the features and I really like the social community options as well. My favorite part is the live running and the ability to give and receive cheers while doing a live run. This has been very motivational to me as I am out running. The only downside to the app when using the free version is the bombardment of advertising to upgrade to premium

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