Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet MODDED 2022

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Meal plans, food diary, macro calculator, nutrition tracker, calorie counter and healthy recipes, all in one convenient place. Eat healthy and feel great with Lifesum!

Looking to try a keto, fasting, paleo or sugar free diet? We have the perfect diet for any goal. Need a health tracker to stay in check? Fear not. We’ve got an intuitive food diary, macro calculator and tons of nutritional guidance.

Meal planner and macro tracker – TOP Lifesum features:
🥑 Meal plans & diet tips for any goal – lose weight and eat healthy
🥝 Keto, fasting, paleo, sugar detox and more diets & plans
🥗 Calorie counter & food tracker with barcode scanner for easy logging
👩‍🍳 Macro calculator – keeps tabs on daily macros, nutrition & calories
🍏 Food planner – eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
🏃 Health tracker – stay on top of fitness and health

Lose weight with a personalized diet. Take our test to discover which food planner is the most suitable based on schedule and lifestyle. From fasting, paleo to sugar free diets and everything in between, we have the right plan to achieve any weight loss goal.

Discover what is the right plan for you with our Meal Plans

* Vegan for a Week
* 3 Week Weight Loss
* Keto Burn
* Paleo
* Sugar Detox
* Protein Weight Loss

Keto and Fasting Diets
Ketogenic Strict
5:2 (Fast 2 days a week – The rest is all gravy or pizza… 😉
Ketogenic Easy: Go low-car for stead weight loss and optimal energy levels
Ketogenic Medium : Looking to transition into a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle? Start here.
6:1 Fast 1 day a week, the rest is all you, no questions asked.

Healthy recipes to support all meal plans. Stuck in a diet rut? Explore tasty keto recipes, beat cravings with a no sugar meal plan or search for paleo food lists and snacks.

Calorie counter and food tracker functions provide an overview of daily nutritional values. Did a workout today? Go premium and sync Lifesum with FitBit, Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps.

Macros mythbusting. It’s easy with our macro tracker – reach the right type of energy consumption with the macro calculator. Simply scan barcodes for macros and nutritional information,or enter manually.


Lifesum integrates with Wear OS, Google Fit and S Health allowing users to export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to Google Fit and S Health, and import fitness data, weight and body measurements back to Lifesum

For extended features such as specialized diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership.

Download Lifesum now and improve your health today! Also benefit from daily feedback to stay focused and motivated when working towards weight loss goals.

Personalized diets, easy to use food diary, clever nutrition tracker and well-thought macro calculator are there waiting for you, all in one convenient place. Eat healthy & lose weight!


We fixed a few things to make Lifesum even more fun to use.
This version includes:

We showed some love to our Wear app for smartwatches and gave it a fresh, new design.
We’ve fine-tuned the internal workings to simplify healthy living on the go.


40 comentarios en "Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet MODDED 2022"

  1. Super intuitive interface. I was having trouble figuring out MyFitnessPal. This app is such wow! Thanks for making it! *Update: After using this app for a couple months, I’d like to point some flaws that I’ve noticed. First, the app will often randomly add/remove bottles of water when opening/closing the app. Second, the scan feature isn’t always accurate. Third the calories seem incorrect at times. I.e. what is listed in the app doesn’t match the nutrition facts on the item.

  2. A friend recommended this program so I foolishly jumped in with both feet. Too many negatives to list. Adding a food near impossible and otherwise problematic. The quick add feature allows you to add calories but no descriptor. You cannot export your data unless you email them to do it for you. Cancelling the program doesn’t refund any portion of your subscription fee (which, to be fair, you are warned about but it is still bad business).

  3. Sam Bame dice:

    Its very hard to find a diet or meal tracking app that helps when you’re trying to gain weight rather than lose, but I was excited when I found this app. Its database is extensive and it’s also easy to quick add calories when you have a snack. Very user friendly and a blessing no matter which side of the weight spectrum you are. Being underweight, overweight, or just trying to stay a healthy weight, I recommend this app for everyone. I’d give it 10 stars if I could, it’s amazing.

  4. I used this app for years and loved it. They have changed so that the abilities to change calories intake is locked unless you buy the premium version. That is really frustrating and I am now looking for a different app to use. Also the calorie intake they give me is too high. I don’t know how they calculate it.

  5. Only started using this app a few days ago but find it extremely user-friendly – which makes it easier for me to stay on track. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an easy way to track calories. I’m only using the (free) basic program but Lifesum’s premier program is actually reasonably priced, too. Great app!

  6. There is a very frustrating process you have to do sometimes to get your exercise from other apps to sync properly because it glitches out so often. Otherwise I love the app but please fix this! Edit: they have fixed the glitch so my review is now 5 stars. I really love the app and have been using it for years now. Thanks for fixing it!

  7. Still functional but incredibly frustrating that the ability to change the calorie limit is now locked behind premium. That was one of the key features of this app, and as someone who is currently trying to REPAIR their relationship with food, its incredibly DISAPPOINTING and DISTRESSING to see. I fail to see why this feature needs to be locked and inaccessible to those who’re unable to afford it.

  8. Useful app to track macros. Most items I’ve scanned are correct. Some are a little off, but that could be that the product has changed a little and the connected barcode hasn’t been updated. Maybe simplify the settings and personal information sections. The fewer clicks to find something the better. Great overall though!

  9. Great Interface – Inconsistent Data After a few days tracking my strick post-op diet with the free version, I was very happy with how easy it was to use. Then I paid for access to the nutritional details to see how I was doing and compare it to my own pencil -and-paper tally. Wow, were they off by a mile! * Carbs were counted as fiber * Serving sizes were way off * Protine was hit or miss. Worsenyet, I can’t edit existing records nor own.

  10. I ended up getting premium, which has been helpful to transfer my exercise from the Fitbit app directly to this app. My biggest complaint, which makes the app useless really, is that the nutrition information is not accurate. I’m doing keto and will scan something that has 2 carbs, but then the percentage will say “85% carbs” and the stats are then wayyy off, making it look like I’m failing at my diet. It’s just not accurate.

  11. Recent update ruined it. used to love lifesum for tracking, as it has nicest UI. the premium seemed to focus on meal plans and recipes which was fine, I’m not about that. I did really love the feature to save my own custom meals though, super useful. now that’s gated that create meal feature behind a paywall now so I have to track each individual ingredient. sad, I really enjoyed lifesum, but I will be switching away

  12. A Newleaf dice:

    At first, I had the free version b/c I just wanted the basics; track my calories & exercise. And it was adequate. But I wasn’t truly committed to changing my habits. When I went to the full version, it really made more of a difference than I thought it would. It offers so many more tools and options. It is worth the price. I caught a sale, but even at full price, it’s worth the value. There’s something there for everyone.

  13. Love how it tracks nutrients. Would love to see more exercises added, like aqua walking by distance and time. Also–some way to visually mark which entries in the database are official calorie/ nutrient counts for foods. There are way too many erroneous entries that come up in a food search, and it isn’t immediately clear that these entries were added by users.

  14. The recipes are simple and delicious! I absolutely love the shopping list feature. The interface is fun, friendly, clean, and intuitive. If more of the diet programs had an option for pre-planned menu and shopping list, this app would be full-on perfect.

  15. I dislike the newest update with one of the main problems is changing the Calorie count. For one, I can’t change the goal to what I believe fits my lifestyle without paying…. Secondly, the deficiets the app is giving now is what was on quote “too low” or unhealthy. Which is it? I used to like this app, even with amount of foods where the scan results and macros being Way Off/Inaccurate.

  16. Cherise dice:

    Search can take a long time. The label reader is great, making it very easy to add foods. Very basic stats unless you pay for an upgrade. Update: dropped from three stars to one as there is a bait and switch on even the basic stats such as average calorie consumption over time. This that was visible for the first 27 days of the app usage and then blurred out and forced to pay for subscription cost just to see that stat.

  17. Don’t waste your money! The app was easy to use and great for tracking steps and water consumption. The app sucks at getting calories and nutritional information correct. I would scan the barcode on my food and it would bring up the item but the fact were not accurate, they were close but never right and having to adjust portions was a pain to try and get it accurate from a calorie standpoint.

  18. Nicole K dice:

    This is my go to calorie tracker for YEARS. I love it and it’s always reliable. I sync it with my Fitbit and I I really think the premium sub is worth it. I always get it when it’s 25 bucks a year because I don’t have much money, I think it’s a special over so u have to decline some earlier offers to get it, but again worth it to see all the stats and stuff for a year at that price! I will honestly never use my fitness pal again!

  19. Malek7 dice:

    Easy to use and a great resource of information. Update: For the past couple months there has been a glitch with adding water. It would delete the amount of water I add immediately, and after I re-add the water amount and close the app it would add the exact amount it deleted previously. So whenever I open the app the amount of water would multiply! Weird!

  20. Giselle V dice:

    I really like Lifesum! It’s very easy on the eyes and works great when it comes to scanning items, creating recipes and meals. However, my one issues is that it doesn’t do a good job at syncing with my Samsung Health app. It’ll sync one day and not the next. Sometimes what was synced the previous day on my Samsung Health app disappears and I can’t do anything about it.

  21. I like this app. It works as advertised and I have used it to lose 30+ pounds. Two changes I would make: -Allow users to manually select calorie, protein, carb, and fats goals -Allow users to enter walking as an exercise in distance, rather than time. This one in particular seems like a massive and somewhat absurd oversight in what is otherwise a very well-made and useful app.

  22. Dory Tang dice:

    I have just started using this app two days ago. I like it so far. The barcode scanning works well. The user interface is quite intuitive. And I can even use it to log some item without data such as water intake. One complaint I have so far is that the app doesn’t allow me t set my own daily calorie goal. I will update my review after using this app longer. Update: I still love it. Besides not being able to set my own daily calories, I wish the app allows me to scan barcode offline.

  23. O A dice:

    It got great UI/UX, but it doesn’t integrate well with smart watches and it’s a hella tedious data entry exercise to keep up with it because most things you eat are not in their system. So it’s an impossible exercise to try and find something that might be close enough to what you just ate. Not worth my time to mantain regularly.

  24. Niki dice:

    I’m happy that this app doesn’t solely focus on weight loss! I’m using it to gain some weight as I fell below my ideal weight. I would love if this app could implement a meal planning feature! There are recipes, but I have a hard time deciding what exactly to cook on a specific day/for the week. I end up just eating whatever I have at home, which goes against my goal of weight gain. If there was a feature with meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a shopping list, the app would be perfect!

  25. I enjoy parts of this app, namely its simplicity and UI. But many minor issues, altogether make using the app very frustrating. Like: – too many incorrect nutritional facts for foods, even “verified” entries. – constant errors about nutrionital facts “not adding up” and not allowing to update, even when I’m copying them directly from the label. – not being able to edit recipes, or having a seperate menu for my meals/recipes. For those reasons, I won’t be continuing the paid subscription.

  26. I’ve been really happy with the app. I have been using it for about a year and a half. The bar scanner feature makes inputting food really simple and it’s a great way to make sure I’m getting the calories I need. (I do wish there was more nutritional info in a graph form like percentage of vitamins and minerals we are getting daily.)

  27. S D dice:

    It’s ok, not great. Needs to add a way to print all meal and nutritional tracking and progress. That would be helpful as I meet with my Dr and fitness trainer. Also there’s no way to override the app when it tries to autocorrect manual entries. There should also be a way to add my own exercise information. It forces you to pick the entries already available and you can’t change the minutes nor calories.

  28. Joe Add dice:

    I love this app for every reason that it presents for example, keeping track of my calories, keeping track of my activities, help me keep track of my ketogenic diet, It is very accurate in finding different types of foods, to be more precise, the exact foods that I’m eating from the stores or the manufacturer. That really helps with Is understanding the nutritional values. This app has kept up is kept up with the technology of The Times.. I highly recommended it.

  29. Maggie dice:

    Really wish you could focus on something other than weight loss. The app is promoted as just a “healthy eating app” but only seems to focus on food factors that may cause weight gain. I personally don’t need a food tracker for weight loss but wanted to track my nutrients/fiber intake. This is really hard to do within the app as it stands now, but would be so easy to integrate. I also think that it could be harmful to have certain foods deemed as good/bad with a smiley face/frowny face.

  30. I have lost weight and have been surprised by the calorie counts of foods that were common in my diet. I have also found things that I can change easily y tracking calories. Definitely double check nutritional facts with container of possible. There are some inaccurate calorie results even when you scan a UPC. I wish I could change the inaccuracies on the fly but I can’t do I wrongfully change the serving size so the calories are right.

  31. I’ve used this for one day and four foods I’ve scanned have the incorrect nutritional value (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates). It’s literally not one thing wrong it’s all of them and there’s no way to edit that for that one food. So then you have to create a new food and it defeats the purpose of having the barcode. Why can’t I just edit with the barcode scans and make it right for me?

  32. Connor dice:

    This app used to be amazing with only the meal plans being behind the pay wall, now practically any stat besides for weight loss is behind a pay wall now. The app is very useful only for tracking caloric intake, water consumption, and tracking your weight. Tbh, if it wasn’t for the fact that it tracks fat, carbs, and protein for free; I’d suggest just getting the Google Fit app.

  33. Erica dice:

    I’ve used this app off and on for years. This time around I am noticing how wrong the calories for many of the foods are. It’s appallingly inconistent, and even if I enter the exact brand and item, the calories in this app don’t match the label on the food. There should be an option to just enter how many calories you know were in a portion instead of messing around with ounces, grams, cups knowing its the wrong calories.

  34. Great dieting tool! I rotate between bulking and cutting weight so being able to track the exact calories and proteins make this an app I often circle back too when I fall a little off track, ive been using this app for about 2 years now, can’t say I have any real complaints, it has a huge catalog with most barcodes so you can just scan what you eat and it goes straight to your tracker.

  35. I have tried so many nutrition and fitness apps and this one is by far the best. It is motivating and fun and helps me achieve my personal goals. I do wish that had more obscure varieties in entry, I’ve noticed I couldn’t find some weird things we had. My husband’s a chef and uses strange ingredients, but it has more than most

  36. Pros: (1) let’s you track diet and exercise info easily; (2) can connect you with diet plans/info at a push of a button; (3) tracks your health info in an easy-to-understand way. Cons: (1) Some more personalized diet/exercise features are premium locked (but is probably worth it for many people); (2) most, if not all, exercises are only able to be tracked in minutes (honestly, who tracks push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups in minutes? I’ll change to a 5 star rating if they ever change this)

  37. It’s easy to learn how to eat healthy without the pressure of becoming a diet-obsessed person. I made changes in the long term, as I know now the things I like that make me feel good and full. The recipes in the plans are easy to follow and very delicious. The app is super easy to use, you can scan the food you’re eating and keep track of calories. The only downside is that there aren’t enough exercises to log, but that doesn’t take away the main part: learning eating healthy habits.

  38. I have it linked with Samsung Fitness and it gives you the option to decrement the calories or not. If I don’t exercise that day and go over my calories it will tell me how long I need to exercise to decrease calories to allotted amount. It has custom food plans, and has helped me alter my eating habits. It saves last meal, which my breakfast doesn’t change much. This is an amazing well setup food app. I will most likely use it forever.

  39. This app seems really nice I just can’t seem to use it since I work nights and it’s a little to difficult to track my meals when the app is set up the way it is. If I could change my day time range I would rate 5 stars. Otherwise, if you are looking for a good app to track meals and you have a normal sleep schedule this is a great app for that it seems.

  40. Most things I scanned for my meals had inaccurate nutritional info, and the app does not have any useful level of me being able to report that. It lets me hit the report button but it doesn’t let me manually correct the nutritional info for my own tracking, so when their database is off my tracking is off with no way for me to correct it unless I make a custom food item instead. This is something that is extremely basic that undermines everything else in the app.

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