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Breathwrk is the number one app in breathing. Breathing is your body’s superpower, you can create nearly instant changes in your body and mind with the power of breathing. Breathwrk guides you through quick and powerful breathing exercises that eliminate stress & anxiety, increase energy, improve endurance, and help you fall asleep. Learn and practice a variety of science-backed breathing methods that are guided by original music, vibrations, and visuals.

Modern research has shown that by controlling your breath you can regulate stress levels, improve mood, decrease fatigue, lower blood pressure, curve insomnia, increase your athletic performance and more! With just a few minutes of Breathwrk per day, you can master the same exercises used by psychotherapists, olympic athletes, yogis, sleep doctors, navy seals, neuroscientists, and breath experts!

Choose from a vast library of exercises on everything from increasing your focus and productivity to reducing stress, stopping an anxiety attack, uplifting your mood, and more! Breathwrk can be used in certain moments, like before a big meeting or exam, or daily to wake up, regulate stress levels, and go to sleep. You can also set reminders or follow curated daily habits in the app to get the most out of your lungs.

With Breathwrk you can fully customize your breathing experience. Explore different sounds and music from Grammy Award winning artist DJ White Shadow, feel the breathing patterns with advanced vibrations, and choose between unique visuals.

Breathwrk combines various, science-based breathwork practices, including box breathing, pranayama, tummo, WHM, and more.

Join the hundreds of thousands worldwide already breathing with Breathwrk. Our users range from 7 to 77 years old, and include psychologists, college students, marathon trainers, parents of children with disabilities, Navy SEALs and more!

Unlike other mindfulness methods like meditation which take a lot of time and practice, Breathwrk is easy to learn and works fast on BOTH the mind and body! It has been scientifically proven that the pattern and way in which you breathe actually effects your mental and physical state.

Your breath is the remote control to your nervous system! Control your breath, control your life!


Goop, Vogue, Recomendo, The Skimm, and more!


*Anxiety Ease
*Pain Relief
*Breath of Fire
*Clear Lungs
*Craving Curber
*No Worries
*Okinaga I
*Okinaga II
*Okinaga III
*& More!


*Breath Counter
*Streaks & Levels
*Breath Hold Timer
*Exhale Timer


*Custom Reminders
*Global Map
*Recommended Exercises
*Daily Habits

Breathwrk is completely free, but offers a premium subscription with Breathwrk Pro. Breathwrk Pro allows you access to all breath exercises, all sounds and voiceovers, all visualizations, the ability to have unlimited favorites, and to set custom durations for breath exercises.


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4 comentarios en "Breathwrk: Breathing Exercises 2022"

  1. Haley Skye dice:

    I enjoy this app for so many reasons. I ended up subscribing because I was interested in breathwork and I’m glad I did as it really has helped me change my state of mind when I’m unmotivated or stressed. I absolutely love the scientific explanations included with each exercise description. So it not only works but tells you why it works. Also, Ace also has the most calming and uplifting energy about her. Definitely my favorite coach! Give the free trial a shot if you’re on fence!

  2. Anna Smith dice:

    I appreciate the variety of breathwork exercises. Lots to choose from! The visuals, sound, and vibrations are very helpful in completing the exercises as well. I like that I can set my time for how long I do the practice for. One thing I’d love to have within it is the ability to build my own intervals. An option to edit the timing for inhales/exhales and holds and then put them in whichever combination for intervals I want.

  3. Madison Wolf dice:

    When I first downloaded it, it was great. Sure, there were a decent amount of locked exercises that you had to pay for, but there were plenty you could do for free. Now so many more exercises are locked that the app is pretty much pointless if you aren’t going to pay for it. Sure, they offer ‘scholarships’ but even those are pretty ridiculous, it’s just an excuse they can use when someone complains about the price. I’ll be deleting the app, and won’t download it again.

  4. Cassie Dunn dice:

    Love this app, the difference in strategies to achieve desired emotions and state of mind are fantastic notifications are especially helpful and a gentle reminder to stay present and in control of your situation I am only using the standard version but I can only imagine the benefits of the full version

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