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Lose weight & reach your health goals with Lose It! diet app and food tracker!
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Lose It! is a calorie counter & food diary diet app that helps you stick to your diet and achieve weight loss that fits! Simply download the app, set your goals and track your diet, food and exercises to lose weight. Easily track macro, carb and calorie intake with Lose It! calorie counter & food diary app!

Since our launch in 2008 we have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, CNN, Shape, Good Morning America, and more.

• 80+ million pounds of weight lost by our members (and counting)
• 27+ million searchable food items in our comprehensive international food library database
• 40+ million users who have started their weight loss journey with Lose It!
• 25+ macro nutrient, carb, calorie and health goals to choose from
• 3 days of calorie and diet tracking is all it takes to see a result in weight loss

Stay on track of your diet and calorie intake with Lose It! Calorie Counter. Whether it be a keto diet, vegan diet or anything in between, Lose It! will help you find weight loss that fits by tracking your macro, carb and calorie intake to reach your weight loss and health goals. Stop making excuses – start losing weight with Lose It!


Lose It! isn’t your average calorie counter and food & diary app. Lose It! uses the proven principles of calorie counting and tracking to help you succeed. To get started, input your profile details and we’ll calculate the daily calorie budget best for you. Next, easily track your food, weight, and activity and get ready to celebrate your weight loss victories. Gain insight on your macro, carb, protein, sugar, fat and overall calorie and food intake on a daily level. Stay on top of your keto, vegan, vegetarian or whole 30 diet! Change your calorie and diet habits and learn about your nutrition needs.


• Barcode Scanner – quickly scan food barcodes or search our database to track your carb, macro and calorie intake.
• Snap It – Want to know your carb count? Log food by simply taking a photo of your food. Just tap the camera icon for food tracking and calorie counting in a snap.
• Track Nutrients – track more than just calories including macro, protein, water, carb, sugar, body measurements, sleep cycles, and more. Stay on top of your keto, vegan or vegetarian diet needs! Learn what nutrients you need along your weight loss journey.
• Fitness App Syncs – connect trackers, apps, and devices like Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Garmin trackers, Withings scales, Google Fit, Healthkit, and more.
• Meal Planning & Targets – meal targets help you calculate suggested macro, carb, protein and overall calorie intake. Customize your diet and eating for personalized weight loss!
• Patterns – learn about your food and calorie intake habits with our exclusive personal insights to identify what is hindering or helping your weight loss progress.
• Recipes – customize your diet and weight loss journey with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you create yourself. Find easy food recipes for your Keto diet, vegan diet, vegetarian diet, Whole 30 – or any diet!

Download Lose It! Calorie Counter today and join our community of members helping us reach our mission to mobilize the world to healthy weight loss. No matter your diet needs or weight loss goals, Lose it! Calorie Counter can help you find weight loss that fits to achieve your health goals!

Lose It! basic is free, but you can upgrade to Premium for additional features.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements to keep the app running in tip-top shape. Happy logging, Lose It! fam!


40 comentarios en "Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD"

  1. I love this tool. If you have a difficult time tracking your food intake, this app simplifies your efforts. It has a variety of brand names to select from, it gives you a My Food Choice to track the foods you eat, a place to save your favorite meals. It tracks your exercise and gives extra calories for your effort. It has much more. Check it out.

  2. Hi! I have used this for several years. It used to be more user-friendly when trying to change grams to ounces or pieces, etc. Used to do automatic conversion when changed, too. Not anymore. This version has a bug trying to save nutrition updates manually input, especially if the item was originally scanned by the barcode. Irritating when you have done all the math and it throws the changes out, keeping the original data. Please fix these issues. Thanks!

  3. I used to love this application because of it’s fair premium price subscription compared to competitors and it’s simple, utilitarian vibe. It honestly helped me lose 70 pounds. But lately it has been crashing on the most important of functions – adding a food. So disappointing that if this isn’t fixed, I’m going to have to move to another service. In it’s current buggy state, I would not recommend.

  4. I’ve been using this app an extensive amount of time (6 years) and have found it very useful and easy to log both food and exercises. Recently, pop up ads had been introduced and are extremely intrusive. When adding an item an ad will pop up and only some of the ads are skipable. I completely get that it’s in a businesses best interest to monetize but the number of pop ads have made it harder to justify the use of this app. Editing nutrition of an item after scanning it is also broken now.

  5. I’m extremely impressed with this app. It has extensive options reaching into many areas of health though can easily track single things like calories, weight, foods, steps, measurements, blood pressure, sugar, carbs, sleep hours, etc. The app did a good job of starting small until I was ready to dig down into the options. Scanning bar codes is awesome. I’m about to enter/save my meals for easy entry of entire meals. There’s included reviewed articles and social support too if you’re into that.

  6. J. Clark dice:

    If your expecting customer service DO NOT USE THIS APP. I used it every day with my cousin who lives in another state. Recently we were unable to access each other’s logs, kept getting an error message. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it, but unfortunately forgot my password. I have tried to contact this developer for 2 days via two different ways, requesting an email on how to change my password, which I’ve never received as well as sending a message through the Play Store.

  7. Pros: food database is reasonable, bar code scanner also, price is not insane unlike MyFitnessPal. Cons: adding food and tracking your own recipes is not as easy as it should be. Many food entries in the database offer one single size “1 portion”, very uninformative. Having a weight or volume to go with what that means would help, as would allowing you to specify the amount in your units of choice for any entry. Similar story for your own recipes. But, also, not sure what’s better out there.

  8. Database has TONS of foods and brands, calories and macros are consistently identical to packaging (of what I’ve checked), the app itself is simple to learn and use, the personalization for calorie goals and fitness levels has been very useful to me on my weight loss journey, and the addition of accomplishment badges makes it fun and gives you a little motivation boost. Ads seem to have been toned down some since the initial update. Appreciate the newsletter with tips and such.

  9. I’ve used other calorie and intermittent fasting apps, and this one is great. It’s private and flexible. I’m not starving and feel like I’m losing weight the right way – slow and steady and sustainably. The food log list is very comprehensive. I love that I can plan my meals for the whole day, so I’m not scrambling wishing for calories at the end of the day.

  10. Steve W dice:

    I used to really like this app, but now it is loaded with video ads. You can barely touch the screen without triggering an ad. If the ads didn’t have audio blaring at me at completely inappropriate times, I wouldn’t have rated the app so low, but having to try to lower my audio to keep from disturbing others and then remember to increase it again to hear the phone ring has ruined this app.

  11. Bill Shaw dice:

    Have been using this app for years now. Recently having more difficulty adding foods via scan (won’t find them) and the new full page LOUD ads are intolerable. Everyone is complaining about these ads and many are leaving, perhaps dev should take a hint that this was a bad move?? I’m not paying money to get rid of ads, especially for an app that is having more and more trouble doing what it’s supposed to do.

  12. Tim dice:

    Maybe it’s my phone lag but I prefer to use the scanner but it jumps up my screen as the keyboard pops up. A shortcut/widget to get to scanner would be super. Right now it’s 3-4 taps minimum. Personally I’d like to be able to rate foods/brands & find that rating later. I’m pretty picky about my string cheese but don’t buy it often. I then forget which I really like or where I got it. I suppose I should just start a Note on foods.

  13. This is a real app, with a real team that sends real messages of support when you contact them – impressive! I reported an issue with trying to edit then save nutritional values – I received a reply that the tech team was working to resolve the issue… and the following day (today), it was fixed! I’m so excited to get back to using this app the way I want to. I was so pleased with the app, and its features, that I bought into the lifetime option. Thanks to Frank and Nick for fixing the glitch!

  14. Great app for tracking nutrition information. Also, support has been great. I reported a bug through their support center. Ryan emailed me the same day. Two days later, he let me know their engineers, Frank and Nick, had fixed the issue, and an update was ready. I checked, and it was back working properly. Great work, guys!

  15. Decent app but doesn’t do it for me. Don’t like the interface. Servings are not as easy to input as other apps. Often the package will have multiple units (tbsp, grams, pieces), but the app only has one with no automatic conversion. I often weigh my food but can’t input using grams, I have to look up the ratio to tablespoons on the product and then use my calculator before inputting. I’ve been using this a day and I’m already annoyed enough to be looking for better options.

  16. Neal Kite dice:

    Switching from MyFitnessPal, I have been very impressed with the robust database this application has. I was doing a side-by-side comparison to Chronometer and this app has the better database. I have yet to find a barcode I could not scan for the calorie information. Most of the restaurants I frequent this app is able to pull the menu items and the calorie information. It connects perfectly to my Garmin Fenix 6. I’m using the premium version and it’s well worth a $20 a year.

  17. Lose it! is easy to use, and has all the features I am looking for. The food logging is great – for instance logging yesterday’s breakfast with one click is genius. The exercise and progress features are great, plus tracking categories like protein and fiber. I am meeting my goals with very little time investment. It’s just right for what I need.

  18. bill Egan dice:

    I have used the paid version for almost 3 years. No experience with the free version. It is fantastic for recording food intake, particularly after developing some history since you can easily select food or whole meals you regularly consume. The app is updated regularly. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that changes suddenly appear and you have to figure out how to use the changed features. Right now the history features have changed and are less useful than when I first started with the app.

  19. I’ve used the free version on & off since 2014. Last year, I upgraded to the paid version. Everything was great, all options unlocked, no ads. A breeze to use. Since last week when my annual membership expired, at random moments I’ve been getting full-screen ads (which you are held hostage to view in their entirety). I found an option where I can pay $9 to rid my app of all ads, for life. But for a $9 ransom, you can use the app normally. How about using banner ads??????

  20. Dasaru dice:

    The ads were annoying before since after they loaded in, the UI would shift around making it difficult to click on things. But that was at least bearable. Now they added fullscreen ads that can’t be closed unless you close the app itself. Who thought that was a good idea? Good luck if you want to input multiple food entries at one time. There’s a fullscreen ad that pops up after each entry. Used to be a 5 star app before (even with the ads) but now it’s quite unuseable.

  21. I used to love this app and recommend it. In the last 3 weeks the pop up ads have gotten so frequent I can’t stand it anymore. On top of that, the ads have become videos that you CANNOT stop and close. That was it for me. I understand the ad supported model, but it’s now crossed the line to be so annoying I am moving to a competitor. Edit – the auto-bot reply was how to pay to stop the ads. It’s clear they do not value the customer experience unless you pay. Too bad.

  22. If you set a goal and follow it, you will lose weight! UPDATE: Recently the app has started forcing you to watch adds while you enter your calories. It’s very annoying and the only way around it to to subscribe to an ongoing service or pay $10 one time to remove the adds. I have been using the app for a long time so I will pay the $10 dollars to remove the adds. The free version is a terrible mess now with all the adds, so assume you will need to pay $10 if you really want to use it regularly.

  23. This was my app of choice for about 4 years for counting calories and macros. The changes recently have made it more and more difficult to use the free version. Now you have to watch videos just to add food, or pay a subscription. I will NOT be purchasing the premium version that you try heavily to steer users towards, but I will now be finding another app. Disappointed in the change.

  24. I like it and use it daily. There is one issue that has not been resolved. The Google Fit Steps import is always off, then when you try and override it by typing it in, it reverts back. Which is annoying and troughs off your data. If you reenter it several times, then you can get it to accept something but not always. This really needs to sync correctly. I’ve cleared cache and data reloaded etc, still same issue. It needs to sync correctly when you open it. Frustrating….

  25. This once was a great app. It has a lot of features, but now the free version is getting more and more ad heavy. The database is now so cluttered with inaccurate data that every time I scan a food I have to double check against the product nutrition label, and often make corrections. I am searching for an alternative app.

  26. Used this app for a couple years now, no issues. Recent update started the full screen ads every time I log a meal and while I’ve tried just ignoring it, I’ve found it too much to bear. Unless that is removed, I’m sad to see my streak and progress gone, because I’m not able to use something that stresses me out so much like this.

  27. There is now music playing. I assume it’s an ad I cannot see on one of the pages. This music continues to play outside of the pp until it is forse closed. This may be it for me. I should be able to choose if something plays with audio or not. This an assault to my senses every single time. I submitted this issue to them through the app also.

  28. gvfb60 dice:

    Have the paid version, every time I scan a barcode, the app freezes. I have to force close it and restart. I only can find and enter foods if I manually search for them. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but still it does this. Kinda bs that this happens when it is a primary feature of the app. If it gets fixed/resolved, I’ll change my rating.

  29. I use the free version, it has everything I need. Weight and calorie logging. Premium has nice features I just don’t need them. Everybody is complaining about full screen ads, I don’t care. I use the free version so an ad every now and then is fine with me. I usually only get one while I log my food and weight which is fine by me. A great app if you just need to count calories. Also if you want to avoid ads just put your phone on airplane mode and log that way.

  30. Lindsey B dice:

    I’m loving this app so far! The database has been great and the user interface feels so much cleaner than other calorie counting apps I’ve tried. I also love how I’m able to easily change the unit of measurement (ounces, grams) to whatever I need and the program does all the conversions. It makes it so much easier to track and stay motivated. The app also seamlessly syncs my exercise data from Strava and adds my exercise calories. Highly recommend this app! 🙂

  31. To many ads. With the recent update, an ad plays after every time you log anything. They decided to add this “feature”, rather than fix any of the bugs (recipe sharing doesn’t work half the time, sometimes typing the first number of a quantity is ignored, etc.) or adding features people have asked for (samsung health integration). I might be looking for an alternative app soon.

  32. I’m obsessed with this app! I used myfitnesspal (and was a premium member) for YEARS until they changed the app and made it less user-friendly, causing me to hunt for something better. I downloaded Lose It and within a few days upgraded to premium (which is cheaper than mfp, too!) This app is so easy to use, and I love the layout and how visual it is. The pictures beside each food influence me to make better nutritional choices (rather than just focusing on calories.) I love love love this.

  33. Was super happy with this app. Was fine with having ads on the page itself. I’m now extremely unsatisfied with having an entire page of an ad pop up, not allowing me to do anything and having to wait to get of it to be able to continue. Some ads are inappropriate!! I hope this is fixed or I’m moving to a different app.

  34. New ads are awful, but the one time fee to remove them is ok. Ive used this app on and off for years, so I don’t mind a fixed purchase. Its well worth that. I was under the impression I’d have to subscribe to their premium version to get rid of the ads, which meant I was going to go elsewhere. Fortunately that’s not the case. I got my app back the way I liked it, and I could show a little support for the folks who keep it running.

  35. Leh Merc dice:

    App itself is fine. I use it daily and would have given it 5 stars for being easy to use and having a simple to read UI. I give it 2 because after one of the latest updates, it went from small ads that you could avoid to fill screen unskippable ads. It’s clearly predatory. It’s not enough that the pay version has tons of features, now they are trying to force it will massive ad vids. My advice is just close the whole app if an ad starts. Otherwise, use something else.

  36. As someone who used MyFitnessPal a ton before the barcode scan change, I was hesitant that I’d be able to find another app that I liked as well….but it turns out that Lose It! is better for me than MFP ever was! I love the features and I LOVE that the barcode scanner is FREE. I ended up upgrading to premium because I liked it so well and wanted some of the more custom features. Worth it!

  37. Ryan dice:

    -For a couple years now I’d rate this 5 STARS, one of the most reliable and nicely set up apps, I love how it looks and functions. BUT that changes now, because in the last few months they’ve taken a sharp greedy downturn and thrown the users under the bus; first it started with pushing pop ups rarely to sign up for their premium. Used to be just an unobtrusive small banner ads at bottom. But NOW, sadly, when you finish logging a meal most times and don’t have prem, a FULL SCREEN ad, unskippable

  38. This app is excellent for tracking what you eat daily, especially if you have BED like me. I used to believe “I wasn’t eating much” throughout the day at 250 lbs and counting 6 years ago. Tracking everything down to the ounce truly helped putting things in perspective! Now at 170 lbs, everything is in line and just habit. But! Now the app is ruined with huge unskippable pop-up ads. I get needing to make money, but really!? I don’t want to use another app, but I’m contemplating it.

  39. Just started using this tracker app and committed to a year of the premium version. Thought the price was worth it for a year. App feels a little cluttered doesn’t have that intuitive feel. Biggest complaint is that it doesn’t stnc with my Samsung watch for gathering data. Would definitely increase rating if it would sync with my Samsung watch.

  40. JB dice:

    Amazing app that has helped me lose weight and maintain it, but as of late I noticed ads started getting bigger, more obtrusive. I could ignore them. However, now I’m getting ads after every meal log and it’s way too ridiculous to ignore. That will not make me want to pay for your premium services, only to delete the app despite using It for years.

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