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Easy to follow guided meditations for mindfulness, sleep and relaxation!
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Serenity: Guided Meditations & Mindfulness allows you to learn a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques to bring a sense of peace, calm and happiness to your life.

Learn the basics with the free, easy to follow 7 day audio course. Gain the skills required to make mindful meditation a part of the rest of your life.

Foundations: Expand your skills and learn about mindfulness, self awareness, values and goals

Sleep guides: A selection of guided mediations designed to guide you to sleep using relaxation techniques, peaceful music and tranquil sounds

Stress relief: soothe anxiety with relaxation and mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and body

Quick meditations: short sessions to practice your skills or provide a sense of serenity and calm from the stresses of your day

Daily meditations – Different meditations each day to help maintain regular practice

Plus more being added to the app all the time

Other features:

No sign up/log in required – start meditating straight away

Ideal for beginners with over 2 hrs of free audio.

No subscriptions necessary – extra content is available either through one time permanent purchases or unlock everything with a subscription

Easy to follow – serenity is ideal for beginners and more experienced mindful meditators alike

Silent mind – learn a technique to quieten the mind of thoughts

Meditation and mindfulness skills – Learn to separate thoughts from feelings to improve your emotional well being

Gratitude – Change your perspective on life by understanding gratitude and gain a new appreciation of the world around you


Set up daily reminders to stay on track

Stay motivated by completing challenges and unlocking more free sessions as you progress

Monitor your progress with stats and graphsSee if mindful meditation can improve your life – install now!


Serenity: Guided Meditation 3.11.1 - Easy to follow guided meditations for mindfulness, sleep and relaxation!

New meditations in Italian and French


40 comentarios en "Serenity: Guided Meditation MOD 2022"

  1. Update: After paying to unlock everything, it becomes very apparent that nearly every meditation is identical. This is extremely disappointing as I was hoping for more. The meditations are still helpful. I really needed this! This app is exactly what I was looking for and the meditations are so calming and easy to follow. I look forward to more growth and calm going through these lessons. I tried several other apps and none of them were as affective as Serenity. The voice is so soothing.

  2. Each session takes you on a little journey, with peace of mind being the destination. However, it’s not just the mind that feels refreshed, as you’ll experience a relaxation of the entire body. As the world seemingly cultivates new levels of anxiety and depression, this app will aid in increasing healthy perspective, and decreasing negative emotions and mindsets.

  3. Test Test dice:

    Wow. First app I’ve come across that isn’t money grubbing. There’s plenty of free content. They have a program to give discounted rates to those who need it. You only have to complete the basic free course and apply. This shows whether or not you are realistically likely to continue using the app and it shows it is doing something right. I’m all for supporting people and companies who do the right thing. I didn’t see any ads either. Great quality audio and meditations. Worth every penny.

  4. I rarely leave reviews on apps, but I had to for this one in particular. Great free experience and I plan on buying premium or some of the other services once I have established a daily routine; however, I definitely would say the price is over the top expensive for individual packs. Otherwise, the best free meditation app I’ve seen.

  5. I’ve been trying out different meditation apps for years, but this one really clicked for me. I love that there are different sessions each day that allow me to work on small daily goals that amount to a larger one. I’m finally learning to incorporate mindfulness in to my life! The price was another consideration when trying this app, I started with the free content to see if it was worth it and subscribed weeks later. It’s pretty accessible, especially considering all the content available.

  6. Wonderful! Been looking for an app where the voice is not annoying! Hundreds of sessions for different purposes. The sleep session puts me right out. I have only been doing for 2 weeks and have made progress. After the first 7 sessions you have to upgrade. 20.00 for 6 months, well worth it. No adds so far.

  7. I’ve been meditating for over 25 years. I was looking for a basic guided meditation app I can share with someone new to meditating. I did the level 1 pack myself and thought it was a perfect introduction! Now I am exploring the rest of the app and really love the variety. I highly recommend you try this app whether you’re new to meditation, coming back, or looking for an addition to your current routine.

  8. While I’ve only been using Serenity for a short while. I’m not new to meditation. I really enjoy the app for it’s varied topics and levels. Sometimes we need to start over or revisit the basics in our practice and then go back to a more advanced practice. I also enjoy that there are sleep meditations available in the same app as other topics.

  9. Despite the repititive meditations, the single voice and cheesy background music… I was digging and getting use out of this little app for the first week. Then access to the meditation course was blocked for a week. I’m assuming that’s to encourage you to upgrade/pay. Sure there are a few “mini meditations” or “daily meditations” but very limited. I’m uninstalling. Paying for the upgrade isn’t worth it, there are plenty of free, more expansive offerings.

  10. I’ve never done meditation before but this app with its short sessions makes it easy and valuable. The meditations I’ve done are less than 10 minutes and cover a range of topics such as self confidence, procrastination, and weight-loss. I feel I’m much more relaxed and focused since I started using this app

  11. L A dice:

    It’s a second meditation app I have used. I’m only 4 or 5 sessions in, but I like it so far. Enough to do a few sessions at once. The previous app gave let me choose from a few voices & background sounds which I found very useful. This one doesn’t (maybe in the future sessions), but I find the voice & background music very pleasant so it’s not a problem. Consistency has been my Achilles heel when it comes to meditation, hopefully this app will help me maintain it.

  12. Wonderful! I’ve finally found a meditation practice that works for me. I love how the sessions are arranged and oriented, & the voice instruction & music are so soothing. There’s a meditation for everything, & the more frequently I practice, the better I feel. The best therapy I’ve found at a price I can afford. I recommend Serenity to anyone who wants to try meditation but, like me, needs a little guidance.

  13. Overall, I find this app very pleasant. Lots of options for specific meditations, and the lessons are simple and effective at gradually building on ideas. Of course, there is a payment incentive. After Level 1, there’s a delay between new lessons unlocking. 7 days between lessons in Level 2. 9 days in Level 3. Etc, etc. This might be a deal-breaker for some. However, they do several payment options. Plus, they don’t use a limited “free trail” to hook people in, which is a bonus in my book.

  14. Edited: it asked for a 5 star review with the implication it would unlock more sessions. It did not, so I’ve edited it now that I realize how expensive (and not “free”) this app is. Only the first few are available for free. It is a good app for absolute beginners learning to meditate. It does it in small, manageable and attainable increments. It offers reminders and positive encouragement to keep you focused. It does get repetitive after a bit.

  15. Meditation is ridiculously difficult without guidance. This app provides the guidance needed to start meditating on your own. It is organized into levels to slowly increase your ability to reap the benefits of meditation. While there aren’t many options in the free version, the levels are plenty to work with. There are also mini daily meditations that are free and are fantastic for a busy day. I highly recommend this app. Once I complete all the levels, I may consider paying for premium.

  16. this app is perfect for beginners arms as a refresher for more experienced. As you progress through the levels, they add more layers of consciousness, wareness, techniques, and practice’s. The background music is absolutely perfect, and the voice is very soothing, easy to listen to, and not ever drummer ring like I have heard on some. I loved this app!

  17. It’s very gently guided. A lot of positivity encouraged. While I like that several techniques are covered in 7 days, I also dislike that it sometimes makes me feel jumbled. I’m wondering if the music volume were a bit quieter it wouldn’t be as overwhelming between it, the guides voice, and my brain trying to “do less”. During some sessions I feel like such a failure because I have a hard time switching between the techniques in a single session but at the same time I always finish feeling proud

  18. Great for beginners. Though I’m not new to meditative techniques, I find this app to be an excellent guide for maximizing an experience. Really wish I had this available to me when I first started meditating! I’m really enjoying it & definitely recommend for people that need guidance- I just wish there was a little less of it. The voice interrupts concentration quite a bit. Needs to give more time between directives because it’s too distracting.

  19. I downloaded this app (and a few others) after my therapist recommended I try meditation. Iove that it’s structured, and easy to navigate. Other apps it’s hard to distinguish what is free content and what is paid, and they are too expensive for a beginner I think. This one (so far) also has a good balance between words and stretches of silence. Definitely would recommend this for beginners like myself!

  20. Its a great app, a little disappointing that level 2 and above unlocks 6 days at a time I spent $20 for 6 months of full access and no ads. I would do it again, the content is worth it. Adding this bit since I bought a new phone, nothing transferred so I have to start over from 0. It needs to be more clear that purchasing a subscription with an email is NOT the same as having an account with Serenity. It’s still great content.

  21. Meg K dice:

    I really like this app a lot! I am not new to mindfulness meditation, but I’m finding it very helpful having a guide and a set program. All the little extras are nice too – I start my day on a mini meditation, and find it helps the work day a lot. The female voice is really calming and friendly-sounding, the background music is unobtrusive and can be shut off if you need it, and the app itself is really easy to use.

  22. Alina S. dice:

    This is my favorite mediation app. It’s very calming and there are plenty of free mediations (more than alot of other apps). I prefer this over headspace. The speakers voice is very calming and nice to listen to. I started as a beginner meditator around a year and a half ago it has helped me with my mental health conditions so much! specifically anxiety disorder.

  23. Its pretty good so far. I’ve never done meditation before so i thought I’d try it to increase my patience & ability to focus. I like the music & the tone & cadence of the lady’s voice. Would be cool to hear a male option, though. Needs night mode!! The bright white screen at night is quite jarring. I have to put the phone face down. Even though I only have one Sleep meditation unlocked, after the first night, every time I start the recording I’m out after about 3-5 minutes. That’s been lovely.

  24. Ive only completed level one but this has been a wonderful experience. I never thought I could sit still long enough to do it. Im always on the go but these are short enough, the voice is relaxing and I love the simplicity in the explanations. Ive already shared with my fiancé and plan on sharing with my family and friends too! Excellent app. I also like how you can go back and replay past meditations. Some apps dont allow you to do that so its a big plus for me!

  25. This app has helped me stay calm and reduce my stress so much during this quarantine! It’s been hard to keep my 2 little kids focused on learning and staying quiet while my husband is working from home. I love that it’s just 10 minutes! It has been a great way to start the day and/or listen to when I feel myself becoming frustrated. I would definitely recommend to people new at meditation (the basics course has been very helpful).

  26. I have been using this app for the last few days. I found it after trying many applications and this one has been exactly what I needed; consecutive and related sessions, relaxing and appropriate guiding voice, beautiful and helpful interface, and a large variety of topics. Seemingly I’m eventually going to purchase the premium version since the price is affordable as well.

  27. It does cost money to open up all of the meditations. Though you can get a good experience free as several meditations open up after a timer, but this is slow. Though I really don’t mind being a free user as long as mediations eventually open up. It allows me to practice the basics until I have a very firm understanding of them, and am ready for the next level. 10 minutes a day is not long and it helps build focus, organization of thoughts, improve mood, and improves patience.

  28. Dan N dice:

    It’s a very straightforward app. I like the design of it. It’s clear cut and basic but helpful. The price is affordable. The only downside is the meditations are short, only 10 minutes and 20 minutes. There are no specific meditations like body scan or vipassana. Just a step by step guide on how to meditate using different techniques. I like it because I’m a beginner and really didn’t want to jump into random style meditations. This app basically holds your hand as you go step by step learning.

  29. I’ve been using guided meditation for a year now with another app. I’ve searched for different apps but they always either charge too much or are no good. I just found this app and now on level two. I enjoy it because it teaches you in levels. Price is only $20 for 6 months plus you get a free trial. Really enjoying the app and highly recommend.

  30. Thank you! Lovely music. Great app that gets you on the road to a daily meditation practice. Happy to have found it, & grateful to those who made it. I do wish the voice used was even more soothing and slow (hypnotic), but it IS a pretty voice/accent, nonetheless. The body scan feels a bit incomplete. If I could suggest one tweak, from the perspective of only the 1st module, it would be to give time to each body part – i.e eyes/mouth/jaw instead of “face” – & don’t forget the abdominal area. 🙂

  31. Kathy Roy dice:

    Meditation was something I’ve wanted to try for years. However, when looking for an app, I found that other programs just didn’t fit what I needed; too complex, too involved, or requiring a subscription that I can “cancel anytime”. This app is simple and straightforward. I was able to download the app, select play and start immediately. In addition, the voice is lovely and soothing so it was easy to fall into a wonderful, daily routine. I would recommend to anyone wanting to meditate!

  32. I’m three weeks into a new meditation practice with this app. I paid for the three month access. The price is pretty reasonable. Lots of content. Great narrator. Great instruction. I’m learning new techniques and staying motivated to continue. So far, it’s all guided meditation, and can get slightly wordy, but that’s a picky thing. I imagine as it progresses there will be more opportunities for silent meditation. As that’s my only complaint, I confidently give it 5 stars.

  33. S Shelton dice:

    I used to meditate daily for as long as an hour but stopped when life changed around me. This program, even though only about ten minutes per day, has jump started me back into that place of daily peace, and unlike before, the guided meditation, the techniques, the voice, the music, have made it seem less like a labor of love than a reward I look forward to at the end of the day. Brilliant program. Lovely voice. Very easy to follow and repeat. I love this app.

  34. Tori K dice:

    I like this Meditation app because I feel this was a very open experience even with the voice of the guided meditations. I use the Basic meditations and extended basic meditations alot. The voice and relaxing sounds work very well together. If there was a down side I’d have to say the once a week unlocking of sessions in level 2 onward. But when it comes out I enjoyed the sessions and find them very useful.

  35. I finished Level 1, the first seven lessons. Very good instruction. I just wish there was a balance volume control option (like two sliders or something) for the speaking & the background music. It’d be nice just to have either/or, or subdue one over the other. But also found out it’s just a hook. The entire app costs $79.95.

  36. Best meditation app! I can actually follow along easily, and am finding myself relaxed more and more. The best part is it’s only 10ish minutes each session so far. So if I’m having a super stressful day, I can easily pause and do a quick session. I’m only at the end of the first week, but love that I can go back to any session. Looking at upgrading to the next sessions because I really find this helpful!

  37. It’s a great app for learning meditation as a beginner and they have more advanced sessions as well. I was just starting to get into meditation classes when the pandemic got worse again so this is my way to keep up my practices and grow without risking my health. O would recommend this in addition to the class even if you are able to go. Wonderfully designed, instructive and still leaves room for your mind to wander.

  38. My first experiment with meditation that’s lasted now for a couple weeks. This app has been very helpful. I tried a different app but came back to this one. I liked the music at first, but turned it off and have adjusted to the quiet. Narrator has a soothing, comforting voice. Time passes surprisingly quickly. I encourage you to try it.

  39. Charles P dice:

    I hardly ever leave reviews but this app is so good i wanted to so others could benenifit. I went from doing meditation every once in a while to doing it every day for many months. It has a wonderful variety of meditations with different times. The most important thing is consistency and this app has really helped with that. Meditation is like lifting weights. Its very hard at first but over time you will see progress and want to stick with it.

  40. App has been great so far. Getting back to meditation after a couple of years. This app (for me) has been a great tool for easing back into the practice. It’s broken up into easy to digest segments that any one person can afford (~10 minutes initially). App is very unobtrusive and guides you through a set of meditations that are based in a 7 day week schedule.

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