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At-home workouts for weight loss: fitness challenge, meal planner & food guide
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Lose weight without stress! FitCoach is a fitness app for those who want to start a new active lifestyle, build healthy habits, lose weight, get fit, tone up, and feel amazing. With our 30-day fitness plans, you can easily change your lifestyle, adjust your diet, and get effective advice on caring for your body. A beginner workout is also available. Accept a fitness challenge, eat healthy, get fit, and lose weight with our fitness app!

The FitCoach app has been developed specifically for people who care about their health and want to slim down and get in shape but don’t have enough time to go to the gym. It’s also for those who want to change their lives and pay more attention to their health. Take the challenge, join our fitness community, and improve your lifestyle.

► Pre-workout routine & stretching exercises
► Progress tracker, so you can easily track your progress
► Yoga studio right in your pocket
► Daily meal planner & eating schedule with calorie counter
► Facelift and anti-aging techniques with face yoga
► Smart and customizable training plans for both men & women
► Visible results with a 30-day fitness challenge
► Guided exercises with a personal coach

Get younger, more toned, and healed skin! Facial muscles can be trained and toned in the same way as any other. With age, the muscles weaken and become flabby, from which wrinkles appear. Facial yoga can relax those muscles, and strengthen and tone the weakened ones. The FitCoach face yoga class will help you reduce face fat, eliminate the signs of aging, and relieve stress. Get a better version of your skin using the 30-day fitness plan designed by a professional yoga instructor.

Effective fat burning workouts for men and women! Choose your target zone – abs, legs, arms, or full body workouts. Then hit ‘select plan’ and you’ll lose belly fat, slim legs, trim your waistline, and get in shape. No equipment or gym is needed, just use your bodyweight to build muscles.

Nutrition is a direct source of energy, and if something is wrong with your diet, then you often lack the strength and desire to do sports. That’s why it is important to pay attention to meal plans. Take control of your meal schedule! Use our healthy recipes and diet recommendations to lose weight, get fit, or even gain weight.

Get in shape in another way! Our yoga classes aim to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. You don’t need equipment, a gym, or a P.T. Our workout routines are suitable for all fitness levels. Lose weight, sculpt your body, and increase your range of motion.

Walking is one of the ways to burn calories, get fit, and lose weight. Set your daily step goals and use our pedometer to strengthen or supplement your weight loss process. A step tracker & calorie counter in one app!


Set your goals: weight loss, muscle gain, or to be more active
Select the zone that you want to work on: belly, legs, arms, back
Enter your personal data such as age, height, weight, fitness level, etc.

Based on your goals and personal data, our smart algorithm will suggest a personalized workout plan – a combination of cardio, strength, recovery, and LISS (walking, running, cycling) exercises that will enable you to maximize your results. The basic plan will be created for 60 days and displayed in your calendar. Each week the workout plan will be updated according to your progress and feedback (were the previous workouts too easy or too difficult for you, for example).
Additionally, you will have access to a library of 1,000+ workouts.


Bug fixing and performance optimization


40 comentarios en "FitCoach: Fitness Coach & Diet 2022"

  1. It’s okay. I like some of the options like HIIT and stretching that come included, but there’s not a lot of freedom to customize: you can’t select what kind of exercise equipment you have at home to have it incorporate different workouts. It seems to be just dumbbells and resistance bands when I have a barbell and a rack. You also can’t log any additional workouts. The meals seem to be only vegetarian and vegan. I know plenty of people in great shape who eat meat. Not going to renew.

  2. Not the best. No health tracker to incorporate additional exercises or walking you do. Very little added weight exercises, that I’ve found. Most annoying, you can’t select to turn OFF the instructions for extremely easy exercises. If you mute it then you can’t hear the timer either. It also randomly does not have the timer sounds for certain exercises.

  3. Due to a recent update I’m canceling my subscription. I am no longer able to view ALL the exercises on a given day, only one at a time is viewable and the workouts start automatically. I liked it before whatever update took place because I could see all the exercises on a list and was able to make a more well informed decision about starting a particular program.

  4. I’m giving it a 3 for now when I saw the ad it looked cool I haven’t worked out yet but I signed up for the best packages and am going to give it a try. it looked amazing at first but as I am looking through my guides I am confused the meal plans don’t seem customizable and I’m not seeing any meat! just eggs. I figured you would be able to put in what you ate and a calorie counter instead of it choseing meals for you and being limited with its ingredients. I need to gain wieght and need meat.

  5. Deceptive. Not at all as advertised. Annoying voiceovers. No cool graphics like in the ads. Not even worth the 3 bucks to look around. Workouts are not customizable, you can’t create your own and once you make the mistake of starting a workout just to see what it’s like it’s marked as completed and you can’t restart it again. What a joke. Also, incredibly expensive after the trial period. Save your money, folks. Not recommended for ANY fitness level.

  6. Not the app shown in the Facebook ads. I signed up because the FB ads showed a really cool looking interface with graphics that targeted specific muscle groups, and then different animated excercises to choose from. That’s nowhere to be seen in the real app. Its not a bad app, it’s still a fitness app, but not the one advertised, and that’s definitely not cool.

  7. Seven N dice:

    I am really confused as the interface is not the same as in the ads.. I was really hoping to see the animated human working out where where it shows which muscles are being used. It doesn’t allow me to select a workout based on a particular muscle.. Otherwise it’s cool that it has real people doing the movements But not what I actually thought I was buying . Also I wish the recipes were less complicated.

  8. First impression is that the app navigation works well. Workouts seem challenging and well structure. Diet plan is difficult. All meals require a lot of prep and a lot of shopping. It should provide a shopping list and let me customize the meals so that it’s not a crazy shopping list and I can make these complex meals in bulk. It needs more customization, and I need less work and kids to have time for the diet plan.

  9. Poor execution – glitchy and not worth the money being charged. Freezes randomly, and doesn’t track what you have done. Odd encouraging voice randomly chimes in during exercise that cannot be muted without muting everything. The same voice does a poor job describing the specific move being performed. Other apps do a better job for a better price. Also, beware – the default when you sign up is auto-pay.

  10. Very expensive, leaves a lot to ask for, namely skipping the meal plan, skipping the fasting plans, mute the voice coach, sort the order of workouts, change the length of workouts to match the time I have. Honestly, I’m looking for another app or I will take the exercises I like here and just do them on my own. The voice is the worst though. Describes the most basic of exercises with excruciating detail for 25 of the 30 seconds, but then others with more complicated move sets get nothing.

  11. The workouts are fine. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and there’s not much variety over time. Also, it should be possible to select the length of workout. My plan randomly threw a session that was longer than an hour when for months they all topped out around 45 min max. I had to skip the last two sets because I just didn’t anticipate needing more than an hour today.

  12. Charles S dice:

    The adds look better than the actual program. After, giving me a price to buy it and trying to use it, I found that they set me at beginner level with exercises that would be considered warm ups rather than a workout. They also try and upsell me various amounts just to get what I should have gotten to begin with. A total waste of money. Even though, I paid for a year, I am uninstalling it.

  13. G C dice:

    I like the concept. There are a couple of features this app could use. First, and most important, it does not integrate with Google Fit. This should be standard for any fitness app, in my view. Second, I would like to see customizability either via an API, plugins, or shortcuts. Something that would allow me to automate this into part of a routine easier. Thanks!

  14. Disappointed. Signed up for the .99 trial. Credit Card was charged .99 and 25.99 same day. Make sure you read the fine print or you will be charged like I was and then 53.99 reoccurring charge monthly after that. Not worth it in my opinion. No way to pause it to learn the proper process before going to the next exercise. I am sure there must be a better app at a better price and up front about their pricing structure. Beware

  15. Like it! Works well for my situation. Like others have said, not a big fan of the latest build. What I would like to see is the ability to see more about how each exercise is properly executed if needed. We had the ability to pause a workout if needed, now we have to advance to the next exercise. Return to that format and I’ll bump up the rating. 😉

  16. Great fitness help the first day I used it. On the second day, it will not advance through the exercises. While certain parts of the app are helpful when they work, the overall experience is frustrating. I have also found it impossible to reach teach support to help with the issue and cancel the service. The payment system feels like it tricks customers into an un-cancelable service.

  17. Used the app for 4 days so far. Really like the fact that the app developed a workout plan for me. Enjoy the work out routines themselves as well. I also like the reminders settings. Menu is not realistic and not easily adjusted. You can not add your own food for calorie tracking. I am using and android phone and could not find any where to track weight. There was also no how to use this app. Not worth the monthly fee, which is why I am only giving it 4 stars. It would be nice to be able to do a free trial before paying for the app. So I will use it for the month, but will be switching to something different.

  18. The app is amazing, and I loved the exercises. My low review is because their payment method is very sketchy. Is very easy to sign up, but be careful, because they enroll you in auto-renewal plans without you knowing. I selected the weekly plan to test it out, and I didn’t notice I would keep paying until I cancel. There is no cancel option on the app, so I tried to search the web to log in their website. I couldn’t find it under Fit Coach. I had to open their Privacy Policy to find the website, which is how you can log in to your account. Super sketchy! I was able to cancel, but I wish they had a better and more transparent billing and cancelling options.

  19. Carrie dice:

    I purchased a month trial, I haven’t used it yet so I can’t speak on that. I have seen all the reviews on canceling the subscription, and it isn’t super easy. What I did find was in the receipt they sent me after paying for the trial. I clicked the link and was able to cancel easily that way. So for those who are having trouble try this. You can manage your subscription plan in the profile settings on the website: go to > login, tap profile pic, account settings, subscriptions

  20. Zohra S dice:

    DO NOT PURCHASE!!! The cancel subscription button doesn’t even work. So even if you take the free trial, they will not cancel and it sends you to a dummy site. They do NOT let you cancel the free trial. AVOID AT ALL (quite literally) COSTS. As an alternative, they offer the following: Nevertheless, as an alternative, we’d like to encourage you by offering you a lifetime access to the app at no additional cost and with no recurring charges. I’m also happy to walk you through the app’s features so that we can discuss how you can benefit from it.

  21. Yes it is misleading. It’s advertised as a free app but it’s not. What originally drew me in was a facebook ad that showed you can choose certain body parts to work out, and it doesn’t have that feature which is why I took a star away. However, if you are willing to pay and are motivated to lose weight like I am, then this is great. There’s a lot of variety in the workouts. Only advice is to add instructions for the workouts because I didn’t know some of them and had to toggle between youtube.

  22. Meal plan? Not really. Limited options and it offers Ranch Dressing as a dinner option. There’s no real nutritional science behind this. Exercises were ok but the videos are not clear enough for a beginner to do properly. It would be very easy to injur yourself by doing things incorrectly. Also, if you pause a workout series and go back you have to start over. It doesn’t save progress at all. Finally, it’s not clear on the subscription and payment. Be very aware before you sign up.

  23. I wish it was compatible with Google Fit and can sync up. I am still new to this app, so still trying it out. But what I like about it so far, is that, after taking a quiz, it creates an exercise program for me so that I don’t have to choose exercises myself, bc I have no expertise and motivation is hard enough. Given that I am a total beginner and couch potato, these exercises are comprehensive, have been tailored to my level, and helps keep me on track. The fasting circle is a cool visual aid

  24. I like the workouts, water intake chart could use some adjustments, I’m not thrilled with the recipes, but overall it’s a good app. One thing about the workouts is that it needs to tell you how to do them or position yourself instead of just showing someone doing it. Talking you through it would be better since you can’t always keep your phone visible while doing the workout.

  25. J R dice:

    I received excellent customer support after experiencing a glitch with the app. They were in constant touch and finally figured everything out to my satisfaction. The app itself is easy to use and adapts to different levels of difficulty allowing you to progress as you desire. Many plans from which to choose. Cardio definitely kicks my butt and makes me realize that I need to exercise more often. I am enjoying this app very much. Highly recommend.

  26. *Update: not a fan of the “significantly updated audio instructions.” I wish it was separate from the sounds to start and stop the exercises. I don’t need to hear instructions continuously. But if I turn them off, I lose the ability to hear when the exercise is over. Also, the coaching talk is RIDICULOUS. So much that I had to stop to update my review. It used to be “Just a little more to go!” Now it’s “You’re the best I’ve seen” or other things they’ve SEEN. It’s an app, they don’t SEE me.

  27. The app itself is womderful. It is the developers deception that I have a problem with. I signed up for a 1-month subscription in order to tryout the software, and it automatically renewed without authorization. The software itself, as far as the workout, meals, and water intake are wonderful for accountability but trying to make sure your money doesn’t go where you didn’t ask it is a hot mess.

  28. 🚨DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY 💰 💸 The face exercises do not open well, and it would be good to choose other food alternatives in case you do not have the ingredients, and a progress statistic, the application is simple, but I think it does lack one or another update, how to add , if you are losing weight and an analysis of the process. I have been using it for 8 days and I like it but some things fail when doing the exercises. I used for 23 days but today doesn’t work I feel disappointed 😓

  29. Cancelling was not difficult at all for me thankfully. Sucks to read all that others went through. Although there is no cancel subscription link, all i did was contact customer service with an email. i said was i was wanting to cancel my subscription I got an email back that my email was received, and its cancelled. I just didn’t have enough time in the free trial to actually get to it. But when I did it looked promising. I do like it, if i wasn’t going to be charged so much i would keep it.

  30. Marissa B dice:

    Won’t even let me log in. Something wrong with the app… I have an account and keep getting charged it when I try to log in, the “login” button never highlights like it’s an incorrect account. Have tried verifying email and getting a new password but still doesn’t work. Money funnel. Don’t buy into it. It doesn’t show up under Google play subscriptions either where you usually go to unsubscribe from any app so it’s difficult to get rid of it.

  31. Seems somewhat deceptive. Nothing anywhere says anything about fees, so you download the app and start configuration, and hit a point where you have to pick which payment plan you want to go with. No chance to try it out. Yes there is a $.99 first month trial, but you should be able to see if it is something you want to use, before you give out a credit card number. If there are fees, tell me that, tell me how much, BEFORE I enter all sorts of information. I do not recommend this app.

  32. I love the simplicity of the app to use. For me, working out without all the background noise and just getting the exercise prompts and the encouraging statements along the way helps me stay focused and push through. I love the range of workouts and love that it’s all put together and chosen for you for each day but you can customize it. It’s excellent that the app let’s you rate your workout to decide if it’s easy hard or perfect and then adjusts to your needs. Well done FitCoach!!

  33. SCAM! I started a free trial and decided it wasn’t for me. Upon attempting to cancel, the app requires you to go through Google Play and go to your subscriptions to cancel. Problem is, when I went to my subscriptions, there is no listing of any apps. It just says “No Subscriptions” so I was charged for a second month and STILL trying to figure out how to cancel!

  34. Workout seems good, but I just couldn’t keep up with them. I just didn’t want to get charged for something I was not going to commit to. This is what I did.. To unsuscribe, just go to their website( not the app) link, and all the info is on the receipt/email they send you when you subscribed. Log in, choose your profile, and unsuscribe.

  35. Sucks for a beginner! I would NOT recommend doing this app if you are just starting out, the exercises are very hard and high paced for someone who hasn’t worked out in awhile. I thought it would be a great start for me based on all the questions asked about lifestyle but I was wrong and unfortunately hasn’t been able to do more than 2 workouts. No option to change the workout to make it more manageable for my body either. They refuse to give me a refund too so overall I’m very disappointed.

  36. An ok app for the cost. Wish there were more options for hone weights and equipment though besides the basic stuff. The meal plans aren’t very good either. There’s no meat in any of the options, not even a high protein and keto diet plans. There is no instruction in the workouts. You just have to follow the video or still images and hope your form is proper and mimic it the best you can. The constant, loud, generic voices “encouraging” you are really annoying and repetitive. Very basic exercises

  37. Used to be 5 stars but the new update requires you to push play to go to the next exercise, and instead of having a set time to complete exercises, you now have them counting reps. I don’t like either change. I screen share to my tv so It’s inconvenient to have to keep coming back to my phone just to move on to the next exercise. Not even worth using anymore. What a waste.

  38. Caikes dice:

    I just did the first workout and I can already tell it’s gonna make a difference somehow. My only problem is that the water tracker won’t work for me, it won’t let me press the buttons. Also I really wish it was connected with Spotify, and that there was a start button on the whole routine so you can do each workout in the order fitcoach suggest. Other than that it’s pretty efficient

  39. This is a great app. It goes based on your fitness level and what you want to accomplish. When I downloaded this 6 weeks ago I wasn’t exercising at all, and this app started me off slow and gradually went up based on what I was doing. After each exercise it asked how I felt and if I marked too hard it wouldn’t give it to me for a few days. Along with the exercise and changing my ways of eating to a healthy one I managed to lose 11 pounds in 5 weeks. I definitely recommend this app.

  40. Pros-Very customizable workout options. Able to adjust intensity and frequency. Can vary schedule and make your own routine. Very user friendly there. Cons- Diet will not give me anything but vegetarian options. Also, nothing to do with the diet options? It gives you meal suggestions but no area to log meals or calories. So kinda pointless there. Can not edit water intake after day of. Can edit time fasting starts, but not what time it ends? Silly. These are simple fixes that would make big diff

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