Seven – 7 Minute Workout MODDED 2022


Quick bodyweight HIIT workouts, just 7 minutes a day!
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Getting fit has never been so easy – or so much fun! Seven workouts are based on scientific studies to give you the maximum benefits of exercise with only 7-minutes a day.

With personalized workout plans, Seven makes sure you get the most from your training. Want to Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong? Just choose a goal and fitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest.

– Work out anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed.
– Create a habit of training with our daily 7-minute workout challenge.
– Compete with friends for extra encouragement and support.
– Sync to your Wear OS device and use Seven at home or the gym.
– Create workouts tailored to your needs and preferences.
– Sweat with our personal trainers the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and more!

– Get faster results with workout plans adapted to your fitness level.
– Access over 200 exercises and workouts to vary your training.
– Receive exclusive support and guidance from our certified personal trainer.

Download Seven and get results in just 7 minutes a day!


Make Connections
New chat lobbies in Live Sessions and Leagues help you stay motivated.

Boost Each Other
Custom reactions now let you boost comments from friends and rivals.


40 comentarios en "Seven – 7 Minute Workout MODDED 2022"

  1. Easy syncing…once. First workout synced easily with Google Fit, then from Fit to myfitnesspal. Perfect! Next day, no syncing. Uninstalled/reinstalled, disconnected/reconnected. Nothing has worked. Hopefully it gets sorted soon, that one experience was great and had me really pumped. It will pull workouts manually added from Fit, but not send any to Fit. Cancelled subscription until it is fixed.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with this app. On one side, the variety of the exercises is great and the effect that it has on you with just (usually) 7 mins a day is noticeable. But on the bad side it has very bad things at the same time: the subscription is insane for what it offers, compared to any other app: $10 a month!! For the same thing over and over? Really? And then, the training is demanding you to practice every day for 7 months on a row, no exceptions, to keep some kind of “progress”. If you miss it 3 days for any real impossibility, let’s say because you have a trip, visits at home, whatever, you completely lose the progress. No matter if you have been doing it 4 months (120 days) every day on a row, without exception. That is really discouraging, the opposite to what the app should do. I thing it is a good thing for starting, but don’t use it without a plan B in your mind.

  3. I really want to love this app, because it’s genuinely convenient and very useful. However, the wear OS component is absolutely useless. You can’t sync it with a phone, which makes no sense to me. Furthermore, I can’t ever get workout intervals to change! I spend more time adjusting the app, and being frustrated by it than I do working out!

  4. First time I’ve done it and it was great. One thing that could be added are words of encouragement. For example during the plank at the halfwy point it can say halfway there, keep going. There could also be a switch for the push ups or crunches session that says (down…up) repeatedly during that part. Those are just some improvements to this already great workout app. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

  5. I found this app about 2 years ago. The workouts are effective and great for busy people. And it syncs with Apple and Google! But what I loved most was all the charts showing my progress towards the goal. I fell off the wagon for a little while and when I came back, an update had removed all of my beautiful charts! Since then, I’ve tried 3 times to pick it back up with little to no success. There is just very little left encouraging me to stick with it.

  6. I’ve used this for over a year now. Haven’t missed a day. The 7 minute workout default helps you maintain if you have a good diet, proper sleep, and if you do it EVERY DAY. The app is nice because it helps you stick to the every day part. Wish they would move away from subscriptions for other workouts, but the free one is all you need. Daily I do two circuits of 50s exercises with 5s rest between. That has kept me in great shape and surprisingly boosted my endurance.

  7. Easy, quick work out. But it can get you going! Clean, intuitive UI. Good social options, but not required in order to get the intended benefit – getting fit. Personally, don’t get social with most of my apps and I have only once gone premium so, I can’t say how those options function. I just use the full body work out and do basic tracking. Been with 7 off and on since 2014 (only because of my own lack of discipline). I liked the app as it was then, but the additions in version 8 are nice!

  8. Andy F dice:

    Great app for me. All it asks for is 8 minutes (7 exercising, 1 rest in total) of your time. As someone who has been struggling to get back in the gym, this app has helped motivate me to do at least something. Great visuals to help the user learn how to do the exercises. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Change isn’t easy, habit forming isn’t easy, but 8 minutes of your day is easy.

  9. I did contact support, BEFORE writing this review. I was using v8.15 and I told them that in my first email. Through several exchanges, they were not helpful, as they didn’t use logic to try solve the problem. BG: Dev claims I’m using a version that’s five years old, but i only bought my tablet last year. The app was current & updating while I tested it out. A prior issue didn’t retain my personal data. That was fixed, but it then started auto-correcting my weight when I tried to change it.

  10. Amy Young dice:

    This 3-dimensional “workout buddy” is perfect for showing correct positioning. The “Announcer “is very helpful in keeping you going. There is a large variety of Exercises/Activities to choose from, at which the app user can choose their own level of challenge at a pace that’s best for their individual abilities, as they grow in strength, and stamina.

  11. Great app limited by outrageous price. Let me start by saying I really like this app. I use the free full body workout and check the daily free workout often. The app works great and is well designed with clear vocal callouts and the vocals can even be customized. However to unlock everything they want $10 a month or $80 a year upfront. That’s insane. Another service wanting a monthly pay out. If you said $30-$50 ONE TIME to unlock everything I’d consider it. I don’t see the value as it is

  12. Two workouts in and I’m loving the quick, high-intensity exercises. At the end it asks how the workout felt with only three options: too Easy, Good, or too Hard. My only complaint is that these are not enough options to adequately gauge where a person is at, for instance the recent workout was a little hard on my legs, but fine on my arms and I’m not too tired, just really sore, and I wish there were a way to give more specific feedback after an exercise.

  13. Not at all what I was looking for. I was looking for a bicycle/walking tracker and Must have gotten detoured. This app appears to only have 12 exercises that they mix & match and tout as specialized workout routines. You cannot add ANY other form of exercise, such as walking or even push-ups. If you want to add limited exercises and track their use throughout the week, then this Might be the app for you.

  14. Great alternative workout app. Since I can’t go to the gym, I’ve starting doing the 7 minute circuits. This app give sever options, plus allows you to create your own custom workouts based upon the exercise they have. Unfortunately, after 7 days everything is locked & wants a membership. Maybe if there was a 1 time unlock fee, but a monthly or yearly membership, don’t think so!

  15. This used to be an excellent app for the scientific 7 minute workout. Today I find that the original free “Full Body” workout had been changed to include different exercises. When I attempted to customize it back to the proper exercises it blocks me at a pay-wall. Please restore the previous full body workout or at least offer the option for either the original or “new” version.

  16. Really impressed with how well designed this is in every respect. The different instructors and enormous variety of workouts available shows a lot of time and attention went into developing an enjoyable workout experience. Not buying the full version as I want to trial a few other apps first, but can see myself coming back to try a year membership and likely considering it a good value if I do.

  17. Its really simple and easy to use. And you can feel the workouts when your done. And you can even pause to look at the work out if youve never done it before by just touching the screen. Which is good bc my cat likes to try and join my workout sessions. You can also pick the days you want to workout. Its all you and your time and the flexability of your schedule.

  18. Tried lots of similar apps and this one is my favorite. I like that it synchs with Google fit and reminds me to work out. One suggestion is to have the option to select a different sound other than the whistle. It kinda freaked out my cat. A ding would be good or maybe just a “begin” from the instructor.

  19. This is ones of the best app out there that I have found. I have added some strength and warm ups movements before and after the workout and It has toneup me, when I keep it going. I will be 64 at the end of the year and think that this is a great app for anybody that would like to get in shape. I am 65 and still loving this app. I have change table and think I lost my time but will continue to do at less 4 times a week.

  20. Great app! I have been using it everyday since I got it 2 months ago and it has been helpful especially now during lockdown while all the gyms are closed. I usually just increase the number of circuits if I want to work up more of a sweat and get more out of it. I passed through the trial period and now I have the free daily workout as well as the Full Body workout which is usually good enough for me personally. Thanks for the app!

  21. I love it! The interface is simple and clean and we can rate the workout to give feedback as to how easy or difficult it was to customize it our needs. I also love the touch of different narraters having different personalities. It’s fun! I’ve been trying to get the ball rolling on working out every day for a while now and I think this will help! I think one workout with Seven in the morning is enough to get energized to get the say started! Kudos to everybody on the Seven team!

  22. Anna E dice:

    7mins app claim that this app syncs with Google fit but IT Doesn’t! After the update it doesn’t sync with Google fit anymore. Ive been using this app for years now and it didn’t happen before but now it doesn’t, this is disappointing and frustrating. All my apps sync with Google fit except this 7min app. And it’s also happening in other devices. Already emailed support but they didn’t help.

  23. Too complicated. Edit once you know how to start it’s cool. And once you took the premium feature you get way more exercises, more variety, more fun. You get to know better where your range and muscular limits are. Since COVID I am using this when working from home. I don’t have now any excuse anymore to avoid doing some sport. 🙂

  24. Its nice, but it takes so long to download workouts. Even resulting in failed downloads some often. So long download time isnt a big deal, but the failed download. 😒

  25. Used to be free, I even bought voice packs to support developers. After not using it for a while I reinstalled it to find out that all plans & workout challenges are subscription only. No thank you!

  26. From 5 stars to one It’s not related to the app itself, but I’ve a subscription, it gives me up to 5 invites to my friends for one month full access to all workouts, I’ve sent tow already, but they didn’t get the guest pass, i mailed the support, but no response 🙁

  27. Can’t make the payment, so can’t see the app… just going round in circles, ended up with an error code from the server. Moved on, and got something else from elsewhere…

  28. It’s much more efficient and high-quality than other exercising apps and I really recommend this to people looking to lose weight.

  29. Been using it constantly for like a year now. Working out for strength and I see steady gains without lifting or working out 30-40 mins. Anyone can fit 10 mins of working out into their day. Even if you’re tired, you can crawl through that workout if you want to. In any case the strength plan with sometimes adding the strength challenge has got me gain 16kgs of weight, mostly muscle. I feel good with my body now. The subscription is cheap and definitely worth it.

  30. Joshii dice:

    Completed my first week lose weight workout and then boom second week is lock i need credit card…..shake my head am isn’t all that bad stills but I would like too complete my second week of my lose weight workouts hopefully you guys would give us 2 weeks free losing weight workouts in the next update

  31. I love your app but for some reason the voice coach on Galaxy Watch4 recently started lagging. I use tilt to wake and when the screen is off, it’s missing some voice messages. Sometimes I’m doing an exercise for 40-50 seconds and after turning on screen I get all of the missed voice messages at once and workout finally changes exercise to the next one. Please look into this issue.

  32. I really love this app and had previously given it 5 stars. I’m updating as a means to get some help with the bugged Fit sync. It used to work amazing but no more; only manually input workouts get synced to Fit anymore, none of my actual 7 minute ones carry over to that. Any suggestions?

  33. Lily Lee dice:

    This app is wonderful. It’s for free and it only takes 7 minutes but for beginners it’s very good and effective.

  34. 20 July 2021, great app. this has actual seven minute workouts. other apps might have the word seven in them but the workouts are longer. there are days that seven minutes is the time I have. there are definitely differences in my physique since doing this for many months now despite skipping a day here and there and only doing a double once in a blue moon. 6 mar 2022, still at it and now doing two. Nearly in the best shape of my life.

  35. Feels like a great, modern workout experience.

  36. Please support sync with samsung health app and google fit app and show calories and heart rate on wear os app

  37. The app is good, but it’s become annoying how often they change the layout and position of the buttons. Also, it would be nice if it could sync up with the Garmin app so that I don’t lose a heart if I decide to go for a run one day instead of doing a HIIT workout. I know I can manually add other activities, but I often forget to, and the run is recorded in the Garmin app anyway so it ought to be possible to sync them across. Thank you developers for such a quick and helpful reply to my review – that’s worth an additional star in my books (up to 4 from 3)

  38. I love the app to be honest and have used it on iPhone on and off for the last year or so. The only reason I’m giving a 3 star today is because I think automatically putting people on the highest plan after the subscription ends is sneaky. The monthly payment I wouldn’t have noticed. But when you work in a trade Times get busy and I forgot it was coming out till it took 100 out of my account right when I needed it. Maybe offer a second confirmation before charging for a whole year. Some people don’t want to pay such a large amount. Or at least an option to refund if they forgot to change the subscription level before the trial period ended.

  39. A great app with an easy, user-friendly interface and clear guidance/direction for fitness training and routines for full body or specific areas, and even stretching and aerobics for lighter workouts. The flexibility of training routines available is useful for beginners to set their own pace. I am enjoying the trial very much but do not think I will be taking out a subscription due to the cost. However, if I could afford the subscription, this would be my first choice. I would highly recommend.

  40. They did the gamification part well – gettting the achievements, unlocking the instructors, is tremendous fun. Now for the problems: the workouts depart from the 7-minute workout formula (full-body HIT with no muscle group exercised twice in a row) and become boring, repetitive. 20 pushup variations in a row is dull, and greatly increases injury risk! Difficulty controls are too coarse: the leg workouts were way too easy for me, chest ones too hard, but I can’t adjust difficulty independently.

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