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Whether you hike, bike, run, or walk, AllTrails is your companion and guide to the outdoors. Find detailed reviews and inspiration from a community of trail-goers like you. We’ll help you plan, live, and share your outdoor adventures.

AllTrails offers more than a running app or fitness activity tracker. It’s built on the idea that the outside isn’t a place to seek, but rather a part of us all. Custom route planning helps you search for dog-friendly, kid-friendly, stroller-friendly, or wheelchair-friendly trails, and more.

◆ Discover trails: Search over 400,000 trails around the world by location, interest, skill level, and more.
◆ Plan your next adventure: Get in-depth trail info, from reviews to conditions to GPS driving directions — and save your favorite trails for later.
◆ Stay on course: Stick to your planned route or chart your own course with confidence when you navigate on the trail.
◆ Grow your community: Celebrate outdoor adventures and find inspiration by connecting with trail-goers like you.
◆ Share your outdoor adventures: Easily post trails and activities on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Discover trails that fit your nature. Trails for workout planners, hikers, walkers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and casual cyclists. Whether you’re pushing your limits or pushing a stroller, there’s something out there for everyone. Let AllTrails help you find it.

► Do more outdoors with AllTrails+ ►
Spend less time figuring out where you want to be, and more time enjoying where you are. With offline maps, wrong-turn alerts, and extra safety and planning features, your annual subscription gives you more tools for more adventures.

◆ Search by distance from you to find the closest trails.
◆ Stay informed with live route planner details like air quality, pollen, and light pollution.
◆ Unplug completely or pack a backup with printed maps.
◆ Download offline maps ahead of time and track your GPS location, even with no cell service.
◆ Keep loved ones in the loop with Lifeline.
◆ Prepare for the hills ahead: Follow topo maps and trail maps in 3D.
◆ Focus on the view, not the map, with wrong-turn alerts.
◆ Get satellite weather with real-time map details.
◆ Record your activity with stats and photos of your favorite hiking trails.
◆ Stay on track: automatically export your records to the Apple Health app.
◆ Give back: AllTrails donates a portion of every subscription to 1% for the Planet.
◆ Explore ad-free: Remove occasional ads by subscribing

Whether you’re geocaching in a national park, browsing bucket-list mountain bike routes, or planning a trail run to clear your head, AllTrails+ makes the great outdoors even greater.


Thanks for using AllTrails! This update includes:

We’re heading into 2023 with a fresh look!
For all you design heads out there, check out our updated logo, fonts, colors, and illustrations.

AllTrails Pro is now AllTrails+
If you were already an AllTrails Pro subscriber, everything is right where you left it. We’ll have more features coming very soon, but we’re starting with new name and a fresh look.


40 comentarios en "AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run FULL"

  1. Modest value, some ‘interesting’ ui choices. It provides a little extra info on trails over something like Google maps to be worth money, but probably not enough that I would pay for it myself. I got a 1-year sub as a gift. If it gave more real-time trail updates and conditions, or better integration with personal experiences maybe it’d be worth. On UI: When someone clicks review, it should be in a new page. Not a pop-up that if you accidentally swipe down closes the review and erases it.

  2. wade ross dice:

    Requiring a review each and every time I finish a route is a but much.. Also, the app could be improved by adding the ability to edit hikes within the app itself. I’d also like to see a shortcut to begin recording. As is, it’s very clumbsy navigating to the menu to begin recording.

  3. JJ dice:

    I like the accuracy (distance & altitude)… it is a bit frustrating as new updates come through and move functionality to different locations within app… the last update removed access to prior years data making it hard to track progress against prior year(s)…. as of 1/22/23 it seems the access to prior years data is back! THANKS FOR RESPONDING TO FEEDBACK!

  4. This was not for me. The architecture is designed around a social-first mentality, too obsessed with having a network of hiking friends. It requires you to review your hike after you finish/stop. If you don’t want to review it, must force-quit the app. There is also no real support for heading down alternate intersecting trails — you can’t see them while on your starting trail. You have to back out, browse for the other trail and then switch over to it, leaving the original trail.

  5. COAR OAS dice:

    It works well, but there is no customer service at all. There is no easy ability to change billing and account info. Once you set it up, your locked in. This is the worst experience I have ever had! Funny, but the app itself (Mapping) is just fine. Everything else is horrible. It also appears they got bought out or purchased. I’m glad I only have a three year subscription. To bad I don’t know, or am able to find out when it expires. All trails needs serious help on this app!

  6. I really hate this app. I used to use the free version and it was pretty good. You picked a trail and it showed you if you were on the trail, how many miles you had gone and how many more miles to go. Then I bought the pro version and half the time I can’t get it to start. Often it shows me off the trail when I’m on and today with a 3 mile hike or showed a distance of 2,000.5 miles. Fix this garbage. I don’t mind having to hit start but having to pause and stop it is just stupid.

  7. I took this app for a walk on an urban loop and distance known to me. The tracking criss-crossed the loop and shorted the distance by two thirds. The same issues I had with the previous version. In another location known to me out in a rural area, but still with good connection with other functions. I’ll give this thing a couple more trips on familiar loops, but I’m not anticipating any improvement. Definitely won’t use it for new terrain. Will be old-school compass, notes, and Google maps.

  8. I mean, it’s okay but most of the work is done by the community. With the free version I’ve been left in the middle nowhere without a map numerous times even when you’ve loaded the map before heading to the trail. It’s great for finding public trails but not much better then Google maps to find the park them search for a trail map. For me, the value isn’t there and after having used the sun to navigate a few times I’m pretty upset any functionally is hidden behind a ransom.

  9. Pretty good app for reviewing trails and looking at an overview of the trail and also for navigation while on a trail. I noticed for my Google Pixel phone that if I lock my phone then unlock it to go back to the app, it always goes back to the main screen and I have to click on Navigate again. But it usually continues from where I left off. One time it did unexpectedly pause the navigation so I had to start it again. The navigation was pretty accurate and useful.

  10. J Mc dice:

    The splits aren’t even close to accurate. It’s impossible to review past activities if you use it more than 2 or 3 times per week. Seems like such an easy fix, too. Just add a simple swipe option to scroll through past activities. Trail difficulty should separate length and technical difficulty. Basic stuff the devs would easily see if they used the app themselves on a regular basis. It appears my hike today disappeared. Can’t tell bc selecting past activities is practically impossible.

  11. Truly an indispensable safety strategy. I have veered off trail countless times and quickly found my way again with this app. I have used it all over the Northeast without discovering any errors. You do have to purchase it if you want to use it in remote areas, small price to pay. A small ding: the rating system could use better consistency, some “moderate” hikes are pretty strenuous.

  12. 1/20/23: The Alltrails website directs me to the play store exclusively, but an “Open App” link would be pretty awesome for some cases, I think. 8/22/19: When I’m exploring in map mode and select a group of trails, is it the only way to get back to displaying all trail markers to hit the “x”? Because this recenters the map to my current location, which isn’t ideal to me. Edit: Thank you, it’s so much better!

  13. Brent dice:

    Keeps pausing mid-hike… Been using app for 3+ years and have had a paying subscription a majority of the time and just this past year it continuously pauses mid hike.. getting frustrated with it. Emailed numerous times, tried their suggestions and it still pauses. Any ideas from anyone I’m all ears. Yes I have opted out of battery optimization mode, I do it before every hike and it still pauses mid hike. Same phone 4 years.

  14. This app is great for finding hikes, checking trail conditions, and sharing your own experiences. That said, it is intensely frustrating to use for navigation. Multiple times I have started a hike and discovered the maps are badly out of date (trails marked in a route are non-existent, trails and access roads that ARE passable aren’t on the map) or inaccurate in other ways (a 15-mile loop being 18+ miles). GPS tracking is much worse here than in other apps, too. Use a backup app for navigation!!

  15. From bad to garbage in under a minute. That’s basically the experience I’m having. The app was working fine then, started to show lots of signs of performance issues, particularly loading and making any changes. Ran the update and then it was 10 times worse. Virtually unusable; no longer shows what has been bookmarked, takes long to generate anyting, and constantly shows placeholders which seem like they’re sapping battery and resources rather than helping me get to what I want to see;Still slow

  16. I am 67 years old and I love to hike and kayak, My hip joints are not what they used to be and AllTrails helps me take a look at the trail elevations and distances. That way I can make good choices so that I can finish and enjoy the hiking and kayaking trails. I am headed to Florida for two weeks in the near future and I have 12 trials in a saved folder. I love that feature!

  17. I love this app because it helps to plan and discover new places outdoors that I never would have known of otherwise. It used to have this really annoying problem where it would record my “location” flying all around the map when I had a moment of low GPS. That was fixed a few months ago where it now just keeps me in place until GPS reconnects. So much better. My only issue now is that it’s hard to tap on activities in the stats view, but that’s just an annoyance that doesn’t affect recordings.

  18. Over the past couple of years I stumbled upon and came to love all trails hiking app. The future I really like is how you can put in a city or town and it will give you all the trails around you. once you find a trail I like how you can map to the trailhead. I also like how if the trailhead doesn’t have a set location it pulls the longitude and latitude and gets you to the trail head start.Traveling and living abroad has been a challenge living in cities, but this app helped me keep active.

  19. This app is a disaster. All Trails will drain your battery, the navigation is not even close to accurate, trail ratings are all over the place and information is not very reliable. Technical issues are plaguing this app the most and it barely even functions on my brand new phone. I canceled my subscription. I want a refund.

  20. Concept-wise this app is killer. People post great trails all over the WORLD, and this app gets you there. From a tech perspective, there are areas that could be improved to enhance user experience, but that’s probably just me being a bit of a snob. Bottom line, if you’re trying to find trails, AllTrails is the app for you.

  21. I love all trails. Has worked great for me in the past , just don’t use battery saver it making the tracking go weird, I recommend just putting it in airplane made. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to click on more than one activity like combining backpacking and camping.

  22. I love the idea but the developers should have either made the app itself cost money and javelin everything right off the bat or make A LOT more stuff available for the free version. The free version is not great and it feels like every time I do anything on the app, it wants me to get the paid version. I’ll change my rating when they figure this out

  23. I love this app; my boyfriend and I pay for All Trails+ and use it frequently. That said, the most recent update took away the ability to see previous years’ stats. I hope they bring this function back, because it was wonderful being able to see our progress over the last 2 years.

  24. Ted H dice:

    Love the app, location in background doesn’t work though even when turned on. Tested on 3 devices. Doesn’t have wear OS app so have to switch to a different app soon. Location never worked correctly even a year ago. All trails doesnt allow you to request location in background as the permission is only “allow only when using app” the location permission isn’t developed properly. I’m an android developer 5 years experience

  25. This app just keeps getting worse and worse. They try to make it better when there’s nothing wrong with it and now it sucks. Navigation doesn’t wanna start even with downloaded maps, everything is more confusing, looking at nearby trails with a map overlay doesn’t even work anymore.

  26. Doesn’t track progress. It’s pretty funny looking at the trail map and seeing that we’ve somehow teleported from point A to point B mysteriously. Despite the fact that the program was running in the foreground all the time, and it’s been assigned permissions for location services in the background. Also, it won’t let you end a trail without leaving comments. Obnoxious. Sure it’s nice having the trail maps offline, but All Trails simply doesn’t cut it.

  27. Generally a good app, terrible with directions though. Recently, I noticed when pressing the directions button to set my Google maps, it takes me to places that are 30 minutes away from the actual trailhead. Like completely different towns and areas with no trailheads to be found. It didn’t used to be this bad, but 90% of time it does this now.

  28. Alicia dice:

    Been using paid version for over a year and it’s mostly great. My biggest complaint is how often the tracking pauses without me pausing it. I’ve lost so many miles in my stats bc this app randomly pauses. I also wish I could separate activities for Stat tracking. It lumps my hiking miles in with my boating miles and that doesn’t help me track my hiked miles (I set yearly goals). With a couple tweaks this app could be perfect. Even an alert that the app has paused would be helpful.

  29. Never rely on tech when you are out in the backwoods. Always have a paper map on hand. This app has really driven that point home for me. It’s buggy and unreliable at its best, mostly because the primary features rely on data that you typically can’t get in the backcountry. The tracking features are basically useless, the time and mileage tracker constantly pauses on its own. The elevation tracking is wildly off, often reporting hundreds or thousands of feet in elevation gain.

  30. Amy Bell dice:

    I do like AllTrails. However, since they’ve made changes, stopping navigation has become challenging because you have to press the button for a long time. I think I’ve stopped it, and then I find out that I’ve navigated all the way home. Or it pauses midhike. And then there’s the problem with the Lifeline option not being reliable and bring difficult to find. I still pay for it, but it’s getting worse.

  31. I love this app. I’m a pro subscriber, and one of the key pieces of functionality for me is the ability to download maps and view them offline. However, since updating recently I’m not able to see maps I downloaded when I’m offline, even if I delete and redownload them. The blue dot showing my current location also doesn’t show up when I’m offline. This functionality worked perfectly prior to updating. Happy to change my review to 5 stars once this is fixed

  32. I can’t count the number of times this app has taken me to a trailhead nowhere near the one I was actually trying to get to, lost connection even though I’ve paid for premium and downloaded maps for offline use, and pausing during the route which leads to inaccuracies. It’s a good way to look up trails in a certain area but is extremely unreliable for actual route tracking. Disappointing.

  33. Good trail app. Has offline maps and Garmin GPS connection (paid) which is nice if you need it. Trails are fairly accurate, no issues there over the last 2 years. Simple to use with well updated trail info from other hikers. My only suggestion for improvement would be to display the multiple trail options spirally, and without auto zoom like it is using AllTrails on the web. Or at least make it an option for users to do it this way. It’s way easier to use that way. Other than that, great app.

  34. Free alternatives are more reliable. Don’t be fooled by thinking you gain anything in the paid version of this app that you can’t already get from free apps. My primary reason for trying this app was for offline navigation. It’s buggy and failed m on the trail. Thank goodness I had the offline maps also saved from Google maps. The best part is, Google offline maps are free and won’t leave you in the lurch miles into the backcountry. It cost me a few hours and $32 dollars to learn that mistake.

  35. AllTrails is my favorite app! I love being able to not only find new places to hike, but also being able to record & save hikes, as well as adding photos to them. It’s so much fun to have a record of each hike, as well as the associated photos, in addition to all the stats (distance, elevation gain, route taken, etc) Love it!

  36. This has been very useful and gets used multiple times most weeks. Best features are the many maps and how they’re presented for selection, and the navigation feature that shows you where you are and where you’ve come from. Update (sad): For months, the app has crashed at the conclusion of tracked hikess; hikes can no longer be recorded or rated. Tech support has no fix. UPDATE (happy): The above bug has been fixed on my Samsung GS 10. Rating increased from 2 to 5 stars.

  37. What a fantastic app! Every AllTrails map that I’ve used while in the States and Europe has been spot on with accuracy! This app is very helpful when the park’s trail signs are not clear or non-existent. I also get an idea of the level of difficulty, time needed and general foot traffic ahead of time based on reviews. I/you/we have the ability to find any documented trail in the world! All of my friends around the globe that I’ve referred to this app, love it as well! Well done AllTrails!!

  38. Making sort by distance a pro feature makes this app unusable now as a free app. I have been a paid annual subscription holder in the past, but downgraded to the free version because I don’t use it as much these days. Now, if I need to look for a hike near me, my only option is to choose “closest” as my sort. I live in Central NJ and I’m seeing hikes second and third in the list that are in Central Park NYC. That’s a joke. Essentially, they’ve forced everyone to pay the pro price. Not okay.

  39. Signed up for the one-week free trial only to discover that the Distance Away function doesn’t work. No matter what I set the distance to—5 miles, 10, or 40—it just shows me the same trails, beginning with trails that are 200 miles from me! I rebooted the app, then rebooted my phone. Still doesn’t work.

  40. I love this app. Loved it so much I paid for a subscription to have the extra features… Specifically offline maps. The offline experience is absolute garbage. My last few hiking trips i download all the trails I was considering and they never worked …the app still expects an Internet connection to function properly. Will not be subscribing again unless this is fixed.

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