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iFIT is an online fitness coach & workout app which gives you access to thousands of at-home guided workouts led by world-class fitness trainers. Create your personalized workout plan, use our fitness tracker to monitor progress and get fit at home!

We have the widest variety of guided workouts and classes such as: cardio, HIIT, abs, butt, full body, elliptical, treadmill, dumbbell, yoga, running, cycling, and many more! In our video library, you can find special workouts for women and men, strength and bootcamp classes, fitness challenges and different workout plans from 7-minute daily workouts to 30-day workout programs.

Achieve your health and fitness goals and enjoy at home workouts with the iFIT app! Use it with or without your iFIT-enabled equipment for a high-energy gym workout experience.

Download iFIT today for a free 30-day trial and enjoy amazing at home workouts!

Main Features:

At Home Fitness & Guided Workouts: Train at home and get fit with more than 100 personal trainers. We have an activity that fits everyone – cardio and abs workouts, HIIT classes, cycling workouts, treadmill trails, elliptical trainer workouts, yoga classes, running plans, and many more. Track your progress with our activity tracker to see how you perform.

Find a World-Class Personalized Fitness Coach: We’ve hand-selected more than 100 of the best trainers and fitness coaches in the industry, including Olympians, professional athletes, and biomechanics experts. You’ll feel guided, motivated, and challenged—no matter your level of fitness.

Use With or Without Fitness Equipment: You can work out with just the iFIT app and without exercise equipment – simply choose a workout and follow along! If you do own equipment, pair the app to your machine, so your coach can fully auto-adjust your at-home workouts.

Global Workouts: Virtually train and travel all over the world with Global Workouts. From Antarctica to Bora Bora, you’ll burn calories as your trainer coaches you through exercises in stunning locations. Enjoy learning information about each destination’s history and culture from your fitness coach while you sweat it out!

Real Time Stats: Stay on track by easily viewing your metrics online during any exercise with our activity tracker. You can also view your post-workout summary, as well as your entire workout history, to measure your progress over time. Users can also link their iFIT and Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, and Garmin Connect accounts to synchronize activity history.

Hands-Free Personal Training Online: Follow your trainer’s cues as they automatically adjust your machine’s incline, speed, or resistance for you. With this unique type of training, you can spend less time fussing with buttons and knobs and more time focused on your exercises.

Non-equipment users: Download the iFIT app to start your FREE 30-day trial and start working out with iFIT! After your trial, your subscription will auto-renew, based on the membership you choose. These prices reflect your selected billing frequency:

Monthly Individual: $15USD/month*

Yearly Individual: $144USD/year*

Monthly Family: $39USD/month*

Yearly Family: $396USD/year*

*Subject to change based on country.

Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in Google Play after your purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Read our full Terms of Service at https://www.iFIT.com/termsofuse and our Privacy Policy at https://www.iFIT.com/privacypolicy.

iFIT is not affiliated with Peloton at home fitness, Fitbit, FitPro, YFit Pro, or Bowflex.

Get fit with the iFIT workout app – an interactive fitness coach at your fingertips, available anytime and on any of your devices!


We’ve included a number of backend app updates and fixes that will result in a better user experience.


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  1. I tried this for 30 days and liked it enough. I got an email offering 20% off if I signed up for a year but since I originally signed up through Google Play, I only got the option of a monthly subscription. I emailed customer service twice and never heard back. Also the content on the app is arranged terribly. I have saved workouts I want to try, but I cam not find a list of favorites or saved workouts. The filters on the search feature are not helpful either.

  2. Great work out program!!!! The trainers (especially John Peel and Rivs and Ashley) are amazing!!! My only problem with this (and it is a minor one) is that the app can, on a rare occasion, look for Bluetooth connection, even if the app is in an unpaired exercise. Overall, I can’t recommend this app enough!!!! I use it pretty much every day!

  3. I review it in the summer but it is so frustrating that my phone, tv, printer all seem to be able to connect at home but it takes starting and shutting down if it 3 or more times before it boots up the program…it goes black; it continues to not connect . App does not connect many times. It takes half an hour to get it to work. I like the rowing series but this delays my exercise routine. My wifi is strong and Bluetooth connects but then disconnects and the app does not load..very frustrating

  4. Love the workouts, but the app force closes and has issues responding. If i switch from strength training to running it doesn’t keep me in my program and i have to find it when I switch between workout modalities. I also feel you need to expand the music, have the option to listen to what the trainers workout to or listen to music from another app. For the annual cost I expect it to remember what program I’m in and function smoother while switching between the different types of workouts.

  5. This has to be the buggiest fitness app out there. I have a Nordic track bike that runs this and will randomly decide roughly 30 minutes into a workout that it no longer wishes to stream the content and just crashes. I wish I could say I’ve seen improvement but I’ve had it for 2+ years and still have numerous regular issues. It’s a budget option compared to some others in the space but you really get (or don’t get) what you pay for.

  6. I had to get the app to unlock my treadmill. So far, it does not just open right up. It takes a second to register that i tapped on it to open it and then it items to a black screen that freezes my phone for a couple minutes and then I close out of everything and try again and then it’ll open. It’s really annoying, I don’t plan on using it or getting a membership.

  7. I really enjoy riding along with the trainers through some beautiful places. My only issue is that I need to reboot my phone as the app gets stuck. It is also not easy to access a particular ride in a series. If you run into an issue and pause the workout, the app will show your ride is complete and go onto the next ride in the series. It is, therefore, not easy to go to the ride you missed and start it over. Lastly, after I’m finished with my ride, it asks to update my equipment. Not working!

  8. I don’t like the music selection. App won’t let you run other apps so I cant listen to my own music from 1 device. Wish a clip of what the trainer wants you to be doing would show up on the screen (like the motion animated) the scenic rows are nice but sometimes their like legs only but I miss it or I’m unsure cuz they’re rowing on a lake and not doing motion. You have to watch to the end or it won’t count it. That means wait while they play their outro and then listen to them talk.

  9. I was in love with ifit but over the past year they’ve been reducing what they offer continually without making any positive changes. This shows a lack of creativity and commitment to their brand. They lost their uniqueness and left so many of us loyal supporters disappointed. They now call an icon on a screen a “reward”. Seriously? It’s just a tracker which isn’t even accurate, nor does it include each series you complete. Why not help users set & track actual goals or get creative with rewards

  10. This software is horrible. I have fiber internet and had to reduce video quality to reduce how laggy it was (barely helped). Good luck finding a specific workout. I tried searching “Strong Chest”, nothing related came up, went to my past workouts and there it was: “Strong Chest”. You can be riding in a class and the trainer says alright we will push in 3, 2, 1 and 10 seconds earlier your target cadence already went up. Software is out of sync. Support’s emails had slow responses with typos too.

  11. S. D. dice:

    I love the content so far but the app itself sucks. You can mark favorites but you can’t see a list of them. Apparently it only prioritizes the favorites to the top of the library. When you see a challenge and click on it, it starts you off on a random workout in the challenge. It started me on number 18 of a challenge that had 20 workouts. No amount of clicking let me see a list if the workouts in a challenge. It’s also difficult to figure out how to see what you’ve already done.

  12. Workouts are great, app is not. In the middle of my workouts (with Proform 750R) the Bluetooth connection fails. I get a prompt : “Ifit is still trying to connect to Bluetooth” and an end of workout button. I basically end up losing all the stats associated with it and left with nothing. Too bad because the workouts are really nice, but paying for something that doesn’t work it is not. I will not renew the subscription.

  13. Rated this too soon. Originally gave it five stars based on the classes. The clasees and instructors are great. The app is medicore, doesn’t queue up the series your working on, so you have to search for workouts in the series each time. Poor customer support when reporting issues. Hardware is poor quality. At work out 90 started clicking, right handle came loose. Starting to lose blue tooth connection more frequently at which point the app stops working. Good idea, but poorly executed.

  14. Robin V dice:

    Not worth $15 a month, no way. It connects and the way it controls the treadmill is cool, that should be free. Otherwise, this thing is just a terrible unsorted video library that happens to control your treadmill, that’s is. No statistics, user interface is trash, no Casting (seriously?) and it really is clunky to use. Lots of potential, poor execution. Owned treadmill for 4 years and first time connecting, so unimpressed considering cost of treadmill on its own.

  15. I’ve been pushed to update my review, less than one month later. I’ve done the update, and the situation remains the same. I have to Force Stop and open from settings every time I use the app. Even if I was recently in the app, it requires that to work. It’s also frustrating that I can’t use this app on a tablet or laptop. Otherwise, the exercises and trainers are fantastic.

  16. So far it’s been great! Few small glitches in software from time to time than need to be addressed by tech support. Other than that, it’s been really fun and keeps me motivated… Trainers have been great and I just completed Ashley’s Halloween Series earlier tonight and she & the team did an amazing job… Love it so far! Would highly recommend it!

  17. I love the workouts, especially the running ones. I had some trouble with the connectivity so I always use the app in unpaired mode. I watch the videos and operate the machine myself. The workouts and the trainers are excellent. They give me a better workout then I would get on my own.

  18. Horrible experience. About a year into the membership the app stopped working on my norditrack. It started by the app freezing and not being able to play any workouts on bike and now it has doesnt connect to my wifi. When it works its great, when it doesnt, it really doesnt. I have submitted several support tickets to get issue resolved – the first on Jan 7 and radio silence. Today is Jan 26. Cancelled my subscription. I chose my bike over peloton because of the app – really disappointed!

  19. Since I started using this app it has been giving me trouble. It staggers, freezes, it cut one of my workouts short out of nowhere. From the beginning had connection problems. There is no way to rewind/fast forward a video if need. When doing workouts thats in a series, i can never start with the first workout in the series. I’m only using the trail version but I doubt I will purchase the app.

  20. God this app is horrendous. The content is great. But the “error occurred try again” screen is what I get constantly. Gotten to the point where I just write down the name of a workout I want to do because trying to save it anywhere is guaranteed to just give me an error, and then I’ll never find it again. The least user friendly/operable app iv ever used that costs money. Edit later: this app has become basically unusable for me. Very glad Im still in the free trial because it crashes my phone.

  21. I struggle with Bluetooth and wifi so when I’m halfway through my workout and the app falters there’s no way to resume my spot I have to begin the workout all over, when you’re on a time crunch it is frustrating. Love the app and traveling around!! Wish my device could increase sound more hard to hear sometimes…

  22. The fact that you can sign up for a challenge and then have to browse for the chanllenge to complete the activity defeats the purpose of signing up. There isnt a my challenges or workout section to actually track your progress on a challenge. The app has no content structure on the phone nor the nordic equipment. Great concept very poor execution. Will definetely not continue subscription after the free trial.

  23. Recorded workouts are generally good. Majority of the trainers of charismatic and motivating. Production quality is top notch. The app has some issues though. At least for me, the app will disconnect from the machine, the internet, or will just randomly crash during the middle of the workout. When this happens you have to restart the workout video and there is no option to fast-forward so you are forced to sit through the video again or to end your workout early.

  24. The app is slow to respond and extremely buggy. The calendar frequently shows an error and says “try now”. Only way to fix it is to quit the app and re-open. The videos are very choppy on the machine as the tablets are under powered. Sometimes it’s hard to find a specific workout. I expected more from a service that charges $40/mo…

  25. Pretty buggy app. If you run a workout through the app, it will usually say “workout under a minute, not logged” even if you completed a full workout. This becomes extremely frustrating as the browsing for workouts is very difficult, and entirely focused on series. When it won’t log a workout, it won’t advance or show the next workout. This means series are useless on the app, and so finding classes is also frustrating.

  26. The workouts themselves are great. Biggest flaw is the fact that if you stop a workout, you can’t resume it. It is the most infuriating!!! There is a pause option, but only for 10 min, and if you accidentally hit the stop button, or your internet goes out, or you knock the treadmill emergency button off, then your workout is considered “finished” and you can’t resume it. I have a number of friends who also use ifit and we all have done this in one way or another and WE HATE IT!

  27. This app is great… when it works properly. The past two mornings I have tried loading the app to do the workouts that I had put into the schedule and the app hasn’t been cooperating. Even before then, I had issues with the calendar. The app won’t open at all, the app opens with no calendar or browsing abilities, or it has changed my scheduled workouts and mixed them around (easy to tell when your doing a series).

  28. The app works well but only with a subscription. I couldn’t log my manual workout without it. A couple times I lost service when attempting to save my my manual workout. There was no try again and I couldn’t enter it in manually. It was lost which makes it difficult to track progress. Having the option to filter and find workouts by distance, pace, and location would be nice. Otherwise the workouts are great, and the app work well.

  29. It always says there’s an update available on my bike so I press download and it just keeps saying error and to try again. It’s been doing this for weeks. It’s so annoying, pops up a few times everyday. I like everything else. Workouts are fun and I like there are different difficulty levels of courses too depending on where you at. You can save your favs too which is cool. This update message is really starting to bother me, need help.

  30. I love the workouts; I’m using it with a rowing machine and it’s fun and motivating. However, The app can get pretty glitchy. It likes to stop the Bluetooth connection to the rower in the middle of a workout which is really frustrating. I’ve had a bit of trouble with the membership renewal process too. I get email promos about deals on renewal but then it’s difficult to use, even when I follow the directions given.

  31. IFit as an idea is brilliant. IFit as it is implemented is pretty bad. The app reeks of corporate design that doesn’t appreciate software development or the end user. They only care if they can get you into a subscription. First, there is no search feature. Do you like a series? Well, every time you want to workout, be prepared to scroll through the library to find it again. Then you will need to remember which workout you were on. After finishing a series do you want something a bit more challenging? Well, get ready to exhaustively open every other series to see if it might be what you are looking for. What’s odd is on my android tablet, it shows the min/max speed graphs, min/max incline graphs, and a few other nice to know stats. On my android phone, these are missing. The sad thing is that with just a little work this could be a stellar app. Here are some things it needs: 1) A search – obvious 2) Min/Max speeds to filter videos/series by to more appropriately gauge what workouts are appropriate for your level 3) Favorites needs to be overhauled and easily accessible no matter what screen you are in 4) Entire tracks need to be favorite-able. 5) Keep track of what workout you are on so you don’t have to remember For monetization: 1) Keep the subscription, but allow non-subscribers to purchase individual workouts or series at a premium (say $10-$20 a series, or $2 a workout or something – still way cheaper than a personal trainer). This likely ends up as a win/win where the consumer is spending less money, but iFit makes more money from non subscribers. 2) Each series should have one workout (perhaps the first one) that is free to try.- this gives you an idea if you might want to purchase the whole series or continuing workouts in the series. 3) Another idea – give non subscribers access to say 4 workouts free a month – again, not enough to get a good consistency but enough to try it out for a week or one workout a week for a month. There are so many ways to make this app better and more profitable. I say this because when I tried iFit, I thought it was just a stupid way to get you to spend money, but after trying some of the instructor lead workouts, I found I really liked them. I found I was running further and for a longer period of time without thinking about it. It was different than just zoning out to tv, because the instructor is giving you tips through the whole run, or telling you about the countryside. It really is compelling. It’s just a shame that the app is obviously so rushed to market as a minimally viable product.

  32. Mixed feelings. I love the iFit workouts on our new NordicTrack elliptical, and it’s going to be a long time before I make a dent in them. My primary complaint is the Android app. On the machine and on the website all of my workouts are tracked and I have running stats. However, my Android devices show only what workouts I completed, and that’s only by doing a filtered search. There are no running stats. In fact there is no dashboard and no stats- or progress-related menu items. It is not included in the app at all, despite being touted in the description of the app. The real kicker is that my wife is also using the machine with her own iFit account. On her iOS version of the app there IS a dashboard, and running stats, and a number of features that don’t exist as advertised on the Android app. I am hoping this will be fixed, as I don’t always want to have to turn on the machine or go to the website to check my progress.

  33. I REALLY LIKE the ifit workouts and find them motivating and fun, but I think the apps could use some help. It’s challenging to findy workouts that I’ve saved, what my stats are, what I’ve done. Even within series, I can’t figure out how to pick and choose which one I want to do. It’s clunky and incredibly difficult to navigate on both my phone and my treadmill. It also glitches regularly. I really love the service, but the apps need a designer. They’re not at all intuitive, in my opinion.

  34. Generally it works well – there are a lot of different workouts and it is really nice to explore multiple areas. The only part which I do not like is a limited ability to browse workouts. There is no search by workout name; there is no option to select certain workout I completed and then continue the series (unless it was the last one I worked on). That thing need to be improved. It would be also good to improve statistics – to be able not only to see last week results, but also to be able to select certain dates. E.g. what was my cumulative workout last month? How does it compare month to month? The biggest concern is a price… $15/month of individual subscription, and $33 / month for family seems to be too much… It is way more then YouTube or Netflix subscriptions. I do not think I will continue with paid subscription when it will expire. I would do it for $5 for individual one, but not for $15…

  35. Dan Cuson dice:

    I’m dumbfounded. How is this considered a product ready for people to use. Not this app itself, but the whole service. I absolutely love the idea of 16,000 workouts to choose from to execute on my treadmill. However, like others said, you can’t search? I can only choose from the small random list they select for me? WHAT THE ****. It’s basically worthless. Note: with a search function I’d rate the service a 4, with all my suggestions (ticket 273916, although they closed with no contact), a 5. Update: iFit has improved the app quite a bit since I wrote my initial review. It does have basic searching now. I still think the whole thing could be improved, but it’s a lot more usable, enough to where I renewed my subscription.

  36. Really like it but…. I love doing the running on my treadmill. The trainers and programs are awesome! However, the app appears to have been recently updated and it changed the format. It is now more difficult to navigate and find my saved programs. The app has also been really glitch. When you filter for running it says there are no programs….on the treadmill. It has been unusable at time the last few days. Probably need better app developers.

  37. I bought a two year premium membership via amazon when I purchased a treadmill. The app interface is awful. The app itself is a watered down version of the desktop website. You have a homepage with featured workouts, a calendar page with scheduled workouts that you can sign up for on the website, and a browse page that does not allow you to search. There is no search feature on the app. So if I want to find a specific type of routine I have to get on my desktop computer. But wait, it gets worse. There is no search function on their website, just browse. Many of the workout series are for running/cardio. I have bad knees and I’m limited on classes because I can’t set a max speed. Yes, you can change speed manually during the workout but then the incline doesn’t change when the class changes the incline. Therefore you are stuck either manually trying to change things yourself while sweating and huffing or just not following along at all. A lot of the classes utilize a walk speed that is too fast. I am capable of cardio and walking fast but 3mph is jogging for my short legs. Adjustable stats would make such a difference.

  38. As others have said, this is a great concept, but the execution is poor. Each of us pays $150 a year and this app is on equipment from every manufacturer, with all of that it should be Apple stupid easy. Instead it’s Windows XP dysfunctional. The interface is very clunky, very limited and not user friendly and it’s horribly slow. In comparison the Peloton app is AWESOME. It doesn’t control the machine, but otherwise it is what iFit should be.

  39. I don’t understand how they can invest much on the videos and trainers (which are great so far) and have such a terrible app. No search capability, you can’t find workouts one day to the next. You can’t even browse by topics or trainers. It’s just a big list of videos with no options. So continually frustrating. The calendar on my iPad has every workout in a series everyday. Good luck finding which is supposed to be next. On my phone the calendar is all different and missing workouts.

  40. Awesome yet frustrating. I love the workouts in this app. However, when trying to reach a goal when the app suddenly ends your workout mid-workout is very frustrating. We need to be able to start where it left off when this happens. Which is something you can’t currently do. One the workout ends, whether or not you really finished it, the app marks it at complete. That becomes very frustrating. When is does work, I’m super happy with it.

  41. Update: Feb 2023. Just stay away from this app. It’s so unfortunate that it’s the only app that works with ProForm equipment. The app will pair with my equipment and will track my progress, but often it won’t adjust the resistance. Support said to uninstall and reinstall the app. When I do this it works (for a few days) so they insist this must be a hardware issue! If it’s a hardware issue with the elliptical, then why does reinstalling the app make a difference?

  42. This app is not great. I had to stop using the tablet the company sold with the machine because it would only work with the app half the time, and otherwise buffer or keep quitting workouts. I switched to using my phone and now am having Bluetooth disconnection issues on and off which just came up this week. Also music has inexplicably gone away. Would love either communication when things change or just better QA on the app because it’s extremely frustrating to use more than half of the time.

  43. Love this app. I’m exploring Vietnam while getting a fantastic workout. It breaks up the monotony of working out by taking you to awesome locations with trainers who are engaging and likable. And there are tons of workouts. I have a treadmill, elliptical, and bike – all Ifit capable. You can even use the app for non machine workouts. There is a cost, but if you compare to the cost of a gym membership, I think it all evens out in the end. Highly recommend IFit.

  44. The app is pretty much just a log sheet and an upsell tool. It’s definitely a better option than paying up for the rower with the screen. There’s so much it could offer regarding per lap/500m charts, comparing sessions, etc, but it’s nothing but a summary log. Wish their machines would support third party apps that useful.

  45. I like the app and the service. The app needs changes: I need to ne able to seek (rewind or, yes fast forward) the workout videos. The mobile and console apps’ Calendar needs to allow LIST and CALENDAR view, just like the website. The mobile app needs to allow us to CREATE routes amd workouts, just like the console and website. The mobile apps seems stripped down compared to the console and website.

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