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Pedometer App will automatically keep track of the number of your steps
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Are you walking the recommended 10,000 steps per day? Now you can with free pedometer app for Android. Our completely free pedometer for walking will track your steps automatically. daily step counter is the best walking app for all ages!

Pedometer is 100% FREE
Open, and tap START to get started instantly
NO GPS tracking to save battery life
100% PRIVATE- we do not collect personal information

The best pedometer app and step counter made for Android. Free pedometer app automatically counts your steps, counts calories burned, walking distance, walking time, and walking speed. Pedometer is your go-to step tracker! It’s super simple, it is just like google fit, samsung health and has all the advanced walking/step tracking features you’ll need, and is free. Try our advanced yet simple pacer pedo and step counter. The easiest way to reach your health and fitness goals by walking at least 10,000 steps every day.

Try one of the most popular steps counter for Android. Make daily walking a habit and track your steps. Our pacer ped & step tracker uses an advanced exercise tracker built-in. The best walking app, step counter & walking tracker ever!

The step counter and step tracker uses the built-in sensor of your Android smartphone to count your daily steps. Download Pedometer step counter app now to instantly count steps. A step tracker that is easy to use and saves your battery.

Check your step count. Carry your smartphone instead of a handheld pedometer. Pedometer for walking helps you to stay fit and lose weight. Our walking app is the simplest way to track steps and count calories.

Pedometer & step counter makes it easy to keep track of daily walking goals. Steps tracker free app can track your steps, count your steps, and show easy to read daily and weekly reports.

✅ 10,000 STEPS
Free pedometer for walking is the best way to hit your 10,000 step challenge goals. Walking has been proven to make you feel better and improve overall health and fitness. Track your steps with a free pedometer for walking available for Android devices on Google Play.

There are many free health apps on Google Play. Among these free health apps, you’ll find that our real pedometer is one of the most popular pedometer apps for walking.

● To ensure the accuracy of step counting, please input your correct information in settings, because it will be used to calculate your walking distance and calories.
● You are welcome to adjust sensitivity to make pedometer count steps more accurately.
● Because of the device power saving processing, some devices stop counting steps when the screen is locked. It’s not a bug. We are sorry to say that we are not able to solve this problem.

Download our free pedometer app. Built-in step counter and step tracker. The best walking app and accurate pedometer & step tracker. Grab a friend and let’s start walking and jogging!


Fixed some minor bugs


40 comentarios en "Pedometer – Step Counter App 2022"

  1. Easy to use easy to understand. Love the weekly setup gives me motivation. Update: First rating Sept 2021, now June 2022. A few glitches has arisen since the last software update. Sometimes it is not counting steps and sometimes it automatically stops and I have to restart it. Overall still easy to use and easy to understand.

  2. sometimes it just stops itself and doesn’t record my steps. I just got back from a long walk to find that it hadn’t recorded any of my steps for the day. I had checked the settings for automatic start/stop several times (I always keep automatic stop off and have it start at midnight every day just to be sure) and it still randomly stops recording sometimes.

  3. Very saddened today. When first used app it was accurate with easy to read information. Then 2 days ago it stopped working on its own. Tried everything to make it work. Only a Forced Stop and restart would reset it correctly. But then it would freeze up again. Going to try a reinstall, but not hopeful. Too bad. Really liked this app.

  4. K P dice:

    Love this app. It has been fabulous at helping to meet health goals. Very happy with the app. The simplicity and ease of use is perfect. Another feature that could make the App even better is allowing the user to track their running workouts and daily walking separately so one can keep daily running speed averages and track continued improvements.

  5. Big Tee dice:

    Pretty straightforward app. The accuracy might not be 100% but it does give one a pretty decent estimate of how much moving around one does. Considering basically everyone has a cellphone in their pockets at all times now, and that this software is free, I’d say give it a shot. If you need absolute accuracy though, you might want to invest into an actual pedometer. Which would be interesting to see how close the two are when both used simultaneously

  6. Victoria dice:

    This was a good app until it stopped working. What I liked most about it was the simple design and low battery usage. The step counting was mostly accurate, but you need to pause it or change the motion sensitivity when you’re driving. I gave the app only 3 stars because after a few months it stopped working. It’s an okay app, but there are better step counters out there.

  7. a b dice:

    The bug with a wrong start/stop button on restart was fixed. I am upping my rating. One feature I would like to see is display of steps in the time interval. Other than that this is a great app. I wish they would offer a paid version without ads. This app in my opinion is the best simple pedometer app. It does not ask for many permissions and does a great job of tracking your steps and presenting the data. Much better than Google Fit. I used this app with at least 3 phones and even more Android versions and it always worked well, aside from the occasional bug. At this time I can’t find any issues with the app.

  8. Easy to use and adjustable to different people and uses. Never fails to record walking or running. Wish there was a paid version to remove ads. This app allows stride length as a setting, others only have height and the stride is assumed. Other apps try to add things I don’t want such as goals, alerts, weight loss, etc. This app is simple and just does what it says it does.

  9. The app seems to be very good and is very very close to the distance I’m given on my treadmill. I sometimes have to click the stop and start button in the app to get it to start logging my steps but that’s a minor inconvenience. I would recommend the app highly. Wish I could interface it with a change in diet program I’m using called Noom… So far I think that’s the only wish for something that’s not there.

  10. This is the first time I have ever used a pedometer application and it’s pretty useful. Although it counts your steps pretty well, it does have an issue with counting steps while you are driving and sitting still. I understand that it has a meter to factor in the few steps you might take in between trips, but it adds roughly 100-200 steps when driving. All in all a pretty great app.

  11. Overall very accurate, but there are some inconsistencies in how it counts your steps. I’ve had multiple instances of it counting me as walking while I was in a vehicle or on public transport, and several times where shaking my leg would cause it to count steps. Other than that, a good clean app with the relevant information easily brought forth.

  12. Great app, I love how you get a daily graph of your steps over the course of the day. One major complaint though is a couple times a week it stops for no apparent reason and I have to press the “start” button to start measuring again. I end up having to check the app often just to make sure it’s on when it should be more passive. Why IS there even a stop button at all? Or make it smaller and multiple touches to turn off. I do not have the app turn off when I sleep either

  13. M Denney dice:

    I’ve been using this app for several years across three phones. Now Up to android 12 on pixel. Does what it is supposed to do. 4 in 5 is my typical high quality rating. Always in sync with counted steps. Have had prior issues with the display not not keeping up. Seems to have happened in the past after app update. The display did catch up correctly though. I’ve had to recalibrate steps due to injury changing gait. Was easy to do and recalibrate after I healed.

  14. The pedometer worked GREAT when I started using it (I’ve used it for a few months), but about a week or so ago, it quit counting most of my steps! Today for example, I physically counted 314 steps (including going up and down my stairs) and it only counted 103 steps! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, hoping it would help, but it has recorded ZERO steps since reinstallation. The app did recently update on my phone and I don’t know if the update has anything to do with it or not.

  15. Love this app! I bought a Fitbit, but returned it a week later after discovering it measured arm swings rather than actual steps. I find that with this app, I put my phone in my back pocket, and it is about 94-96%. Some adjustments with step sensitivity may be necessary with some phones, but easy to do. Much more accurate than with a purchased device, and free!

  16. Decent step counter when personalized to your specific info. Surprisingly the numbers match pretty well with my high end treadmill. Have had the counter randomly stop on occasion – that is why it’s not a 5 star rating. UPDATE 3/1/20 update… App often stops. I’m finding I need to make sure it’s working prior to a dedicated ‘walk’. When counting steps it sometimes fails, that’s kind of a pain in the ass. Still works when monitored but it’s now a 2.5-3/5. It’s also a battery pig. 🐖

  17. Awesome Great app. It keeps counting even when you exit out of the app! My built in Heath app doesn’t do any of this… It keeps track of everything for you for months which is really helpful for people trying to reach certain goals, they can actually see their progress daily at a motivator to show them it’s not all for nothing. It breaks it down and shows you the calories burned, miles/distance walked/ran, etc…

  18. Kyle A dice:

    The step counter was very accurate from my experience. The distance was off a little but that is probably attributed to variance in step length. It’s easy to use but you can easily overlook adding your personal data that is used to calculate distance and kcals burned. I like it and recommend trying it.

  19. Perfect! Basic format but with several types of info (daily/weekly/monthly steps, miles, walking minutes, calories burned). Chart shows 0-12,000 steps but numbers go auto-upward to any amount you walk (18,000 and beyond). For best results, input personal info of age, weight, gender, step stride. Compete only with yourself. Turn it off & on anytime or set it for auto-on/off. Attractive screen design. No extra junk. Free. It contains ads at bottom of screen but they do not interfere. I love it.

  20. Twice, I’ve opened the app only to find the results of yesterday’s walk still on the screen. Closing and reopening did not change anything. Nor would it respond to pressing STOP. Another app counted 7100 steps. When *Today* finally showed up, only ten steps had been counted. It’s an easy 4 without that bug. FAQs don’t seem to cover the issue. If it’s operator error, it’s not for lack of trying to make it better myself. I wrote my first Fortran IV program in 1967. For an IBM 7094 model II. Lol

  21. Todd dice:

    So far, so good. I am not having any inaccuracies I read about in a few other reviews, but if I do, I see can do adjustments on sensitivity. I wanted a simple straightforward app to count steps, thats it. Appears I have found it. Ads completely unobtrusive.

  22. Something is causing this app to stop while I am using it, thoroughly mis-representing my walks. it has happened with WI-FI turned on and turned off. If this continues, there’s a chance I uninstall and look for something else. Don’t tell me to adjust sensitivity, I just did. It’s on high. I carry my phone in pocket. Don’t tell me to carry it. I’m rehabbing two hip replacements and still need to use walker, both hands on grips. This app works or I get rid of it. It’s got one more chance tommorrow!

  23. not working half the time at all. only starts automatically about every other day. Android has been complaining about this using a lot of battery. But the app seems to be very close to the amount of steps I actually take. So, good and bad. Overall, I with the warnings, unless I really start to notice drainage.

  24. My favorite it works great, and keeps tracking steps as long as it’s open so great even for going biking. I’m shure it’s not super accurate when used when biking but I think it gives a good average of how many rotations of the bike was done. I just realized thus app was gone from my phone! @$! I had a tear of progress on it too. 🙁 Please let us connect with our google play accounts, I want to keep track of my progress.

  25. Stops working even after you go to the trouble of setting the settings the way they recommend. I’ve had this app for 8 months now and it continues to let me down at the very worst times what I want to know is why is all of the world of all technology going backwards. 2/19/22: made the mistake of trying this app again with a new phone seem to work fine for a couple of weeks but same old problems it turns itself off even when you give permissions for the battery to be drained. Why is tech so bad?

  26. 3/16/19 Used to be perfect. It used to work all day every day. But for the past 8-12 months, it only works sometimes. Very unreliable. I even have it set to turn on at 6 am and off at 11:59 pm, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Battery settings are fine. Wish it would work again. Update 4/15/19. App now works daily but now steps are highly inaccurate. I’m on my feet all day and I would previously get 7-11k a day, now says I get 3-5k a day 🤦🏼‍♀️ can’t win.

  27. I wanted something without a bunch of various complications. This does the job. All these things need to run adds i had one where the adds popped up and interfered with what I wasdoing. This one runs the adds st the bottom mich better. l am now having trouble with the automatic start in the morning. I does not start.

  28. I like it but to me this is a 4 star app and the reason is that this app flashes about 6 times when a new ad shows up. That is quite annoying to someone who maybe sensitive to this. The app may also be a bit inconsistent in step counting. Plus I walked 9 hours over the course of 3 days and the app says I did 4 hours. But overall a nicely designed app and pretty accurate 96% of the time. Thanks

  29. Seemed to be good the first few weeks, but now I’m getting rather inaccurate results. Raking and mowing the lawn this weekend, active for a minimum of an hour, it logged only 10 minutes. Tonight, on my walk, it didn’t seem to register all the steps I was taking. When I noticed and started watching, the number seemed to jump erratically. Like it was only guessing something.

  30. I’ve used this app for a few years. In the beginning, I could rely on the app keeping accurate data, but within the last year it is unreliable. Sometimes the app will stall, but the biggest complaint is it not recording data at all. Lately I’m very disappointed. Wish product was as it used to be.

  31. crazee D dice:

    works great, but drains your phone battery. I tried using the settings, when I did…it said I only walked 10 minutes all day. Please fix this, because I really liked this app. I am still using the app, but it is still draining my battery. Too bad the others don’t work as well as this one…you really do need to FIX this!!!! Update!! I only give 1 star due to the fact it has stopped twice while walking. I sent an email….no answer. I sent another email today. Don’t bother with installing!!!

  32. Stopped working since last update. Used it for 3 or 4 years without problems. Now counting of steps all wrong. This is on Huawei Mate 20 Pro, android 10.1. Still stops from time to time. Asks me to set to manage automatically etc. I’ve always had set as instructed, still stops for no reason. Step counting needs to be tricked for it to work correctly. Even then counting tends to be hit or miss. Good as a rough guide, but very far from accurate,

  33. This is a great app! It’s basic, but very easy to use, and accurately tracks my steps, as well as other useful information, such as calories used. I like that yiu can easily check your steps for the week and month as well. The graph is a handy feature, too!

  34. App is easy to use and the layout is pretty good. Only issue I can say I’ve had so far is occasionally the app will stop counting my steps, and I have to exit the app, stop the app from running in the background, and then restart the app and it will update to the correct amount of steps I’ve taken, but it’s still annoying to have to reset it every now and then to get the accurate information. Other than that, I’ve had it for nearly 2 weeks and it has really helped encourage me to walk more.

  35. Pretty good at counting steps with a few extra fun measurements (average speed, calories, total distance, etc) Not a huge battery drain. wish it would include a speed sensor so it wouldn’t count steps while in car or bus, which it does occasionally. seems like direction giving apps can tell when you are moving so they can confirm you are a passenger. would like to see that automatically on this app. then it wouild be 5 stars

  36. Found I could get accurate results by playing with the built-in parameters. I turn it on and it takes care of everything automatically, even if I forget about it for days or a week at a time. I do recommend it to family and friends. 09-20-20: If you are having problems, try playing with the parameters. I use the metric to measure my step length but ft/in for distance traveled. My walks of up to 8.1 miles are fairly accurate (I’m not a surveyor 😁).

  37. It sucks!, to put it briefly. Many is the time I have gone hiking only to find that at some point during my first hour of walking the app had shut down of its own accord. There seems to be no way to keep it running until the user gives it a STOP command. This app has annoyed me dozens of times. I never really know how long, how far, or how many calories I have lost track of. Please, someone out there who programmed that app, make a way for it to keep running UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY GIVE THE STOP COMMAND. Is that too difficult to do?

  38. You have to select the hours and days of the week you want the app to record your steps. Activity tracking 24/7 should be the default with the option to reduce tracking to specific hours if you want. Even after manually adjusting the settings for it to track 24/7 it still misses out entire days despite me walking 20k+ steps easily. The data visualisation also isn’t great as it adjusts the max figure on the y axis according to how many steps you’ve done, making day-to-day comparisons difficult.

  39. The app is starting to stop a few times a day now, I then have to go to phone settings for the app and force stop it. Then the step total updates when I reopen the app. it still counts steps even though the app appears to have stopped. Only just started happening again, my phone is only a few months old too. It’s a nuisance but still works most of the time.

  40. Works as expected but sometimes just unexplainably hangs and you then miss a lot of steps. Annoying but I guess you then have to estimate yourself. The weird thing is that it usually happens when you want to check your status and then it hangs. When this happens you have to quit and then start it again. Apart from this it is a usable app. Your data about how far you have wandered might not be exact as it asks for your step length which can be useful unless there’s plenty of stairs on your walk.

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