FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans MODDED 2022

Sweat and get fit with HIIT, barre, cardio, yoga & more
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Lose weight, sweat, and get fit anytime, anywhere with free home exercise workout videos, personalized fitness plans and guided meditations. Get fit with workouts you can do at home, outside, or in the gym.

Reduce stress with a calming yoga practice, increase your fitness with a fun cardio workout, and feel good with hundreds of other free fitness videos.

Find fitness plans and home workouts that you can also enjoy outside or even in the gym. Get your sweat on with celebrity trainers like Jeanette Jenkins or Cassey Ho (of Blogilates) and read advice articles on how to take care of yourself both mentally and physically.

Achieve personalized health and fitness goals with unlimited access to the best home workouts and exercise videos. From cardio to strength training to HIIT, yoga, Pilates, Barre, and much more – you’re guaranteed to get your sweat on and find a class you love. Plus, you’ll get to work out with top celebrity trainers like Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), Jeanette Jenkins, Katie Dunlop, Christine Bullock, Kenta Seki, Danielle Pascente, and many more.

Plus, access EXCLUSIVE workout videos led by Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Jonathan Van Ness.

Also, reduce stress, get better sleep, improve breathing, relax your body and rejuvenate your mind with short and effective meditations.

• Quick & effective fitness videos from celebrity trainers like Jeanette Jenkins, Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), and many more!
• Exclusive workouts with Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, & JVN
• No gym? No problem. Turn your home into a fitness studio with your phone, laptop or TV

• Reach your goals with personalized workout plans
• Lose weight, build muscle, increase your cardio endurance, get fit or reduce stress with plans that work for you

• Enjoy cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, Barre, strength, dance, and more
• Browse by workout category, body part, length and intensity
• Short on time? We’ve got quick HIIT 10-minute workouts so you can get your workout in fast!
• Workout anytime on-demand, join a live class, and get ready to sweat!

• Calming meditations to help reduce stress and anxiety
• Guidance toward improved breathing
• Increased relaxation for better sleep

• Join the live leaderboard for friendly competition
• Track your progress and share with friends
• Real-time text messaging with friends or workout partners

Plus, you can access workouts online from your TV or computer:

Find fitness plans that work for you. Short, fun and effective, the best workouts, from the best personal trainers. Always on.

Barre, pilates, and so many more exciting fitness videos, plus guided meditations! Download FitOn and start your new fitness routine today!


We hope you're ready for an even more social fitness experience. Now you can share workouts with friends, send them your favorite advice articles, plan meals together, celebrate their achievements, create messaging groups to encourage each other and so much more. We hope you love all our new social features as much as we do!


40 comentarios en "FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans MODDED 2022"

  1. It was great…until they took away the ability to cast on your TV without paying. It’s difficult to do a workout on my small phone screen which goes to sleep after so many seconds anyways…and I’m not changing my entire phone setting just so I can workout for 20 minutes on this one app. I feel like casting should be a basic thing with the free version. They’re already offering so much with paid, let us at least have this one simple thing.

  2. pollux dice:

    I love this app so much compared to the other two fitness apps I’ve used. Only thing that I wish they would add is the ability to make your own “lists” of some sort, like “arms, legs, exercises I liked/didn’t like” etc. There’s an option to favorite exercises, but if you have more than a few in there, it’s harder to sort through.

  3. Anna K. dice:

    Difficult to create a methodical training plan. No idea what moves you’ll be doing until you watch the video = time wasted. Instructors often stop and explain too much so it’s difficult to stay in the zone. Often inconsistent reps on each side or inconsistent rest periods. If you’re trying to be more active then this app is fine, but to make gains you’ll have to put in a lot of work finding the right videos.

  4. Kay V dice:

    01/11/23 – Seems casting to your TV is no longer available on the free version. Turns out attempting to follow an exercise from a 6″ screen is fairly difficult and not enjoyable. Also, an ad for PRO auto plays upon opening the app and it can’t be skipped. Still lots of free content, but now a bit harder to utilize. 6/6/22 – Tons of content and variety. Really like the search/filter feature so I can find just what I’m in the mood for. Generous offering, especially at no cost.

  5. Used to use this app fairly regularly, but now I hardly use it. Every time I open the app, they show a long video ad promoting the “pro” version, which I understand, but it’s a full 30 seconds and you can’t skip it. Other ads have popped up when I’m adding in an activity I did not on the app. Disappointed because I used to enjoy the workouts, but I’m too annoyed to use it.

  6. This is the best workout app I’ve ever used. It has a great variety of workout videos in many different categories. I like the yoga and Pilates videos because those types of workouts are better guided than on your own. It also allows you to “favorite” workouts so you can keep track of the ones you like and it keeps track of ones you’ve completed. I didn’t upgrade to Pro. The free version gives me everything I’m looking for.

  7. I paid in November for a 1yr subscription to give this a try. So far many routines are good, there are a few that don’t have consistency for left and right reps. I don’t like the organization of it. You can’t see what a program has without signing on to the program, only then will you see the exercises. The problem is that when you quit the program to go find another one, those quits show up in your history. I’m recovering from foot surgery and there are several things I can’t do still.

  8. I’m annoyed I can’t load this onto my TV like other apps. I’d definitely be more successful with programs if I could see them on a bigger screen. My laptop ain’t cutting it. Plus these videos take forever to load and you miss a lot of key moves if you’re trying to do something and check to see if you’re in the proper position.

  9. I absolutely love FitOn! I’ve had this app for over 2 years. I use it 4 or 5 times a week. I have the paid version because I don’t have wifi at home and the paid version saves my phone data. If I HAD to think of one thing I would change about the app, sometimes the music can be a bit lame. But honestly otherwise, I love using FitOn! I’m so glad I found it!! I’m a busy stay at home mom who likes to stay in shape too, and I couldn’t do it as easily without FitOn!

  10. I used to love this app and still love the workouts. But lately, videos take 5+ minutes to load and the pause, rewind, and fast-forward buttons don’t show up when the video is full screen? I don’t mind some ads for the pro plan, except when a loud video starts playing every time I open the app with no way to close it other than closing the app. Similar ads pop up when I try to start workouts and take me back to the home screen when they close, I have to go find the workout again. Please fix.

  11. BEST free exercise app out there for women. Fantastic instructors and SO many options. You can choose a program to follow or go through and choose your own exercises each day. They add new ones all the time. I love that I can heart my favorite and then choose from those each day. Sort through the exercises based on intensity, time, equipment needed, area of the body, instructor. Prenatal and postnatal programs. (I’m sure they have great options for men too, but I haven’t explored those!)

  12. Steve .D dice:

    Used to love this app. I have a bunch of reminders and there are ads for the free version, which I don’t mind. It used to be that the app. would take you directly to the exercise, once passed the ad(s), but now after the ad you are taken to the general screen and have to dig for the missed exercise. Maybe it’s a new way to force into a paid subscription but it’s very annoying and I consider remove the app. altogether.

  13. I love this app! I am only using the free version so I can’t speak for the premium version. In this app you can set up your goals and visit your profile to see your progress. You get little awards for achieving certain goals which is a fun motivator. It can keep track of your weight. You can even share your progress to social media if you want. I like that I can favorite the videos I like the most so I can find them easily to watch them again. I could say more but I am running out of space!

  14. I like the workouts. I can pick the amount of time for my schedule. I went pro. It took Me all weekend to figure out how to get it to play tv. I thought I was using Screencast and assumed they took that away and put on pro. So I got pro. Still couldn’t get it to Screencast. With no help from technical support I finally figured it out. If you have fire tv. You have to search for the app on tv and download.

  15. May dice:

    I honestly think this is the BEST workout app to exist. They provide videos with clear instructions on what to do. They have everything in sections of what you want to work out and they have different intensity levels and much more. This is my go too workout app for whenever I’m motivated to get fit. It’s just amazing. Highly recommend giving it a try.

  16. Kay Okay dice:

    Makes working out at home easy, gives variety in intensity and time. The trainers are engaging and supportive. App is user friendly and I can pull up my account on the TV as well to workout with a larger screen almost like being at the gym. It even will send you a particular workout on a particular day if you want to set up a routine. I’ve enjoyed this app.

  17. This was my go-to app for workouts, but they ruined it when they removed the option for screen sharing for the free version. It seems they are just trying to make money off the app now. Also I didn’t like the way they kept changing my profile to show that I was from Austin, TX instead of the city I entered. Guess my city isn’t cool enough for the image they want to portray.

  18. Maddie K dice:

    FitOn is actually a useful fitness app. Nearly all of the workouts are free that I have seen. Only meal planning and some courses require the pro membership. There is a wide variety of workouts and you can easily stream from your phone to your tv. It’s kept me more active than any other app I have used.

  19. Sarah Neu dice:

    It has been a really great experience using this fitness app. There is an incredible abundance and variety of workouts to choose from. There is just so much positive things to say about this app but my words still will not be able to do the app justice… the best thing would be to try the app for yourself. That is the only way to get the entire amazing experience and to explore the numerous workouts and benefits to this app.

  20. I love this platform. I signed up for the workouts, but the meditations are also great. While everything is free, I did sign up for premium. I love working out to good music and the music in the free version didn’t do it for me. Overall, very pleased. There is so much variety and the instructors are great. Highly recommend to anyone that is on the fence.

  21. This app is awesome! It’s free to download and even though some things aren’t free there are a significant amount of things that are. You have access to join different groups within the app, you have access to workouts, recipes, articles, and it has a place to record your workouts. I’ve looked into several free apps and overall my impression is that they are not free. If you are seriously looking for a terrific fitness app give FitOn a try!

  22. This is an amazing app. One thing, I wish more trainers did, is focus more on telling and showing viewers how to breathe during the workout like Jeanette does. It’s hard to finish a workout if your breathing properly and what I didn’t know was that I was holding my breath when I workout. I mostly do Jeanette’s workouts because she is constantly telling and showing people how to breathe throughout her workouts.

  23. They changed the app for the worse since the last time I used it a few months ago. There are like 3 or 4 buttons that do the exact same thing on each tab. I can no longer make my own program (or choose ANY program without Pro for that matter), schedule workouts for a few weeks into the future, remove workouts from a week that they “recommended,” or see my planned workouts. Update: I’d rather not share my personal info, but if there is a way to change it back, great, I will change my review.

  24. The reason for this review is simple: I’m looking for an app that doesn’t have any additional features that you have to pay for, or hidden add on things. If I’m going to pay for a workout, I’d rather go get a gym membership. Having to pay for extra features, like personalized meal plans and recipes for said meal plans, as well as offline download abilities and music choice options, is a complete turn off and disappointing.

  25. Every day is a new email from them. You can opt out or change your settings all you like, but every day you’ll get a new email. It’s a good app that forces itself upon you. I don’t like getting emailed as is, so getting them so often without them stopping after multiple attempts at opting out and days on end of waiting for it to go through hoping it does , I don’t appreciate it. If you have a good app, you don’t need to harass people to get a pro membership for them to do it

  26. Iris T dice:

    I’ve been enjoying this app a lot, great app, great instructors, awesome classes. The only thing is that once you click to stream on TV, you can’t control anything anymore. Can’t pause, ff or rewind. So, for whatever reason if you have to pause your workout, you have to stop streaming first. But once you are back into streaming, the class starts from the beginning again and you can’t ff. Other than that, everything has been good!

  27. I really like this app. Even tho they talk too much for me, there’s a great variety of programs and workouts to choose from! I upgraded to Pro because it was supposed to connect to my Fitbit app and display my heart rate–it doesn’t work the way I would have hoped but I can connect on my Versa if I want, just never shows on the actual app when I’m working out. Also I thought I’d enjoy the meals…I don’t. Lastly, the music is okay. I like that you can change genres.

  28. Absolutely best fitness app I’ve come across. Best of all, the workouts are free! Edit: Sometimes the app doesn’t log your progress, which can be frustrating. There’s no way to fix it either. Edit: I just purchased the premium and I’m disappointed that the fitbit link isn’t compatible with the model I have. That’s the main reason why I bought a 6 month subscription. The recipes are still nice though.

  29. I’m so glad I got this app. I got the paid version on sale, because for me knowing I’m investing money encourages me to actually use it. I installed it once with the free version and I think I opened it once. Knowing it was costing me money, I decided to do the kick start challenge to start. I just finished my third week and I’ve done every workout. I’m doing 3 per week and there’s only been one I didn’t like much. There are a ton of challenges to choose from, general and specialized. I’m also doing a 2 week meditation challenge after completing a shorter one. Having those kind of short, reachable goals is great. One complaint: I would like my kick start to end after 8 weeks. I can change that in the settings, but it will erase all my progress. I don’t want to have to ignore it if it goes on forever, but it’s not exactly a kick start with no end date. I wish there were a way to change that, and still have it show the workouts I’d completed.

  30. Love it! I’ve been using the app on and off over the past couple months (while I was doing a different app program) and switched to only using this one a couple weeks ago. I work out 5 days a week, and this gives so much variety and so many options depending on what you want to do for a work out. If one day I need to take it easy they have options for that, they even have a whole selection of stretch workouts which are super nice for break days. The work outs are challenging but doable!

  31. I really like that they have a wide range of workouts for free and they’re actually great quality. The articles are a plus too. Sometimes I have issues casting it to my Firestick but I’m not sure if that is the fault of my Firestick or FitOn. With that said, they can improve the paid version. The recipes are fine but sometimes they are missing portions of the recipe and it would be nice if they gave you the calorie break down & nutritional content. I wouldn’t upgrade to the paid version again.

  32. One of the few fitness+video apps that claims to be free AND REALLY IS. There are paid upgrades but those focus on meals. Videos are great, you can choose to target areas, focus on time, or choose by equipment. Varieties between trainers, but a large cast and you’ll find your favorites. Plus new content all the time! ONLY big change I’d like is to have some sort of history with workouts. I browse a lot, and it’s so hard to remember which I’ve done or not based on an image. Date of completion?

  33. I absolutely love this app, truly free workout app. I love that you can search for specific things, it shows the amount of time each workout takes, material, etc. There are some trainers I prefer over others, and it’s nice that they have a wide variety to choose from. My only complaint is I actually don’t like the background music, I’d prefer to let my spotify play on low and listen just to the trainers but it’s too muddled with their background music. Wish there was a way to turn it off🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. Really great workouts. There’s something for whatever level you’re at. I love the stretching exercises as well because stretching is something I really need to work on. Minus one start because I really need a no music option. I want to listen to my own music and no matter how low I make the music volume on the FitOn app, there’s always something in the background that fights with my music.

  35. I really love this app. It’s been a great tool to have along with the gym. The workouts do seem to be geared more towards people who are already in shape and can do all the moves. I do find it challenging but it can be frustrating sometimes because the trainers don’t give substitutions to do if a particular workout is hard. Also when I try to connect my Samsung watch it crashes. But besides these issues I love this app. I’ve lost 8lbs so far. Thanks Fiton

  36. This app is life changing! Im seeing real results! I’m down 20lbs (with a long way to go) but i feel stronger. The instructors are so positive and motivating. I love that theres different levels of difficulty and so many different categories!! Its easy to use and i have had 5 friends sign up after telling them about this app. If i had to change/add something, i would like to be able to keep track of my calories. I thought that might be something i could do if i purchesed the year but its not.

  37. I’m an exercise professional with an MS. I enjoy looking at apps to change up my routine sometimes. This app is excellent & highly recommended by me!! The instructors are great and most of them actually know what they’re talking about regarding the body, muscles, & movements (which is rare nowadays). They provide a wide range of options (at work, for pregnant women, with kids…) with varying intensities & durations. Great for anyone, from the first-timer to the experienced athlete!

  38. I have been using this app for so long! There are occasional hiccups to the streaming but if i am patient it resets easily. I can pick and choose my fitness goal and the app organizes a plan that falls into that goal. If i need to make modifications i just reset the plan. If I decide to do my own thing, I just search the target area(s). I appreciate the reminders that can be set, too! Connecting with real friends through this app makes working out far more enjoyable, too!

  39. Great Free Workout App I’ve been using this app for about 5 months. I was looking for something that could eventually replace my Beachbody On Demand membership. I’ve been really happy with this app and the variety of workouts in many different length options. It has what I’ve been looking for for a long time, the ability to have a daily 3-5 minute relaxing workout before bed. They have longer workouts that are great too. I’m just waiting to be able to stream on my Roku tv instead of my phone.

  40. For the most part this app is amazing! So many workout times frames, intensities, and trainers. That being said I do not love the pro version. I don’t get how to use the new music feature for one. Also, I can’t see my personally scheduled workouts unless I go to my friends chat area and it’ll show the invite. On the bright side at least now I can cast it onto my smart TV… won’t be paying $70 next year just to do that though. As for the free meal ideas, that’s what pinterest is for.

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