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Get stronger, lose weight or gain muscle mass with Fitbod! When you hit your gym or living room, Fitbod’s innovative training algorithm will guide you through the right sets, reps, ​and weight to reach your fitness goals.

◆ A personalized plan designed to push your limits:

To build your custom-fit workout, Fitbod’s powerful technology understands your strength-training ability, studies your past workouts and adapts to your available gym equipment.

Between workouts, your training plan will maximize fitness gains by intelligently varying intensity (weight) and volume (sets/reps) between sessions. No muscle group is left behind in your personalized training plan.

◆ Grasp and master new strength-building exercises:

Fitbod keeps your gym sessions fresh and fun by mixing up your workouts with new exercises and maximizing the use of your available equipment.

For beginner strength-trainers, find the confidence to try new resistance exercises and gym equipment. Learn the correct movements from over 400 HD Demonstration Videos

◆ Attain strength-training achievements as you reach your personal exercise records.

Heroic performances happen all the time, and we wanted to recognize them by showcasing your personal bests as Fitbod Achievements.

◆ With our Wear OS Watch app, see your training plan at a glance, easily track your progress and stay focused while at the gym (requires Fitbod app on your mobile device).

◆ Get workouts that match General Conditioning, Strength-Training, Muscle Tone, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting.

◆ View your workout impact on a body heat map.

◆ Calories burned for current and past workouts.

Fitbod has been fine-tuned by certified personal trainers to bring the best-practices of strength-training to you. These best practices include:

◆ Individualization – Superior results are achieved by tailoring the workout program to your unique body, experience, environment and goals.

◆ Balance – Muscles improve when working in concert with the entire muscular system. Overworking some sets of muscle while underworking others can negatively impact results. Fitbod designs well-balanced workout routines.

◆ Variation – Mixing up muscle groups, exercises, sets, reps and weight over time serves to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and keep the body sharp.

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This release includes a number of internal fixes to enhance your Fitbod experience, and support a number of upcoming releases — including your 2022 Year in Review with Fitbod!

Check it out now — no doubt you crushed it. (

As always, please reach out with any feedback or issues: [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans MODDED 2022"

  1. Really loving this app. It’s easy to use, the built in timer is great, it’s a breeze to save previous workouts. I have been lifting weights for almost 20 years now and this app still has quite a few new lifts I’ve never seen or heard of. The video tutorials are thorough and make me feel comfortable trying to exercises. The interface itself is simple but the features are high quality.

  2. Rafo D dice:

    Fitbod has organised my workouts in a way I don’t have to think about it too much. Once the goals are set, it is almost autopilot from that point on. Only minor changes regarding time, equipment, and workout options are needed as per user needs. As of today, I am going through my 3rd subscription, and I don’t think I’ll change it. Thanks for the efforts 👌🏼

  3. I love this app, great for building my schedule and trying new workouts. Only one complaint the last set in a exercise will skip its rest timer and only display the next exercise button, besides that everything is great. Almost deleted the app as it started acting like I didnt have a subscription. Looked as if I was being forced to upgrade to a more expensive yearly plan, followed another reviewers advice to uninstall and reinstall the app which resolved the issue.

  4. Good app, but less features on Android. Let me start with the stuff. Great app for planning a customizable workout routine. Here’s where I’m disappointed. The apple version has graphs and better functionally. It’s kind of a rip-off that the subscription price is the same yet Android users are given a poorer quality product.

  5. I like that the app allows you to input what type of equipment you have access to, then generates exercises based off the equipment you have. it would be nice if there were more exercises though. Especially for things like adductors. Or it would be nice if there were a way to input our own exercise. (one that isn’t listed in the app.) I like that you are able to substitute some exercises for others, or build your own supersets.

  6. One Mind dice:

    3.5 stars. It’s a pretty good application. Overall worth the price. There are a few duplicate exercises which can be annoying if you are trying to track that specific exercise and the next week it’s recommended the duplicate instead of the historical one. One feature I see as a need is more split options or a custom split option. If you pick push/pull/lower and work out 6 days a week it has you working out the same muscle groups quite often.

  7. I love this app. It has helped me break through a plateau, and I am seeing progress again in both strength and body composition. I also love that you can create multiple gym profiles. This is great for me because I travel constantly for work. My workouts on the road are generated based only on the equipment listed in the alternate profile, eliminating my need to swap out exercises.

  8. I was not able to use my account even though I recently renewed my subscription. I finally figured out a fix because the fix I was given by IT did not work. If you are unable to logout and log back in, delete the app. Redownload the app, log back in, it might force you to reaet your password, do it. Everything should work.

  9. It’s a good app. You can pick what you need to work out and what equipment is available but it’s not free with in app purchases. You can only work out 3 times before being forced to pay to use. It should just come with a price tag right off the bat. I wanted an app that focuses on weights more than general exercise but FitOn is completely free to use unless you want extra things like meals or whatever. Then you’d pay their sub.

  10. The only issue I have had so far is the interval settings for treadmill. I wish instead of weight I would let you input a speed or incline…that way I would be able to see my progress in this area. Love the app so far though! Such a great option for all levels of fitness, Beginners and Advanced!

  11. I would give this app a 5 star review but so far for me it is telling me to do the same muscle groups that were worked again the next day. Even thought it knows I did a full push or pull day before. I really just wanted a progress tracker and the log could be a little more user friendly. You have to get used to it or you will add 10 of the same workouts or almost complete your entire workout and hit add exercise and it will crash and not save. This app has amazing potential for future updates.

  12. Edit: Really impressed with the latest updates and the communication from the staff. Three suggestions: 1. Assisted pull ups and dips (anything assisted) is not calculated/predicted correctly. The AI acts as if it is weighted and wants you to increase weight instead of decrease. 2. Allow option to generate workouts by number of exercises not time. 3. Allow addition of supersets to in-progress workouts. Would love to join a beta of this fabulous app.

  13. Enjoying this app as a three day a week workout novice. However, I’m encountering a bug on Android where for some exercises, I cannot scroll down to the see bottom of instructional text. This makes it hard to know how to do some exercises right. I have screenshots if a developer sees this and wants an example.

  14. Shelton S dice:

    Been using the app for 2 years now and really like how far it’s come. The recent ability to change workout times from the main screen is one of my favorite features. I also like how I can now remove certain exercises from future workouts as well. Great app and I’ll be subscribing again next year.

  15. I so far love this app and I think it’s worth the money. It’s losing two stars since it doesn’t have feature parity with the iOS version. It’s been three months since Interval training on iOS and it’s not on Android. The subscription is too expensive to not have feature parity across all apps.

  16. Lost all my trial workout data – tried to subscribe but couldn’t through the app (never let me continue working out despite selecting plan). Finally reset password on the website and subscribed. Still no luck on the app so I logged out and logged back in – all three starter workout data was lost! I’m shocked my workout data is not stored online – what happens if I get a new phone? I have to start all over again? That’s terrible for a subscription app!

  17. Jon dice:

    Pretty disappointed that two of the main features I was wanting from the app (connecting to fitbit and being able to provide input on sets for future adjustments) aren’t available for the Android like they are iOs, even though the subscription fee is the same. I think I’ll be canceling my membership at the end of this cycle.

  18. After 2 months of use, both trial and paid version: Great exercise catalog, the App plans your workouts smartly and effectively while still allowing you to customize. Instructions for each exercise are great, and the ability to customize what equipment you have access to is very great as well. My greatest requested feature would be after-workout stretches related to the muscle groups hit. Hope that could come in a later update!

  19. This app has a lot of potential and is listed high on a lot of fitness app review sites. I’m still relatively new to the app but so far it seems smart in what it’s suggesting for exercise routines. Maybe not perfect, but you can tweak what it recommends. The main reason I’m giving just 3 stars is the complete lack of charts and graphs showing my progress. For as advanced as this app seems, this is a glaring omission. Even simple more basic (and bad) apps have a visual way to track progress.

  20. I just don’t have any faith that the AI knows what it’s doing. It seems to select exercises at random from whatever target muscle it wishes to do at that time and throws them together in nonsensical ways to construct a workout. It gives a lot of variety, but I’d even argue too much variety at many times. Also it is deeply disappointing how far behind the android app is from the apple one, and we don’t even get a price break given that we don’t have so many features.

  21. The best fitness app I’ve ever used, its the first one to get me to the gym regularly and confidently. The ability to quickly replace exercises for alternatives if an area or peice of equipment isn’t free is absolutely the best if you have a crowded gym or are not super comfortable talking to other people while working out. It seems to escalate my work outs based on what I did before. You can set it up so a certain exercise is included every time, great for including physical therapy HW.

  22. Odin dice:

    Excellent app. Helps you plan exercise and keep track of your progress, also does a good job with suggestions. I however wish three things existed; 1. The ability to add custom exercises and/or notes. 2. The ability to add the specific weights of plates/bars/dumbbells you own to your gym equipment. 3. The ability to remove sets from exercises. I don’t always want to do five sets of one exercise and have to resort setting the reps to zero which makes my workout look incomplete.

  23. Eric M dice:

    Paid version is great and way cheaper than a PT. Didn’t know how to start lifting or what exercises to do. This app eliminates the guess work. It keeps track of how much weight I’m using per exercise and auto increases next time. It lets me set up different gym profiles based on what equipment I have available. I decided to leave a review when it became apparent that the dev team is really working hard, always improving and keeping the user up to date with the changes that are coming. Great job.

  24. The paid subscription is honestly the way to go if you dont have a trainer and need a plan. I love that I can punch in most of my equipment and it has a routine that is easily editable from reps, to weights, to sets, to even if I dont like that exercise. You can switch on the fly. The how to videos are great and also the ability to display what muscle groups are being worked/targeted. So, if I feel something is being used that isn’t targeted, I can make adjustment. 5/5

  25. The exercises while random are pretty good. But it suggest underweight exercises and when you select alternative ones they seem kind of random as well. You also have to manually input if you use a fitness watch which is annoying for someone that does heavy cardio as well. You also only get 3 workouta before everything gets locked behind a steep paywall

  26. I have completed 12 workouts at this point, and honestly I’m disappointed. The workouts seem completely random, and I get some variation of pull up almost every single night. I’m not able to see any progress because I’m always having to learn some new exercise. Then I’m not pushing myself as hard because I have no idea what weight is appropriate because the app always way under suggests for me.

  27. Tim Moy dice:

    Concept is great, but execution is half-baked. Been using this for a year or so(?) They keep saying they’re excited to launch the new Android version while we’re still without a lot of the (apparent) iOS features and integrations… still paying for a full app though. I do like how the workouts adjust based on the calculated fatigue of each muscle group and the easy-to-use rest periods during exercise. Maybe other apps do this, but I’ve been too lazy until now to look into it; this does good enough, but it’s not as cool as you see it advertised.

  28. I like using this app to build my own workouts. I like that you can build circuits and supersets, see your past weights, etc. But currently the Android version is missing the ability to save a workout, and I’m finding this really hard to deal with. I try to do the same workout a couple times a week so I can see progress and having to manually enter it every single time is a pain. If this feature is not added by the time my subscription expires, I will probably not renew.

  29. I have finished the trial and overall I am impressed with the way this app is designed and how it functions. However, I am not impressed enough to spend 59.99 on it…..let alone repay that every year. I have nothing against developers making a profit for their labors; but this is ridiculously overpriced. For that price this should be a one time purchase. I can find similar options for free or much cheaper…and even if they fall a bit short they are at least reasonably priced.

  30. Nice looking app. Seems functional. But missing a basic feature that makes this app useless for me. Not sure if the app developers even think this through. You can create your own workout but there’s no way to save it. Just create it each time and log that workout. No one’s going to do that for each and every workout. You generally want to plan out workouts for a recurring week(for eg.) and then log instances of the plan.

  31. I’ve heard good things about this app, so I’m optimistic it’ll continue to improve for Android. The setup is great, and it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t seem to register the equipment I selected, as I haven’t once gotten an ab wheel exercise even when I go to “replace” one of the ab workouts it seems to default to which are getting boring. Additionally, the AI is still clunky. It doesn’t seem to update my weights / reps like I expected. Overall, excited to see what the future holds as they continue to roll out updates. I’d love to see smaller updates quickly than wait much longer for a bigger update, and it’d be great to get notifications as improvements are made!

  32. The Android version isn’t even close to the Apple version. The Android version has been adding some features but they’re more nice to haves rather than must haves. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to save workouts and be able to replicate them for the future. It’s a waste of time flipping between screens, searching for the move and adding it to a workout each and every week. Most people follow the same protocols for several weeks before switching exercises.

  33. Good & Bad I tried the trial version and I really like the app. Selecting available equipment was really good, the workout plans (with videos for exercises I was unsure of) are really good, and I like the fact that it will pre plan your next workout (that you can adjust if you want). The BIG draw back for me is the price. If it weren’t so expensive I’d stick with this app, but as of now you’ve priced yourself out of my market and I’m forced to keep looking

  34. It’s great for mixing up my workout routine and tracking my weight lifted, but for an app that requires a subscription, it’s lacking a lot of features that free apps have. It doesn’t allow you to log and track your body weight and measurements. It doesn’t allow you to leave notes on your workout sets. It doesn’t chart or export data. I feel these would be easy additions given the price we pay.

  35. So far so good. I’ve been working with the app for a week but I’ve logged the past two months of my workouts in the app. Quality app with what it has but could use a few more tweaks. A notes option for each exercise would be great. Also, I’m quite data driven, so a plot of weight lifted, 1 rep maxes, and volume lifted, all versus time would be a nice add on. The workouts that are determined hit the full body over the course of a week.

  36. p dice:

    At $10 a month or $60 a year it’s overpriced. There are features missing (at least on Android), like a plate calculator. That’s not considering features a premium app should have (any sort of data analysis or metrics). It isn’t clear that it actually helps you progress. There isn’t a place to set goals, or track progress. It’s buggy. If you select “body weight only” it still gives weighted exercises. There are issues with pullups in particular (it’s given me over 90 before). Nice variety though.

  37. Great app, excellent exercises to choose from. I love how for each exercise there is a video as well as a description of each exercise. I dinged it a star because it would be great to add notes for each exercise. It would also be beneficial if it showed a way to modify each exercise. During the questionnaire they could ask if you have any injuries to accommodate exercises that way. I find I need to replace or modify a lot of exercises because I have a permanently injured right arm.

  38. Sam Nader dice:

    The app is easy to use, and provides copious workout regimens that can easily be altered to match your personal needs based on exercise comfort level and equipment access. Best geared towards people with a little experience(you should consult a personal trainer if you don’t have experience anyways). My only complaint would be that timed exercises like planks can’t currently use the same in app timer that is utilized for rest between sets, or at least I haven’t figured that one out yet.

  39. App on Apple is amazing. Was super excited to see it on Android so I didn’t have to bring my iPad into the gym. However the app on android is bad. It doesn’t have all the features and bugs out on super sets. And I made the assumption that the workouts would show up on all my devices being they are all linked to the same email but that didn’t happen. I’m going to stick to the apple app as it performs as it should.

  40. Coming from an iPhone, I support this app because it is such a great workout planner. However, there are a lot of features not added in yet, just so you know. On iPhone, there is a plate calculator, achievement tracker, and the ability to “show more” when replacing an exercise. Not a huge loss, but I cannot wait for this app to be at par to the iPhone one. Just know that you are not getting all of the features when you pay your subscription. I understand this is a beta app.

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