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Scan food & personal care products and evaluate their impact on your health
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Yuka scans food & personal care products to decipher their ingredients and evaluate their impact on your health.

In a world of incomprehensible labels, Yuka provides clarity in one quick scan so you can make clear-sighted purchases.

Yuka uses a simple color code to inform you of the product’s impact on your health: excellent, good, mediocre, or poor. You can access a detailed info page for each product, to help you understand its grade.


Every product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional value, additives, and the organic dimension of the product.


The scoring method relies on analyzing all of the product’s ingredients. Every ingredient is assigned a level of risk, based on current scientific research.


For any product with a negative grade, Yuka will recommend in total independence a similar product that’s better for your health as an alternative.


Yuka is a 100% independent application. This means that product evaluations and recommendations are completely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. In addition, the application does not advertise. Find out more about our funding on our website.


We're still improving the app and fixing the bugs you report! 🛠🥕


40 comentarios en "Yuka – Food & cosmetic scan MODDED"

  1. Jenn Page dice:

    Mind blown. I have spent so much time in aisles reading labels to buy the best stuff I could find. Turns out everthing I put on my body is POOR! Even the “all natural” makeup. We’re going to go get all new products now that we have the app to help pick them out. And it’s so quick and easy. I love that the app is self financed and independent from all brands. There are no ads even if you do free version. The makers actually care about the cause. I decided to pay for the pro version to support.

  2. Kyle Paus dice:

    Awesome app. Here is a tip in case you don’t pay the subscription and you don’t have a product in front of you: Many stores online website show pictures of all side of a product packaging including the barcode. If your store doesn’t have a picture of a products barcode, check other stores! Not necessarily a full proof work around for every product but its better then nothing.

  3. So far I think the app is great! My only complaint is when I try to add a product that is not listed, it won’t accept it. I’m only putting in the information I see and it’s asking you me to make sure that what I put in is correct (it is). It won’t let me do anything after that so I can’t add this product, please add like a skip feature or something or an okay button to verify that what we put in is correct. Keep up the hard work thank you so much!

  4. This app is amazing! I do wish it had more studies in English as most of them are in Spanish, but translating with technology is not really an issue. You get everything the app has to offer without premium except a search bar, but you don’t really need it unless you’re trying to buy products online I guess. But you can scan anything in store and not only get information on that product, but recommendations for products better for you that are similar! Will be using for everything I buy!

  5. Maggie H dice:

    This app has provided me with excellent information on products I buy daily. It’s a real eye opener, to see so many beauty products, soaps, shampoos, can foods, etc. that have harmful/toxic chemicals. I’ve made some real changes and have stopped buying these harmful products! I will definitely keep scanning on YUKA before I buy! I refuse to spend my hard earned money on toxic products that are slowly killing us! 😤

  6. Day June dice:

    This app has been super helpful when I’m in the store. It seems out products with harmful additives for me. It also breaks down the overall health of a product in a very easy visual way. So if “too many calories” isn’t a concern of mine then I still buy the product. You can also favorite items which is super helpful for me to make a nice list of snacks I can buy in the future. Great app!

  7. This is a super helpful and easy to use app while shopping. The numbers it rates foods can sometimes be misleading, for example, it says a That’s It bar has too much sugar since it doesn’t take into account that the bar also has the natural fiber from the fruits. However, it is super helpful it showing you any risky ingredients and I love how it explains why they are risky. I especially like using it to compare two different foods or beauty products.

  8. I LOVE this app!! It’s helped me so much with cutting all the junk our if my life and all it takes is a quick scan. I love that they provide articles as to why the additives are bad instead of just saying so, so you can be more informed of what you are consuming. The developers also get back to you super quick when it comes to adding new products. My only “complaint” is that I wish that they could expand to cover things like detergent and cleaning supplies.

  9. I don’t like that it takes points off for food that has “too many calories”. That’s subjective and dependent on the person who is eating the food. 100 calories for some orange juice should not deduct THAT many points. I do, however, like using this for cosmetic products. It’s very helpful because I don’t know the technical names for many of the harsh or toxic chemicals in a lot of hair and skin care items. I also like how in depth it goes in describing why the ingredients are bad for you 🙂

  10. K G dice:

    So helpful when shopping, but also to go thru your cabinets and fridge. I’m learning more about foods and ingredients every day and this helps teach you what makes foods or cosmetics bad, and more importantly why. Had to turn off battery and data in the background though… My phone was getting very hot on charge and once I did that, my phone cooled down immediately.

  11. : dice:

    The score yuka gives to some items seems odd at times, but that’s not my issue. The issue is that I’ve used yuka on multiple phones, data, and wifi networks, but it still takes an hour for anything scanned to appear most of the time. Sometimes it’ll be instantaneous, but most of the time, it’ll scan, disappear, and the scanned item will decide to reappear after a few hours, sometimes a day. If I’m shopping for groceries, and scanning physical items in a store, I don’t have time for this.

  12. Di Lu dice:

    Great concept, execution could be improved. The scanner is very unreliable. It doesn’t know if the picture is in focus or within a good distance, and it doesn’t have an UI for me to help out. You’d need a lot of free time and patience standing in the grocery store trying to scan products correctly. At which point just Googling the product is faster. Also doesn’t seem to work for non-american products.

  13. Updating my review to reflect the recent app update. It seems the data unavailable for common products was unintended and the developer was able to resolve in short order. I still stand by my initial feedback that showing nutritional highlights (additives, sugar, fat, etc) would still be highly beneficial to the user despite the lack of rating on certain product types. Outside of that the app works rather well, it’s an easy interface, snappy, and saves previous searches which is a nice touch.

  14. Simplicity to the point of elegance! Not only does it do well as it is advertise. But quick and without faultier. I was amazed at how well it worked and the immediate impact it had right away on my food choices. Some products that I had no idea even existed. Three scans in and I was sold! Excellent program. Good work, Thank you!

  15. It doesn’t recognize Everything, but this app has changed my life. I’ve spent so mich time, money, and effort trying to find the right hair and body products, only to discover everything I’ve purchased has been causing problems. I was shocked when I found products advertised as paraben free substitute with an equally harmful ingredient. And I am no longer using Bath & Body Works products. Thank you. This app is exactly what I’ve been needing.

  16. E H dice:

    Helpful with most products I own so far but there are some that are not in the app. I have scanned and added a few so I like that feature and that they add it with the new info pretty fast. This app has informed me of ingredients I wasn’t aware were harmful. What I don’t like is that you cannot manually type in to look up products by name without using a barcode in the free version. Some products I look up online don’t have an image of their barcode for me to scan.

  17. Love this app! I downloaded it awhile ago from a tiktok, I didn’t really use it till recently when my fiance & I got on a healthy lifestyle change. I have scanned products we used and it is so shocking what products contains carcinogens. Alot of items I thought were good were horrible, & shockingly some products were great. I also love how it gives recommendations for a better product! That’s my favorite part. To the store I go!

  18. Alim M dice:

    Update: adding products is a nightmare! Just let the user snap and crop the photo…the auto detection is terrible…loses 1 star Original: This app was a real eye opener. Love that it breaks down the individual ingredients and tells you in plain English why they are no good! The healthier recommendations are great! Just need to go check my local grocery stores to make sure these recommendations are available in my area.

  19. A reason for the addition of the substances and the role they play, what they actually do would be an improvement to their descriptions. A great app that justifies it’s ratings with peak body’ review, grey article or liturature, which is a significant upgrade from standard review sites. Would be good to be able to create your own sub-categories within the food/beauty category’s. Point and shoot scan with snap info, very easy to use.

  20. Yuka has really improved form its inception here in Australia. I’ve updated my rating accordingly. I would like to see a manual search field and shortcuts when I tap and hold the app. Sure. Scan, search, favourites. My phone offers a function that allows me to tap and hold the fingerprint scanner and select shortcuts + apps. Although I like Yuka — it’s a little dissapointing that they still haven’t introduced the search functionality here. Deducted one star.

  21. Doesn’t work as it should. You scan and it tells you if a product is good or bad, it recommends a safer product when an item is scanned. The problem is when you find the safer product on the shelf and scan it the app says the product has a poor or bad rating. I’ve also scanned some Atkins items and it says that they don’t evaluate supplements?? I’ve scanned a lot of various “safe” products from shampoo to food and they are all poor or bad. The only thing I like is that it’s easy to use

  22. I absolutely love this app, the simplicity of using it is the main push to have on while shopping. I love the alternative recomendations it provides scanning a item. Very knowledgeable about each ingredient and what its causes. Great way to also track sugar intakes. Love it!!!

  23. I always wanted to avoid harmful additives and dyes. It was hard to remember what was harmful and what wasn’t, but this app makes it waaay easier. I cannot belive some of the stuff I was eating. My favorite thing about this app is the alternative product recommendations.

  24. I stumbled across a post that mentioned this app so I installed it. 98% of the products I’m using contain toxic ingredients! The application provides recommendations for non toxic products which is wonderful because I don’t want to stand in the isle at the store scanning 100 products. This app will definitely change my perspective on the products I purchase moving forward.

  25. This app is amazing!! I am shocked about all the terrible things I was putting in my body, thinking I was being healthy. I have two minor concerns, one, it does not flag HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. This ingredient is awful and should not be consumed, it’s not worth deducting stars because it’s easy to read and avoid on the ingredients. Two, keep in mind eating healthy cost money. Although some alternatives are cost effective, some are not. But that is the price you’re going to pay to eat well.

  26. Gamerren dice:

    I’m not really the target audience for this app, but I was so impressed by the great UI design, easy to understand information and easily accessible studies if you want to learn more. This is a great app for quickly getting lots of information on pretty much any product. Highly recommend.

  27. So as far as the app goes. It’s use is OK if your only looking for toxic chemicals. The app is not right when it comes to counting calories and saturated fat as bad. That’s just ridiculous. It’s the staple of a keto diet. Also it counts carbs and sugar as ok which again is ridiculous. These need to be changed. It’s false info and people who eat a high carb high sugar low fat diet are extremely unhealthy.

  28. M M dice:

    Good for finding the chemicals in foods, which I appreciate. I hope in the future they can also let you know if the food has Bioengineered food products which I absolutely refuse to feed my family. So if Prego Sauce rates a 77, it is still trash to me because it contains bioengineered foods. I will eat a food with a lower score because of calories or fat before I will a food with a high score that contains bioengineered food products.

  29. Good app. Helps determine whether the food/drink you have is healthy or not and gives a good description of what makes it healthy or unhealthy. I have one problem with it though. I scanned a drink made of just fruit juice and everything about it was good but it was marked a 30/100 because it had 10 calories. I don’t know if I’m crazy or something but 10 calories is not a lot for a good sized all natural drink

  30. i love this app it helps me figure out which products to try! Also, it would be great if their was some more scanning options that can determine which candles and other kinds of items are safe

  31. Ok I NEVER come to the app store to give a rating, this will be the first time ever. I saw this app on TikTok and i was curious so i downloaded it. The first thing I want to say is this app runs and looks incredibly clean. There is no confusion navigating. It’s also fast. Scans a barcode without any hassle. You’re never left there waiting for a page to load. I was impressed with how much it can actually recognize too. A great way to learn ingredients. This app is worth buying premium!

  32. Simple, it works fast, and easy to use. It is a great nutritional app, and educational. Will be interesting how they will profit off it later, I hope no ads!

  33. kammi dice:

    This app is great it has helped show me all the horrible things I put in my body and on my body. Extremely helpful while shopping so you don’t have to read every label and know what toxic ingredients to watch for. Just scan product and its tells you everything. If they don’t have the product listed you can add it and they will rate it for you. The only improvement I would suggest is having a way to rate things from online sources. There is a search bar but no way to add a product before buying.

  34. Simple, basic concept, AWESOME execution. It delivers on the food side at 6 stars. The only con is the beauty side … most of my hair and skin products that I’ve carefully curated and love got poor to bad ratings exclusively for one particular ingredient that started with a “ph”. Screw that! Not a fan on that end, but the food rating system has been an eyeopener and SUPER useful. Would recommend, highly.

  35. Really do not understand this rating system. It doesn’t seem to weigh the importance of ingredients or just completely ignores them. After it told me animal crackers were better than simple mills products, I’m out. Would be more helpful to break down each ingredient and rate each ingredient. The ratings for calories, fat, etc are all objective. Also, fat is not bad! I would not recommend this app to make any informed choices. Look at the ingredients first.

  36. Love it ! It’s a very good and fast app. I love it and I catch myself scanning everything in the store 🙂 I made some research and found out that Yuka is accurate in terms of ingredients and how each are dangerous or not. I’m going premium to help the team of 9 continuing the great work !

  37. B Marie dice:

    The search feature being a subscription based feature seems extremely inconsiderate to those who are unable to leave the house and use the scan feature on barcodes. Although the fee is small and helps support the app, no one who may be disabled should have to pay to use the search feature. Better to just not have the app all together. Find something user-friendly for all seems to be the better choice.

  38. Wonderful idea for an app. I would be happy to pay for the full version of this app if it was more accurate. Some additives that they list as NO RISK have many risks. Also they don’t put much negative weight on high fructose corn syrup. Which everyone knows is horrible for your health. Scanned water case = 100/100 bottle =71/100. Same water. There are many issues like those. I hope they keep improving the information on this app because it has the potential to be amazing!!

  39. Brilliant app, mostly been using it to help me have a better start to my day. So many cereals full of unnecessary ingredients and this app helps me avoid such ones. Also useful for general shopping, snacks and drinks. Because of the way this explains in one by one steps so to speak, I find it easier to understand than the NHS (formerly Change 4 Life) Food Scanner app

  40. Most Useful App Ive ever Had. I like it so much I paid for the full subscription even though I didnt have to. This app saves me from reading the back of every single item, letting me know if they have harmful ingredients/additives/chemicals. It has 100% helped me cook and eat cleaner along with my family. I recently started using it for skincare/haircare products as well. Kudos to the Yuka Squad for this awesome app and thank you!

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