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PUMATRAC provides running and training motivation. Enjoy access to over 120 premium workouts for all skill levels and train on your terms — no equipment necessary. Receive personalized fitness recommendations to help you get into the best shape of your life.

Benefit from over 3,000 minutes of unique video-guided drills from world-class trainers and PUMA athletes, delivering a wide range of workouts, including running, strength training, boxing, HIIT, Pilates, and more.

Connect and compete with the PUMATRAC community, where you can share your progress and measure your stats. For added inspiration, enjoy in-app access to your Spotify account so you can train to your favorite get-pumped playlist.

– Receive Customized Running and Training Content
A smart learning engine serves up personalized workouts from our library of performance-based training and running content. The more you train with the PUMA Fit Collective, the better we can curate the right workouts to help you get stronger, move faster, and go farther.

– Work Out with PUMA Global Athletes and World-Class Trainers
Learn how the pros train and gain insight into what makes these athletes the best in their field. Workouts available from Lewis Hamilton, Pamela Reif, Virat Kohli, Marta Hennig and many more.

– Searching for a Pilates, Running, or HIIT Workout?
We’ve got them! And many other workouts, too, including strength training, flexibility and mobility, Pilates, ballet, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), running, and boxing to get you in shape.

– Run and Train Together
Warm up the right way with videos that properly prepare you for exercise. Then, let PUMATRAC guide you through running and workouts. Finish with easy-to-follow cooldown videos. We’re with you every step of the way.

– Create a Running and Workout Schedule
A scheduler helps you slot the right workouts into the sweet spots of your day. Pick a goal (running, fitness, weight), then plan each week’s workouts to help you hit your fitness targets.

– Access Exclusive PUMA Offers and Events
Connect, sweat, and learn with PUMA Team Faster trainers and athletes. Meet local fitness legends, run with groups that match your pace, and join a community that gets inspired by moving and improving. Always be on the Inside TRAC.

– Work Out to Your Music
PUMATRAC provides in-app access to your Spotify and Apple Music playlists and stations so you can move to your own beat.

– Get Inspired and Stay Motivated with Your Social Feed
By integrating with your favorite social networks, you’ll go further, get stronger, and run faster with a little help from your friends. Share your training on Instagram and Twitter to inspire others and get motivated by those you follow.

– Engage in Some Healthy Competition
See where you rank on the leaderboard for different workouts and runs, then challenge yourself to move up.

-Share Workouts and Runs with Your Circle and the PUMATRAC Community
Add PUMA Team Faster trainers and friends to your training circle so you can share your workouts, invite people to train with you, track your Circle’s progress, and help each other stay motivated.

– Google Fit Integration
PUMATRAC uses Google Fit to enrich your profile and provide a more accurate burned calories calculation. You can also save your workouts and monitor activities in the Google Fit app.

– PUMATRAC for Wear OS
Leave your phone at home and go for a run with your Android smartwatch. Easy tracking of heart rate, distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned means running has never been easier. Your Wear OS watch now also tracks your heart rate, all while you complete a workout on your phone.

Continued use of GPS in the background can decrease battery life.


During times like these, we're Stronger Together. Check out our new stickers and share your workouts and runs on PUMATRAC, Instagram, and Twitter with our new #Stongertogether Sticker.

We improved the overall APP performance and enhanced the pairing to Wear OS smartwatches.

Thanks for your constant feedback and help to improve the PUMATRAC experience.


40 comentarios en "PUMATRAC Run, Train, Fitness MODDED 2022"

  1. Overall I was really excited using this app, it was the simplest bodyweight workout app I could find with a fair variety in both trainers and time duration. used it for a few years and loved it but lately now has bugs even after reinstalling. I’ve used strava to record my running and wanted to use puma instead, the auto pause kept glitching and would not stop even with settings to have both the auto pause and the voice turned off! And now every workout I download won’t show the video at all. ☹

  2. The app is amazing, especially when tracking the running it’s super accurate, and Ive never seen so many free workouts in one place. BUT watch the videos and practice before doing a serious workout to avoid interrupting your workout AND to avoid injury. Some of the tutorials are WAY too fast paced for someone who isn’t already familiar with the movements. It’s an inconvenience to pause and rewatch but otherwise it’s an amazing app, so still 5 stars 👍

  3. EDIT: The sound no longer cuts out, and whole you still can’t stream instead of downloading, I like the automatic download because then I can work out when I’m not connected. This is a great app, except the sound cuts out on me about halfway through the workouts. I’m using the Moto G6. The only other cons are that you can’t record a custom workout and there is no option to stream the workouts instead of downloading them to my phone.

  4. really like the variety of workouts, for different levels, fitness goals, and length that are available. I was looking for a variety of things in the 30 min range for lean & fit strength training and there are plenty. I also really love the 10 min pre run warm up, helped me shave some time off my 2.0 mi I do 4x week. i wouldve given 5 stars, but it has difficulties syncing with my Spotify music sometimes, but solid GUI and solid catalog for all levels and goals and time available. -Samsung S8

  5. Honestly the best workout app I’ve ever used, I can’t believe it’s free. Gone down two sizes in my waist and torso is looking ready for the beach. Thanks guys. They have a workout for any person no matter what area they are focusing on, with varied levels of difficulty. The trainers are cool too.

  6. I started using this app after the Adidas training app changed their algorithm and have been very happy since I did. The coaches are great, I can progress at my own pace and they have exercises of all types, from yoga to strength training, for skill levels of all types, from beginners to advanced. I highly recommend this app if you’re looking to work on your functional fitness.

  7. Super good fitness app. Smooth and clean interface and it’s free and the videos are very slick and useful. You can also download them to workout offline or if you’re in a place without internet. Only thing is they should be able to give workout plans according to people’s fitness goals and preferences. They recommend but they should also have plans that users can just follow. But all in all best app. Defs recommend it.

  8. It is one of the best applications for a guided workout. It can save the workout progress automatically and workouts are downloaded for a smooth training/workout session. There are lots of different varieties of workouts and different workouts for different parts of body. One of the impressive things is the trainer(for how to do the exercise/possision) also voice guide so we don’t have to look at the phone again and again they also have different sound when the session starts/ends.

  9. This app is fantastic! The workouts are great – very enjoyable and easy to follow – not to mention incredibly varied. As it combines a run tracker with aforementioned variety of workouts, it is clearly a step ahead of other similar apps. As the saying goes, you’ve tried the rest.. now try the best!

  10. Z K dice:

    Good app, good exercises, easy to use. My only issue is that the audio is all over the place, sometimes you can’t even hear what exercise is coming up but the explanation is overly loud, etc

  11. It’s good,but I don’t know if only I have this problem… my app it’s installed but when I start an workout screen turn on black and I only hear the voice of the same…the problem is I don’t know how to do all exercises…and when I stop the image of warm-up and the current exercise as next ecercises appears!! I really want use this app,but when can I training if this problem continues, how can I? Please can you help? Joana.

  12. This app is amazing for tracking, especially considering it’s free. My husband is an exclusive Puma brand enthusiast so I thought he’d get a kick out of me using some basic map tracker but I’m blown away at the details and extra content. Only thing it could improve on is a little more instruction on how to use it.

  13. I have been using this app over a year now and like it a lot. Workouts are pretty versatile: from running workouts with a warm up und a cool down or hiit to meditations and yoga. I like chalenges as well, they motivate me to train regularly.

  14. Great REALISTIC and balanced workouts that are challenging yet doable. I have two major issues though; 1: It’s immensely annoying when I tap on a workout and the video at the top plays automatically – if I want to watch the video, I’ll just play it; don’t play it for me. 2: The ‘hearted’ (saved/liked) workouts, even if they are already downloaded, refuse to begin without an Internet connection – this doesn’t make sense at all.

  15. SK dice:

    So for so good with this app. It provides almost every kind of bodyweight exercises. But it still has some issues, like during some workouts the video doesn’t play which freezes the timer too. We have to manually check the time and go for the next exercises. But it’s worse when it gets stuck on the last exercise, I have to leave the app without my tracscore getting added. Please fix this issue devs.

  16. The App is really good. I enjoy using it, however there are some videos whereby you download and only to find that the video on the workouts is not working. It’s quite disappointing because you already in workout mode and now you have to try find another workout to download and start all over again. I also don’t like how I can’t view all my downloaded workouts and be able to choose which workouts I’d like to keep and which I’d like to delete. The app deletes everything downloaded.

  17. The workouts are amazing!!! The app offers a great variety of them. There is a slight problem with some workouts though as they tend to freeze at some point and I have to skip / forward the workout. I also like the fact that I can play my choice of music in the background especially since I don’t have a subscription with Spotify.

  18. The application is very interesting, thanks to the developers. But on Android 9, it is possible only on this model it does not work correctly. At the end of the training, it displays a black screen and the timer does not end. And the result is not fixed. I already went through 3 full workouts, did not skip anything, and at the end of each I saw a black screen and my counter did not replenish, but still remains at zero. I would be happy to continue using this application if my problem is resolved

  19. Love love love everything about it.. Gritty and to the point, no unnecessary talking and noise. I can do it whilst watching TV, listening to a custom or suggested Playlist. Been a real life saver for me in Covid lockdown, and have rekindled my love of pilates again through this app as well as exploring boxing! It would be helpful though if the sessions could be streamed rather than downloaded prior to each session.

  20. The app is really good, does what it is supposed to. However, I can only select Spotify to play music for me and can’t shuffle the music library I already have on my phone like I can in the Nike Run Club app. This extra step to open the music app seperately everytime before I go for a run is really annoying. Will give 5 stars if this issue goes, really willing to switch from Nike Run Club to this.

  21. Daria G dice:

    I love it! Workout range from really short (5-6 min) to an hour and longer. A bit too much HIIT for my taste. Would love to see more strength workouts.

  22. Great exercises with excellent videos. The coaching audio and start and stop beeps however glitched a quarter way through the session. The audio completely disappeared. Spotify music however carried on. Things I’d change: Let Spotify music fade out a bit when coach voice speaks. Give option to control the different volumes in app. Warm down exercises I think should be a bit longer to properly stretch.

  23. Ronak G M dice:

    Love the variety of workouts and the recommendations. Would be happy if a few changes are made : 1) Option to download a workout in advance, instead of downloading right before the workout 2) Option to end a workout mid-way, with the progress saved. Currently the mid-way progress does not get saved until the entire workout is complete

  24. This a great fitness app with a wide variety of different workouts from beginners to advanced.

  25. Simple, clear and precise instructions. Easy to follow and very effective exercises.

  26. Very happy with this app. Unlike other apps which try to sell you into a subscription, Pumatrac is totally free. It also has much mode interesting workouts for variety and to suit different fitness interests (gym, bodyweight, boxing, ballet…). The workouts are challenging but fun. Perfect for active individuals who would like some guidance at the gym or home, but want to do a little more that the basic squats and crunches which are wholly uninspiring imo. Slightly buggy but overall thumbs up!!

  27. Really nice app! Its a big plus that the workouts are free. Variety or workouts and good coaching. Feedback: There could be added a category where people could choose which body area they would like to work. Upper body,lower body etc. As a filter for specific workout instead of full body. Also, there is no option for equipment workouts. Only using your bodyweight in exercises.

  28. Love it, I’ve been looking for an app that provides free training as I can’t afford to go to the gym or get a personal trainer. This is perfect, you get to pick your own training depending on your goals. There is a voice coach that explains the workout and it’s benefits which I love. Best of all it let’s you know how many calories you’ve burnt. I just hope they fix the voice coach because towards the end of my workout I had to glance at my phone to check if the time was up which is distracting.

  29. Lovely and Lively! First time to workout here. The voice guide is SO reassuring and sounds motivating! Best app to workout with so far! Smooth app. Graphics are terrific! Fitness models make you get so motivated. Didn’t try linking Spotify, yet. Nevertheless, awesome feature to exist! PS: Have already tried all the apps out there. None was as satisfying as this one.

  30. Awesome experience. The app is really easy to navigate and consists of many workouts from beginner to advanced so there is room for everybody. Really effective workouts. But sometimes there are some issues with warmups but not with the workouts and cooldown. All in all its a great app. Loved it😘

  31. Love love looooove so much with this app. I’m so suitable with it while I don’t feel workout alone, the trainers so humble in introduction and the levels are measured. Don’t worry if y’all is beginner on exercising! The display is elegant, simple, and on point. But, for developer, I beg to fix the bugs when we wanna play the part of videos, sometimes the videos can’t played well. Add local music and spotify lite too. Overall, I’m so appreciate y’all for making this app, this is so amazing!!!

  32. I’d rate this app 5 stars but the only complaint I have is that some workouts would freeze even after downloading them. The whole workout doesn’t freeze just a few parts of it. Please fix that. Other than that I love this app. Great workouts and I really have increased my strength and lost a few inches in the few months I’ve been using it. I’d like it if it had more yoga workouts.

  33. Absolutely the best workout app I’ve ever used. Tracks runs/walks, & has more variety in workouts than I could have expected!

  34. Rick dice:

    Excellent workouts for all levels with and without weights! Many are downloadable too… And it really is free with no ads!

  35. Was able to use it nicely for a while but then since 2 days ago, there has been errors. Tried reinstalling and it doesn’t wanna log in now… hopefully this can be fixed soon since this app has great workouts

  36. Really great interface, user-friendly with a lot of different options. Workouts are also easy and accessible for those of us without equipment. Haven’t experienced any technical issues with the app either. Great work, guys! Let’s see if I can get my a#$ into shape!

  37. Best free app I’ve found for strictly equipment- free workouts. Running tracker also amazing.

  38. Great value proposition. Exercises are interesting and provide a good foundation based on your goal. The price to pay? Good marketing and brand engagement. Thanks puma

  39. The app is really great in terms of workouts..all levels and each workout is arranged with proper sequence of warmup main workout and streching The only feature i dislike is if i want to do a certain workout it asks me to download which is fine but again the dowmload takes close to an hour. And sometimes you keep on waiting for it to download and it get stuck after being downloaded 7% to 8%. There is no further progress.

  40. Does everything Nike app is missing, which I used before. Videos can be downloaded for offline use and you can set goals. I am maybe bias because I like me some puma’s 😉

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