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Low carb & Keto diet macro tracker, calorie counter, recipes, and fasting app
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Join the Keto, low carb, and macros revolution with Carb Manager®! It’s FREE to use, and tracks all your macros and TRUE net carbs, subtracting sugar alcohols and fiber.

Whether you’re brand new to the Ketogenic, low carb, or macros diet or intermittent fasting and are just getting started…

…Or you’re a seasoned pro who’s tired of using generic diet apps and calorie counters that don’t fit the way that you eat…

….we’re excited to welcome you to the Carb Manager family!

Carb Manager is so much more than just a macro calculator or net carb tracker. It’s a movement. A community. A lifestyle.

Our food tracker is the most advanced in the industry, making it easy to log each meal in seconds. You can even log meals by taking a picture of what you ate, with our AI image recognition technology.

You’ll have no trouble staying in ketosis with our macro calculator and carbohydrate counter, which automatically tracks your carbs, fat, protein, and calories with “over-limit” alerts.

But even more than a carb calculator, Carb Manager is your one-stop destination for living a healthy low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We’ve bundled low-carb diet articles, forums, recipes, a meal planner, intermittent fasting timer, a Keto video crash course, a community with weekly challenges to help members lose weight together, and more.

Whether you’re on a Keto / Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, or other low-carb (LCHF) diet, Carb Manager helps you stay motivated and aware of your health and fitness.

Following Keto for diabetes management? You’ll love our diabetic carb counter, trusted by thousands of users with diabetes to control carbs. Track blood sugar, ketones, and net carbs.

Ready to try intermittent fasting? Try our built-in fasting tracker app to track fasting times and eating windows & visualize the impact of fasting on your weight goals with intuitive graphs.

Carb Manager is the king of all-in-one Keto diet apps, built specifically for the low carb lifestyle.

• Easy to use food diary
• Keto calculator: Track net carbs, macros, and more
• Macronutrient calculator: Track carbohydrates, fats, & protein
• Finally lose it with our calorie counter: Use our calorie tracker to set a calorie deficit goal based on weight loss goals
• Food diary: Search 3M+ foods with macros and carb counts, plus net carbs and calories
• Water tracker: water watchers can stay hydrated!
• Fitness tracker: log exercises and workouts, plus cardio and weight training
• Weight tracker: measure and chart weight loss and BMI
• Nutrition details: Total carbs, net carbs, fat, calories, protein, glycemic index (gi), & more

• Connect w/ friends to share progress
• Join our community and meet fitness pals
• Learn about Keto: Learn about the intermittent fasting, OMAD, and “lazy keto” with articles by dieticians and doctors.

• Automagic food logging: Snap a pic of your food to log it with image-recognition AI
• Fasting app: Exploring intermittent fasting or OMAD? Our fasting tracker makes it easy!
• Sleep tracker: Import device sleep data
• Premium recipes
• See which foods contribute the most to your daily carb count
* Requires Premium for unlimited access

For the ultimate carb management and Keto lifestyle solution, check out Carb Manager Premium!
• Keto, low carb, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan recipes all-access pass
• Diabetes tracker: Track blood glucose (blood sugar), ketones, and insulin for meals. Diabetic carb counter included!
• Import recipes from the web
• Keto cycle with macro and carbs cycling
• Meal plans and planner
• Keto diet video crash course
• Comprehensive nutrition coach & health tracker: Chart and set goals for 30+ nutrients and health vitals
• Connect fitness devices: Fitbit, Garmin, Keto Mojo, and more
• Weight loss prediction engine

For support and feedback, please visit or email us at [email protected]


In this release we introduced the following updates:
• Fixed photo uploading features to exercise and food logs.
• Fixed some of our internal linking features, so you always end up where we expect to send you.
• Tap and hold the CM app icon on your home screen for quick access to a few of our most-used features, like food search and barcode scan
• In case you missed it, we launched an all-new Meals Hub to help you better discover, plan, and create recipes and meals!


40 comentarios en "Carb Manager–Keto Diet Tracker MODDED 2022"

  1. K. W. dice:

    This is one of those predatory apps to watch out for. If you cancel, make sure to save your cancellation email forever, and take screenshots. They keep your subscription running after you’re long gone, and even though they can see your activity (or inactivity), they still won’t issue a refund so you’ll have to go through the hassle of disputing it with your bank. It’s a shame. The app itself is pretty cool.

  2. Becky H dice:

    A must have if you need to track macros! You can create your own custom macros, too. Will track all kinds of stuff for you, like nutrients and whatnot, and even has recipes. Can help you with intermittent fasting as well. I am doing a very specific kind of keto, with super precise macros I must follow and it’s a lifesaver!! Foods are easy to log as well, and nearly every food you could imagine is there, and if it’s not, it’s a breeze to add. Can add your own recipes for macro tracking, too.

  3. This app has everything I’ve been looking for in one place. You can log your food, water, fasting and so much more. It also has meal planning with a recipe database. You can also save your own recipes and add recipes from the internet. Then it generates a shopping list that you can take to the store. Plus the interface is pretty and easy to use, I love the food database with the pictures. This is a really great value for the yearly subscription.

  4. LF Tang dice:

    Did a UX competitive audit comparoing several macro tracking apps. Carb manager: +: The app is a go-to for people who do keto, delivering much needed functions for people for the pain points (net carb tracker, intermittent fasting tracker and keto recipes). It shows your progress intuitive visualization. -: The app loads slightly slow. The back button often does something unexpected. The done botton is small on the top left, often out of reach for single hand. Overall the best choice for keto.

  5. Love this app. It has everything to track carbs and glucose(if you pay for premium) it is very helpful for someone starting to track for diabetes. Love that their are photos next to alot of foods that are in the system. It has a lot of great looking recipes (again premium) but it’s a good investment in your health.

  6. Terrible. It jumps around and keeps going back to the same pages. Makes no difference that it’s not a page you have no interest in. I tried to delete my account following the app instructions and it wouldn’t delete. Just FYI I have a 5 month old phone, so I don’t believe it is my phone since my other apps work great. Glad to be getting this uninstalled.

  7. Essential. I’ve downloaded this app a total of 3 times in my life so far. It comes in handy when you are facing health problems that require a balanced diet. It is also great for losing weight, following keto closely, and just eating balanced in general. I am prediabetic and have been using it to watch my carb intake. You can find almost any grocery item listed in their library and it helps so much. Thank you.

  8. A great app for meal planning, tracking carbs/ macros even store recipes. The app takes a little bit of a learning curve but once you learn it, its realy fun to use. They made logging your foods in realy easy. You can even copy a meal for the next day. Instead of retypeing everything. You can even change your macros if needed. Lots of recipes to try. I love it! The best app for keto or a low carb diet that I have used.

  9. After reading some of the reviews I decided to download this app to start my Keto journey. EVERY recipe is a “premium recipe”, meaning you have to pay to see the recipe. Even the recipe filters don’t allow an option in which you can search for non premium recipes. Keto is complex enough, so it would be helpful having access to carb counters and recipes in one app. You also can’t customize the macros. It’s not a bad app, but it’s not impressive in comparison to others.

  10. This app is great!! Super intuitive and packed full of features, even if you don’t go premium. My wife and I can share different foods and recipes, making things much easier. I dreaded the thought of tracking my macros, but Carb Manager makes it a breeze. We’ve found some inaccuracies in food data, but we seem to be able to correct them. The data and reporting features are quite impressive! The barcode scanner on iOS isn’t as snappy as on Android. Overall, I love this app!

  11. Some things, like where to change your weight aren’t the most intuitive, but the list of foods is pretty extensive, the app is relatively easy to use, and the only ads are for their premium content (recipes and such). All in all, it’s easy to use, very helpful, and not full of annoying ads that crop up after every click.

  12. Good app, amazing recipes, very user friendly, but it’s almost impossible to like a recipe in premium and for you to find it?? Why do I have to scroll all the way back days or even weeks to find a recipe that I like. Isn’t that the whole point of the like (heart) button feature. So it can save a recipe so I save time searching minutes to find it. Also this app freezes way too much. Great progress though and room for improvement

  13. I’ve used this before and thought I’d try it again (premium). For me it’s a mixed bag. The macros are good and helpful. The recipes are inspiring. Some of the values for the foods are wrong. The connections are set to synch with my samsung watch through google fit, but the syncing rarely works. I wish this talked to my bluetooth scale, but it doesn’t. I know this sounds lazy, but I am needing to put my values in by hand. I’m kind of wishing I had gone back to MY FITNESS PAL, as they have more complete information and even offer more macros for restaurants, etc. I will be using them BOTH as a pair.

  14. I really loved carb manager until the intermittent fasting feature was updated. I like to customize my eating time and do a 24 hour fast once a week and I am no longer able to do that. I do not like the sliding option or the fact that I can’t just start my fast as soon as I am done eating, I now have to select a time frame. I am having to utilize another app just for my fasting. Other than that, I have used carb manager for 2 years and I love how easy and simple it is to track my foods&recipes

  15. Very intuitive use! It does everything I want and so far has been able to find everything I’ve scanned with the bar code reader. Highly recommended. Using free edition. Not really clear what benefits I would get from premium because the basic edition does everything I want!

  16. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I’ve had a few issues with accuracy, both with recipes I create myself or food I’ve just scanned. but overall this app has helped me manage the keto diet with ease and lose 40 lbs already. Being able to filter the recipes by macros is great! Even if you don’t use one of the recipes, it will give you ideas for what type of food will help you hit your goals. I highly recommend this app for anyone who want to try the keto lifestyle.

  17. 03/28/2022 UPDATE: I continue to be impressed & appreciate this app. Have used the FREE Version off/on for 2 years & have been very satisfied. Might consider upgrade Premium… I’m curious. 02/20/2021 *Now* I’m finding revision to be an improvment: efficient, organized & easier navigation. Especially in adding my own recipes. 🤩 I did find a few MINOR bugs. I worked directly with CM Tech – reported bugs (email with screenshots with details & requests) and CM promptly made changes/repairs.

  18. I love this app! It has helped me to lose about 40 lbs. I took a couple months break from the diet and now I’m back at it. I would really like to see a function on the app that could look at all your regularly consumed meals and foods and turn that into a personal structured meal plan.

  19. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐If you need help keeping track of macros and net carbs etc., look no further!! I love this app, it is so easy to keep track of what I’m eating and when I’m fasting. Super information to increase your knowledge, recipes, a community for encouragement, so much more: FOR FREE! Or you can use premium with even more features. Very effective and useful app 👍🏼

  20. I like being able to keep track of every macro. The recipes are easy for a beginner and plenty to try for a keto pro. Changing you macros to fit your needs are wonderful. I would like to see an option to save your current measurements so one can track the lose of inches along with weight. I don’t get the goal measurements. An update that allow me to track the changes in my measurement would be perfect.

  21. I’ve found this be very helpful and a great way to stay organized! The only issue that I come across alot is the bar code scanner. As soon as you open it and point toards item, it snaps it way before it even had a chance to focus on the items bar code the! The outcome is always being “food not found” and making it a pain and have to fill out ever nutrition info manually.

  22. I’m not very tech savvy, but this app is easy, even for someone like me. Food list is pretty complete, including many popular brands. It’s easy to add & delete items so you have the info to hit your macros exactly, plus other helpful capabilities. 1/22 Haven’t used this app in quite some time. Now, it’s had some less than friendly changes & after an hour I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe it’s just me. I’m going to look at other apps

  23. It’s a bit flaky, confusing navigation (doesn’t always work), but good set of features. Great app for tracking. Difficult to maintain favorite foods. Searching use often sluggish or doesn’t work at all. And there are occasional crashes. Seems to open tons of screens that stay open and don’t update well. After a day’s use, I can press my phone’s back button 30+ times as it pops up each app page I looked at during the day before the app instance closes.

  24. so far I really love this program. I didn’t realize how many net carbs I was eating until I stared tracking them! I like that I can adjust labels that come up wrong on the scan. I t was ready to add my custom recipe. 1 less star because it didn’t have a spot on the daily page for adding and tracking personal supplements. That would be a great feature! (maybe in the future?)

  25. Downloaded yesterday and I like it so far, but the option for monthly subscriptions doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It’s only showing me the yearly subscription now. I’d like to go month by month incase I stop using it or it glitches too much. Please let me know how I can get the monthly subscription and I’ll add more stars if I like it. Also, it would be great if supplements could be tracked since vitamins and minerals are very important to track on a keto diet.

  26. Pace Amos dice:

    I have come back to this app several times and it always disappoints. I have used others, but so many seem to like this one. I find everything about it difficult. It is not helpful setting up macros. And if looking up a food, good luck getting back where you were wanting to add it. It should be as easy as: find the food on it..find on it…and it all is registered, what you ate…done. Others rate it high, but as for me in the last couple years I have tried it 4 times.

  27. I’ve been using carb manager for years. Has been a great program. When they upgraded it they destroyed it. There are multiple problems but the most problematic is inaccurate micronutrients info. So beware. 12/21 They worked some of the bugs out, however, they have locked me out of my account. Not intentionally but it acts as if I’m a new customer and wants me ro sign in. It then says my email is not a valid email making it impossible to sign in and no way to contact them.

  28. Like someone mentioned below, the features seem great until it’s your first day trying out the app and there’s no tooltips or walk-thru to get acclimated. To even have the ability to scrub a breakfast, lunch, and or dinner entry would be helpful. Seems slick but possibly too much so that I can’t start from scratch as I learn the app… which I can’t. It looks sweeter than simiar apps, so that’s nice.

  29. This app is amazing for the price! The free part is great, but I think it’s really worth getting Premium for the ability to scan foods and do recipes. I like this so much better than WW! My only complaint is I find it challenging to navigate, and I wish you could adjust ingredients on Premium recipes to log what you actually made. But, as I said, it’s great, especially for the price. alAnd I love the celebration at the end of each day!

  30. Nan Wise dice:

    This app has some really great features. But…I am dissappointed in the ease of customizing the fasting option. I am canceling because there is no offline usage option. The entire app is dependent on my phone’s connectivity to the web. My usage is VERY limited. And it doesn’t connect to my fitness tracker.

  31. I absolutely love this app. I used fitbit for a while and was so disappointed. This app has everything it was missing! I love that I was able to sync with fitbit too, so I can continue to use all my devices ^_^ totally worth getting premium! However, the app is currently glitching, none of the other tabs will open. I have reached out to the support team, and I’m confident after reading all the reviews that my issue with be resolved quickly =)

  32. I just started using it yesterday, and it’s bugging out. I am still able to enter my foods and exercises for the day, but nothing else works. Yesterday I was able to see all the features, including what the premium account offers, but now when I click on the other icons, nothing happens. Hoping this can get resolved soon. Follow-up to my review above. Within one hour the app has already been fixed, and now I can see everything. Might even pay for the premium because so far I am really impressed

  33. Great App, I started medical supervised weight loss/ Keto 8months ago and this app has been wonderful and super helpful for keeping me on track. being able to do meal plans, easily compose grocery lists, and the ability to decide what to avoid has been instrumental in my success. 8 months in, 72lbs down! I don’t usually pay for apps, but I think I’ll keep this one after I’m done with my weight loss program.

  34. Update : well after gaining weight I decided to start over on Keto and I pay for premium. It is been a month and I love it. Tons of delicious recipes, easy to find popular online recipes. I’m just using the free mode and it really helps me to keep on track. I thinking on buying premium I would like, just 3 months, but there’s no a good deal on it. this is something you will use maybe 6 months till u can learn how to calculate ur macros. So I don’t think a year subscription is needed.

  35. UPDATE: Permissions required say otherwise and I got way more than one ad. You also didn’t mention anything about it arriving at almost midnight. Zero stars if I could. ORIGINAL: Uninstalled it after constant ads. It wasn’t even installed more than a day and I got continuous ads for the premium service. The app notified me at 11pm that I could get a discount. Really? It also tracks your contacts and phone calls unnecessarily, why? The permissions are too broad for the functions of the app.

  36. Great app! Love the barcode scan feature, allows you to quickly import all the pertinent nutritional information in a click for almost every item I have scanned. I would love to purchase the app, but I’m not willing to pay that much to “lease” it for a year… Would prefer the option to just buy it, or subscribe for a much lower month-to-month rate.

  37. excellent app! more functional than any I’ve found, and the only one that makes it easy to customize to my own metabolic needs. that said, the interface is a bit clunky. i like it… it’s super stable. with lots of features comes complexity. there are definitely some people who will give up because of that, but if you give it a few days, it’s well worth it. The meal planner doesn’t customize with metabolic settings, so it’s pretty worthless unless you are standard keto. i wish it did though.

  38. New update sucks!!! I have been using CM for more than a year with no problems!! It automatically updated to the new version and it’s awful!! I lost all my foods that I once tracked and created. I go to scan my foods and every time I go to use the scan it exits the app out. It’s much harder to read. Takes a lot of weeding through searches foods to find the correct item. I input a quick entry for a food I just made, and it would only add it once to my log. I couldn’t add a second one! Sucks

  39. This was a great app prior to the latest upgrade(around Feb 2021). Simple to use, easy to manage & simple UI. Now the app freezes frequently, it is super slow. UI is no longer intuitive, lost most of my history on food, lists and customized food. Managing your day is more difficult. This is the typical example for an upgrade gone wrong for the sake of change. Great product that went from good to bad!

  40. Great app special if you have the premium package. If you don’t have it you can’t even select the food to count your carbs. Also, I don’t see where I can connect with the developer to let them know if their facts about meals are wrong, the chicken soup fact are to high per serving it doesn’t adjust. Other than that I am enjoying this app. Pretty easy very helpful, love the scanning feature.

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