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Sounds for sleep, relax & sleep with sleeping sounds, nature sounds, rain sounds
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Trouble to fall asleep? Suffer from insomnia?

No problem!
Use this free sleep app. You can relax and sleep with sleeping sounds, nature sounds, rain sounds, meditation sounds and white noise and much more. Enjoy the high quality sleep sounds and wake up refreshed. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!

Sleep Sounds can help you:
– Easy to fall asleep, relieve insomnia, tinnitus
– Improve mood, ease anxiety and stress
– More focused

Highlight features:
– Create your own mixes of sound to relax and sleep
– Adjust the volume for each sound when creating your own mix
– Play the sound in the background
– Schedule sleep timer to automatically stop the sound
– The best companion in meditation
– No network required
– Beautiful and simple design
– High quality soothing sounds
– Sleep sounds free

Contact us for any suggestion or question, so that we can improve this app for you!
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41 comentarios en "Sleep Sounds – relaxing sounds MODDED"

  1. D. dice:

    I purchased a sleeping/relaxing app before but this is the best so far. The sounds sound like you’re there. You can’t hear where the sound begins and where it ends (loop). The user interface is the best. It’s easy to find what noise you want or you can customize your sounds. It helps me sleep through difficult nights. I’m going to give it some time before I purchased the premium version.

  2. MrsWJAA dice:

    When it works, this is 5 stars. However, there have been multiple times that I have been awaken due to random noises just to discover that the reason was because I didn’t have my steady background noise (favorites are desert and waterfall) to cover them up. Then I would pick up my phone and the app wouldn’t be on at all (had shut itself down) or, it would still show the screen of the last sound I was using, but not be playing. Super annoying, especially since I paid for the ad free version.

  3. Mrs. Tee dice:

    My daughter found this for me… It’s best sleep app I’ve ever used. The sounds are beautiful, smooth and easy listening. All different kinds to choose from and customize to suit you. Even the timing goes up to 8 hours is awesome. It plays in the background when doing other things and it works great, doesn’t disrupt anything. Plus it’s so simple and quick to navigate. Ocean waves, rain, train, lullaby, wind and so much more. Definitely recommend – Must have. I love this app! Thank You 💝✨⭐☁️🌛

  4. Great app very user-friendly with a lot of different sounds and it is fully customizable with multiple sounds, you can choose different volumes for each sound so you can have certain sounds louder over the top of other sounds for example rain and thunderstorms with birds chirping. So you can personalize it to fit your needs. Some sounds are locked but are easily unlocked by just watching a short ad which in my opinion makes this app even better as you don’t have to spend any money.

  5. Really great app! I love being able to mix sounds together to get the effect I want. Timers come in handy when your fitting a nap in a busy schedule. I use it often when I can’t sleep or just want to relax. I hope more sounds become available even though it’s packed with a good amount. Very easy to use. Could use some mechanical sounds though like ticking clocks or washer dryer. Just a suggestion. All in all I like it a lot.

  6. Caleb Odd dice:

    I fall asleep way better with a sort of white noise like a fan, but this app allows for some next level sounds. I have amazing memories of falling asleep during intense thunderstorms, ocean waves, and wind soaring through tree branches while camping, and this app has it all and far more. It’s like I’m re-living those memories! Honestly never more happy with any app ever. The ads don’t interrupt the noise at all, they’re only for viewing on screen with no audio, an even bigger bonus!!

  7. Easy to configure, personalized soundscapes with almost infinite variety. And as someone who’s struggled with finding good sleep apps because I can ALWAYS catch the loop and it snaps me awake, I can say I have yet to pick up a single loop in any of the audio (but maybe I just have too many layers playing in my custom set up). Very few, very non intrusive ads for the free version. Really just a great app

  8. This app was absolutely the best, until it stopped working just when I needed it the most! Early in the morning when my upstairs roommate is getting ready for work, hours before I need to be up, it stops working, seconds later starts again, seconds later stops, and for an insomniac that is hell! I always set the timer so it’s not that. And if you think that’ll encourage me to get the paid version, it’s actually the opposite. This was such a disappointment!😞

  9. Great app overall but a few suggestions (Pro user); 1. More musical sounds (like the guitar/piano/flute/etc) 2. Ability to upload and use our own sound clips (maybe in a 10-15 second loop?) 3. Ability to delete pre-made playlists. I only ever use my custom ones (which is the whole reason I went Pro) and I wanna clean up the list 4. Increase/get rid of sound limit, at least for Pro users. Sometimes you just need more than ten sounds Still the best app I’ve found by far!

  10. This is my go-to sleep sounds app. The customized experience is great, and I love the no timer setting. Ads are minimal. My only request is to consider fading the sound a bit when pausing or exiting, as it can feel quiet abrupt (currently is a hard stop). I think the overall experience and relaxation would be enhanced with that implemented.

  11. max well dice:

    I adore thia app and it has been a steady companion through sleep for the past year or so!! The only reason it isnt getting 5 starts is that there appears to be a bug (which may be my phones fault!) Where the sound builds to be very loud and changing my phones volume does nothing. Its startled me a few times, like when i woke up to a million chattering people shouting into my ear. Other than that its vital, has very few ads, and does exactly what it needs to!

  12. 1/23 I have a justed a few I liked best those are the ones I listen to. Still helps me sleep 😴 4/22 Still use it helps me focus when I’m going to sleep. I listen to a lot more of them now. I have made some minor changes. 10/20Very easy to use functions. I use it all the time. My favorite is the rain. I like the custom alarm feature.

  13. Felix G dice:

    This app is so comfortable and nice, it does have paid features but there’s so many great sounds for free that I don’t care. They have pre-made sounds, or you can combine sounds to make your own. It has helped me sleep so well. Only sleep app that has replicated the sound of rain on a tent that I’ve seen, I love it so much!

  14. I really enjoy this app..I haven’t tried out a lot of sleep sound apps but this one first has a GREAT selection for free…and you can build your own mixes..and certain sounds like wind chimes and others you can unlock by watching a 30ish second video…They have a nice selection of sounds and you can upgrade to a premium which I’m sorry but I don’t know what you get with that…But for just being to create my own mix of sounds and set a timer and just play them ..This is easy to use and FREE!

  15. Love this app! I HAVE to have white noise to be able to sleep & this has app has everything I could want & then some. I’ve never even heard of brown or pink noise! Lol. The sounds are too numerous to list but there’s pretty much anything you could think of that you wanna use as a sleep aid. Plus you can combine sounds & create your own “noise”! Pretty cool 😎

  16. Pretty decent sound catalog. Though I wish I knew why the app’s sound cuts out on me from time to time? It only seems to happen when I use some of my custom sound blends. I’m setting the timer, then out of nowhere an ad randomly plays. Sound cuts out entirely. A restart of the app usually corrects it! Well… It might be hard(or annoying) if you’re sleeping to restart the app though.. Either way! It’s all around adequate I suppose.

  17. I love this app. I love how each sound category can personalized. Rain isn’t just rain. It’s rain on a ton roof, umbrella, or window. It can be hard or soft. You can tweak till it’s perfect. And the same is true for every other sound type, snow, ocean, running water, etc. You can set your how you want it, and it stays set. You don’t have go through the process every time you use the app. You can even set a timer so the app shuts off on its own.

  18. When it works it’s amazing, I love the sounds the options to keep something louder than another, and for the free version theres a lot of sounds to choose from. However, I’ll put an audio for 8 hours so it will play the entire time I’m asleep, or just no timer and it will stop playing in the middle of the night, jarring me awake then I have to fumble with my phone to get it to play again, and then I’m up for a while because I was pulled out of my sleep cycle.

  19. Multiple sounds to choose from with adjustable levels doesn’t have to be too loud all you have to do is turn down your volume or use another sound to measure out. I really like it because the timer works out great because in case I fall asleep it stops playing when the timer runs out. All around a pretty good app no ads when the sound is playing so that is a great plus as well.

  20. Bella B. dice:

    I really enjoy this app, but I have a few suggestions on improvements. I think more sounds you could add would be traffic, (like in a city) or generally more road noises, like what it sounds like falling asleep as a passenger inside a car. And I would love to see more wildlife noises. Also, I feel like the timer should be paused with the pause button as well, not just the music. Maybe you could make a separate pause button for the timer and for the music.

  21. I like that there aren’t many ads at all, I usually open the app and get one ad so that’s nice. Another thing that I like is that I can customize the volume of sounds and make my own soundtrack, personally I love the sound of rain and a car on the road. This app is the keystone of my life currently as I go along my senior year, sleep is essential and this app helps me achieve it.

  22. Awesome! Very customizable for free. Also, there are few adds, and if I want to add a new sound, I can just watch a short add to get it. The sounds are relaxing, and there’s a timer that goes up to 8 hrs. You can also customize the valoume if each sound, so that one is louder than the other etc.

  23. Still works great, however I’m noticing a wild bug. At some point, one of the sounds will get OBSCENELY loud (e.g. crickets will be maxed out despite the media volume being really low) Never had this problem before. And I don’t mean in the overall balance of audio, I mean it somehow tricks my phone into making it blast at full volume. It fixes itself when I focus the app but it often breaks my slumber.

  24. Not cluttered with ads, great app. So many options of relaxing sounds, you can change the volume of each sound for your perfect balance. You can unlock sounds for free by watching a short video. Highly recommend, & you can set them for timers! Custom or otherwise. Couldn’t ask for better!!

  25. The soundtracks Sleep Sounds has created are classic (ocean, creak, forest), but they also allow you to customize your experience with complementary add-ins (a variety of animal calls, white noises, and even raindrops on specific surfaces like window, roof, and tent). There’s a great deal of free content, but there are sounds in the pro version that are suuuper tempting: cat purring, meditation bell, and instruments such as the violin, harp, and flute. I fall asleep very quickly!

  26. The ads freeze the app. Specifically, the Wordplay game ad comes on occasionally when you try to start up this app. You CANNOT close it, try as you might. Touch the screen anywhere and it takes you to the Wordplay installer. Eventually, if you want to use the app you have to uninstall and then re-install. The app itself, when it’s running, is great. I prefer waterfall.

  27. I’ve never once gotten this app to play through the night without crashing. Every time I use it, the sounds are off and the app closed when I check my phone in the morning. I’ve had much better luck with Spotify and YouTube white noise. The layering effects are pretty cool, but not worth it if the app doesn’t work.

  28. Pattie N dice:

    It does what I want it to do. There are many sounds to choose from. It’s easy to use. And pretty, too! EDIT: Fan sound puts me right to sleep. 😴 Other sounds are good for masking my tinnitus🚨. EDIT: I started running pink noise almost 24/7. Almost immediately my tinnitus volume dropped! Many times it goes away completely, until I stop the app. It’s not a permanent cure but it has been a great help! Edit: I use the app so much I bought it! It helps me so much.

  29. Simple, easy to use. Love that you can customize mixes, and adjust respective volume of each part of a mix. Used it for a few months and eventually broke down and got the premium. I never buy premium versions of anything, but I love this appand they deserve the support. I’ve never slept better than with the sounds of a cat purring nearby. Not currently having a cat, it’s a good substitute.

  30. Flame Yay dice:

    It plays sleep sounds. It’s free. You can customize what sounds are playing, layer different sounds (for example, rain at a campfire), and adjust the volume of specific sounds when layering (less cicadas and more crickets). There’s a sleep timer, too. Occasional ads, but nothing overwhelming. Really, I have no complaints. I’m honestly surprised they give you so many options for free and without bombarding you with ads.

  31. One of the few sleep apps that have a decent amount of free content, I absolutely adore the rain, thunder, piano, and white noise. I also love how you can customize the amount of each sound playing to your liking and save it. The app isn’t overrun with ads or asking you to upgrade every two seconds. Sticks to the basics but better quality and free content than the overpriced and hyped sleep apps. Been using this app for over 1 1/2 years and still love everything about it.

  32. Nanz CR dice:

    So easy to navigate through, gives you options to enhance your sounds to your liking and offers the basic simple sounds of life and the world to choose from. Dont like it when there are too many options of the same sounds. And mind you, unlike the Calm app, it doesn’t force you to take the 7day free trial in order to use it. Perfect app to help me sleep and ease my anxiety. Perhaps, it shall help you too. Thanks.

  33. Absolutely love this app! I love how many sounds I’m able to layer but beyond that being able to adjust the volume of the individual sounds is huge. For example I like the sound of the forest, but the birds were a little bit loud for me so I turned them down and now I have a perfect mix. The timer is great and the pictures are pretty. The only thing I would change is to be able to see some sort of image instead of the timer.

  34. Variety of nice sounds that you can mix to create a personalized combo. What sucks is that the sound will suddenly be played at max volume which wakes me up, sometimes multiple times a night. I have to close out the app and restart it to get the volume back to normal. If this was fixed, I wouldn’t be uninstalling it.

  35. This app will make my phone go to max volume randomly throughout the night, waking me up, it has happened multiple times now. It has the opposite effect of it’s intended use; being relaxing and keeping me asleep is not the main focus of this app. However, if you want to see ads and be woken up abruptly with your phone playing crickets at max volume this one might be for you.

  36. I have used many Android “offline meditation apps” in the past. This is by far the very best one I have tried. So far it’s been totally free to use, has a lot of free settings to choose from, the timer can be turned off or set to a time you’d like to turn itself off, you can turn your screen off and run the app… I have trouble sleeping. I can turn peaceful sounds and/or music on, plug phone in, turn screen off, and sleep all night with relaxing noises and/or music. Thank you so much!!!

  37. After using this app for the first time, I must say, I am very impressed and satisfied with how the app is designed, both technically and visually. I like how you can pick and chose which sounds to play together, as well as control their individual volume. MY ONE CRITIQUE Imagine it’s 11pm, and you’re listening to your favorite sounds, laying in bed, when you chose to increase the time on your playback a bit more. You then see an AD that takes up your whole screen..and %90 of it is BRIGHT WHITE.

  38. I use this regularly to help me fall asleep, and it does wonders! This would be a 5 star rating if not for one problem (which I assume is some sort of bug). About half the time, the timer doesn’t work. It will count down, but it will never actually stop the sound when the timer is over. Instead, I just get a perpetual notification that the sounds are “pausing,” but it doesn’t pause, it just keeps playing the sound until I manually go in app and stop it.

  39. I love this app, use it every single night. That being said, it does randomly crash – and, no, I don’t use the timer feature. I can’t figure out a trigger as it’s usually the only thing running on my phone when it crashes. A force stop and restart of the app usually fixes it, but it is frustrating. Even if I am almost asleep, the moment it stops, I am wide awake. Thankfully it usually only does it once a night and doesn’t repeat until a night or two later. It is the best sound app I have found.

  40. I’ve used this for a few weeks. I made a custom sound that reminds me of sleeping outside on our back lawn growing up… the flow of a large irrigation ditch and crickets. With the timer feature, it is almost perfect. If I could add an occasional frog, that would be perfect. The frog on the app is too repetitive. OCCASIONAL is missing. If the city, not the country is your thing, this app has that, too. Using free version.

  41. It’s a good app. Unfortunately it does occasionally close (I have plenty of storage, 8gb of Memory, and nothing else running at the time) on its own. It also seems to be a bit of a battery killer. This app has the potential to be better…but it does the trick for now.

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