V Shred: Diet & Fitness MODDED 2022


With easy to follow diet plans and fun workouts, getting in shape is now simple.
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Is it about time to take your health and fitness into your own hands? Well, now you literally can with the V Shred new cutting edge fitness app. Fitness and nutrition guidance is now fun, easy, and at the touch of a button. Not only that, the app has a program for everyone, based on your specific body type and fitness goals. Access all your workouts, diet info, and choose from countless delicious recipes right in your smart phone. If you are ready for a new you, then you are ready for V Shred.


We update the V Shred app as often as possible to provide you with various quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

This update includes numerous improvements to the look and feel of certain content, providing users with an even smoother program experience.

Now carry on smashing those fitness goals!


40 comentarios en "V Shred: Diet & Fitness MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is easy to use, full of friendly, helpful videos and encouragement. I’ve made more progress with this system than ever before. If I could change anything it would be eliminating the window for taking the metabolic quiz that opens every time I access the workouts.

  2. Only been using it one week. Doesn’t crash. Better than using the web page. Easy to navigate. Could be improved by adding a timer in app for workouts. Gets annoying going back from video instructions to the main workout calendar and then having to select the day again. Overall does what it’s supposed to.

  3. AceNiGHTS dice:

    I’ve had this app for almost two years & within the last few months or so my Fat Loss Extreme workout videos have been timing out mid-workout, backing me out of the video entirely & sometimes won’t let me get back to the spot I left off at, just keeps backing me back out to the calendar screen. I even updated app twice. I usually end up having to remember what exercises I was doing as well as for the next segment to just set my own timer and finish the workout on my own. Very frustrating.

  4. The moment I open the app everything looks fine. When I go to click on one of my programs, recipe book, Or the shred program. It gives me an error code back-to-back whether it’s trying to download the training or the workout log the recipe book my grocery list everything. Even after spending so much money and so much time watching the videos this is what I get. By far the worst experience ever immediately asking for a refund.

  5. I feel like your 90 day calendar should auto mark off when workouts are complete. I think you should have an option in app where you can add the foods for your weekly menu instead of having to get paper and write it all out. If it were in the app it could keep track of calories for the day and you could adjust as needed. Workouts are great so far, as I don’t have a lot of time and these are quick and to the point. But definitely a menu planner in app would be super.

  6. Before I moved I participated in a fitness group and lost 25 pounds. In the new town there was no options similar, so I took a chance on this program and it’s very similar! I’m so excited. I wish they would breakdown superset vs circuit to begin with. The feedback from others that states you don’t get access or have to make additional purchases (etc) I’m guessing didn’t pay attention to what they paid for. I received what I paid for and will be purchasing an additional program for my teenage.

  7. I was really excited when I downloaded this app. I went and bought the plans, the burn supplements as well, and the diet plan. I was able to get the first weekbut sadly after a couple of days the custom plan part of the app just decided not to work anymore. They did an update 22 hours ago and it said it to fix that bug, but unfortunately with me it did not fix the bug it just gives me the coding of the page and not the actual page itself. Hopefully everything does get fixed soon.

  8. I’m really pleased with all the different exercises and how to videos. I just wish the app was a little more user friendly. Everytime I open up a specific exercise it brings my back to the calender and I have to restart. It’s not really problem just annoying if needing to watch the video for each exercise. Other than that. I’m very enthused.

  9. My experience with the program is amazing, I lost 15 stubborn baby pounds in three months and toned up, I feel great and am continuing on another program. However, the app itself is a little hard to figure out and can freeze often. It was not so bad that I decided not to use it though. I like the people, like the mission, and Vince is very knowledgeable and truly cares about improving the health of others. A very meaningful and fact based approach to reaching health goals. – Megan

  10. Day one: Where to get started is very hard to find. There is no step by step process that guides you to create your menu that I can see. When I click on the recipe it does not put it in a menu, I just see the recipe. etc. Not user friendly and I’m pretty computer saavy. The video claims that they “hold your hand” through the process; well; only if you upgrade to customized menu creation. The constant additional videos are annoying before you get to check out. The constant emails asking you to buy supplements are excessive. I am going to give this a go anyway but so far….frustrating.

  11. The app is pretty good. While the app is free the content is not. There are plenty of free trials. All the trials have great content and give you a solid base to grow on, if you choose not to subscribe. The food options are good as well. Counting macros can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, but worth every bit of effort to master! Overall it is a good app with solid workout information and meal info. I would suggest it to anyone. Remember, its a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

  12. This app just goes black 3mins into the workout! I don’t know what’s going on. I tried it on my phone and tablet and it still goes black. I have to exit out and go back in every time it stops. Then I have to go back in to find the part it stopped at to pickup where I left off. Not really happy about this… I just purchased the Move program and this was extremely frustrating! Ugh! I really hope this issue gets resolved. I would hate for this to be an ongoing issue…

  13. When signing up for V Shred I expected way more with the app. There’s no place to keep track of anything. Not weight, water intake, minutes of exercise, nothing. I hope they’re continuing to add features like this because I have to download another app to keep track of these things. Very disappointing when your paying for a program and simple features like this aren’t included.

  14. Is a good app, definitely gives you a good workout/diet plan to follow. My problem with this though is that it alternates between the app and opening up a webpage. I hate that it does that, everything should just be done inside the app. An example is when I press complete workout, and it the opens up a webpage just for that and then when I try to go back to fitness plan I cant, it just closes the page and brings me back the workout I just completed and so on and so forth.

  15. It helped me with my fitness goals. You’ll need to buy one of the programs for a good experience. Although, on Android the API is kinda buggy. It won’t record the fitness days I’ve already done. It also logged me out in the past. I’ve fallen off the wagon a lot due to mental illness, but it was easy to get back to it w/out shaming you. It helps that the app gives you hints on how to eat and encourages you NOT to starve yourself. It has helped me be healthy by being encouraging.

  16. A Turner dice:

    Pitiful. Poor excuse for an app. It’s lacking in so many ways. Offering recipe PDFs is not the same as creating a “custom meal plan”. App doesn’t even offer a grocery list. There’s no food diary to track your meals or macros. No way to track weight loss, inch loss, sleep, water, mood, etc. Everything in this app is something that anyone could see on the internet for free. I hoped the app would be my go to place for all things but no. It’s ok for the exercise vids but really it’s just useless.

  17. Tia Kreps dice:

    Be careful with this one. High end purchases are required to get anything of substance, and everywhere you turn, there is an advertisement to buy more. The speeches to learn things seem endless and rarely get to the point of what you thought you were going to learn and usually end with “buy this product”. I purchased the meal plan, and it was so repetitive and vague, I could have had my 13 year old write it or easily pull off the internet for free. Full of hot air with no liftoff.

  18. The app is decent and functions alright. When I purchased I got the ripped in 90 days plan. It charged the extra 67 for the meal plan. This was annoying BUT when I talked with customer service they refunded it fast. The work out routine is pretty good. I’ve been working out for a while and how the exercises are set up burn me out every single time. It is a great set up.

  19. Well… For lack of better terms, if you wanna kick your own a** then this is the workout for you. Hahaha, this is actually a fantastic system and you notice the results pretty quickly. I have enjoyed the experience so far but sadly had to restart about 1.5 months in, as I stopped for a while an just now getting back into it. I look forward to my transformation process an really enjoy all the group motivation from the FB group that comes along with this system. Thank you Vince Sant and VShred!

  20. I really DO NOT recommend this. I never write reviews but I thought I’d try to save some people money. One, it’s slightly unprofessional how it’s made. the counting that he does and the clock timer that’s on the video are off on most circuits. There are four exercises that he gives you for an entire month. That means there’s only 12 exercises that you’re purchasing for 90 days. The ab workout videos don’t work in full screen. These are supposed to be no equipment workouts, but some require equip

  21. I definitely like the workout part of the app. Can do when and where I want to. Just a bit frustrated with the food part. I just need the list of amounts and what is ok to eat. Making a menu is not feasible with my lifestyle. I am using my Fitbit calorie and quantity counter to supplement. Also I do believe the supplements are working very well.

  22. So I just bought the program today. I really love the description but they don’t seem to match. You do get a macro calculator that address as your weight changes. However you cannot see a scale of the weight change. There is also a digital recipe guide. Yet there is no way to pull the recipes together and make sure that you stay in your macro count. I’ll be using other apps with this one. Really sucks. I will see how this goes. Really hope I just didn’t waste almost $60.

  23. I love the layout of the app, the workouts, and the macro counter. However, I wish the app were more user friendly… Instead of switching to the internet browser, it’d be nice to keep everything within the app. It’d also be great to have a user profile interface to make friends, keep track of personal records/bests and such.

  24. I want a refund asap. The app does not work. I can’t get past trying to click on the gender option before getting kicked out over and over again. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I tried to input my personal questionnaire and when hitting the submit button continue to receive an error message. I sent a detailed account of the issues via website email only to receive correspondence that while I’m waiting for issues to be looked into here are more items I should order. No Thank you

  25. Sarah E dice:

    I am a bit disappointed, the app gives you meals and meal plans but there is no way to choose what you want in the app. You have to write it all down somewhere and keep notes on everything. Seems like not much is done for you other than some recipes and an example of a weeks menu. But there is no way to set up your meal plan or weekly schedule in the app. Kinda regretting spending the money…

  26. I’m so disappointed. The app is so slow it doesn’t even work. Nothing opens. I can’t see workouts. It just loads and loads before timing out. The One video I can can click on keeps freezing. It doesn’t matter if I use cell service or wifi. I paid hundreds of dollars for a service that’s below par. I was super excited about this, but now I feel like I wasted my money.

  27. Not really an app you would want. More like a bad combination of email, store and a worse youtube that requires you to pay $60 to see additional videos. Theres no tracking system or alarm or calendar to help you with the exercise program and despite being an app to supposedly help you lose weight there isn’t a food, supplement or exercise input system to help maintain records or keep your “trainer” up to date. I thought the app would be more of an app i would WANT to use, but nope. 1 star.

  28. The app runs smoothly and navigating between the different programs or contents of each section are great. I can easily track my progress and Vince and the VShred team guide you very thoroughly throughout each workout. The support is also amazing. If I had a question, I was met with a response very quickly. I love this app! The vshred community is also amazing!

  29. Not bad app but since I purchased, it’s been consistent, upsell, upsell, programs, supplements, masterclass, etc… It’s difficult to focus on my current program when there is always a way to do It 70% faster with 80% more results twice as fast with this secret ot that supplement. I just want to do my program and if it’s great I’ll want more of your other products naturally

  30. Lazy app. There is a ton of scattered information and plenty of Vince talking and selling yet more stuff. I was under the impression the workouts were interactive (would allow me to input weights, time exercises and log progress). I need a pen and paper to track and these splits are nothing groundbreaking. I also thought the menus may be interactive. You’ll still need pen and paper for your grocery lists too. So far, I’ve found nothing a couple Google searches can’t do. No nutrition log either.

  31. great progress on doing the app a few tips that would make the experience even more satifying in the app. language change. in the recipes, tools macros etc. text does not fit right in all buttons optional change of equivalent measurements. (cm, kg, oz, etc) filter and sort the “my stuff” screen auto create the diet plan with tapping on the meals per day (that would be amazing) congrats!!!

  32. The app is easy to use and track your workouts that you’ve purchased. I wish it had more features like helping track macros other than just giving you targets. There should also be full YouTube controls in the videos, instead I have to exit to YouTube to use it like that. There is a glitch that has been annoying me. It asks me for a survey every time I open the app despite me already completing it. It’s been a persistent issue through the last few updates, please fix it.

  33. Well the app is lacking a few features I would think it would have considering you have to pay for the program. The gym workouts allow you to complete this workout which adds a check mark to the calendar but the home workouts don’t? Seems like that should also keep track of those workouts as well. The other feature this is lacking is keeping track of the weights that you use for lifting. I should be able to enter my weights for each exercise and it should track my progress.

  34. Tole W dice:

    So the app is okay but every time you click on an option the loading indicator shows and when you hit back the loading indicator never disappears. So it’s just constantly going. It makes it difficult when you’re trying to scroll and do things. That’s a very terrible UX flaw.

  35. Juan Ruiz dice:

    I had seen an ad for this app on Google and the ad promised that everything will be free. I downloaded it then I watched the “free” 30 minute video which is informative but too long. By the end of the video I realized that what seemed like false advertisement actually is false advertisement. The plan fee is reasonable but I won’t be subscribing because of the lies in the ad. If they lie in ads they probably lie later. Its only free. Its only free for the first 5 days.

  36. I really like this app and all the info that is provided, but disappointed that when doing videos it won’t let me make the video full screen. The option for this doesn’t light up for the user to select. Makes it reality hard to do a workout when all I have is my phone and it’s only a 1.5″ x 2.5″ screen. Is there a way to make it so users can go to full screen?

  37. Absolutely INFURIATING how much pointless fluff you have to watch to get to what you actually WANT to know!!! I can’t even make it to the actual “do this for 30 seconds every morning to boost your metabolism”, because I can’t sit through a half hour (or more) of repetitive trash that you’re not allowed to skip through to get to the point (which I’m assuming is something you have to buy). This program appears to be 90% wasted time and 10% usable material.

  38. Not only is there an instructional video for everything (workouts, dieting, different styles of dieting) but the custom plan gives you a live person to ask the dumbest questions to. I asked mine if I miss one of the planned meals could I just add it to the next meal. In retrospect it was dumb, but he answered quickly and professionally. This is life changing and I’m only on day 2.

  39. Bought the program, downloaded the app. Everytime I click on the make or female in setup the app closes. Don’t know if this is a temp problem or if this is an ongoing issue. Looking forward to getting the app up and running to start my program…….. Issues have been resolved. So has my review. Lot of information to go through once I gained access to my account.

  40. I just signed up for the program. The app and the site are extremely glitchy. I had one issue that I used the “chat with us” about. They were short and didn’t finish the conversation after I asked a follow-up question. The app wants me to connect to Facebook, but all I get when I hit their tab is a page full of code. I was really excited about this, so I’m really disappointed. The frontman said it was all easy to use and gave you everything you need. I could cry.

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