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TalkLife is all about support. Our community is full of people who have also felt alone, battled depression or living with anxiety and needed somewhere safe to talk. TalkLife is a positive community where people have real conversations about how they feel – lonely, misunderstood, unhappy, or actually feeling alright.

People use TalkLife to seek support for the bad times, but also celebrate the good ones. You, your thoughts, your feelings are important – don’t keep them bottled up. You can even vent anonymously.

You may feel bad now, but you’re not alone, and there are better times ahead. TalkLife is here for you through the shiny and the muck, and they can really lift you. Download TalkLife and say hello.

Download TalkLife and you can safely talk about any struggles and reach support across many areas including, anxiety, self-harm, living with depression, loneliness, PTSD, bipolar, suicidal thoughts, and many more.

*Please note, if you are in a crisis situation, please seek emergency support as soon as possible. Peer support should not be used if you are in an emergency situation.


+Various bug fixes and improvements
+French Support


40 comentarios en "TalkLife MOD"

  1. I keep having issues with the messages aspect of this app. I’ve reached the requisite number of posts and comments, had full conversations with people over messages, and then suddenly their chat box is completely empty. They haven’t left the conversations. I can still send messages but I can’t see them. I only know they went through by the preview on the inbox. Which itself glitches out and doesn’t let me select messages from time to time. It’s really frustrating.

  2. To be honest I’ve had this app for about 24hours and it’s just amazing. The community is really supportive and it’s easy to navigate. I understand some people don’t like apps having advertisements but if you can look past the singular ad you get every now and again it’s a great app. If you can’t do that they do have an option to remove the ads I believe but I have not looked at how it works. Great App, very satisfied!

  3. it’s been quite helpful. People are really sweet but of course things can always be better! Such as….. the chat! the chat is kind of strange and most people will have to have a safe messaging system instead of using the current one. I also wish there was a bit more gifts! People might tell you they will end it using this app which is horrifying and I wish there was a button that will say “don’t do it!” or a button that can send the person help.

  4. Overall, I use the app for its purpose and have mostly had a good experience interacting with other users. But that’s the limit of the “pros.” I’ve been on the app about 4 months and while they release updates constantly, it seems like nothing actually gets fixed. If I open a different app without closing TalkLife, then go back, it won’t load. It’ll give warnings about posts without seeing the context and being completely benign. I rarely get notifications for private messages

  5. I love everything about this app except the messaging section. For example, it’s constantly loading or as it reads ‘connecting’. It’s very frustrating since I can’t reply to my friends or anyone wanting to talk. I know they said the issue had been fixed, but it doesn’t seem so. I hope you are able to make a change about this if possible. I really love this app and I think you have done a really great job so far with everything else.

  6. I havent used the app long but so far so good. I only gave 4 out of 5 because theres two things I wish they could improve/ add. For starters, I tried to write my post, i click on one thing try to back out and it gets deleted, not too sure if it’s my phone but while typing it seems like its sensitive and by trying to click in between sentences, it click the whole bottom half and deleted. What I would like for them at add is a lock for the app. So if you get off for a bit, others wont get to it.

  7. The developers seemed to have good intentions for the app as their messages were very supportive and heartwarming. Controls are very easy to manage, and the safety management is fantastic. It’s just REALLY offputing to see so many “looking for a female friend, im male” or “looking for a girl to talk to”. Not a dating app, some people don’t seem to understand that.

  8. overall this is a very nice app! There are many people you can be friends with, so many supporters, and the people make you feel loved and at home! However, I do wish you could upsate your profile more. I wish that you could have the ability to choose a awesome background from your gallery or have the option to get a background without being a Patreon.

  9. Great concept, great interface and awesome features. My only negative I could come up with was that it’s a little slow in some of the different categories but I suspect that they will pick up steam as more people find out about this great twist on a social media platform. The potential to change people’s lives is huge here in my opinion. I am 100% behind this and I will be a regular user, pushing for this to expand more. Great job TalkLife!

  10. I like the set up. The way I can see reactions, and when someone replies to one of my responses. And you have access to the entire strand of coversations, and catagorizes them all. Also, certain words cannot be typed because the app rejects certain words that may lead to harmful responses. You have to think about it a different way and reword your….word. So far, this genre of apps is the best.

  11. The idea is great on paper, but terrible in practice due to the nature of the platform itself. It will leave you even more depressed after reading various posts or posting to have no one interact your post. At times the community is straight up toxic. I’ve been told to KMS multiple times on an app that is meant for positive, healing, and supportive interactions. In many ways this will only make your problems worse. I would recommend an actual therapist.

  12. It’s not bad, once you learn to weed out the attention seekers and constant whiners lol Howeverrrr…I do wish that they’d put more realistic moods on! Everything is all happy happy, but the people who use the app, are generally not happy, at all! If I need to vent, I don’t feel loved or supported or nostalgic… I feel pissed off! If we can’t show our true emotions, what’s the point of the app? Besides the mood thing, y’all get two thumbs up wherever you want them! 😂 It’s pretty great!

  13. I love this app so much! But I’m not getting ANY sound notifications at all! I’ve done everything on my phone to try and fix it but it tells me that I should be getting notifications! I even checked if it was on mute! I think that the app is bugged or something… PLEASE FIX!

  14. Jaco Z dice:

    Spellcheck no longer works on TL after the update. Highlighting a word also no longer gives any other options besides Copy, Cut, Paste and Select all. This means users can no longer use dictionary or translating apps from within TL. It might not sound like much of a problem but for users who don’t speak English as a first language it’s a massive pain to try and use the correct spelling and grammar now. Samsung Galaxy S10e. Android 10. TalkLife app v7.0.30.

  15. TL has good UI and doesn’t take too much space.You’ll find support sometimes but sometimes you won’t. This is mostly great for venting and keeping track of emotions.Whenver you feel like sharing something you’re unable to share in real life share it here you might feel lot lighter. This is like FB but you can be totally honest about your feelings here which helps create meaningful connections. One can really tell the creator’s of the apps priority is first to help people. Appreciate that.

  16. This is actually the best app I’ve been on in only this short time. I was in Therapy groups for years. Unfortunately with my insurance and the cost of everything being so expensive. I’m not able get my theraputic needs met on the outside. This app helps me with the help of my peers that probably share the similar experiences I’ve had.

  17. The app’s layout is beautiful. Registration was smooth; I didn’t encounter any bugs. Truly impressed by the experience so far. I’m recommending app to anyone who wishes to join the supportive community.

  18. Jihad B dice:

    I originally gave TalkLife 5 stars because I was receiving so much support from the community. Then the app was updated and I lost ALL access to my messages, new or old. It has been weeks like this and the newest update specifically targeting this issue has not resolved it. Uninstalling and reinstalling and even installing older versions have not worked. There’s also no help or support option so I’m just kind of screwed.

  19. The new update was not at all helpful , please look into the following issues developers, you can even take feedback as many people are complaining about these issues: 1. Notifications are no longer working (we must open and refresh) , and also clicking on one makes all the others as “read” automatically. 2. A boosted post is boosted every 30 minutes and it should be made 20 minutes please. 3. The colour scheme and font size hurts the eyes. 4. Personal messages are glitching.

  20. Scha Cat dice:

    I’ve been using this app for almost 5 years now. I posted almost daily everytime i have something in mind. It feels great to have a place to let out your thoughts. People would either like my post or left their opinions on it, which sometimes feels good bc “ah people acknowledge me”. But sadly, i can’t open the app at all for the past 2 days. Badly need to vent lots of things and it feels kind of suffocating i can’t do so, bc my ‘go to’ place for vent is no longer available. Pls fix it asap :’))

  21. From my experience, my mental health has greatly improved after using this app. I’ve met some really genuine people, I feel accepted, no longer ashamed to recognize my own emotions by making posts. I was so lucky that Google recommended Talklife at my critical time. The only minus is the user, but that’s beyond the control of support team. This one seriously worth trying if you often vent on social media!

  22. I still use this app in hopes that the app will get better. The one thing i have a major problem with is auto-hawk. Its either an admin or bot, not sure. Its supposed to remove offensive/ triggering posts. Which there is already a filter for triggering posts and you can pick the categories of posts you want to see and dont want to see. Auto-hawk removes pointless posts and gets you pointlessly banned or gets you limited app limitations and causes people to dislike the app and eventually leave.

  23. Dyann T dice:

    It’s a good app but I wish you can allow users to change their email. I have the account since 2019 and I’ve been accessing my account using my old phone as I don’t have access to the email connected to my TalkLife account anymore so if I reset my phone, I will never be able to login again. Please please make it a feature. I don’t wanna start on a new account again.

  24. I am new to the app and I really liked it a lot, there are a lot of people willing to help and support you, they are not rude, your questions are answered quite quickly and I really like it, thanks to the creators, this app will be my new space sure :)), I have tried other apps but they were rude people or perverts, but here it is great, I have access to a psychologist but I see very little of her actually, this app is super beautiful, thank you thank you.. 💗🤍🤍🌌🧘🏼‍♀️

  25. Since the update, the icon comes up as an android symbol. I do like the changes made, such as being able to see the text much better – it makes it easier to post and have a conversation in the DMs. However the icon thing bothers me, can you fix it TL please?

  26. You need to change the style of the posts back to the original style. It is making many feel sick and literally made me threw up. I can barely look at the new style/colors cause it affects me really bad. Many ppl are complaining and do not like it. Please change it back ASAP it’s affecting ppls health.

  27. First screen Choose a mood..what if im not feeling all cheerry?! The only moods are all good. How is that helping with! Lets all tip toe thru the tulips holding hands singing kumbayah..Get real! People are hurting! This is weak! Everyone is not happy! If they were why wouod they need this app? Unistalled

  28. This app was okay at some point, but it is also and has become extremely toxic. There’s a lot of bullies on here and people on the app who try to purposely be hurtful and disrespectful. People get defensive over a post and become rude and disrespectful. If you asked me, this app really isnt the best for true healing, therapy, and recovering, It will make things worse! Save yourself from the negativity. Pretty much everyone on the app needs beyond professional help.

  29. Re ik dice:

    There needs to be an option to block anonymous posts just like regular posts. Some of the anonymous posts are traumatizing and I would like to block but there’s no option to. Everything is not meant to be flagged.

  30. Everytime I try to post or comment on something it tells me about my e-mail verification whilist I entered my e-mail account and verified it…I wouldn’t give this app a good rating at all…it’s very poor in my opinion

  31. The app lacks moderators. A lot of really dangerous situations go unnoticed and there is little to no way to actually help them as a simple user. Also, the overwhelming amount of random guys (especially from India, unfortunately) that are trying to take advantage of the delicate situations in which many people are and to use it as a dating pool is quite off-putting and completely unaccounted for. Needs a whole lot of work before it can actually be considered safe.

  32. Moderation is nonexistent. They fully depend on a poorly programmed automod that allows full on abuse to stay up, while random comment threads are bombed by people getting into fights and reporting each other. Continues to be buggy and inconsistent It has a tracked upvote system so that’s super good for comparing yourself to others who get more “hearts” It’s a great app in theory. The execution is lacking.

  33. Incredibly bad behavior from everyone, especially admins. This app makes normal people feel depressed and definitely not recommended for anyone suicidal. I know people who were suicidal and this app pushed them over the ledge. If you care about mental health or are suicidal, don’t install this.

  34. Pls fix the app! App not working!! Full black screen. Cannot use the app! Location should be added prevent weirdos guys in some countries from texting women! Disturbing them. Relationship lookers have increased. Rude comments and messages! This app supposed to be a help to people. There should be filter for inappropriate names.

  35. Mchris P dice:

    The latest update is not working for me. Talklife icon itself is gone and there’s like this Apk file in my downloads now. you guys seriously always make sure we suffer in some or the other way. This literally is raising my anxiety

  36. Jj J2 dice:

    It’s all good and helpful but the Messages don’t load so more time is needed to make the user experience flawless.

  37. This is another social media platform despite its description, there are bugs in it that go unnoticed or seem to take forever to be fixed. The admin team don’t appear to be very understanding of complaints when emailed or they ignore the complaints entirely. The app seems to have little moderation too, for the amount of users on the app, more moderators are definitely needed who can actually spend time properly moderating.

  38. Real nice really helpful in uncertain times! Like a micro world. Hit and miss at times.

  39. Great platform for an individual to express themselves coupled with great support system which includes Admins, buddies and moderators who constantly monitor, mentor n contribute to the positive progress of the app.

  40. Helin dice:

    When I entered the application, my account was logged out and when I clicked forgot my password, e-mail is didn’t send.It is very important that you need to fix this immediately

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