The Wonder Weeks MODDED 2022


The 10 leaps in the mental development of your baby
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The #1 baby app worldwide! Understand why & when your baby suddenly cries more than usual, is not themselves and… what you can do to help.

Your baby is suddenly crying all the time, clinging to you, and you ask yourself what is wrong. The good news is that this fussy crying phase is a sign of progress in the brain!

Millions of parents have gone before you in following, supporting, and encouraging the 10 leaps in the mental development of their baby or babies. It is with good reason that Apple has declared it to be in the top 10 of the “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020”

– Learn all about the 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks & mind-blowing insights.
– Your unique personalized leap schedule shows when a leap starts and ends, and… it counts down for you.
– Discover how you can give your baby the help they need during the various stages of a leap.
– Know when you can expect new skills.
– Keep track of your baby’s development and milestones in the diary.
– Gain insight into your baby’s perception of the world.
– Experience the world through your baby’s eyes.

– Over 350 extra milestones to keep track of in your diary
– Baby monitor: Wi-Fi 4G (INCLUDING 7 chapters on sleep from the book)
– E-Book (in full or per chapter)
– Audiobook (in full or per chapter)
– Music to lull your baby to sleep (white noise & music)

– Declared by Apple to be in the top 10 “Best sold apps in 2018, 2019 & 2020”
– Most downloaded paid app in Health and Fitness
– Award for “Coolest App for Moms”
– “Choice & Gold” Award from users, MumIi
– AppRx Awards Top 10 “Children’s Health App”
– NHS (UK) – “Best App for Parents”

Especially for parenthood. The baby tracker for your baby’s leaps in their mental development. You can keep track of your baby’s milestones and your baby’s growth in our The Wonder Weeks! baby tracker. A leap for you and your baby.

The payment will be deducted from your Google account on confirmation of your purchase. The subscription will be automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The payment to renew your account will be deducted within 24 hours before the end of the current period. After your purchase, you can manage and cancel your subscriptions in your Google Play Store settings.

Disclaimer: This app has been developed with the greatest of care. However, neither the developer, nor the author is liable for any damage caused by inaccuracies or incompleteness of the app.


40 comentarios en "The Wonder Weeks MODDED 2022"

  1. Kim dice:

    I’m giving this app 3 stars because I loved it on my old phone. When I upgraded to a new phone I was not able to transfer apps and had to pay again to download it. It’s helpful to see the fussy phases and the things that I could do to support exploration during each leap. I think it’s gonna take getting use to how to navigate since it’s soo much different then it used to be.

  2. So dumb. Basically a poorly designed website turned into an app with super limited functionality. User response: that would explain why it looks and feels like a poorly designed website. It’s a book! Really though, so hard to navigate. And you offer me a calendar, but the calendar is not interactive in the slightest. Was expecting to be able to click on the upcoming phase. Just super clunky all around. Makes more sense now that i know it was a book turned into an app, though.

  3. Still not happy with the app update/overhaul. Really miss the countdown to the next phase, whatever that phase may be. I understand the fussy phase countdown is back, but I really like seeing when the next thing is starting, no clue why this feature was removed. I’d also like an easier way to view upcoming skills list for future leaps, right now you have to start a diary entry to view, I just want to see what to look forward to. In the prior version you could more easily see this.

  4. Used to be great. I paid for the app and now they want more money for a subscription. And an expensive subscription at that. I already have a monitor, a white noise machine, and the book from kindle for 9.99. I’m not about to pay 12$ for 6 months of access. Ridiculous. Considering uninstalling. Also, I hate the look of the new layout. Lost all the intimate vibe. Now feels blocky and impersonal.

  5. The updated version is really terrible. The entries are short, there is not much organization, and a lot of the info is the same from leap to leap. Even the notifications don’t work. I wasted my money paying for the old app – now it’s been updated, and I’m being asked to pay another $12 for the premium services. Very frustrating with a lackluster interface and content. Pass on this and just get the book from the library!

  6. *update I see changes have been made and am happy to see the countdown right on the main screen again. I love the new skills section. Thanks for listening and fixing!* I have used this app since 2018. It was great to know when to expect a change in behavior, sleep, or developmental milestones. It was easy to use and easy to track leaps. But this new update is horrible. I don’t see the count down to when the next leap is and when I log in I’m confused as to whether we are even in a leap or not.

  7. I used this app with my first and downloaded it again when my second was born. The information is a lifesaver and eerily accurate. However this most recent update is terrible. The wonder week information is buried under so many new features that is seems like an afterthought. If I wanted a diary, white noise, etc, I would have downloaded those apps. And now all of a sudden the app won’t even open even after uninstalling several times. It’s really too bad, the original app was a great resource.

  8. Truly disappointed. The app came highly recommend, I’m only several minutes in and I want my money back. It jumps right in without a navigation intro so my initial use of the app is frustrating. The layout and the excessive wording is confusing. The heading shows my baby is in a leap but the paragraphs below only talk about the upcoming leap. The sections are not clearly labeled. I just wanted something simple and easy to reference; like bullet points on leaps or lists of what to expect.

  9. This app never really DID anything other than just provide some general dates and things to keep an eye out for, but it was never accurate in any way for us, but it was worth keeping. Then they changed it to a subscription… 100% NOT worth it with a monthly subscription. I had to pay for the app in the first place, then they added the monthly subscription on the most recent update. Do not get this app, it will be a complete waste of money now that there is a monthly subscription.

  10. Sam C dice:

    New update is awful. Can’t check off topics such as the signals as I notice them throughout the leap, they have to all be checked off at the same time otherwise it looks like you can’t edit it. Navigation is frustrating to use – you can’t just hit a back button for previous screen. Overall I wish I did not purchase this app.

  11. I regret buying this app. It doesn’t seem to correlate with my baby very well. There isn’t a lot of information, just a few blurbs, about each stage and there aren’t a lot of customization options. Another thing that bothers me is even if she learns a skill early and I mark it off, because it’s early, it keeps coming up for future skill check-ins. Even when she is in a fussy phase, there isn’t a way to document her leaps, so it keeps getting more and more off.

  12. Nothing mind blowing or very helpful. You pretty much are presented with limited information until the next leap so not an app you will use often. Wish it had more interactive features or new information daily. Personally, it was never correct as far as timing or duration. The skills were unrealistic, very high, in my opinion and can be alarming to parents who are not familiar with development. I’m an occupational therapist with two children.

  13. Older version was far superior, its changed so much. Last version was helpful, useful and exciting. Now it’s just a freemium format with an initial pay wall! So you have to pay to get in and then if you want to keep getting the most out of it you have to pay more…shame. The earlier version the one that I paid for initially was great for the first 9 months I had it then…garbage. Seriously stay away, buy the book it’s great and helpful….the app is now a total ripoff

  14. I really love the spirit of the app update. The graphics and the look and feel are demonstrably better. HOWEVER, I really don’t care for some of the removed features and dropped my review to 4 stars. This is my second kid I’m using the app for and when you are in a wonder week I live for the countdown. I also want the dates of when it starts and stops back. That’s what I need to plan around. Please bring this back.

  15. Edit: After complaining, they told me and others that we had all the same access as before, denying any wrongdoing on their part. After the backlash of the latest version of the app an update was created. It restored the original content access with an option to subscribe to the ebook/audiobook+. Without the subscription I have access to the information I paid for months ago. The new app is sleek and much nicer than the previous version. 3 stars due to bad PR upon original ver 9 release.

  16. Stay clear of paying for this app. Buy the book instead for the info. Going from an app I paid for and to force subscription to access same is a straight money grab! And don’t give me that you added more features. All you did was combine your other apps. Just glad I didn’t pay for any of the other apps. On top of that when listening to the Audiobook if you stop or go to other sections of the app it stops playing. On top of that it restarts from the beginning every time. Is it lazy coding?

  17. Making this a subscription is super dumb. First of all, it wasn’t clear at the outset that it was a subscription. It looked like an app purchase only. Thank God my payment method was maxed out and my card notified me someone was trying to charge it. App is not worth $11.99 every six months subscription payment. It costs more than the book for just 6 months of access. DUMB!

  18. This is a great app… if your to lazy for the book and emails. But if you have a leap alarm email (free) and the book (which I bought) this app doesn’t have much more to add. They make it look like it does more than give you a calendar so I paid for it. But every other piece you pay for in addition. I liked the idea of the whole thing, but why not tell me the real price of what your advertising.

  19. It’s helpful to know when my sons milestones are but the app is NOT user friendly & the subscription price isn’t worth it. I got it because it said there was music & there’s only like 5 songs & they’re the very standard brain development songs. There’s a checklist button but it just takes you to a list of things in the app, none of which are clickable links. I’m not even sure how to access some of the items it says I now have access to. New parents don’t have time to learn how to navigate this.

  20. do not like the update. Difficult to visually understand. Really enjoyed the previous version of the application. 12/26- updated as I do appreciate the countdown times being back. On the leap calendar, when you change it to show the dates rather than the weeks it would be great if the dates stayed once you left the change screen rather than ut going back to the weeks.

  21. This new update is garbage! I loved this app before this update and was excited to use it on the regular but with this update: Not only did the UI change in a terrible way but the apps performance has went into the gutter being slow and unresponsive to clicks or moving via tabs / sections of the app. Opening the app now hangs on the splash image / logo for more than 30sec before finally loading. And they put a giant f*&$ing black pencil which entirely blocks a portion of the bottom paragraph!

  22. I used an earlier version of this app with my two older kiddos and am glad to use it again with my third kiddo. I will say that the earlier version was a bit easier to navigate for information about leaps. It’s great that this app is trying to add extra features, but I find them unnecessary. I do read all of the information about the mental leaps (and have thought about reading the book as well) which is helpful in understanding that the calendar is based off due date.

  23. Update has been terrible. I recommend waiting to purchase. App is brutally slow and new layout looks nice but is confusing to navigate. Previous version may have been considered more “plain” but it was snappy and easier to navigate. I think I could purchase the ebook on Amazon and thumb through a chapter faster than looking at leaps in the app.

  24. I extremely enjoyed having this app to help give a boost to our parenting and understanding as we navigate the development of our first child. It’s been invaluable to us, even if I didn’t use it every single month or download the book. If I felt like he was having a leap he usually was, and advice to help him conquer each leap made it that much easier to handle. Thank you!

  25. It has useful information but it’s not easy to use or understand. I wish the notes for the week were just options to check off, like: happy, fussy, slept well, reached x milestone , etc. The notes are set up to write like an email. It says my 20 week old is on leap 3 for some reason but also leap 4, so maybe there’s some conflicting information. It would be nice if there was a function to see if baby’s milestones and demeanor line up with the leaps as well.

  26. Honestly I like having both the book and the app. Apps easy to use and I like that I can allow it to put dates of the next jumps in my calendar. I use my calendar for everything so it’s very helpful. If you’ve never even heard of wonder weeks your going to want to check it out. I found it helps me deal with his unpredictably if I have a better understanding. I also now know what to look for and get excited about even his smallest accomplishments.

  27. Really poorly designed as compared to the fertility/pregnancy apps I’ve used previously. It’s more informational than anything. It provides concrete dates for the leaps and does not allow those to be adjusted if the infant experiences them days earlier. The “diary” portion cannot be adjusted once you have made selections. You cannot document for days in the past. It’s simply not great. Overpriced for information you can Google.

  28. I love reading the articles about each different leap. This app is very informative and interesting. I like that there are short videos that help you better understand the leap your child is making along with great articles. One feature I like is that you can opt in the sync with your calendar on your phone so it will alert you when your baby is about to make their next leap and you can click on the notification and read all about it. So far, descriptions for all leaps have been 100% accurate pertaining to my daughter and her mental and physical abilities as we navigate each leap.

  29. I purchased this app as many of my friends recommended it to me and I wish I hadn’t. It should be free. Navigation is confusing at first. The leap chart has not matched up with my babe at all. For instance when it says she should be in an uncomplicated phase, shes fussier. Or when it says shes in her sunny side shes in her stormy phase. That being said, I dont see how this is helpful in anyway. The signs, milestones & tips repeat same info with little new information. Disappointed, not worth it.

  30. While I find this app useful sometimes, it’s really a bummer that it’s a paid app when you can’t even access all of the content, unless you sign up for a subscription, which is monthly, btw. What you do get for the initial fee is a calendar of when your child is going to enter or leave a leap, a description of each leap, and the ability to make notes. So if that’s not worth the money, this isn’t the app for you.

  31. Only useful as a shorthand to connect with other parents about challenging periods. The skills listed are often so abstract as to be meaningless or way out of line with what is realistic developmentally and I say this as a clinical psychologist specializing in early childhood. Brazelton’s Touchpoints model (among others) is far more accessible and accurate.

  32. Lacey B dice:

    It would be nice to see a spot where it says the full dates for the fussy phase and skills phase. I find the dates on the scroll bar very hard to read. I just want it to say for example “fussy phase – December 17th to January 6th” or something like that so I don’t have to scroll over on the bar because the dates to me never look right. It would be nice to just simplify the dates.

  33. This app is kinda cool telling you about the leaps of development the baby will undergo, but I was hoping for more of a week-by-week description of what to expect, rather than every few weeks. i know babies develop at their own pace, but it would be helpful to give a little insight about possible behaviors or growth spurts to look out for in between the “leaps”.

  34. Andrea dice:

    I don’t find this app helpful. My son’s “leap” does not match what the app says. And as a first time Mum, I feel I’ll only be anxious every time I check the app to match what my bub should be doing. I want to have this refunded, but the support area in the app does not work. I have not been using the app if you check my activity.

  35. I appreciate the insights into what my child is/about to experience and how I can help them in their development. I appreciate the suggestions for simple things that I can do as a parent to support my son’s progress towards milestones. It’s usually pretty spot on.

  36. I have two preemies and the app is completely inaccurate. And yes, I use their adjusted age (due date) and it still does not seem accurate.

  37. ChuCannon dice:

    Only reason I’m giving two stars instead of one is because the app is decently functional, though I find the UI clunky at best. But I’m not sure it’s worth the price. I’m not even convinced that the concept of leaps are legitimate to begin with. Besides that though, it does feel like this could’ve been a single article rather than a $5 app. The devs claim that the app is based on a book, but this has none of the depth you’d expect from an actual book.

  38. Great concept and execution. 5 stars except for one major improvement necessary: the ability to export the data to a third party file format (both for sharing and saving) Without that, it’s difficult to continue investing time in app.

  39. Ninx dice:

    I have found it incredibly helpful to understand what is happening and when. Personally, it has been weirdly accurate, to the day for most leaps starts and ends though I know it has been more of a rough guide for others I’ve recommended it to.

  40. I would like a refund. I was hoping this would at least include some sort of tracker for how expensive the app is. Not worth the money at all.

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