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Daily yoga workout for beginners. Lose weight with pilates & fitness workouts
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Start your transformation with an effective daily yoga workout planner. Yoga-Go provides health benefits with 600+ home fitness workouts, weight loss and calorie burn challenges, 500+ yoga asanas both for beginners and more advanced yogis.


Yoga-Go combines customized fitness and fat loss plans that work. Dive into simple home-based yoga workouts that won’t take too much of your time.
The workouts will only take you 7-30 minutes, and you can burn up to 200 calories per session! As well as 7 minute workout (morning warm ups), introduce your body to intensive fitness and pilates challenges aimed at building endurance, improving flexibility and toning up the whole body muscles.


Practice from the comfort of your own home. All classes have been developed by professional yoga coaches and pilates trainers.
No matter what type of yoga you practice, you’ll find something suitable on Yoga-Go. No equipment or previous workout experience needed.


Do you want to get fitter, lose weight, sleep better, or feel more relaxed? Yoga-Go is all you need.
The app offers different workouts according to your health goals. Even the busiest person can find 7-15 minutes a day to complete the home workout and get visible results just in 30 days!
Up for a longer training session? No problem! Switch to a 30-minute “Fat burn” workout or melt away with breathing exercise.
There are drills for all muscle groups from legs to arms, belly, to full body! The workouts are suitable for everyone: for women and men of any age, beginners and pros!

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Access workouts that are focused on figure sculpting, mind and body health, and stretching and flexibility. Enroll in a weight loss challenge to reach your wellness goals in a more effective way.
Customize duration, level, goal, and yoga style. Workout anytime, set the workout days and rest days. Choose between different training plans, focus on a problem body area, train with a purpose.

Yoga is not only about stretching & flexibility. It’s also about becoming stronger and of course healthier. Get it all with our daily workouts tailored to your personal fitness needs that are suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis.

Love Yoga-Go? Leave us your comments! Questions? Feedback? Email us at [email protected]


– Quick and effective HD video workouts built by professionals

– 3 difficulty levels, suitable for women and men

– Result sharing and updates from your yogi friends

– Video & audio instructions throughout entire fitness routines

– Tracker of progress, workout time, and calories burnt

– Choose from: Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Breathing, Stretching, and more

– Train with purpose: 30-day weight loss challenge, Focus and Relax, Libido Boost etc.

– 500+ yoga asanas suitable for beginners and pros

– More than 600 yoga and fitness workouts

– A personalized workout planner in your pocket!

Lose weight, sleep better, get a six pack abs, and boost your energy with the Yoga-Go app! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation for your own daily practice with this simple yoga workout planner.


Bug fixing and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss MODDED 2022"

  1. I was looking for something to help me workout again after some bad injuries. This sounded perfect. After reading reviews, I was upset about the auto renew (ugh, always read the agreement terms!) Contacted support and got an immediate response. They took off the auto renew and I am trying out for the 3 months I signed up for. So far, it seems good! I’ll update again after I explore more of the workouts.

  2. I haven’t used the app yet, but be careful when you sign up, I elected to subscribe for a year. I got a receipt for a different subscription and when I checked my account 1 was billed 5 times! Once for the receipt amount and 4 times for what i actually wanted. Rethinking this. EDIT: They did reverse all the charges except the one I got a receipt for, the plan I didn’t want.

  3. I found this hard to use and without easy helps to get started. It may as well be Greek. Once you figure it out, the workout is like 5-10min. Then a2-5min rest! What’s that about. I tried to end my subscription but couldn’t find a way to contact them – thought I had, and then got billed for another 3 months! So obviously my trial to get my cancelation didn’t get through and now- too bad, so sad. Not worth it!!

  4. This is absolutely not as advertised!!! To get personalized programs you have to pay additional fees for each item. Additionally, it’s advertised as $12.99 for the year but I was charged almost $26 instead. I will be canceling this service, requesting a refund and reporting to BBB for deceptive practices, false advertising as well as excessive charges.

  5. A scam. Small print somewhere commits you to auto payments at twice the price of the original sign up fee with out notice. I really disliked the format anyway and would not have renewed. It’s just a hodgepodge of exercise routines that you have to scroll through to try and find one that applies to your needs and they aren’t full-body integrated poses, but isolated short routines that make it really confusing to try to customize a thorough complete yoga program for oneself.

  6. Not at all as shown. There are plenty of places to get yoga videos. What I wanted was something like the ads and “screenshots.” But those pictures are no where in the app I downloaded. There’s no personalization, no guidance, just workouts. I don’t need twice daily reminders, I need a day by day plan working up to more advanced yoga. Highly disappointed, especially after hassling for 2 days to get access to the app I paid for.

  7. This app sucks and so does their CS. It leads you to believe that if you set your goals you’ll be sent programs that will help you meet those goals. That’s not how it works. It’s just a library of moves with someone counting. They also sell it to you as a discounted trial, but somewhere in the fine print it apparently says it’s an auto renewal and they will not refund your money if you cancel.

  8. After many frustrating and failed attempts to get this app to work I am sadly canceling my subscription and seeking a refund. The video would freeze but the timer continued so when (if!) the video started again, it had jumped forward many poses. Trying to rewind 15 sec was futile. Nothing happened. Since this was the opposite of zen, I am moving on. Namaste Update…the app developer refused to refund any money. I tried all suggestions from customer service to no avail. Stay away from this ap!

  9. Complete Scam. During purchase it says “30 day money back guarantee” – programs are NOT as advertised. Limited video options, much less than other programs like Yoga Collective. They simply recommend some random series. I requested to cancel and refund within 24 hours of purchase and they respond that they canceled the subscription but that all purchases are final and offered a lifetime subscription with no additional fees. All the personalized features are additional pay items.

  10. This was not great and definitely not worth the money. I tried the first routine and couldn’t get further than 3 mins. The robot voice is terrible and there is zero time to complete the instructed move before it jumps to the next one. Major room for improvement. And there are much better yoga apps out there. Going back to DownDog.

  11. Amor Lunar dice:

    It’s a library, you pick and choose which routines you want. But, you can’t pause, slow it down, and videos are fast so you’re constantly behind and skipping steps. Trying to cancel the subscription IS A NIGHTMARE and not worth trying the App!!

  12. The app advertisement shows a calendar with a plan. But there’s no calendar, no plan. In fact,, the pictures shown on Google Play don’t look anything like any of the app material at all. While the workouts may be ok, I feel like I filled out a lot of details about myself for nothing because there’s nothing specialized about it. It is just a yoga video app. But I’ve already paid the annual fee, for something similar to what I could’ve gotten for free on YouTube.

  13. Not customized like advertised. I’m almost 50 and obese. I tried a few exercises and they are very hard for me. Definitely not beginner level like I requested. The easiest one is the face massages. I can do most of the morning routine one. Anything that requires balancing on one foot is impossible for me as a beginner. Wished I didn’t pay for the app. I am willing to pay for something geared to my level and slowly gets harder. Very disappointed.

  14. Every workout will start you at the level based off your initial quiz. I didn’t understand what to do at first, but then when I chose a workout plan, I quickly realized it was for my level. I wish there had been more instructions or guidelines on which workouts to do in order, but I guess selecting what I’m feeling like doing that day is good too. I love the face and neck workout. I didn’t realize before I could give myself a face/neck massage and it’s similar to working out. It felt so good!

  15. Susan D dice:

    An ad for this app appeared in one of my games. It looked very helpful. When I checked it out on the website, there was no indication that this was a fee based app. You can get a free one-month trial, but then it will cost you $13 a month after that. However if you sign up for a year all at once without the trial, it’s only $2 a month. I didn’t like financing plan choices, so I uninstalled this. Very disappointed.

  16. Over promises and under delivers. The app may work fine but the program isn’t worth paying for… not sure it would be useful at no cost. Do not waste your time or $. I reviewed shortly after purchasing the subscription (which you have to in order to view your plan) and can’t get a refund. There are better options out there. Avoid this one!

  17. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! The “30 day money back guarantee” is anything but. There’s a bunch of hoops to jump through to try to get a refund. I tried this app for about 2 minutes. I hate the app experience, the voices, the video quality, and the exercises. And there was no sign of the “custom plan” mentioned in their app, which was what I had been interested in to begin with. There are much better apps out there! So many of them! This one is classic bait & switch.

  18. J S dice:

    Negatives- No free trial. Can’t fast forward or rewind (it is a must fix!!!) Can’t replay earlier videos. Can’t modify if you want a different body shape. The shavasana exercise in each video is very annoying. Positives- if you select the correct level the pace is very good. The exercises are not extremely hard but they’re nice for beginners like me who are out of shape. I like how it set up a plan for me and I can look at it in advance and reminds me daily.

  19. The content is well planned and logical. However, in order to follow the instructions, one needs to be able to see the instructor on the phone screen. Unfortunately, some of the poses make it impossible to view the screen while doing them and holding the phone is frequently not an option. The app really needs TV screen casting to Chromecast to make it useable, fluid and enjoyable. Accidentally screen contact can cause loss of place and return to the start of the lesson with no way back.

  20. Michelle L dice:

    I’ve used it for a month and personally loved it! Until it stopped letting me view the videos. It kept saying on all that it was a breach of Cloudflare’s terms of service. I’m guessing their app crashed but when I reached out they just told me how to cancel and if I wanted a refund I needed to go thru Google Play. Did not even acknowledge the screenshot I took of the issue or the issue itself. Very disappointing!!

  21. As a beginner I like it. Pros: The instructions were clear and the steps were simple enough to follow, and still feel. I like that there are several different videos with different amounts of time that you can choose from. I will definitely continue to use. Cons: The sign up process was a little misleading in that it made you feel like the app was personalized to your fitness goals and it is not. Additionally, there is no rewind & forward for the video. It was worth the annual $39 fee for me.

  22. Horribly fast and not safe for beginners. I want a refund! I could barely keep up with the workout because it was so fast in the movements. Yoga is supposed to be slow so I can work on controlling my flexibility, balance, and strength. I felt very uncomfortable trying to work through the movements. It also doesn’t sync with any other devices like my TV. If you are looking for a beginner program this app is not it.

  23. Sadia N dice:

    This app was a total disappointment. It says you get a personalized 4 week weight loss plan. You Don’t! They say they are working on it. There is no plan, just a bunch of videos for you to watch whenever you want, there is no order, no plan, just some suggested videos. I have been emailing them for a few days now. They outside a training plan in the email, but it again it was not in the app and only after I complained. The screenshots in the Play Store is not how the app looks at all. I would not recommend this if you are looking for personalized training with progress tracking and goals.

  24. ZERO STARS!!! An ad for this app popped up on one of my games,, it looked very interesting. A lot of potential, but before you even get a look it wants you to buy it. Developers, FYI, the word “Trial” means FREE, not “more expensive than the other options”. If you had been honest about the cost, I would have purchased it. As I said, it looked really good but the sneaky, underhanded tactics you employed lost my trust right off the bat. BAD APP DEVELOPERS 🙁

  25. Signed up for a membership and tried the very first workout and realized it’s not for me. I answered the beginning questions honestly and what the first workout was having me do was waaaay out of my ability. Went to cancel subscription after having it on my phone about 30 minutes and the cancelation is after the one year subscription. So I paid $23.99 for something I’m not even going to use. Really disappointed in this whole process. On top of the fact that I was hoping to be able to pull the workouts up on my laptop so I could see them on my monitor instead of tiny cell screen. Maybe there was a way to do it but I couldn’t figure it out. Just took me to the google play store and showed me the app. Feel like I could get free yoga workouts on youtube that I could make sure were doable.

  26. What a waste! They don’t even let you see the capabilities of the app before you purchase, which fine, but here’s my issue. I am unable to use the app on my Google pixel 3xl. Why? Because the “back button” function does not work and the “X” at the top of the screen is UNDER my clock. So what would happen as I’m trying to use the app…I’d have to close out (as in shut down the entire app) just to make it back to the home screen. Obviously there is a development issue, that I can’t fix.

  27. **edited** Now that I’ve paid for the app I have no access to it. I’ve contacted the appl creator and it’s been months waiting for them to fix the issue. Its actually disgusting that a time lapsed app has deprived me of months of use without issuing a refund. Would not recommend Only wanted the trial but forgot to cancel and ended up being billed for the full year subscription. Best mistake to happen to me. Really like the program.

  28. Nat Burger dice:

    Used this app all through the past 365. Newest update has caused me to delete this app. Transitioned to subscription from one-time payment. Interface changed significantly to mimic other apps to the point where the options are so numerous and convoluted that it makes me stressed to find a flow to practice. Not a fan. Maybe offer the old format under a different name for those who liked the simplicity?

  29. It is not a terrible app. I do think there are better workouts out there. However, I paid for it so I plan to use it. It is not as advertised. I didnt really get a personalized plan. It is difficult for beginners as it is very fast paced. Difficult to look at the screen to see the instructor and do the pose at the same time. It definitely is making me increase my listening skills lol. Once you start a session, be ready to not be interrupted since you cannot rewind the videos. It’s good workout.

  30. I downloaded this app, but quickly uninstalled it! An popped up and it looked interesting, but there was no amount for fees; or any type of charges. I thought maybe when you go into the app you would see them. When I got into the app I read the policy (small print) on payments. There was still no amount, but it did say the payment would automatically be drafted from whatever card I had on my google account. I need to know how much I’m paying for something. SCAM!!! ZERO STARS!!!!

  31. E L dice:

    Didn’t try the app. Don’t list the app as “free” when it’s not. Free to download, but not use. I could understand if there was a 7 day free trial and then have a subscription price. But, you have people to input all of their info and then pay. I’m sure it may very well be a good app, looks like it is, however false advertising on being “free” is ridiculous.

  32. Paid to subscribe because that was the only way to see what kind of workout it was, only to see that the beginner moves are too much for me — even though they asked age, weight, fitness level. Attempted to stop the subscription, but it won’t refund; will only end subscription after the first year. So I’m stuck, paid for something I can’t use.

  33. I’m a beginner and I like it. However I wish they would recognize that some beginner need the process of each movement to be a little slow because I have to listen, watch & participate all at the same time until I can keep up with the model who is extremely experienced. Maybe give slow motion steps first so it doesn’t intimidate & push me away. I almost gave up!

  34. So helpful to have a variety of workouts to choose from and can go back to at any time. They’re encouraging, and not impossible for a beginner like me. I get almost immediate results after 1 or 2 sessions, particularly in stress relief and energy boost, but after a week, I’m toning up and more flexible. Absolutely worth every penny.

  35. I purchased a 3 month subscription as I pay around 5$ the first month and then 15$ the next two months. It was saying that I can cancel a subscription any time I want. I didn’t like the content of the app and it was also a lie that it helps you achieve your weight goal with a personal program made just for you. There is just a bunch of yoga exercises and you have to choose what you would like to do. The worst is coming, I am trying to cancel my subscription and it won’t let me!!!

  36. I have had it for a couple weeks now it is pretty good, I think there is little too much talking by the instructor, I would enjoy less instruction and more peaceful quite once in the pose. It moves fast if you are a beginner but you catch on quickly then there is no problem. I am concerned of lots repetitive moves even different sessions are VERY similar …but this is well under the price of other yoga apps. So with all that I am actually very pleased with my purchase.

  37. From the screen shots… these first 4 shots do not exist in the app. I’ve taken lots of yoga over the years and this is the fastest pace I’ve ever encountered. The testing period at the ends are great, but the warm up and main practice sections are on double time….I can’t even breath that fast 3 minutes into the practice.

  38. I got this app bc it was advertised as being a personalized guide to which workouts to do to meet your goals. All it is, is videos of someone doing yoga (which you can do for FREE on YouTube) while someone else talks the entire time…like counting or telling you each and every motion even when it’s a repeat. If you have to pause during a workout, it goes all the way back to the beginning. No free trial should have been my first sign that this app is not what it claims. DON’T SPEND $30 ON THIS!

  39. I’m one of those that tries apps before I buy them specifically when it comes to fitness apps. Not every workout/app/plan is right for everyone. Im not about to pay for something I cannot even try out for at least a few days. Seemed promising but you should offer a 3-7 day free trial if you expect people to commit. Feel like it could be a great app but there are also great free ones. For me I need to know if you are better than those.

  40. Free to download but it’s $10 a month or $33 a year to access the app. It’s not really about the price, it’s the principal. Do not advertise ad free when you are not. Especially when the yoga app right underneath you is “free” but with ads and partially locked but can unlock for $5. You might have a better app than them but I’ll never know.

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