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The Blink App challenges the one-size-fits-all gym philosophy. Exercise and exhale better with content from dozens of our partners, including Aaptiv, Daily Burn, Sworkit, and more.

PERSONALIZED FOR YOU – Just answer a few simple questions so we can understand your fitness goals.

TONS OF CONTENT – We curate a mix of audio and video coaching and guided meditations from trusted content sources.

REFRESHES DAILY – We see what you engage with and continuously refine, updating with fresh news.


Bug fixes and performance enhancements


40 comentarios en "Blink Fitness FULL"

  1. It’s a pretty good app. I have personally not had any technical issues(take that with a grain of salt), the UI is at least average to above average, I like that you can track your check-ins. I don’t use any of the other features so I can’t speak to that but to me they seem also pretty good, perhaps just very basic. I give it 5 stars because it doesn’t need to be all that great. All in all, an above average piece of software especially considering the many complete trash gym apps exist

  2. UPDATE: the new update (31 Aug) did not resolve the below issue. Location and gym capacity screens continue to NOT work. Just a white screen. Capacity doesn’t appear in Home tab. This has been happening for *months*, and still nothing. Boo

  3. One of the most organized and easy to navigate fitness app. Love it.

  4. Everytime you check in it doesn’t show up on the app Making it difficult to keep track.

  5. Just one issue, i can’t use the capability feature. When I go to locations, it just shows a blank page

  6. Take a screen shot of your bar code! It’s been bugging recently for alot of folks. Take a screen shot on your phone, it def still works and you can use that without the app showing. Hope this helps all of you. The app hasn’t been working for the past few weeks but I’ve managed to take a screen shot last year. So, that helped.

  7. It’s good for what it is but could be improved. A lot of the workout content on the app is 30+ minute full walkthrough p90x-type workout videos, and while useful, I’d like there to be more content for specific workouts, articles and short videos and such. There is some but not too much. Great nutritional/recipe articles though

  8. Imad Khan dice:

    The UI is nicely designed and the app is easy to use. However… 1. Very long loading times, even with 5G network and a gigabit speed connection 2. Sometimes pages wouldn’t load at all no matter how long you wait 3. Reservations glitch out, never appearing in the app or in your email The app needs a lot of work.

  9. I find it Super easy to navigate through the various options. And most of all, I love the videos that is featured on this app. So positive and empowering! It’s truly exciting to be connected with blink, regardless of the current situation… thanks for bringing this home for us. We truly enjoy it, and all the way!!!

  10. App is buggy as hell, Blink member services slow to respond. Same problems as a lot of others here with the reservation system… randomly doesn’t show any available times. Just now I tried to book something Sunday (it’s Friday) and it keeps confirming my reservation one hour before the time I actually chose. And there’s no confirmation email so I don’t know if it even went through, incorrect time notwithstanding. Please Blink, get it together!

  11. This app is super buggy for reservations. Sometimes it books a time an hour earlier than I selected. Often it takes me 20+ tries to actually get a slot to book because I get an error. The confirmation emails go to spam even after I’ve marked them safe, Gmail doesn’t like them. Reservations often don’t show so I have to close and reopen multiple times before I leave for the gym so I can prove I have the slot. Wonder if the iPhone version is this bad or if its just android being neglected again.

  12. The links do not work. there’s no option to cancel membership within the app, and trying to log in doesn’t work even though my account is registered under my email address I cannot use that same email to login from the online portal. Several buttons do nothing within the app I guess they don’t expect people to want to review the policies or terms and conditions because attempting to click either will result in absolutely nothing.

  13. Gym capacity feature doesn’t work. I have to keep Un-installing and installing just to see the gym capcity 🙄🙄

  14. App was working great until upgraded phone. Will not show gym capacity or profile data. Just pulls up a blank screen that reads “location” at the top. Tried uninstalling and re-installing with no success

  15. I like that members are provided a fitness app with plenty of resources but I absolutely HATE using their reservation system. Now that reservations are required, they’ve added a new reservation slot section. Every time I go to reserve the app glitches, not showing me any times, and then an hour later showing that the whole day is free. I have to spend my entire day waiting for the slots to load, sometimes even the button leading to the reserve section won’t respond. Wish they would fix this bug.

  16. Great gym, great app! It’d be pretty cool if you could pair and message with your fitness trainer through the app, and just pay through the app too, for sessions and such. Also, a space for notes so when you work out, you or a trainer can jot what you should do and what you can improve upon.

  17. Benjamin dice:

    App is trash. Slow,buggy,won’t load reservations sometimes. Worst part is when i’m randomly signed out of my account on the app and when it asks for my membership credentials and I put in the numbers from my membership card it says “credentials either expired or invalid” . To fix this I have to go to my gym and talk to the front desk to have it fixed and let me sign in. How can an app developer come up with an app that’s so ineffective? Terrible app

  18. I find this app to be very informative. It captures all aspects of healthier living. I have tried some of the recipes. And realized that I dont need to buy commercial cookies. But instead chose from here. I especially liked the yoga and strength exercises. The modified ones were on target. Thanks for offering this app.

  19. Erv GP dice:

    Only use I had for this App besides using the barcode to enter the gym was the tracking calendar. With the calendar I was able to easily check how many times I went to Blink in a month. Now they’ve taken away the calendar and send you a ridiculous PDF. Who has time to look through that?! Please Bring back the TRACKING CALENDAR!

  20. App is terrible. After I put in my barcode and my zip code it stays on the loading page of terms and agreements and policy. Refuses to go any further. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, it does the same thing. And you guys just charged me. How am I gonna reserve a spot if your app isn’t even working??? I’ll cancel my membership. This situation is not gonna work for me

  21. This app is no more than a barcode for entering the gym and an unoriginal feed of cauliflower recipies and pop fitness articles. The barcode screen takes longer to pull up than just using my keys, so that’s not helpful. What I actually want from this app (as a gym newbie) is guides on how to use the equipment, linked to a map of the gym to help me plan a workout.

  22. Denis S dice:

    App is not synced with the Blink internal system. Keeps putting me in a different home gym from what’s actually in the system . Not possible to make a reservation, not possible to change the gym. Very irritating experience every time I have to arrange my visit to the gym.

  23. Signed up for a membership and downloaded the app to make a reservation. Upon entering my member ID and zip code the app just froze so I couldn’t make a reservation. Tried restarting my phone and redownload the app to try to fix but same problem. I went to the location to get it sorted out but I wasn’t allowed in as I didn’t have a reservation and had to wait in the non reservation line waiting for the reservation line to finish. Currently been waiting 45 min.. Way to treat new members Blink.

  24. Absolutely terrible. The only functionality this app needs to provide is a working reservation system. Unfortunately the reservation system crashes EVERY SINGLE DAY, forcing you to monitor the app for an hour at midnight and refresh constantly in order to secure a workout time slot.

  25. Nick Fish dice:

    Check-in is working fine but when clicking on the “Location” button, I just get a blank white screen. Wish I could see how busy my location was in app, but because the location section isn’t working, I can’t. Hope they fix that as soon as possible.

  26. I can’t reserved an appointment on the app while I’m still paying for the membership. And walk-ins are impossible to score a spot unless it’s in the early morning, so I pretty much can’t go into the gyms since I have work. Hope they fix this issue soon, as I can’t see any appointments under my designated gym

  27. Johnathan dice:

    I’m stuck on the accept terms and conditions page, so they cant scan my barcode. I could make an appointment as long as I click fast enough but this whole situation is extremely frustrating. Please fix this. Thank you.

  28. Aziz B dice:

    My location (sunset park) is pretty good at logging members entering and exiting the facility, yet the app always shows about 50% full, regardless of the day and time I check and visit. It really is pointless and unfair to ask everyone to sign out for a feature that doesn’t give us useable information. Please make the resolution at least in the double digits. Or round to nearest …5%.

  29. Shannon U dice:

    At the beginning the reservation option was fine…but now I get a ton of errors on the app. It’s like playing a mind game I never asked for. Makes me want to switch gyms if we can’t even reserve properly

  30. For some reason the app requires internet access to display my membership barcode?!?! Since the app regularly can’t recognize that I do indeed have internet access, it renders the app useless. I recommend just using a generic barcode keychain app instead. The good ones work offline and with far fewer permissions.

  31. As other recent reviewers have mentioned, this app doesn’t work at all. I just signed up for a membership, and tried to go through the registration flow in-app but it freezes on the PP and T&C’s page (tried multiple times uninstalling/reinstalling). Not a good first impression of this gym and will cancel my membership if this persists.

  32. The reservation feature froze and isn’t working. Even after uninstalling. Also wont let me log out of the app. Gyms in nyc have been closed for 5 months. I would have hoped they had figured this out during that time. Blink staff not helpful at all. They have no idea what to do

  33. In the beginning it worked fined, now I just can’t get a reservation at all after so many attempts. Same problem everyone else is having. Blink you should talk to your programming team ASAP this is stupid. If they can’t fix it you might as well cancel the reservation system because we waisting our money!

  34. App was just okay until a few day ago, it then turned to useless showing me only a white screen when entering the app. The app itself is blah, but it does keep track of when you go to the gym. It started working again after a week or two.

  35. Leslie dice:

    I only use the app to make a reservation but 80% of the time the reservation section is super buggy. Sometimes I have to wait and come back to the app just to make a reservation due to the errors. Super annoying. Please fix!

  36. Gala Trix dice:

    Blink Fitness is terrible in responding emails, when it comes to cancelation requests. They still charge you monthly and annual fees, even though cancelation requests where made a month ago. I made a request to cancel my membership last month and Blink is still charging me. Not a good fitness company to do business.

  37. Ru #MFFL dice:

    This app has been terrible. Whenever I pick a specific time to make a reservation, it gives me the wrong time. It won’t even display my current made reservations, and doesn’t let me make a new reservation. Blink, please improve this app’s quality!

  38. Keeps glitching out on me, newest one is it can never find an internet connection, yet my phone is on wifi and has full LTE and I have music already playing on it. App itself is meh and I’ve been using a generic keyfob app for when this one (most of the time) is down.

  39. Latest update broke it. Keeps saying no internet connection found. Took the key fob off my keychain last week and today app stopped working and so could not get into blink. Update should not break it this bad when all app does is show the barcode.

  40. There is ALWAYS an error when trying to make a reservation when they open up. There is always an error, sometimes it goes through despite the error, but you can’t see it on your reservation list. It’s so frustrating to use, I hate it.

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