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The Official DribbleUp Sports & Fitness App

New live and on-demand workouts every day with all your DribbleUp smart equipment. Medicine Ball, Boxing Gloves, Soccer, and Basketball!

Using state-of-the-art technology, DribbleUp tracks your equipment to guide you through live and on-demand workouts.


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40 comentarios en "DribbleUp – Sports & Fitness MOD"

  1. Lauren B dice:

    Update about a year later: this is STILL terrible. . I have the medicine ball version and I have been using the app daily, except for one day, for a couple of weeks. It misses reps regularly, and there are a couple of exercises that don’t get counted at all or barely, no matter how I move my body, even after the app DOES count one and I don’t change anything (risking bad form just to get a count). It feels pointless so far; missed counts are distracting while doing the exercise and demotivating.

  2. Love it! It’s been a really good challenge getting the kiddo into work mode and wearing him out. I like the instructions and the instructors I also like the focus on reps so that the kids don’t get down if when starting out they can’t do it correctly or at a certain pace. I like the way the instructors motivate the kiddos and stress the importance of sticking with it. We’re playing catch up as we got up and going this week so we back tracked to the last week of December to catch up. Love it!

  3. It counts the reps only when it feels like it. It stops counting them even though I calibrated it. Also I don’t like that you can’t skip through the videos. And if for some reason the video won’t load and you quit, it won’t let you do it again for Xp. I wish you were able to go and do a training again for Xp.

  4. Love the strength ball workouts. They are very challenging and lots of fun. They are easy to adapt to your current fitness level. The strength balls are really well made, they don’t get slippery even when I am dripping in sweat. Highly recommend to anyone looking to change up their fitness routine.

  5. I absolutely love this app and this program. Keep in mind it takes a few tries to get the moves down to where the app will register them correctly. I recommend using the drills to get used to it. I used the stand that came with it and it has been positioned perfect on top of my entertainment center for standing and directly on the floor in front of me for sitting exercises. I have a new Samsung Z fold 2; however and the app is not compatible with it folded out. It has to be folded in half and use the front screen. I don’t mind this because I project it on my tv to be able to have a better view. I use my ear buds though and it seems to work better hearing the instructions.

  6. **Update** I have had both the 6lb and 10lb balls since January. I still love the live and on demand classes. The instructors are all great. I pay $9.99 a month, which is what I was paying for Fitbit premium. They aren’t even comparable in what you get from dribble up! I have never really had tracking issues, and the times I have they’ve been user error! Awesome program. The are continuously working on the app. No issues with casting.

  7. Great idea, but trying to accurately aim the ball on the circle at the right spot is just tedious… Sometimes it registers that you hit the mark and you could literally do the same distance, same move and it won’t count the second time. Especially with the ab workouts. Then you try to calibrate where exactly it hits and it works once and then again it doesn’t register. Had high hopes

  8. Kayla dice:

    Updated review: Purchased the ball over a year ago and loved it (review below) this new updated app is the reason for the decreased rating. Where is the girl with the curly hair at!!? Why would I need a membership when I didn’t before!!!!! Terrible change! Previous review 5 stars: I’ve used it about 3-4 times a week, doing 10 minutes before bed. I have not had any problems with the app or magnet placement. I would like a little more motivation from the trainer (for example, ” you can do it!”).

  9. Love it! And the new update is great. Love the variety of body focus, instructors and fitness levels. Easy to customize to how you are feeling that day. Packs a lot into 10, 15, 20 minutes. Tracks well and easy to stay committed too. Definitely join the Facebook community, a huge part of the program (even if you don’t interact). Have added the boxing gloves as well as the med ball, get all the equipment for the same monthly price!

  10. Ely Ford dice:

    So far so good. I have not bought into the monthly live classes, but the drills program is great. It took me a few tries to get the accuracy of the distance and the target correctly, but it sure works. I wish the live sessions were less expensive, especially when in addition to my medicine ball, my daughter has the basketball… So maybe a cheaper yearly package is the answer here!

  11. I hate the update. I have the medicine ball. I used to be able to do unlimited reps of a chosen drill, piecing together my own routine by selecting drills that worked for me. I was successful with that. Five stars. Now it’s been restructured in a way that basically forces you to pay the monthly fee for classes. The drills are now short, timed videos, and you can’t keep going once the time ends. I don’t want to take classes. It isn’t even the money. I just do best customizing how I exercise.

  12. I’ve been loving it so far and am considering investing in more equipment. I purchased one of your soccer balls a couple of years ago, never used it, and recently I went online to see if there was a YouTuber who could help my basketball dribble, was not impressed, and decided to invest in your technology (since you added a basketball) again. I am loving it, loving getting a workout while training in two sports I engage in every week. Way to go! Having trouble with calibration? Move back. 🙂

  13. Great concept but the execution here isn’t great. Mirroring to the TV is tedious and it’s locked in portrait mode which really confines the space and targets. The pre-workout demos really slow things down as well. It would be great if those could be turned off. This would be 5 stars if not for these issues.

  14. Like the work outs, kind of disappointed that even with a new Android phone the app doesn’t completely fit the screen. Commands are on the bottom of the page and you can barely see then, let alone click them. also can’t go back to pick a different routine, not sure if that’s because of the commands not working.

  15. I love the DribbleUp Smart Medicine Ball!! It’s a great investment in your health. There are so many different programs or workouts to choose from. They will kick your if you are not used to working out but it does get easier and it’s definitely worth it! The online community support is fantastic. The instructors really motivate you to keep going. I high recommend trying this at home workout. It’s great!

  16. Customer service is great and the workouts are amazing! I started off with the 5 minute workout drills and moved up to the 10 minute and they both were enough to leave me sore, but they were fun! Just be mindful on how close you are when you scan your ball in, it can affect the position of the trackers.

  17. I love this app and I think it really improves your football skills. Additionally, when you feel sluggish it can sometimes be very hard to bring yourself to do dribble up but when you do it you don’t want to stop. This has definitely improved my all round game for my football team.

  18. had older version where there were quick workouts with just drills….great for those without subscription. git new version and trying to figure out as subscription cost doesn’t seem worth it. doing drills is still fun, just seems like less options or spend more

  19. App needs a lot of work, especially with casting to a TV. Every session needs to be forced closed. Dropping this to a one star. Navagation doesn’t work so you need to hard close app to get to home menu and search doesn’t work.

  20. So far, good practice for my son. Video auto started before we even had the phone on the mount, right after signing in. Unable to sign in with same account on multiple devices (my Pixel 4a as well as my wife’s iPhone) at the same time. Can’t install on chromebook for easier use by my kids. Not sure we’ll renew membership.

  21. Having all sorts of issues trying to get this to work on two different tablets. checked the help which was of no help at all. Having to reach out to dribble up for further instructions.

  22. The only thing that would be nice is to tell it which hand is strong hand and weak so it puts squares in the right spot. Maybe it does but I couldn’t find it on any settings screen

  23. I’ve lost 40 lbs with boxing so far!! When I first got the gloves I was skeptical because I had trouble tracking. Then I realized I wasn’t in the correct position. Never had an issue since! I work full time from home, and have three kids. . The time for the gym was out of the question. It doesn’t require a ton of space, I use my small office to do two 25-30 min workouts a day. Definitely fun! Recommend it to anyone looking for something more unique than the gym:)

  24. Unable to download on my kids’ Amazon fire tablets or the tv… Not sure why we are paying for the subscription if we can’t use the app at all. Can only use on a phone??

  25. I rate this a five out of five because it has helped me so much with my dribbling and handling and also some shooting forms. the workouts on here are one of a kind. they are the best

  26. Won’t work on 3 of my kids tablets! Can’t even download onto an Amazon fire 7, 8, or 10! Going to try to download onto an old phone. Too bad the screen will be tiny by comparison. Disappointing start.

  27. dribble up boxing is a great, quick workout for those people with busy schedules. tracking of punches has really improved.

  28. I really liked this app it was fun it helped to get my energy out and best of all it helped me with my soccer skills I really recommend this app if you want to get better at soccer ⚽️ 😊

  29. App launches but won’t work. When doing any drill screen flashes white and then goes back to main menu. App seems locked to portrait too and won’t rotate to landscape. Have android 12 on Samsung one ui 4.1 on new galaxy tab s8. Update Sept 2022- app still does not work and dribble up keeps saying it is fixed with next update but never is.

  30. J B dice:

    can’t get it to scan or calibrate. basketball is good quality . Thats it. It calibrates when it wants to ? Why ? “hit and miss process” I call it. Paid too much for the hastle and frustration. I will send back if i dont figure it out. I tried it did not work . My 7 yr old tried did not work. Grrrr

  31. It will not let me set up an account. No phone # to call and only a BOT on the customer service side. New thing for my kid and can not do anything with it.

  32. Update on my review. I went to log in and they are now trying to charge 16.99 a month for the app. That is more than double from when I originally signed up. Not worth it anymore. I will be selling my ball now

  33. it’s a great app, great workout. I just wish it could connect to the TV without having to purchase additional equipment

  34. Boxing-A great addition to your cardio workouts! Still having a challenge getting all my punches counted.

  35. Money hungry. Enjoyed the original version with numerous 5 minute sessions; but now 90% is locked without a membership.

  36. I athink that it is very good for my kids to practice on every thing and me and my family love it

  37. cheryl b dice:

    I love the basketball drills but l do not like the background music.

  38. It doesn’t install on my 10 Samsung tab fornsomenreason it’s not showing up as an option to install

  39. Dribble up is a blast to use. The app has milestones and goals to hit that keep you motivated. I’m using the medicine ball. I love it so far!

  40. I think Dribbleup is a great app to practice soccer if you want to become a professional soccer player

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