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SleepIQ® provides a simple and intuitive way to know more about your sleep
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4.7.10, April 24, 2022

Experience SleepIQ® technology.
Only Available with Sleep Number® beds.

Only the Sleep Number 360® smart bed uses our exclusive “sense and do” SleepIQ technology, accurately measuring your biometrics – your average heart and breathing rates and movements – throughout the night, then automatically adjusting to your individual needs, designed to continuously improve your sleep over time. You’ll see a daily snapshot of factors that dramatically affect your sleep quality: duration, efficiency, and timing.

View your SleepIQ® score, learn more about the factors that affect the quality of your sleep. Includes trends in sleep duration, efficiency, and timing that affect your overall sleep health and wellbeing.
– View your SleepIQ score and biometrics each morning to understand your sleep quality
– Track and understand the factors of your quality sleep that support overall sleep health and wellness
– Monitor your 24-hour sleep/wake cycle and learn how your circadian rhythm impacts your sleep quality
– See sleep trends over time for you and your sleep partner

Smart Bed:
Offers full control of comfort on each side. Control your bed including your Sleep Number® setting, Responsive Air® technology (Sleep Number® 360 smart beds only) and FlexFit™ adjustable base to ensure you’re getting the best quality sleep; and easily set your bedtime routine.

Personalize your experience by completing your wellness profile, view your monthly HealthIQ® wellness report, access your InnerCircleSM Rewards, join sleep science research and connect to health and wellness apps.

If you choose, SleepIQ® can connect with the following health and wellness apps:
– Fitbit
– MapMyFitness

SleepIQ® technology uses advanced algorithms that track information about your sleep and wellness, including your heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability, to provide powerful insights into your sleep and wellness. Sleep Number does not collect biometric information that can be used to identify you.


- NEW – Build better sleep habits with even easier access to InnerCircleSM Rewards, and activities that may guide you to better sleep health.

- Answer new sleep health questions in your wellness profile to personalize tips and improve your sleep.

- Squashing bugs and other improvements.


40 comentarios en "SleepIQ 2022"

  1. I like the app. It makes the sleep metrics really easy to access and comprehend. However, I do have an issue with the rewards and the sweepstakes. It’s not very organized and unread articles and available point options don’t all seem to be in one place and that’s annoying. Also, when the app open the internet to get me to sign in on the sleepiq site it just erases my log in info as soon as I press log in. Other than that I really do enjoy the app and would recommend it along with the bed. Easy

  2. We’ve had the bed for 5 days now. It’s a learning curve to find your favorite settings and deciding how you like to sleep. Last night was the best night yet. Give it time. It’s been a month and I’ve nailed down my favorite settings and when I get to sleep it’s very restful. I have severe restless legs and while the bed isn’t a cure, it’s a definite help. Being able to select comfortable positions with the bed app is key to helping finally drift off.

  3. This app was working beautifully for years now all of a sudden. I can’t connect to wifi and it keeps showing error 024. “Oops, Something is off” Pardon us. We are experiencing technical difficulties; please check back later.” Button options are Call customer service or exit pairing.” It been doing this for almost a month. When is this going to be fixed?

  4. App working fine for months all of the sudden giving me error. Cannot connect to WIFi I have tried everything and it’s the only app that will not connect to WIFI all of the sudden!! Everything else in my house works fine. Called customer service and got the rudest person! There is nothing they can do about this error I have to buy a 45.00 controller? Are you kidding? After spending $6000 on this bed? What the hell is going on??? It’s this app all of the sudden! RIDICULOUS!!!

  5. slcuper dice:

    App inconsistent, and can’t “edit” sleep sessions entirety. I fell asleep last night before 10:30, but app shows I didn’t fall asleep until 12:32am. I can “edit” my sleep session, but only by trimming the length of sleep on either end. No option to correct app and input a correct fall asleep time. Why can’t there be an “input your sleep time” option to easily adjust this? Until the app is more accurate and user intuitive, I’m not very impressed. Edit 5/27…continued inconsistentcy getting worse

  6. As others have said the app worked fine for years but now says it is offline and when I try to connect i can’t connect to Bluetooth it tells me I need to be within 8 feet of the need. I’m either in the bed or next to it like they were when they showed me how to set it up. Junk now unless I buy an expensive remote that should have been included with a bed so expensive.

  7. Love it but would love a switch on app to start/stop tracking sleep. If I go to bed early to watch a show while awake for a few hours, it counts that as restless sleep and a long time to fall asleep, lowering score. Would love to tell it to start tracking sleep when I’m actually going to sleep. Thank you. Also, if my sleep duration is longer than my goal, it tells me I’ve missed my goal. You would think longer is better. 5 out of 7 days this week this happened.

  8. Great bed for having options to find the right density for sleeping…but how smart is this bed, to think I’m still in it, sleeping, while typing this…in the kitchen. Probably some work to be done on the app. One option for the app might be to program, not only bed positions, but the combination of sleep positions AND firmness. Currently, it appears that only the position can be scheduled.

  9. A Hunter dice:

    Loving our new bed! Although, I must be honest, I haven’t been able to see the adjustments to our sleep per automatic adjusting to help create the best sleep, and he still snores, no matter what, and, it cannot create a sleep pattern for me.. but I still have slept better than ever since we received our bed. I was hoping, with chronic insomnia and past injuries, the bed would auto adjust to help me finally find the best sleep setting and adjust to the pressure points that cause pain. ❤️

  10. Good info regarding when and how I slept, but often won’t give info saying I’m still in bed tracking or doesn’t track my having been in bed for half the time I was there. Pitiful when it comes to the “helpful” tips and articles. They cut off without any scrolling ability and aren’t hyper-linked to the article on the website. Also, no ability to reset a ridiculously off circadian rhythm. Frustrating. Could be so much better.

  11. I love everything about the app. It’s well designed to find everything you need quickly and works great in sync with the bed. What I would like to see in the ROUTINES is a way to program the bed functions for walking up. Turning on the foot heater, moving into zero-g or any other positions, and changing the air settings. Being able to set these differences minutes before waking up. I find I’m waking up, then laying in bed, picking up my phone, changing these settings to help me get out of bed.

  12. The useability of the app is very good. It did take some time to get used to how to get to the details of a nights sleep. There is a chevron at the bottom which I expected to swipe up to show details. Turns out you click on it! There is some feature content missing. It tacks together time on the bed, so if I get up at 7 am, have breakfast then sit on the bed to adjust it (or watch the morning news) it considers that part of my sleep and “dings” me for a large time out of bed. I’d also like to know how the individual items on the sleep scale impact the sleep number. For instance if lie in bed in the morning waiting for my wife to awake that counts as “restless” but editing it out lowered my score.

  13. Houjous dice:

    Love it. With my back issues I need a different bed every night. With this I can fix it any time even in the middle of the night. I only gave it 4 stars because it’s missing 1 feature. A scheduler. I would love it to reset to 90 every morning. Sometimes I put it as low as 60 bed level and getting back into bed with that is difficult at night. Yes I get 1 quick function but I would love 3+.I start at 90 but mostly end up at 70, but sometimes 60.

  14. Switched internet providers a while ago and my app hasn’t worked well since. Keeps telling me to move within 8 feet of my bed for bluetooth and I could laying on top of, next to, or under the bed and get the same message. Wifi hasn’t been connected since because of it but the bed app still uses Bluetooth to control position and pressure. Don’t understand. Otherwise the app has been amazing.

  15. Vic dice:

    Nice app but would be way better if it had a widget for various settings. Would be nice to not have to dive multiple taps deep in to the app to activate a flex base setting, activate partner snore, or turn on the heater. Also would be nice to not have to scroll to see all of your flex base options, everything should be accessible in the fewest taps and swipes possible, like a physical remote.

  16. App is not tracking correctly! Within my ideal sleep/wake times, but app says I’m NOT. When setting foot warmer for any duration, then making any other adjustment to the bed, the app subtracts about an hour or more from the time! We also have 2 hand contrlers. One keeps showing battery needs replacement every 2-3 days! Sometimez re-seating batteries helps, but it’s a royal pain! Sleep Number technology leaves a lot to be desired for such an expensive product. Tech support hasn’t been helpful.

  17. I just read what my recommended daily schedule should be for awaking, eating, exercising and going to sleep which is all calculated from my circadian rhythms. It was very interesting to learn when I’m at my best. I love being able to grab my phone and turn my foot warmer on or change position for my husband when he asks. The rewards app is well worth it and the articles are so interesting. We have earned free bedding by just reading.

  18. Don K dice:

    App has a difficult time figuring out when I get out of bed. Continues to show me in bed when I’ve been up for over fifteen minutes, at times. Also seems to have issues setting the pressure (sleep number setting) correctly from night to night. It also gets confused if you lie down for a nap during the day.

  19. Very smooth flowing app. I agree with others that it would be helpful if you could indicate when you are going to sleep vs. sitting in bed reading/watching tv/etc. I have to edit my times nearly every morning in order to get an accurate number. Also, sometimes it feels like the bed is not inflating/deflating to match what is in the app. Overall, I enjoy the simple controls and the wealth of info it collects to help me understand my sleep patterns.

  20. The bed is the real magic, but the app is much easier than logging into a website each day to track how well you sleep. I would highly recommend the app. Not only can you adjust your bed for ultimate comfort but tracking and trending is much easier here. I’m not a huge fan of their suggested times of day to achieve best xyz bits, but if you need that kind of a push, that is there as well. All in all, a great addition to a great bed. Comfort and technology, they go perfect together in my opinion. Simple as well.

  21. Love all of the info it provides. I wish it would let you edit sleep sessions less than 4 hours. Also, it would be great if it recognized my husband sleeping diagonally, he screws up my sleep score. I hate having to edit all of the time. Sometimes the bed isnt at the right pressure. I’ll have my side set at 40 and the other side at 30 and my side is much softer. It’s like it shows the wrong number on the app. Wish I could adjust the responsive air response time.

  22. A good app but lacking one major thing. Provides loads of details and information it is really easy to use but the one thing it’s missing is smart home integration. I would love to be able to speak to Alexa, Google, or Siri to turn the bed lights on or turn on/off the foot warmer, maybe even adjust the bed position with out having to open the app.

  23. Lori dice:

    EDITING/Updating and here’s the info…back to being IN LOVE with my Sleep Number Bed. Somehow, my previously set up bed was no longer connected to my phone via Bluetooth, and this coincided with an update – so I blamed the update, which may or may not have been the cause of the Bluetooth disconnect, but anyway, Sleep number reached out to me to explain that my bed was no longer connected to my phone via Bluetooth and the settings I was unhappy with are in place when the bed is connected via WiFi. To fix this, you can turn off then turn on your Bluetooth settings on your phone/tablet, etc and it may reconnect. This didn’t work for me. Next I went into my settings and tried to repair the bed with my phone but I kept getting the error to make sure I was within 8 feet of the bed because it couldn’t find it (My phone was ON my bed at this point, by the way). Finally, as a last ditch effort, I restarted my phone while sitting on the bed. Once the phone rebooted, I opened the sleep Number App and VOILA, it was connecting to my phone via Bluetooth again – so now I am a HAPPY camper again! I have been a Sleep Number Customer since October 2002 and this is my second bed…UPGRADED (Aug 2019) to the Split King so we can raise and lower our heads and feet individually…Plus we got the Heating and Cooling mats (or whatever they are called – can’t remember) for each side…can’t count how many times that has come in handy! The beauty of being able to heat or cool the mattress is that it is individualized AND you don’t have to adjust your thermostat for the house…so you can keep the temperatures a little cooler in the winter for your home and still be snuggly warm in your bed for sleep and of course the reverse during the hotter months. My only complaint with the heating/cooling function is that once you adjust the temp, you need to put the remote on a flat surface that will not be disturbed with movement – otherwise, whenever the remote is moved even slightly, it thinks you are wanting to change settings and “wakes-up” and this will absolutely drain the batteries. I wanted to be able to keep the remote near me so I can make adjustments throughout the night because I often wake up wanting the bed a little warmer or cooler (Thanks to the aging process) and because I sleep with my head elevated, I can’t reach my nightstand with my head elevated, so to change the temperature, I have to lower my head, reach for the remote, set it again, then raise my head back up – first World problems for sure but hey, if the feedback helps with future development 🙂 [This was the original post and no longer applies – leaving the information here in case some else experiences the same issue – then they can read my update to fix it if their issue was the same as mine…”Absolutely DETEST the recent change!!! You can no longer adjust the bed using the up and down arrow and let go once you’ve reached where you want it to be. Now you have to hold the arrow until the bed picture on your phone screen gets where you think it should be, then press “set” then hit the “stop adjustment” button when it gets where you want and hope it stops fast enough. I also emailed your developer about this issue. Please fix it!” (END of OLD post and again…the negative information no longer applies)] THANK YOU SLEEP NUMBER for reaching out to me personally about my review. I appreciate your time greatly – especially because it fixed my issue!

  24. So far the app has been easy to use I like that I can preset option right down to the warming. I wish I could have more than one setting for the week, but I realize it does not because as it recommends you to go to sleep the same time every night. Weekends are just different. I do wish you could note that you are in bed for anything other than sleep, reading, watching, studying, etc.

  25. All icons and writing is too small. I try to use the app at night, but I can’t make anything out without my glasses. I have sent in feed back several times in the last year I have used this app. Nothing has changed, obviously they don’t care enough to read our feed back. I can’t be the only person who needs glasses to read! Why does the pressure setting work sometimes, and be so obviously way off the mark other times???

  26. Pretty, but horrible design. Biometric tracking doesn’t work about 25% of the time. Simple functions take way too many button presses. Data presentation is graphically pretty, but not easily usable. The app is useless for one person sleeping in a two chamber bed. Lazy design. Had to take away another star… If I turn off data collection, how do I get a push notification that my heart rate is higher than other people my age? I guess “don’t track me” means nothing to Sleep Number.

  27. I like this ap. But I feel like the privacy feature should be easier to get to. Also when privacy mode is on, the bed data is off. It might be nice to change it to “collect sleep data ” Finally. I wish you could preprogramme it to turn on/off at certain times. (Set and forget).

  28. It’s a good app, has alot of functions. I don’t like how recently you can’t adjust the head or feet by just using the up or down arrow. You have to adjust then set it. If you moved it to far you have to spend the extra time multiple times to get it to the position you want. This is really frustrating.

  29. Rocky dice:

    I love this app it is the first time I have been able to monitor heart and breath rates without wearing something. When I have a bad night I can usually look at the data transmitted by the bed and see when I was disturbed or restless and modify thing accordingly. Easy to run and separates us as individuals. Good app no issues.

  30. Horrible connectivity, doesn’t work properly at all. Tried to set up each side of our new bed…. Nope set them both up as the same side. Both sides adjusted at same time. Now this am (not even a full day of ownership of bed) my app won’t even open up. 0/10 especially cuz u have to pay extra for an actual remote. Over 1000$ on a bed that doesn’t work properly. Probably will end up returning the bed and going purple

  31. I love the bed and the app, however, when laying in bed looking at the smart bed screen, it doesn’t make sense that the image is reversed. I mean who stands at the foot of the bed using the controls. The remote on my old bed had it right, it should be easy enough to do the same in the app.

  32. Was doing really well until a couple of days ago now it keeps saying it’s not connected to the Bluetooth and not tracking anything… I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working and there was no notification that they were changing.. I don’t leave my phone on so I was always told this was connected through my Wi-Fi not my Bluetooth.

  33. T Peter dice:

    Good for remote control but the rest is pure gimmick. If you’re a single “sleeper”, seems like app only configures for one side of the bed, the other doesn’t record any data. If you have a partner (two sleepers), God forbid they die or leave…there’s no way to delete the profile once created. And, I’m in agreement with a lot of the issues others have pointed out. The app could use some serious work, but I guess you had to give it something to do besides inflate or deflate a mattress.

  34. Terrible app. Many of the troubleshooting buttons do absolutely nothing. Never had so much trouble getting an IOT device connected to wifi. Often the sleep number settings on the app an the bed pump conflict. The app will show the setting is as desired but frequently will have too much or to little pressure in the bed. Sometimes if a higher sleep number is selected the bed will release air, or vice-versa.

  35. Cannot even control my bed with Bluetooth to lift or turn light on. Just says contact technical support for further troubleshooting. I should have left the old version before the last 2 updates. Horrible. What’s the point of having this need and can’t even use its functions. Update TURN YOUR LOCATION GPS ON FOR THE FUNCTION TO WORK!

  36. The auto adjust set up in this app needs improvement. I know it’s unheard of that someone might sit on the side of their bed. But some do like me. And then my bed deflates. It’s infuriating. Maybe put some time of timer in the app where the responsive air reacts. Say for someone like me it would react from 9p to 5a and set up some sort of scheduling for the responsive air feature. Just a thought 🤔

  37. Have a new bed and this app absolutely will not find bluetooth. keep getting a message that I should move closer to the bluetooth. I can stick the phone right on top of the box and it won’t find it. Very frustrating for a new product and impossible to get ahold of customer service in less than an hour. May return the bed.

  38. This app is a joke. Days when my sleep is worse (according to the app) it gives me a higher sleep score and vice-versa. Yesterday it told me I was in bed from 10:30pm to 11:30am the next day even though I got up at 7:45. It always tells my husband that he takes over an hour to fall asleep when he never takes more than 10 minutes to fall asleep. I don’t even look at it anymore. I think it just randomly picks numbers.

  39. The app works fine but the scoring is useless for us since our dogs sleep on the bed during the day. When we delete a sleep session please let us remove it from our average!! Also please let us set a default preference for our feet warming. When I turn my feet on I would like it to be high for an hour. My husband wants low for 30 minutes. Every time we turn it on I hate having to adjust the time and temp. Neither of these requests seem outrageous to us!!

  40. I’m new to the app, but have been enjoying it. I’m still waiting for my bed to arrive and can’t wait to use the app with the bed. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for a few months. I’ve been researching ways to improve sleep, setting up sleep schedules, and monitoring my sleep with my watch. I purchased my sleep number bed hoping this will help. Even though I don’t have the bed yet, I have been very pleased with the massive amount of information available through articles within the app. I think I’ve read every single one! Not only are the articles educating me on how to improve my sleep, I made it to the Diamond Circle and used my points to purchase some additional bedding items.

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