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Volt builds structured workout plans tailored to you, wherever you’re training!
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14-day money-back guarantee. Whatever you’re training for, wherever you’re training — Volt makes it easy to get a world-class workout, with AI-powered programs that evolve weekly and never get stale.

Why Volt Works:
It’s all about the plan. Unlike other fitness apps that randomly generate unconnected workouts, Volt takes a long-term, science-based approach to fitness. Designed by CSCS-certified strength and conditioning coaches, and powered by Cortex®, the AI that adjusts your program in real time, each Volt workout builds on the last to intentionally progress you toward your goals.

Choose Your Training Focus:
General Fitness
Choose from our classic gym-based programs for Strength and Size, Weight Loss, or getting Lean and Toned — or try one of our new At-Home Workout programs, designed specifically for limited or no equipment. Current options include Bodyweight, Band and Dumbbell, Dumbbell Only, and Kettlebell.

Sport Performance
Build the right combo of strength, power, and endurance to dominate on the field, court, track, or wherever you compete. Choose from 40+ sports.

Tactical Readiness
Volt’s Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Military programs prioritize physical readiness, injury prevention movements, and equipment flexibility. (Training for the new Army Combat Fitness Test? Reach out to [email protected] to request our ACFT program!)

What You Get With Volt:
The Right Plan — A structured workout plan that tells you exactly what to do to reach your goals.

NEW! Equipment Customization — Tell Volt what equipment you have, and your workouts will adjust accordingly.

Weights & Reps Planned for You — No more guessing on what to lift. Volt’s AI learns what you can lift and progresses you automatically as you get fitter.

Built-in Variety — Your training plan evolves weekly to keep your workouts fresh and fun (and to keep your body guessing).

Well-Rounded Workouts — No muscle group is neglected with full-body, balanced workouts that target functional movement patterns.

Flexibility — Customize your workouts with easy exercise swaps. Search our library of 3,000+ movements, each with HD video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

Structured Workout Plans For:
All-Around Athlete
Alpine Skiing
Cheer & Dance
Combat Sports
Field Hockey
Half Marathon
High-Intensity Bodyweight
High-Intensity Dumbbells
High-Intensity Kettlebell
Ice Cross
Ice Hockey
Law Enforcement
Lean and Toned
Low-Impact Bands & Dumbbells
Low-Impact Bodyweight
Rugby Sevens
Strength and Size
Track & Field
Water Polo
Weight Loss


Join over 1 million people who trust their workouts to Volt.


Subscription Details:
Volt is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. All plans currently include a free trial period. A monthly subscription is $14.99 USD billed monthly; a quarterly subscription is $29.99 USD billed every 3 months; and a yearly subscription is $99.99 USD billed once per year.

Here’s the fine print:
If you are not satisfied with Volt, contact [email protected] within 14 days of the start of your subscription for a refund. You can cancel your subscription at any time. All subscriptions renew automatically, which means your credit card or Google Play account will be charged for renewal at the same rate, unless you cancel before the end of your current billing cycle. To cancel, follow these steps: https://help.voltathletics.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027193071-How-do-I-manage-my-Volt-subscription-. By completing the purchase, you understand and agree to Volt’s Terms of Service (www.voltathletics.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (www.voltathletics.com/privacy).


-Performance, stability, and usability improvements


40 comentarios en "Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans MODDED"

  1. App has been great for months. But all of a sudden, now my Spotify pauses when the little tutorial videos play. Normally, I ignore the videos and it never pauses my music. Now it pauses my music and I have to unpause my music every time I move onto a new workout. Edit: Back to five stars. Fixed and customer was providing updates every step of the way.

  2. Found this app included in the gym membership program from my insurance provider. The UI is beautifully designed with clear instructions and built in functions like timers, trackers, suggestions, and substitutions for every movement. This app combines multiple fitness apps into one, and eliminates many of the issues that have always deterred me from creating a fitness routine. I’ve been following their program for the last 6 weeks and I can already feel the impact this has made in my life.

  3. The most recent update introduced a bug which pauses music from other apps whenever a new demonstration video loads for an exercise. This makes it very difficult to listen to music at all when using Volt. I would give this 5 stars, but this bug really just makes the entire app unusable for me. Edit: App was updated and everything works great now.

  4. I love this app for personalized training without paying for a personal trainer. It motivates me to keep up with my workout schedule and tracks my gains! It’s great for tracking progress and off season conditioning. I would definitely recommend. Additionally I’ve tried other apps that are free or very cheap and they don’t compare at all!

  5. Great app. Would give 5 stars if weights and reps could be edited after workout was completed. I’ve made mistakes a few times with entering the wrong weight and then I can’t go back and fix it. Also, would be great if the rest timer would beep after the time ran down so that I wouldn’t need to be looking at my phone. Otherwise I really love this app and think it’s a great alternative to paying for a personal trainer.

  6. Great app. The workouts it gives are challenging and made for you to get the best workout possible. The UI is refined, the workout descriptions are easy to understand and follow, and I love how the AI plans out an entire year of workouts to accommodate my needs. I haven’t had any app crashes nor have I encountered any abnormalities (using a Galaxy Note9). The monthly payment is definitely worth it if you’re looking to become both athletic and muscular.

  7. This app works very well! Very stable and relatively easy to use. However, a somewhat small gripe I have with it is that the app doesn’t like weights that aren’t multiples of 5. I’m particularly weak, but I typically use 12 lb. dumbbells. However, the app rounds them up or down, and I have to change them manually each time. I’d appreciate the app having better handling of these weights, it would help make my exercises more accurate.

  8. So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing as I receive better feedback than some trainers I have utilized. The program introduces new exercises and weight adjustment based on the participants feedback after each set. I would like to make one suggestion, unless I’m overlooking its existing availability, and that is the addition of an incomplete option if a particular exercise is skipped. I am glad to have heard about this application and highly reccomend it to all.

  9. Volt is a great workout app backed by exercise science. You can tell that it’s legitimate because of the types of exercises, rep ranges, and exercise resting time for each workout. I highly recommend this app for someone looking to have a fun workout routine that shows results! I do have one complaint however. The buttons on the top of the screen are very difficult to click on in the Android app. Please make them bigger and allow hardware/gesture back navigation 🙏

  10. I absolutely love the app and how it streamlines workouts with very specific goals. The only critiques I’d give are that there are several non-freeweight workouts that are not there. Cable stuff for example is mot present for chest. On that similar note, a search functionality for workouts would be very useful. Most importantly, please allow us to use our phone’s back button to go to thw previous screen. It’s such a tiny problem, but it drives me nuts to have to use the apps built in back button.

  11. The process needs reimagining. Being glued to my phone is not what I’m looking forward to when I hit the gym. Something about the way you have to hit the “done” button and answer the questions after every set makes it tiring by the second workout. It feels slow, clunky, and mentally taxing. It needs to be all in one page, less info, faster, easier, at a glance. I’m working out, not submitting a job interview. Otherwise the workout was good enough.

  12. This app was licensed through my work. It creates workout regimens custom tailored to available equipment, desired goal, and days/ wk, which is fantastic. What I like about this app is that it forces me to diversify my workouts and do more core strengthening, which I tend to neglect. I question the static stretching at the beginning of some workouts, which newer studies indicate may be detrimental. Also it would be nice if each exercise named the muscle groups being worked.

  13. 3 month Update: -2 stars the workouts are too repetitive and doesn’t incorporate all of my equipment. for example, I have battle ropes but they are never recommended. It would be nice if the warmup had replacement options like the standard workout. Original: This ap is as close to a personal trainer and you’ll get without hiring one. Excellent programming and pushes you just enough.

  14. I have used volt since December 2021 and it has been instrumental in improving my fitness. It is versatile in that you can have a program created for any sort of goal, and on top of that you can adjust equipment available if you travel for work and don’t have access to your regular facilities. This takes away all the difficulty of creating your own plan and the excuse of not being able to workout due to travel. It will always give you options, and I greatly appreciate that.

  15. I love this app!! My coach set up a work out program for me on here two weeks ago and I’ve been using it ever since. You can modify the workouts to fit with the equipment you have and with your current strength. Not to mention the streak feature keeps me motivated. Of course like any kind of fitness program its a tough comitment but it’s definitely worth it! Give this app a shot!!

  16. Good selection, nice progression, a bit tricky on adaptive side I’ve resorted to manually entering weight adjustments. I would like to see add on options like warm ups included to automatically tailor to the workout upper body, lower, core etc…. I would also like primers (for example the knee) available after warmups in workout. A skip option that adds extra work into the week before or after would be nice, it’s hard with a busy life to always meet with the 4 day cycle option.

  17. I’ve been looking for an app that gets me back into shape Football style with seasons, coaching, dynamic warmups, loads/unloads, conditioning, and mobility. This app has all that, a smooth GUI, and Nutrition tips. I appreciate the coaches and app creators behind this effort and that Gatorade with it’s success record in sports (from beginners to collegiate level and the pros) has partnered with Volt to create this powerhouse app for athletes, first responders, and military personnel alike. A+!

  18. Re-review! 3->2 stars. Improvements create problems. Still no timer that beeps in headphones and vibrates phone. Doesn’t seem to follow standard strength training failure remediation techniques. Crashes when you switch to Spotify to change songs or playlists. Restarts workouts back to warmups(Android 10). Still doesn’t warn or explain about super sets or defined rest. Overall it got worse. Worth about half what it’s price at IMHO. No cross app sync with myfitness or other tracking apps.

  19. I purchased the 1 year plan in January of 2019. I was using it regularly and seeing progress. Now its March of 2019, and the app crashed and now wants me to log back in and re-purchase the 1 year plan again. What the heck!!! I paid my money the first time. How does your app cancel my subscription??? UPDATE: The company reached out and corrected the problem. Good customer service to reach out and resolve a problem in less than a day. looking forward to continued use!

  20. Good app, but there’s no way to adjust for anecdotal needs. For example, my right knee has been permanently damaged for a couple years, and have been ordered by my doctor and PP to not do any squat or lunge motions involving heavy weights, yet most of these workouts involve just that lol. So in short, I wish we could adjust for body types and also maybe equipment available as well. Outside of that, very easy to use and simple to learn new exercises.

  21. I saw it in an Instagram ad and decided. To download it for a summer workout plan. The month that I was consistently following the workouts I felt really good and stronger. Of course then life gets in the way and I stopped for three months. I’m back on it now and I could not be more excited to get to my next level athletically but having this app push me and set goals.

  22. Used to be quite active in the past and had grown out of it for some time unfortunately. I used my lack of a program as an excuse to not exercise, and Volt took that crutch away providing a great and constantly changing workout with easy explanations and visuals on movements, that continue to adjust as my skill level increases.

  23. I love this app already. With the workouts, once started, you are able to see how the workout is performed and it keeps track of your progress. The app has many different exercises for custom workouts. YOU CAN ALSO alternate the exercise for the workout to an exercise that is more suitable for you. It is like having a personal trainer without the personal trainer price! Thank you VOLT.

  24. Really dynamic workout app, the amount and variety of exercise routines (workout plans, mass builders, conditioning, etc.) is surprising. Would very much recommend Edit: When I started there was a trial period, now there isn’t according to some reviews. Taking a star off for that, still great, but there should be a trial period

  25. The primary workouts are diverse depending on the workout goal and sport/activity type. I wish there was an option to record personal workouts and goals on the side. I train using the combat sports oriented workouts, but I am also participating in a friendly lifting competition for work and I would like to track my lifts that are separate goals. With that said I have recommended the app to friends though. I really enjoy the intensity, variation and direction of Volt. Support Garmin watches pls!

  26. onidraug dice:

    Been a sub over a year and really love this app. The options you have for fine tuning training are insane. Almost no activity is uncovered; each offers a different program tailored to increase performance whether you’re a gym warrior, sport specific athlete, or police/military. Even the seemingly tame workouts are grueling, and I have seen improved strength, speed, and agility without ever feeling overtrained. Not bad for one of the most affordable apps of its kind.

  27. This is the workout app I’ve wanted. It switches exercises so you don’t get bored; you can swap exercises if you don’t have a piece of equipment; you can set it to in/exclude machinery that you have access to; and it changes the weight used depending on how hard the exercise it for you. This app is excellent.

  28. Great App, very intuitive to what I need to try and push myself responsibly to get back to where I want to go! Will update later if fixed, but since last major update the app will continuously turn off my music in favor of the videos showing the next exercise. And it didn’t do that before, and I have tried diving into fixes through the android system and none have been fruitful yet. Doesn’t take away from the great content but annoying to have to stop and restart music after every exercise.

  29. The UI is good and easy to navigate. Workouts aren’t very practical. It wants me to do a set of squats then go do a set of cable rows, and alternate between the two for four sets each. Obviously would be okay if you’re at a gym that isn’t busy or workout at home. Auto plays demonstration videos that stop music being played from your phone during a set. Three day trial isn’t long enough for a sub that sets you back $23.99 a month.

  30. Great app. Customizable to fit your goals and needs, tutorials for each movement, and easy to set up, adjust, and edit for later.

  31. Love the animated illustrations that demonstrate the action. Easy to maintain form. Also like the analysis and adjustments to weights to get the benefits without over training and injury.

  32. I really like the app. The only issues that I have found is that I can’t change between time and reps and I can’t save my changes to time or reps for future workouts. I prefer to do sets of reps, not timed sets.

  33. Excellent app!!! For anyone who never knows how to create their own routine, this app is great. The AI system in it is excellent as well.

  34. Just now starting out and only on my second day but so far I’m really enjoying my experience. It’s letting me do things I normally wouldn’t and with its set breaks pushes me to stick with it. Overall liking everything about it!

  35. Ever time I hit “done” on a swt and it switches exercises, my music turns off as soon as the demo video starts. Restarting my music 30 times a workout is really aggravating. If this doesn’t get fixed, I will cancel. Good app otherwise, but I’m getting pretty annoyed

  36. Very versitial. Replace ment choices to accomodate unique needs and experiene. With l could put in wrist and back trouble so i do not get options that hurt my off limit area.

  37. Have had a great experience using the app so far. Easy to navigate and love how I can update it to my fitness needs.

  38. Nice app with good graphical interface. Would like if there was Strava or Garmin integration. Would also request if there is a way to export workouts and history

  39. It’s alright, but it has some annoyances with the UI. Mainly the fact that if you want to lock the app, you can only do it when the exercise is active, also the unlock button will hide the name and preview of the workout, making you unlock the app if you didnt hear the prompt initially

  40. Excellent app for physical training. Has training programs for various sports, fitness levels, and goals. App is easy to use, tracks progress and the AI adapts based on your progress so you achieve optimal results. I’m glad I found this app.

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