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The complete diet tracking solution offering diet, weight and macro tracking
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No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you.

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My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet tracking apps that the market had to offer, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution.

With 5+ million foods, tracking food is quick and easy. Add your food in as little as 3 taps to the screen.

• HUGE food database – 5+ Million Food Items to choose from!
• Barcode scanner – scan and quickly track your food
• Set your nutrition goals by gram
• As many nutrition goals as you want — Supporting things like carb cycling, high/low days and much more
• Track and monitor your body weight with beautiful graphs
• See nutrition breakdowns for each day, meal and individual food
• Have as many meals as you want — No more being stuck with only Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack
• Input custom food straight off the label — My Macros+ converts and stores it properly for you to make using it in any serving size quick and easy.
• Track Water — Log your water in cups, fluid oz, ml or gallons
• Quick Food Access — Look through lists of your favorite foods or those that you have eaten recently to track even faster.
• Built in food from your favorite brands and restaurants
• All foods are completely customizable — Enter your own food in any serving size or edit a preexisting food to be any serving size you want.
• Syncs between all iOS platforms

— Reach Your Goals —
• Beautiful daily nutritional reporting system
• Graph your weight over time to easily track your progress
• Macro calculator to help get you started on the right track

— Make Progress Together —
• View your friends meals in real time through our My Circle feature
• See your friends foods and recipes to get ideas for your own diet

NEED HELP WITH YOUR DIET? We’ve got you covered
• Our Macro Coach feature is an optional monthly subscription that allows you to use our artificial intelligence system to help you reach your goals
• Fill out our initial questionnaire and receive your initial macro goal
• As you progress towards your goals our system will dynamically update your macro goals for you to make sure you stay on track towards your goals

A MM+ Pro level membership is an optional monthly subscription that unlocks even more powerful features right inside My Macros+
• Diet summary — An in-depth breakdown of your diet, body weight and favorite foods over any range of time
• Spreadsheet export — Get all of your data in CSV format for even richer analysis
• My Macros+ on the web — Access MM+ through any web browser on


40 comentarios en "My Macros+ MOD 2022"

  1. Amos Kim dice:

    Worst health app, especially one that’s not free. The list of foods is not extensive. The barcode scanner rarely works and other features are not user friendly. For example, when selecting portion size for a particular food, you can’t see the weight units, so I’m not sure if I’m inputting “1” for 1 cup or 1 oz. Free apps like the one with the blue icon even accepts food entries in other languages like Korean. I paid for the app and still won’t be using it anymore. Lastly, my workout+ doesn’t wo

  2. Worthwhile experience…. It’s quite a lot, especially at first. I was a diehard MFP user for years, but switching to MM+ is so worth it. It’s much more accurate. I’m here for accuracy, which is the point of counting macros. Cool features: click on the word “today” – a calendar pops up, custom entries for accuracy, breakdown of macros & micros, weight tracker, can follow others w/ the app, if you scroll to the bottom you can select to see macro %’s and take notes. It’s everything I want/need.

  3. Let’s star with the positives. Cost is good, w/optional monthly upgrade. I love the way the app adjusts the calories and the focus on the macros. However I wish there was a percentage calculated for each meal in conjunction to the gram calculation per meal. Adding foods however is where this app falls apart. The barcode and nutrition label scanner never return any results. And the search feature is horrible. I find myself having to use MFP to look up all foods then entering them into MM+

  4. Val B dice:

    For the first few days I was very frustrated by the app but I like it now. I think the workout/exercise tracker should be included. We pay enough for coaches. No need for all the extra fees. It should be free while with a coach package and then a fee only if you off the program subscription. 4 days after I paid the full price they/you ran a summer special offer and I’m grandfathered into the full price. These are the reasons why I’ll rate you no higher than a 3.

  5. As advised in the Macros Inc FB group, I creat every single food and recipe in the app so initial setup took some time but it’s super easy now. Seems to be accurate and I love that it converts everything to individual grams when I create the food based on that. I do wish there was a search function for recipes. I cook a lot and my list is getting very long. Otherwise, I really enjoy this app!

  6. I’m enjoying this app. I used MFP for years and was afraid to switch, especially after seeing reviews claiming this one is hard to use. False. Not hard at all. In addition, when I contacted MM+ with a question, I got a very quick response from a real person! I would’ve given 5 stars, but refrained because I do feel annoyed that when I do a barcode entry, it will triplicate (1 for serving, 1 for oz, 1 for g) and I have to go in and delete 2 of the 3. Other than that, very pleased.

  7. I really enjoy this app! Like a lot! It’s really easy to use, ones you get used to it because I switched from a different tracking app. This one actually allows you to make more custom entries allowing for more accurate tracking. The 1 mayor downfall is when you want to edit a recipe there’s 2 options, edit or delete. Well when you accidentally tap delete… Poof it’s gone, I wish there was a “are you sure you want to delete this recipe” button to make sure… Other then that it’s pretty great!!

  8. This app works great, and this program has helped me lose over 2 pounds in less than 1 week. Would be awesome if they added the option for dark theme on Android! -update- Still looking for dark mode. One glitch is when you scan a barcode that isn’t in the system, and if asks if you want to manually add, it does not save the information. Has happened to me multiple times.

  9. It great. Only used it for a week and I am learning a ton of things on how food and the body work together. How some “normal” foods are just horrible for you. Only 4 stars because sometimes I have to take a pic of the nutrition facts and it fills it out wrong. There are 20 different eggs to choose from. Then sometimes when entering something the keyboard disappears. But still overall very good app….

  10. This app is my best friend. I hate reading even when I see small words but I gave it a try and was able to wing it. My MACRO + is so easy to use. I love the barcode scanner, I use it and it uploads the three macronutrients. If it doesn’t have the correct amount, I can edit the info and correct it myself, than save. Whatever you previously searched or used, it automatically syncs in the recent tabs and make it easier to select for the next day instead of searching it. Love it!

  11. I’ve been using MFP since March and although there are some annoying things with that app – I’ve liked it. The whole reason I made the switch is that is supposed to be more accurate, but that so far has not been true. I’ve had to edit almost everything today to make it match the label. The other frustrating thing is the unit on measurement is really hard to adjust for weight for a lot of things. I want to be the most accurate and weigh everything, but it’s not an easy switch with this app. 😔

  12. So far I really like it. It’s a little bit of a pain to make sure everything is accurate, because it seems to be searching what other users have put in as opposed to an actual database of accurate info from restaurants at least. But I actually really like the interface, and using split screen on your phone to Google your food and enter it in makes your life easier! I think this app is really gonna help my nutrition long term!

  13. Waste of money. This is too complicated. It doesn’t need to be. Visually it’s not that great either. Switches to macros app, the one with the white apple logo and it’s much more easier and free. I tracked side by side for a week and macros was quicker and the numbers all matched the same. Everyone said this was a more accurate app and it’s basically the same, just a worse lay out and more complicated to use.

  14. Ja Ke dice:

    App is fantastic at tracking macros and I love the barcode scanner. I have been using this app for years now and very rarely run into any problems. If there was one suggestion I would make is to put a feature in for different types of dieting styles, ie carb cycling, keto, etc so that you don’t have to switch day to day for differing macro goals. If there is a way to automate these changes day to day I haven’t found it yet.

  15. Overall I like the app so far. But there’s some big hangups. My biggest issue is with the search algorithm. I eat mostly whole, single ingredient foods. They are almost impossible to find in the search. You’d expect when you search for “brown sugar” that the top result would be “brown sugar” but instead there’s pages and pages of packaged foods which include brown sugar in the name. Same problem with whole milk. Also, it seem to doesn’t tie into other apps like fitbit, or my scale.

  16. This app is thoughtfully designed. Its perfect for hitting protein goals and general calorie tracking. I particularly appreciate the premium rather than subscription model. One annoying quirk at the moment is that the keyboard goes away when you press space while typing a food and you have to click on the field to bring it back. Typing in foods is the most common task on the app for me so it can get tiresome.

  17. Had high hopes for this app. Very deceptive upgrades. Every time you think you have all the features you are asked to pay more to unlock them. I also subscribed to the web version same scenario $1.99 a month and shortly afterwards found I would need an additional $9.99 a month subscription to get what I thought I was getting at $1.99. It also appears to be more for iPhones and the features that do work on Android are skewed, or just wrong. The Barcode scanner often gives incorrect values. 👎

  18. Not a very intuitive app. When adding a food to log it is not possible to change units of measurements which forces you to convert numbers and overall complicates process. When typing a food to search you have to be careful when it is a two word search. Almost every time after each word some items would come up which is helpful, but it would exit the keyboard and I would end up selecting an incorrect item. Lastly there are times when the back button won’t function and I must restart the app.

  19. Do not buy!!! While you can set daily targets for macros, the food selection is horrible! It pulls in serving size of 1g??? You have to edit EVERY food item, half the time changes don’t save so you have to edit them again. The font is WAY too small in the list of food when you search, you can’t even zoom in to try to read it. My fitness pal, is so much easier, you have to change you macros each day but that’s easier than entering nutrition info and it’s free

  20. I would like to rate this app higher because of the nice and simple UI, but I feel like I just threw away my money. An article claimed it had a good food database when it doesn’t (find another API and let the community add when scanning barcodes). The barcode and nutrition label scanner is garbage and doesn’t give you the right numbers. You can manually fix them, but it’s annoying. I’m a product designer and former dev. If you can fix the bugs, I’ll come back to rate higher.

  21. There has not been one single item that I’ve scanned that has been in their app. You have to manually enter everything and you usually have to do it twice because the calories per serving never comes out right. It changes on its own. Do yourself a favor and get an app that has everything in it already otherwise you’re going to spend half your day entering all nutrition values for everything you eat.

  22. I downloaded this app with a lot of recommendations on how great it was. At this point, I’m not finding too many “great” things about it. Scanned foods are very limited to find. I cannot find anything from Trader Joe’s listed. I searched for Chili Powder and it came up bananas. I scanned the Chili powder bar code and it came up as chicken salad. I am finding it extremely frustrating to use it. I had an easier time finding things through a free app. I can list more, but not enough room.

  23. It takes me at least 10 min to log breakfast & post workout meals. I add these foods, save them as my favorite & they don’t show up in the data base. I don’t always have access to the package since I meal prep. So I’m stuck having to manually add in foods daily. Not enough foods are saved or are in the database. It is very time consuming, glad my coach is paying for this, because I wouldn’t. I know this app has been around for a while, these are issues that should have been solved at the start.

  24. I’ve been using this app for the better part of a year and I’ve enjoyed it. it’s been very helpful in reaching my goals. especially the color coding on the macros and cal intake. it was good design. the latest update showed both calories remaining and calories in. its a very good fix for the last update. however, with the latest update they’ve removed the color coded feature of the calorie intake bar. can’t say im a fan of that design choice. so it takes away a star for me.

  25. Not user friendly AT ALL. Go to click on commands and it doesn’t do anything. Poorly organized. The search bar is not helpful in finding features you have already scoured for. The app needs a MAJOR upgrade immediately. MFP is substantially more organized, and the food search guide in MFP seems to have a larger database of regionally specific brands, being able to change units of measurement. MM is just headache with every single use. Also needs to sync w fitness wearable devices.

  26. Clay dice:

    Food search seemed limited. And when youv search by brand there might be multiple options, if you select one and then go back the search results have cleared and you have to search again. A little annoying. You have to create an account to use the global search and that didn’t seem to help (e.g kind bars). And once you pay for the app there is a monthly subscription for the pro version anyway. It didn’t seem to track Sat. Fat, fibre, etc.

  27. This is an awful app. Poorly made! It’s hard to use. As your typing the keyboard disappears sometimes. When you put in your own recipe it changes the calories you input than the one you originally put. It doesn’t have a great food database. It’s just overall not good at all ajd it was a waste of money. I’d suggest saving your money. Also, it doesn’t seem super accurate with counting your macros.

  28. Perfect app for pre contest. All the core features you need are here. The ability to do grams, group copy meals/days, quick add macros without formally making a meal, etc. The scanner could be a little better as I don’t know how it comes up with serving sizes that don’t match the label. Additionally, the database of foods is a little weak but once you have all your regular foods in the app, it’s so simple and effective to use. Feels like an app that was actually made by someone who competes.

  29. Good tracker, some difficulty with switching between menus, I have to exit completely and reopen for example, I enter customized foods, and it will not go back to previous menu. I find nutritional values differ from labels but that is true with many platforms (like my fitness pal). Overall, good app and worth a couple bucks.

  30. Took a little getting use to but I did I like it. Scanner hasn’t worked on a few things but overall does ok. Food database seems a little limited compared to mfp and often times when I search it brings up stuff totally unrelated to what I was looking for. I do really like be able to have different macro goals and swapping between goals on different days. Overall I have really happy with the app and has worked well for me.

  31. Bar scanner does not work!! It is very time consuming to enter everything by hand. Ask for help, after 2 emails never heard from them again. Very hard to search for food. Example: you have to go to food type section, then scroll down to the “V” for vegetables, then have to scroll forever to get to zucchini. You just can’t type in zucchini, it gives you restaurant menu items. Hate it

  32. Not recommended. Documentation is sparce and difficult to navigate. Access via the WWW costs a monthly / annual fee. Prompts and data units not always noted. That’s as far as I fought with it, before I gave up. All in all, I hated the experience. I’m glad it cost me as little as it did. Even that was a bit much.

  33. Love this app. It definitely helps me stay on track. The only that I find hard to navigate is the search option for food….has too many options for food and confused sometimes on which one is correct one to use. Oh and the barcode scanner and label reader has trouble sometimes finding the item.

  34. 2019: Such a great app for tracking calories, meals, body weight and water. With the new update, I can not only see all my meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, pre and post workout) but also the breakdown for the day in a (X out of Y) template. I love how easy it’s to use now and that all my pertinent info is on the same page. Edit : September update is amazing Edit edit 2021: Still using the app, very pleased with it. Customer support has always reached back to me in less than 24hrs. Export is good

  35. Database is very small & unreliable. The defense/excuse for it is “just make your own entries!” Only helpful if you have a LOT of free time/only eat the same few things. The search function is awful. Instead of listing potential matches by relevance, it lists anything that matches maybe 1 word in your search and organizes the list by, well I haven’t been able to figure that out. & there is NO sort option. For an app you pay for, and then have to pay even more to use on the web, it is not good.

  36. I’m pretty content with the tracking. As it has been recommended that you prepare the food ahead of time, I’d like a way to document the food prepped and then check it off as you’ve eaten it. Idk if that’s just me, but would be a nice option. I am happy you cam copy meals from one day, since I keep a lot of my meals the same most days.

  37. Beatriz dice:

    Disappointed with this app unfortunately. I agree with the issues this app has that others have left in reviews as well. In addition the scan barcode doesn’t work well, if it all. When it does it gets the calories wrong every single time and you have to end up editing the information anyway. It’s got weird glitches and just overall a tedious app to use when you’re trying to log everything in multiple times a day. I wish I could get a refund unfortunately as I’ve only been using it for 3 days.

  38. It’s basically free app quality for a pro app price. I’m disappointed at how non-intuitive and clunky the app is. The free version of other calorie and macro counting apps look and function better than My Macros+. It is not worth the price (or any price). Logging felt like a chore and was much more cumbersome than other tracker apps. I’d honestly rather write everything down by hand instead.

  39. Wanted to try this because My Fitness Pal is more money. I like it because it was 2.99 but the tracking isnt great. MFP has a much larger selection and the nutrition facts are correct. On this one I’ll barcode scan and all the nutrition is a little off. Or when I type in a food to search for, it’s tough to find what I’m looking for. I think I might just pay for MFP because logging the food diary is easier. Not a bad app. Gets the job done if you dont need exact macros

  40. This app is o-k I’m finding that I have to manually add most of my foods which is a bummer when I’m in a hurry. I like the fact that it clearly displays your macros up against your goals but to get there takes way more time than anticipated. Also, no option to sync with devices or other apps. No place to even track your exercise to make sure your getting enough to eat through your workouts. In my opinion save your money and upgrade your my fitness pal. This app needs ALOT of work! Disappointing.

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