Lose Weight App for Men MODDED 2022


Weight loss tracker & app to Burn Belly Fat at home with workout in 30 days.
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The best weight loss app for men to burn fat and lose weight at home! With super effective fat burning workouts, you can lose belly fat, eliminate man boobs, lose love handles. Follow the 30-day plan and take just 5-10 min a day to lose weight and keep fit!

Low-impact option provided, friendly to people who are overweight or have joint problems. No gym, no equipment needed, just use your bodyweight to lose fat and build muscles. You can track burned calories and weight loss progress in graphs.

3 Difficulty Levels
It has 3 levels for everyone, both beginner and pro. Designed by professional fitness coach, it focuses on men’s trouble spots, abdomen, chest, helping you achieve fast weight loss and build abs. Different workouts every day, you can easily stick to it.

Low-impact Option
With gentle and effective weight loss workouts, low-impact mode allows you to minimize the force placed on joints and reduce the risk of injury.

Get Rid of Men Boobs
Pulling T-shirt again and again because of man boobs? Targeted chest workouts help you lose chest fat and eliminate embarrassing man boobs.

Lose Belly Fat
Because of testosterone, men are more likely to store fat in midsection. Combine the best abs workout, you’ll lose stubborn belly fat even faster.

Customize Training
Create your own workout routines from 30+ workouts. If your knee or back is injured, don’t worry, replace unwanted exercises. You can also adjust the exercise order and rest time. To achieve optimal results, we recommend you to maintain a low-calorie diet.

– 3 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, men, women, beginner and pro
– Low impact workouts
– Customize your own workout routines
– No equipment, no gym, bodyweight workout
– Fat loss workout, abs workout, chest workout, leg workout, arm workout
– Workout reminder help you be more disciplined
– Sync workout and calorie data on Google Fit
– Track weight loss progress and burned calories
– Animations and video guidance
– Increases exercise intensity gradually
– Sync data with Google Fit

More features coming soon, such as sync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal…

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44 comentarios en "Lose Weight App for Men MODDED 2022"

  1. 325lbs to start. I am halfway through the intermediate and the progressions are perfect for me. It keeps getting harder but I am still able to manage. I am super pleased with the simplicity and layout of this app. When I get up in the morning there is no guess work required and it tells me exactly what I need to do. I haven’t lost much weight yet but I can see my body changing already and I’m sort of getting obsessed with the results. I use Cronometer app alongside for my nutrition goals. Great!

  2. Easy to Follow, great results. The app gives you notifications on water breaks, the exercises are simple but challenging, and the interface is easy to navigate. Overall a great app that will only show results as long as you are dedicated to the process and eat healthy. Highly recommend

  3. I really enjoyed the customization options for the regimen. The voice coaching and demonstration of each workout was also great. Two things are missing. 1) I can’t seem to start a new 30 day regimen without wiping the app from my phone and redownloading. 2) I would like the option of swapping out a specific workout from the day’s routine. For instance, if a certain workout isn’t working for me or if certain body parts are overworked from other activities.

  4. This app has some great workouts, so do the other similar apps. I’ve lost several inches around my waist and I feel better. My only problem, and i believe it’s not the app, is that I’m not losing weight. The workouts are challenging though, give a great arm workout as well as a good leg workout. Funnily enough, the intermediate seems to give a better core workout than the hardest one, but they have a different app specifically for that which I will use when I’ve lost some weight with this app.

  5. This is a mixed bag: it has workout reminders and the vast majority of the app is customizable if you take a few seconds to explore the options. On the downside, it is not beginner friendly, there is no rhyme or rhythm to the order of exercises (be prepared for a lot of random getting up and laying down), there is no warm-up, and the routines have odd difficulty spikes rather than a smooth difficulty curve.

  6. James dice:

    Edit: like the routine, but the ads are getting obnoxiously difficult to bypass due to fake exit buttons or super small exit buttons. I’m starting to looking for better options. Original: Very good way to get back into or get into exercising. The routines are challenging enough that you sweat, but fast enough to not impact your schedule much. I will say it’s poor taste to show advertisements for Ritz crackers while I’m struggling through V-Situps though.

  7. When you want to edit a plan, there arent enough exercises in them. There’s no variety. You could add workouts for arms and upper body since there’s a lot for the lower body (legs, thighs, etc).and user should be able to adujst warmup and how long it should be.The layout and design of the app feels a little stale. Overall this app is good, the intensity from the exercises feels properly balanced, and the inclusion of breaks as a “day” is an excellent addition. And adding warmups is a good idea.

  8. I’ve only been using the app for a few days, but I really like it so far. I live in the second story of an apartment though so I can’t really do any of the exercises at home that involve jumping or running in place without disturbing my downstairs neighbors. I wish there was an easy way to filter those exercises out without having to do it manually every time. I also noticed the version of this app for women has many more options to customize your focus and workout which I wish this version had.

  9. Easy to use. Does come with 3 to 10 second ads in between menu options but there is an option to pay 5 bucks to remove them. Honestly I wouldn’t pay for it because the ads are 3 to 10 seconds and don’t happen during the workout. Make sure to follow the exercises and don’t alter. I ran intermediate for my first workout and was having trouble breathing after so I upped the break from 10 seconds to 15 until I can breath better after the exercises gonna bring it back down to 10 then hopefully 5.

  10. The exercises are well described, with short videos if you require, and are “easy” to follow. The only accessories required is a floor mat and a chair. Intensity ramps up with time. Tracking of your progress is clear. It gave a decent result, yet no visible 6 packs… On the improvement side, the App is somehow a one time use only. If you want to redo some exercises after the first 30 days, you don’t get the same follow up of your progress.

  11. Simple, easy to use, customizable, and I really feel like the workouts are doing something. I particularly appreciate that I don’t need specific equipment to do these workouts. It’s also wonderful that the voice over coach will play at the same time as music on my phone without interrupting. Great app. Would recommend.

  12. わり終 dice:

    Honestly, I’m loving my experience on the app, its very simple, easy to use and get going, and the coach type aspect of it has gotten me moving, its a great app and I’m very thankful for it, or else I wouldnt be working out at all. So, thank you, the only inconvenience is that theres an add every time i add a glass of water, and its minor, like half a second ad you can instantly click off of, It barely affects anything so again, thank you.

  13. As a 6 ft, 275 lb, 37 year old, incredibly unfit male, this app is a great. It starts off with your choice of difficulty and time. Break times between exercises can be increased or decreased based on what your heart and other muscles can handle. There are ads. But they are placed in non-annoying places. After a week of using this app on its default settings on Intermediate skill, my back is no longer in pain. This is most definitely a 5star app

  14. Started out amazing! Kept me motivated, made it all seem possible. Definitely got me into wanting to work out every day, which is awesome! However, the fault comes in when it ramps you up WAY too fast. There are exercises that just aren’t feasible, especially after selecting beginner. On top of that, it’s common knowledge that doing an exercise in bad form is even worse for you, so we shouldn’t be attempting certain exercises until we’re physically able. I would love to keep using it, but the pacing is so far off it’s painful. Needs a little more human curation.

  15. I’ve used this app for a little over 6 months now and I do enjoy it. I use it now as a warmup, but I remember starting the beginner set and barely being able to breathe after. I lost a little over 60 lbs in 6 months. You do need to pair it with a good diet and I started doing more cardio as I got more fit. That said though, this app serves great to build a foundation for keeping a consistent fitness schedule and I’m very happy with the results. Going to keep using it for continuous improvement.

  16. Very good tool to bring structure to your cardio exercises Hi, I previously gave 5 stars. But now reducing the rating. I like the app. I recommend it to friends. But the ads (I don’t discourage ads, that’s an important way to generate revenue) sometimes don’t go away. The app needs to be killed and reopened to gain control. That irritates. Please correct how ads are displayed and please provide a way to dismiss ads after a certain period. 5 or 10 seconds. They should not take control of your ap

  17. This app certainly is not for everyone. The thing I really like about this is there is a women’s version and a men’s version with different exercises. I believe both male and female can do either one of them and find aerobic exercise within. But you can adjust in the men’s for things like knees being bad or stuff like that, but you can’t do that in the women’s. The women’s can target areas, have a fast exercise, and target weight. Some great options

  18. I’ve been enjoying exercising to this app. The calendar keeps me motivated and accountable. I wish there was more to it after you complete the 30 days. This developer has a plethora of different apps revolving around fitness and if they consolidated them into one or few apps, it would’ve been very good. You could still charge per section within the app.

  19. Really enjoying this so far. The exercises are good, the diagrams/videos helpful, and it’s really a decent workout! The only thing I wish it had though, is a way to add notes for different days. For example, I skipped my workout yesterday in favor of a 7 mile hike. Would be nice to be able to add that to the history so it doesn’t just look like I skipped a day for no reason!

  20. Excellent app for those trying to shave off those extra pounds. Especially in the midst of covid, a lot of us were house bound, and put on more pounds than we would like to talk about. This app gauges your fitness level from the get go, the tailors the level you need to be at. I have yet to be disappointed, I’m always working up a sweat everytime I finish a workout! You owe it to yourself to get in shape!! Plus you can’t beat such an app that doesn’t make you pay for it.

  21. Great app, its intuitive features make it fun to use. Downsides are it goes 30 days than you reset, would be nice to keep going in full calendar and adjust dynamically. Also whatever random generator they use to create routines is broken it typically spits out same excercises and also isn’t very smart, it will schedule three sets of different crunches not realize it doesn’t make sense. Also doesn’t have logic to realize it makes you do alot of switching from ground to standing exercises.

  22. So far I generally like the app. Some things I would like to see changed/added, when editing an exercise to a different one or offering negative feedback on the exercise offer a similar but different exercise to replace it in every future workout the original is/was in. I thought something like this occurred in the beginning, but it doesn’t now. Also a different coach/voice option would be appreciated. So far the advertisements are for the worst companies around, nothing I would ever use/buy.

  23. Adrian dice:

    Good app that helps set reminders to exercise, and caters the exercises to your difficulty/ability. You also set your height and weight to give an approximate BMI, and track your weight each day to show progress. My only complaint is some ads cause the app to crash, which can mean having to restart the app once or twice before actually getting to the exercises.

  24. I did a good job keeping up with this app for about 3 weeks. Somewhere around day 18 the exercises jumped in difficulty or workout length or something and it suddenly felt undoable. Lost motivation. I might start over from day 1, but will be sad to “lose” the progress. Wish there was a way to slow down the difficulty scaling.

  25. Definitely a good app to keep up one’s fitness. I have started with beginner level and currently in the middle of expert level. I get the same level of tiredness by end of each routine and yet equally refreshing. My stamina has increased from 1 or 2 pushups on day one to more than 10 today. I am able to notice my belly size reduced. But we have to at least complete the intermediate level to notice it. Ofcourse, we have to be careful with diet as well to get quicker results (conse low carb diet)

  26. It’s been one day since I worked out. And I can see and notice changes. After the FIRST DAY, I could notice my biceps(I think that’s what there called) growing and I could do push-ups way better in which before I could do like two and feel weak. Now I can do more than six! And remind you this is after One day of progress. This really is a amazing app and I think if your trying to lose weight/build those muscles fast, this is definitely the app.

  27. There are many better exercises here and I had a very good experience with them and also we can select the exercises we need on the daily basis. 5 stars for it. Good job, keep going. Truly, it’s not an issue but I would like if you add some videos differently such as how to learn push-ups, etc. Reply soon.

  28. This app is very much effective, just download and stick to the daily routine. You will see the results on 31st day. Don’t get dishearten in between as results will not be visible during first 30 days, but definitely something is happening inside your body. Just be consistent and don’t think anything else.

  29. This is a great app that I am using for few years now with minimal ads. Plus you are not paying for basic version of it. It provides you voice commands and information about every exercise that what’s the purpose of it and how it can be beneficial to you. I will give more than 5 stars if I can…

  30. Perfect workout app. So straight forward and easy to use. Best app out there that helps you maintain a daily routine. Really appreciate the animations and audio guide. Simple, effective and gives you results!

  31. The best app, helps design a goal that suites you and has a beginner level you can easily start with especially for someone who haven’t exercised in a long time. Plus comes with AI powered coaching tip, Really helpful, serves like a coach in my pocket now.

  32. Nice easy work outs the problem is the random order it chooses. Stand up, lay down, stand up, lay down. My biggest issue is I am a forgetful person this app does have a notification system however it only notify you for your work out when you open the app…that’s absolutely worthless I need it to remind me todo the work outs not remind me when I’m already trying todo them.

  33. So simple and so good, using it for so long, combining with another app Home Workout. Or to say with numbers, huh now I miss sharing total numbers from app, over 400 workouts and 100 hrs, if I read it well 🙂 Suggestion to add some extra set of trainings, but still not really needed when second app is there to fill it. Help for couning from smart watch or camera would be nice extra feature. Developer may even consider to offer thir nice training plans to smart watch manufacturers like Garmin.

  34. Logan dice:

    Very simple to use. I like how you can choose what type of workouts you can and if you don’t like one of the recommended ones you can change it to something else. Great for beginners. I like having the little reminder to remind to do the quick workout.

  35. It is a very useful app on getting skinnear but I wish that they add it where they ask if you have any broken injuries so if you do they could make a different workout. I have a broken elbow and there are some exercizes that I have very hard diffuculty doing and I know I can skip those exercises but I also don’t want them to keep coming up and waste some of the exercize time. Can you guys please ask if you have any injuries so the people who do can doexercizes that fit them well.

  36. G M dice:

    So far so good. Just started using it but the audio and visual guides really help. No ads during the workout and can be set for beginners (like me) so you’re not overwhelmed at the start.

  37. P K dice:

    The advanced is no joke if you think your in shape and haven’t worked out in a while. Good program with nice timer and coaching tips. Worth buying. Would be even better if they added a nutritional guide.

  38. This is the best app to burn calories. But the thing is that i cant do push up, because its to hard for me. Can you guys add a guide how to do push up or give us some exercise to practice to get better at push up. I cant put myself up and down. It discourage me. -Thank you, Have a great day.

  39. This is the first review of ever done on an app because I’ve always felt that it wasn’t worth putting in a review, but this app specifically I feel they deserve it it is absolutely amazing it focuses on a mixture of all the muscles in your body and I have already seen great results.

  40. Ilya Dan dice:

    After using this app for a while I can finally leave a true review. Don’t expect to lose weight in 30 days. This is misleading. The plan called 30 days, but the days are getting hard very fast. You have to redo same day several times, or even go back. It will take months to get to day 30. It is much better then do nothing though. Some days are not balanced, try to not redo those. Check plan before you redo a day.

  41. Just finished my 30-day intermediate workouts. With a very little bit of control over my food intake, I lost almost 6 kilograms in a month. The best thing about this app is that it keeps you motivated every day, and before overeating, you literally remain calculative and cautious of the amount of calories that you need to burn later. Also, when you overeat, the exercises become painfully difficult, and when you eat less, you can finish the exercises at ease and also enjoy them a lot.

  42. Ok it’s only my 1st using this app but by far rate this above any other app I’ve tried. There is an option to join some other programme that probably costs. But very happy with how well made this app is. Freelitcs is also alright ,will probs keep it just for checking cooldowns/warmups when running. However it is designed to constantly show paid options and harder to access free work outs they have. This1 just jumps straight in with exactly what u need, and basic videos to guide through.A++ ty x

  43. I have used this app to learn how to start working out. If you want to exercise but don’t know anything more than push ups, crunches, situps and walking/running then use the app. It gives you the choice of how advanced you want the exercises to be. You can chose low impact mode for bad joints and even apartment mode for no thumping on the floor. I enjoy the app and will continue to use.

  44. This app helps a lot lately I’ve been lacking motivation but I had to push through but this app helps a lot I’ve started to see changes already and this is my second day I totally recommend doing this trust me it’s gonna be very hard but you have to stay strong and stick to it and you’ll definitely start to see changes this is a 10/10 app I would definitely recommend for other people to try if your struggling with your weight thanks alot!

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